Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 11

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 11

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Saikyou no Shokugyou ch 11

Translated by Chisui


Page 3 ~

P2B1: Haaaaaaa

P3B1: Oooooo!


Page 4 ~

P1B1a: Wa- Hey!

P1B1b: Why is the guildmaster fighting seriously!? Plus, with his upper half shirtless.

P1B2a: That person is a former S rank adventurer!

P1B2b: And even within the ranks wasn’t he the most powerful one?!

P2B1: At this rate, this entire area will be blown to pieces!!

P3B1a: More importantly, to fight equally with the guildmaster, that guy

P3B1b: who is he?!

P3B2a: Big bro Barse used to be a former S rank adventurer?!

P3B2b: I thought he was strong, but

P4B1: The same rank as Claude when he used to be a hero?

P4 Txt1: [Twin Sword Skill] Technique


Page 5 ~

P1 Txt1: [Warrior Fang]

P2B1: Ga-

P3 Box1: Claude is being pushed back…!

P4 Box1: Under the curse Claude’s at a disadvantage.

P6 Txt1: [Strengthen Legs]


Page 6 ~

P2 Txt1: [Spear Skill] Technique

P2 Txt2: [Turbulent Thrust]

P4B1: You’re not bad.

P5B1: Same to you….

P6B1a: They said testing….

P6B1b: But aren’t they both fighting seriously?!

P6B2: Hibiki-sama!


Page 7 ~

P1B1: Jewel-san!

P1B2: This is….

P2B1: What’s going on?

P3B1a: The thing is… their opinions are split regarding my education…

P3B1b: One says muscles, the other skills.

P4B1: That makes me want to side with Claude-sama…

P4B2: Eh…?

P5B1: Ooooo? My taveeeern!

P6B1: My restaurant’s doooooor!

P7B1: Can’t we stop them somehow?

P7B2: ….that’s almost impossible.

P8B1a: To step in and stop a serious Barse-sama is very difficult.

P8B1b: If only we could at least stop him for a moment….

P8B2: Then I have a good idea nya!




Page 8 ~

P1B1: Vanet-kun?!
P1B2: Leave it to Vanet nya! Cat ear girl, help me nya.

P3B1: …..The cat is….talking?

P3B2: Oh, shoot.

P3B3: No, that’s….

P4B1:: Is this the time to question it nya? Cat ear girl.

P4 SFX1: Ah—–

P5B1a: ….its Jewel.

P5B1b: Well, it is Hibiki-sama’s comrade.

P5 SFX1: Fu—-

P5B2: Eh? What do you mean?

P5b3: ……anyway what is it you want me to do?


Page 9 ~

P1B1a: You can use ice magic nya right?

P1B1b: I can smell water and ice from you nya.

P1 Txt1: Smell?

P1B2: Yes, those are the magics I excel at.

P2B1a: Good, lend me your ear.

P2B1b: Lillian-chan too.

P2B2: Me too?

P3B1: Leave it to me.

P3B2: I see.

P3B3: Eh? Huh?

P4B1: Do your best nya, both of you!

P4B2: Umm, what about me…?

P5B1: Vanet-kun…?

P5B2: I haven’t forgotten nya.

P5 Txt1: Stop—-

P5 Txt2: Ah—-

P5B3: I want master to stand right here nya.

P6B1: Eh, here?

P6B2: Yep yep nya.


Page 10 ~

P2 SFX1: Ha ha

P3 SFX1: Ha ha

P4B1: It’s about time we finish this.

P5B1: Yeah, I agree….!

P6B1a: This is bad, we have to hurry and stop them or they’ll…

P6B1b: Jewel-san, how do we stop them?!

P6B2: Well then, let’s do this, Hibiki-sama.

P7B1: Support magic [Hyper Sense] heightened touch.

P7B2a: Magic that improves my five senses?

P7B2b: Casting that on me what are….


Page 11 ~

P1B1a: And,

P1B1b: Ice magic [Ice Bit]

P1B2: Eh?

P2 SFX1: Flinch

P3B1: [Twin Sword Skill] Technique—

P4B1: [Spear Skill] Technique—

P5 SFX1: Halts

P5 SFX2: Flinch

P6B1: Hibiki-sama….?

P6B2: Fufufufu now now!
P6B3: Eeeeeek!

P6 Txt1: It’s just a little water

P6B4a: Hohohoho, here, I have some more!

P6B4b: Ufufufufufu, this is fun—

P6B5: Hibiki? What are you—


Page 12 ~

P1B1: Now nya! Lillian-chan, Jewel!

