Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 2

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 2

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+Page 1

Elf Moe!

I can’t believe it! The limited edition figurine “Elf adventurer, magic girl Stanacia”

And this is the apron-girl version.


This is the best birthday gift ever!

Thank you so much Hibiki!

I don’t get it, but….

I’m glad you like it.

My best friend, Shindou Daiki, is incredibly into games and anime.

Despite his mature and tall appearance…*sigh*, what a shame.

How can you get such a rare item like this?

Well…. I’ve made friend with an elder sis recently…..

+Page 2


How could you easily become friend with mature sisters like that!?

Tell me! Is she pretty!?

Heh, extremely.

25 years old, half-breed, very tall,…..

Oh I almost forgot, her breasts are huge.

You have to be kidding meee!!

She sounds just like my dream elf waifu!

I want to see herrrr!

I’m so jealous.

I stayed up late that night, listened to Daiki’s elf stories.

The day after, I came to class just when the bell started to ring, and then…..

There was a huge beam of light appear right in front of my eyes….

Moments later, I…….

Welcome to another world.

I hope you will have the best experience.


+Page 3

Saikyou no shokugyou ha yuusha demo Kenja demonaku Kari Kanteishi rashii desuyo?

Chapter 2

Original: Atekichi              Manga: Takeda Atsushi.

A dream?

I think I just heard someone’s voice.

Emalia’s jacket?

Oh, I fell asleep right after I ate dinner.

It’s 4 in the morning.

Almost out of battery…..

I can only use it for today…..

I wonder why I had that weird dream, maybe I was being nostalgic….

It would be great if everyone’s here…..

Especially Daiki, if he is able to meet a real life elf like this…..


+Page 4

Her buttons are bursted open…..

Those breasts are huge…..

I shouldn’t stare at those.


What are those green glowing bugs?


So its Emalia’s spells.

This is great, we won’t be scared of the dark anymore.

{Skill name} Warning windwall

{Skill level} 2

{MP usage} 10/H

{User} Emalia Stainbalt

{Description} A defensive wind barrier in a specific place. If an intruder is detected, the warning chimes will ring.

+Page 5

{Warning windwall, wind magic lv.2} is added into {Mado book lv.0}


What the…. Something new was added?

Can I use the book now?

“Mado book” activated.

Unable to activate due to insufficient requirement.

Still doesn’t work…..

Is there any way to……?


I remember, among my unverified skills from yesterday, I saw a skill called “Dictionary”.

First I have to inspect myself again!

{Name} Mana Hibiki

{Gender} Male

{Age} 16

{Race} Human

{Class} Inspector (provisional) (lv1)

{Level} 1

{HP} 96/101

{MP} 35/35

{SP} 59/65

My SP is recovered. So that means it can refill through sleeping.

Now, “Dictionary” activated.

{Dictionary lv.1} skill used.

Please enter keyword

Search “Mado book”.

+Page 6

Keyword not found in {Dictionary lv.1}.

Then… “Treasury”

Keyword not found in {Dictionary lv.1}.

Then “Inspector’s Eyes” and “Manual”

Keyword not found in {Dictionary lv.1}.

“Inspector (provisionary)”!

Keyword not found in {Dictionary lv.1}.

Wait what!? What about “Inspector”?


+Rank B rare class.

+Possess {Inspection} used to analyze skills and attributes of the inspected target.

Due to its non-combat feature.

+User can gain these dungeon inspection skills:

{Magic nullify}

{Trap sense}

Yesss! I finally found one.


{Non-combat class}

+User cannot learn combat skills.

+Combat capability will not increase even in higher level.

+Combat skills can be obtained in specific situation, but more than half of its power will be reduced compared to the original class.

Non-combat class, eh….?

That reminds me, none of the skills I learned can be used in combat…..

+Page 7

Even that small horn rabbit is a threat to me…..

Emalia seems kinda strong.

I guess I have to rely on her until we arrive at the town….

But what will I do after that……?

First I still need to get to a town, then I will form a steady foundation for myself.

I will use it to gather information in order to get back to my world.

Maybe that’s it for now…..

I can’t be hasty in a situation like this, I should start with the basics!

And the most important thing I need to do now is….!

Get back to sleep!



Ah yes.

I saved that boy yesterday……

Hmmm, using “boy” toward a grown man may sound rude.

+Page 8

Wait, a grown man!?

Did I just spend a night with a grown man….!?

No no no, calm down Emalia Stainbalt.

This is just a camping trip!

Boys and girls camping with each other is…. is….. common stuff!

The dream I’ve been waiting for

is to form a party and conquer dangerous dungeons.


Th-this is pretty normal!

That dream is still not achievable…..

I haven’t formed a single party yet…..

Normally, only humans or beastmen become adventurers….

It’s pretty uncommon for an elf to be one, so no one will want to be in my party….. Even friendship might be unlikely…..


+Page 9

What’s this?

Why do my breasts feel windy…..?



Thank the Heavens, he’s still sleeping.

W-why are my breasts exposed like this….!?

The buttons might be busted. I’ve been feeling pretty stuffy in the chest.


Ah, good morning Emalia.

+Page 10

Good morning Hibiki.

Breakfast is ready.

Phew, it’s a good thing Hibiki was not awake until now. I can’t let anyone see this embarrassing moment.

At first I just wanted to temporarily improvise but I’m glad I fixed it now.

Looks delicious!

Let’s get going once we finish the meal.

We can make it to Rowell before sunset.

Why do they keep getting bigger!

I’m already 56 years old!

Elf’s growth rate is 20.

Please don’t grow any bigger!


So you fixed your clothes.


When I woke up in the morning, your buttons were gone.


Those are the biggest breasts I have ever seen.

+Page 11

Emalia is so amazing!!








+Page 12

Are you okay, Hibiki?

Yeah, the swelling is down thanks to Amelia’s potions.


To save someone from the brink of death, truly a high-class potion!


Nah, it was my fault. I was being indelicate.

I still don’t understand why I started it.

That was close….

But, the level gap is so terrifying. She K.O.-ed me with a single slap….

I couldn’t even drink my own potions.

Emalia had to do it for me…. That was embarrassing….

+Page 13

That Rowell Town, is it far?

We have to cross a forest.

But we can make it there before sunset.

Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.

Emalia is so kind, I’m just a stranger yet she treated me so well.

Excluding my near-death experience.

Thank you, Emalia.

You’re welcome, please help me if I ever run into troubles.

Of course.

Come on, let’s get into the forest.

+Page 14

Hey Emalia,

This forest seems to have many monsters.

Don’t worry, the monsters in here are all low-level and shy.

With a much higher level person like me here, they will likely avoid us.

But just in case, don’t get separated from me, okay?

Yes, I got it! I will never leave you! I will always be by your side!


Um, let’s do that.



Hey, you can sense monsters, right?

Normally, it will be hard to sense low-level monsters….

Oh, it’s thanks to my skill {World map}…..

+Page 15

{World map}!?

Hibiki! Did you just say {World map}, that extremely rare rank AAA skill!?


Rank AAA skill?

That skill is so rare that only a handful of people in the world possess it.

What!? Am I that extraordinary?

Hibiki, what is your class?

Well…. It’s {Inspector} (provisional).

(provisional)? Aren’t you an inspector?

What do you mean (provisional)?

I don’t understand it either.

It seems like you’re not lying…..

But…. I never heard of any inspector who possesses {World map}.

This skill seems pretty normal to me.

It can only identify people or monsters around the area.

And mark my pathway.

+Page 16

That is extremely useful!

Don’t you know that it’s the matter of life and death for an adventurer to know the monster’s location?

Besides, doesn’t path marking mean you will never get lost?

With this skill, your name will become very famous among the adventurer’s community.