P2B1: That’s too bad, I wanted to play around a bit more….

P2B2: Clau-san, come back to your senses!

P2B3: Water magic [Cold Cascade] !

P3B1: Wha

P4B1: Gabaooooo?

P4 SFX1: Crack crack

P5B1: Ahhhhh! My shoooop?!

P6 SFX1: Slide

P7B1: The hell you doing Jewel!? That was a man to man….

P7 SFX1: Gnash


Page 13 ~

P1B1: Causing so much trouble for the people around.

P1B2a: Man to man…

P1B2b: What was it you were saying?

P1B3: No….Umm…..

P2B1: Seems like the both of you need to seriously cool your heads for a while.

P2 SFX1: Freeze

P3B1a: Eeeek! F..forgive me Jewel!

P3B1b: I was wro-

P4B1: Ice magic [Crystal of Ice Age]!

P5B1: This… Will they be ok…?

P5B2: I think we’ll have to wait 3 days.


Page 14 ~

P1 Box1: 3 days later

P1 SFX1: Shiver (x3)

P1B1: I apologize I apologize I apologize

P1B2a: I’m sorry, I won’t do it again

P1B2b: I’m sorry, I won’t do it again

P2B1a: Deal with the aftermath of your fight.

P2B1b: All of it.

P2 SFX1: Lifts

P2B2: By yourselves please.

P2B3: Y..yes!

P3 Box1a: Once they thawed out, the two of them

P3 Box1b: were ordered by Jewel-san to restore the destroyed buildings within the day…

P3 Box2: Also, the compensation for this ordeal was all paid by big bro.

P4 Box1: Meanwhile, Lillian and I spent our rare break together.

P4 SFX1: Ahaha

P4 SFX2: Ufufu

P5 Box1: Lillian seemed worried about Claude but there was no other choice.

P5 Box2: thanks to this, we had our much needed break.


Page 15 ~

P1 Box1: After being released from no rest, no sleep labor, Claude

P1B1: I apologize.

P1 Box2: looked exactly like a lost puppy who just found his way home; all roughed up and dirty.

P2 Box1: I couldn’t find it in myself to blame Claude any more than this.

P2B1: ….don’t fight with big bro anymore, ok?

P2 SFX1: Whimper

P2B2: Yes…

P3 Box1: But the next day he completely recovered.

P3B1: Let’s start taking requests again today!

P3 Box2: I wanted the title of [Death March Commander] to stay hidden a bit longer.

P4B1: We’ll aim for the completion of 13 requests!

P4 Box1: Afterwards,

P5 Box1: Harsh and fun times went by once more.

P5 Box2: 3 weeks passed.


Page 16 ~

P1B1: Ha ha ha!

P2B1a: With such vigor.

P2B1b: As expected of the [Forest Eater].

P2B2: Wa-….big bro don’t call me that!

P2 Box1: We who had completed so many requests through training…

P3 Box1: [Are you trying to eat up all of Azuma forest?] starting from a simple joke big bro Barse made,

P3 SFX1: Pat pat

P3 Box2: We received that embarrassing title.

P4B1a: Speaking of titles, towards the west there’s a party called [Killers of the Dead].

P4B1b: They’re also moving up pretty quickly.

P4B2: Really?

P5 Box1: After that death battle, big bro Barse started frequently joining us for dinner.

P5B1: Apparently, with undead requests they—…

P6 Box1: Maybe because they were both worked half to death with repairs,

P6 Box2: He seems to be getting along with Claude pretty well.


Page 17 ~

P1B1: Like– I– said– Muscles will have the last say!

P1 Box1: They’re getting along…right?

P1B2: I won’t deny that but excessive training is…!

P1B3: Barse-sama!

P2B1: I see you came here again.

P2B2: Geh, Jewel!

P3B1a: I already told you there is a meeting tonight, didn’t I!?

P3B1b: We have to go!

P3B2: I know I know, see you, Hibiki!

P4B1: Damn it. I was 5 minutes early!

P4B2: Here it comes, here it comes!

P4B3: Damn it, you cheater!!

P5 Box1: By the time I noticed, everyone was betting on how long it would take for Jewel-san to come and take big bro Barse home….

P5B1: Tanya-san won again today.

P6B1: Anyway, Hibiki-sama, I have a suggestion.

P6B2: Hm, what is it?


Page 18 ~

P1B1: Once we reach D-rank why don’t we change our hunting grounds?