So that’s why you can escape that disgusting “maze eater”.


I’m so sorry.

Normally, people will notice the influence of this skill….

But I knew that Hibiki is still unfamiliar with this world since yesterday.

You have no idea about our world, yet I was being aggressive toward you…..

Will you forgive me?

What’s with that suspicious Goddess’s smile!?

Hibiki, please use “World map” to identify the monsters.

Roger that…..

+Page 17

They’re so cowardly.

I haven’t seen any monsters since we walked into this forest.

Maybe we can increase your level here, Hibiki.

Wanna try it?

With an outfit like this? I don’t want to die, you know.


Hehe, I’m just kidding.

To raise your level, you have to be well-prepared.

You’re pretty smart, Hibiki.

Despite your lack of knowledge, you are intelligent enough to survive. I’m relieved.

This woman!

She’s kind and friendly…..

She must have lots of friends.



I’m listening.

+Page 18

Do you have friends in Rowel?

O-Of…. Of course.

I… do.


I have a feeling I shouldn’t have asked that?

I-is that so?

I’m your friend too, right!?


+Page 19

Eh? Am I not?

N-no, ah yes!

Yes, Hibiki and I are friends!

It’s great!


Hibiki and I are friends….

It’s been 5 years since I left my home, I’ve finally made a friend…..

Heh…. Fu fu fu.

I didn’t hear anything. I still haven’t heard anything…..

She seems happy.


Emalia, there’s a monster nearby.

Distance and direction?


Let’s see…..

80M, Northwest….

It got it.

{Name} Fool dog

{Gender} Male

{Level} 4

{HP} 71/90

{MP} 11/11

{Sp} 16/16


+Extremely stupid.

+Can be defeated with a simple shot.

Oh, the monster like yesterday.

+Page 20


Emalia, don’t you need arrow!?

I’m a {Spirit archer}.

I use my magic to turn wind – our guardian spirit – into…..

Piercing arrow!

+Page 21

She defeated it without an arrow.

So it’s just like yesterday…..

{Spirit archer}

+Combat class that receives spirit’s protection.

+Using the power of wind, water and nature to turn them into arrows.

+These arrows are twice as powerful as normal ones.

That means you can use these powerful arrows with unlimited amounts? That’s so cool!

It’s not unlimited.

Everytime I shoot an arrow, my MP will be reduced by 1, see!?

But you can still shoot more than 500 arrows, that’s OP.

Aren’t you tired? Let’s take a break.

+Page 22

Hibiki…. The food is ready.

Wow…. So delicious!

The stew from yesterday was very good, so is today’s food.

What kind of meat is this?

Those are horn rabbit’s.

Oh, the same ingredients can be made into different dishes like this. You’re such a talented cook, Emalia.

You must be loved in your hometown.

Um…. Hey?

Without that dumb father I could’ve got married by now…..

Every goddamn time.

It’s good….

I think I shouldn’t have asked that too…..


+Page 23

What’s this golden spot?

And this, is this a pointer?

Oh, I think it is!

Which means……

Blue spot: Mana Hibiki (Lv.1)

Greem spot: Emalia Stainbalt (Lv21)

So when I press it, it will show me names and levels.

Let’s check this golden spot.

Gold spot: Crystal rabbit (Lv.10)


What’s wrong?

Ah, well.

There’s a golden spot on the map that looks new, so I checked it.

It’s a crystal rabbit.

I was pretty disappointed, I thought it would be something stronger than a rabbit.

+Page 24

You said crystal rabbit!?


Where is that crystal rabbit!?

2km to the Southeast…..

Come on, let’s go Hibiki!

Hey, wait…. What about the town!?

What’s wrong with you? It’s just a rabbit.

Hey Emalia, wait.

There he is, ahead of us. About 100M.

+Page 25

{Name} Crystal Horn Rabbit

{Gender} Male

{Level} 10

{HP} 65/75

{MP} 14/14

{SP} 14/14

{Physical attack} 42

{Physical defense} 30

{Magic attack} 0

{Magic defense} 23

{Agility} 480

{Intelligence} 14

{Spirit} 14

{Luck} 0

{Inherence skill} {Hide and seek}

{Upgradable skill} {Disguise Lv.3} {Evasion Lv.3} {Presence Awareness Lv.2} {Escape Lv.6}


+Extremely shy and dull.

+Will quickly neglect dangerous beings.

+Have the quickest speed among its kind, but its endurance is the worst.

Crystal Rabbit’s horn has a high level of collecting.

It is said that its horn can be used to create multipurpose medicine.

Sounds incredible.

Its lowest price in the market can be 200 gold coins.

+Page 26

Even though I don’t know about this world’s currency system. But looking at Emalia’s reaction, 200 gold coins seems to be a large amount of money.

I can buy this, and that, and those….

She looks even happier than when she made friends with me…..

So the golden spot means “something that has a high gold value”.

Got it…..

What do we do now?

Because it has the {Escape} skill, I think I need to come closer.

Remember that he even have {Presence Awareness}.

That won’t be a problem.

Wind magic {Silent wind}

Water magic {Scentless Bubble}

Abilities added:

Magic skill Lv.2

{Silent Wind} and {Scentless Bubble} added into {Mado book lv.0}.

It’s “Mado book” again. What’s this ability about?

Now that all of our sounds and smells are concealed.

{Presence Awareness} will be useless.

+Page 27

But it can still detect us once I fire the arrow.

However, with my ability, I can make a guaranteed hit in the 50m radius.

That far!?

You said he was difficult to catch, why do you make it sounds so easy?

It was thanks to you.


{World map} helped us discover his location, which is normally very difficult.

Most of its survival skills are countered by you.

Wow, so {World map} is really useful.

Maybe that’s why it’s a rank AAA skill.

Unfortunately, it’s not completely used yet.

Most adventurers will have trouble finding its location.


Don’t tell me you don’t know what adventurers are…..?

Yep! I’ve already known! You’re talking about those adventurers right!?


+Page 28


+People who receive quests from the Adventurer Guild.

+Most quests are bout hunting monsters, chasing, material finding, bodyguard….

+Some quests are less dangerous like finding stray pets, but the rewards are usually very low.

+The Guild has branches all over the world. By owning a identification card provided by them, you can easily travel between countries.


But the quests sound quite difficult.

Yet the identification card is quite amazing.


In order to go back to my world, I’ll have to travel through many countries….

The adventurers….. can I become one?

You just have to register with the Guild….

But since you in the non-combat class….

Is there a problem…..?

No, first you’ll have to increase your level.

Next, being alone is rather dangerous so you’ll need a party.

Other members will do the fighting, all you have to do is use {Inspection} and {Trap sense} to support your team.

+Page 29

Is that so? Thank you Amelia. I will consider it.

Um, well….

But during my trip to find my way home.

I can’t let other people know about this…..

If…. If you don’t mind, you can form a party with me……


You were saying?


N-no! It was nothing!

Nothing really….

What’s with that attitude all of a sudden?

Then I’ll have to find that crystal rabbit and lure Hibiki into my party……


Emalia is so amazing. When I become an adventurer, can you please be my partner!

That’s more like it!

I have to catch it at all cost…..

Wow, her spirit is rising…..!

She must have need that money…..


Now, let’s go!


+Page 30


This will work.

+Page 31

I only need 1 shot…..

+Page 32


It…. Can’t be….

He dodged it……

He traveled 500m in a blink of an eye!?

+Page 33

I guess something with that high level difficulty can’t be caught easily….


Let’s leave.


I was out of focus for a moment and it dodged my arrow.

It can’t be helped.

Regrettable, but it’s just our bad luck.

{Escape Lv.6} is such an annoying skill.

We can’t catch it as long as it still have this ability.


What if…..

Hold on Emalia.

I just found a way!

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