P2B1: Soon Hibiki-sama won’t be able to level up as quickly.

P2 Dia1: Level 4  About a day → Level 10  After a week → Level 12

P2B1: You’re right….

P3B1a: Since we’re getting used to fighting monsters,

P3B1b: We’ll be fine even if we moved to the next stage.

P3B2: Hm–

P4B1: ….Ok!

P4B2: Once we rank up let’s leave Rowell.

P5B1: Master, We’re leaving the city nya?

P5B2a: Yeah.

P5B2b: Originally, I was planning to leave the city when I figured out what to do next,

P6B1a: And if possible I wanted to meet people who know a lot about magic…

P6B1b: I wanted to meet a sage.

P6 Txt1: Sage?

P6B2: Sage…you say…


Page 19 ~

P1B1a: As far as I know currently there are only the [The Sages of the Three Worlds].

P1B1b: They’ve been Sages for more than 500 years.

P1B2a: 500… that’s amazing.

P1B2b: Are they all elves?

P2B1: 2 of them are elves and the last one is a demon nya.

P2B2: They are quite exceptional.

P2B3: Really, as expected of the god’s holy beast. So well-informed.

P3B1a: I haven’t visited in 17-18 years nya, but

P3B1b: They should still be living in Labyrinth City.

P3B1a: Labyrinth City?

P4 Des1: [Labyrinth City]

An existence in the world, three cities where only dungeon clearers can set foot in.

[Underground Dungeon] the underground city [Teradainas]

[Undersea Dungeon] the undersea city [Marine Bell]

[Sky Dungeon] the sky city [Elan Sky]

We know of it because it exists, however due to the extreme difficulty of reaching the city, people treat it as a legend.

P5B1: Dungeon, huh…. sounds like it takes a lot of work to clear it…

P6B1: So why does master want to meet the sages?

P6B2: Well,

P6B3: to ask them how I can return to my world.


Page 20 ~

P1B1: Eh…

P3B1: ….Big brother, you’re going….back?

P4B1: Ah…..


Page 21 ~

P1 Box1: I…see…

P1 Box2a: If I return to my world,

P1 Box2b: Claude, Lillian and Vanet-kun…

P1 Box3: I won’t be able to meet any of the people I got to know here ever again…

P2 Txt1: Upon arriving in this world, all I could think about were ways to return to my world.

P2 Txt2: After becoming an adventurer too.

P2 Txt3: When buying Claude and Lillian who had been turned into slaves too.

P2 Txt4: All for that purpose.

P2 Txt5: Because that was the main reason for my every action, I had completely forgotten.

P2 Txt6: ….I never once told them I wanted to return to my world…

P4B1a: …..Lillian

P4B1b: Hibiki-sama didn’t come to this world because of his own wishes.

P4B2: He’s a [Wanderer from Another World] .


Page 22 ~

P1B1a: It’s natural to want to return to your homeland…

P1B1b: Do you understand?

P1B2: …yeah

P2B1: Good girl…

P3B1: Please don’t worry about anything, Hibiki-sama.

P3B2: Like you told Lillian just now, you don’t have to hide your desire to return home.

P4B1: I will protect Hibiki-sama until that day comes.

P5 Txt1: ….will I be betraying these two if I do this?

P6 Box1a: I even made a loyalty contract with Claude. I never thought any of this through.

P6 Box1b: Claude has always followed and protected me, yet I…


Page 23 ~

P1 Box1: Once I’m gone what will happen to Lillian who respects me and calls me big brother…

P2 Box1: Vanet-kun will probably return to god, so will she be alone with Claude?

P2 Box2: She’ll definitely be lonely, right….?

P3 Txt1: Yet, I can’t bring myself to say

P3 Txt2: [I won’t go home]

P3 Txt3: despite it all…

P5 Txt1: My home is Japan and even my parents will be awaiting my return.

P5 Txt2: Besides, I also want to help my classmates, who were also brought here, return.

P6 Txt1: But…once I return, I won’t be able to meet Claude and everyone else anymore.

P7 Txt1: Is that ok?

P7 SFX1: Squeeze

P7 Txt2: I….what should I do?


Page 24 ~

P2B1: Hibiki-sama. Is the target being shown on the [World Map]?

P2B2: …no, it’s not.

P2B3: Is that so…

P3 Box1: We came to the Azuma forest like usual, but

P4 Box1: are completing the requests with little interest.

P4 Box2: Conversations are awkward and the mood is dark.

P5 Box1: The thick forest only makes the mood heavier.


Page 25 ~

P1 Box1: As if trying to run away,

P1 Box2: We accepted countless requests, focusing only on completing them.

P2B1: Hibiki-sama.

P3B1: If we proceed any further than this the city gate might close before we get back.

P3B2: Oh, is it already that late?

P4 Box1: Amongst all the requests we took this morning,

P4 Box2: The only request left is the one asking us to defeat the [Silver Ruby Wolf]…..

P5B1a: Since we can’t find it even after using [World Map],

P5B1b: How about we return for today?

P5B2: What do you th-…

P6B1: Who’s there!

P6B2: Hya?!


Page 26 ~

P1B1: Wait! I’m not your enemy!

P1B2: I’m Ivel, an E-rank adventurer.

P2B1a: While I was finishing my last request deep in the forest I saw the Silver Ruby Wolf…

P2B1b: I quickly escaped and ended up here.

P2B2: You saw the Silver Ruby Wolf?

P2B3: Huh? Yeah…

P4B1a: But, it was impossible to defeat with my level, so I ran.

P4B1b: It’s near, so you guys better be careful.

P4 Box1: Seems like I overlooked it.

P5B1: ….should we check it out?

P5B2: Eh?!
P6B1: If we know where it is now, we’ll have just enough time to make it back.

P6B2: ….I will also do my best.

P6B3: Nya!

P6B4: Wait wait wait!?


Page 27 ~

P1B1: Wait a second! Were you listening to my story?

P1B2: It’s a Silver Ruby Wolf.

P1B3: The request stated it was a D-rank monster, right?

P2B1: There’s no way a child like you can defeat it!

P2B2: Umph!

P3B1a: You’re wrong! I’m a grown up adult!

P3B1b: Besides even E-rank adventurers have taken this request!

P3B2: …

P3 Txt1: Seriously?

P4B1a: If that’s true then I won’t stop you…

P4B1b: Make sure to be careful though.

P4B2a: Yeah.

P4B2b: Thanks for telling us, Ivel.

P5B1: You’re not going to tell me your name?

P5B2a: Ah, sorry. I’m Hibiki.

P5B2b: I’m Claude. This is Lillian and this is Vanet-kun.

P6B1: Then Hibiki, as a farewell gift I’ll give you this.

P6 SFX1: Throws


Page 28 ~

P1B1: This is?

P2B1: That’s a Kuriko Fruit. It can be used as a material for supplements or eaten to cure fatigue.

P2B2: It’s the item I was requested to find, but I have extras. I’ll give you one as a farewell gift.

P3B1: Since you’re about to fight, it’s best if you recover some of your energy.

P3 SFX1: Chomp

P3B2: Thank you. I’ll eat it….

P5B1: Biiiiiiter!

P5 SFX1: Pufu

P6B1: Pufufu, you’ll recover your energy like this so you have to endure it…. Pupupu!

P6B2: Cruel….

P7B1: Anyways, I’m heading back to the guild. I wish you luck.

P7 Txt1: Geez–….


Page 29 ~

P1B1: ….well, let’s go.

P1B2: Yes, let’s.

P4B1: I found it!

P4 Dia1: Red dot: Silver Ruby Wolf (Level 16)

P4B2: 800 meters south, south-east of here.

P5B1: We must be on our guard beyond here.

P5B2: Lillian, erase our scent and sound.

P5B3: Yes.

P6B1a: Like usual, I’ll lure it and you two will block its escape.

P6B1b: Then we’ll lead it to a suitable place and defeat it.

P6B2: Roger.


Page 30 ~

P1B1: Good, we cornered it!

P3B1: Hibiki-sama, are there any other enemies nearby?

P3B2: It’s fine. There’s nothing on the world map!

P4 Box1: This is unusual. There’s not a single monster within meters of here.

P4 Box2: Rather, isn’t this a first?

P5 Box1: Though, thanks to that, I can focus on this guy.


Page 31 ~

P1 Box1: Now all we have to watch out for are his counter attacks.

P2B1: Eh?

P4B1: Hibiki….huh?

P5B1: I don’t care whether you live or die,

P5B1a: But if your life is in danger,

P5B1b: he will put your life above his own.


Page 32 ~

P1B1: Ah

P1B2: Ah ah ah

P2 SFX1: Spurt


Page 33 ~

P1 SFX1: Thud

P1B1: Big brother!

P1B2: Hibiki-sama!!

P2B1: Do your best and lead him to death.

P2B2: Let the curtains rise on despair.

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