Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 3

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 3

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+Page 1

So here’s our strategy….

I see.

It’s gonna be difficult but I think we can do it…..

But are you going to be okay?

If we do this then Hibiki will……

No problem!

Crystal Horn Rabbit will definitely…..

Let’s call it Kurirabi for short. We will definitely catch him this time!

Yeah…. Let’s try again!

I’ve spotted it, let’s go!

+Page 2

Saikyou no Shokugyou ha Yuusha demo Kenja demonaku Kari Kanteishi rashii desuyo?

Chapter 3

Original: Atekichi.

Manga: Takeda Atsushi.

+Page 3

First I’ll let Emalia use her plant-type spell “Puppet Leaf”.

And lure it to me.

According to Emalia, a Lv.10 Kurirabi like him won’t consider a petty Lv.1 human like me a threat.

He’s completely ignoring me.

Just as we planned, but why do I feel so pissed.



+Page 4

Earth wall!

+Page 5

Using magic circles that we drew on the ground.

Emalia immediately built an earth wall high enough to prevent the Kurirabi from jumping out.

Then we split open a part of the wall, creating an escape for the Kurirabi.

And if I stand right in that spot….

In order to escape, it will not hesitate to attack a weak being such as myself!


+Page 6

While initiating his attack….

+Page 7

He’s unable to use his ability “Escape”!

+Page 8

That’s it.

If he can dodge Emalia’s arrow using “Escape” than we can strike while he’s attacking!

Everything went according to plan.

Are you okay Hibiki?

Yeah, I’m fine…..

Main level increased Lv.1 -> Lv.2

Skill level increased Lv.1 -> Lv.2

Ability “Sense” increased Lv.1 -> Lv.2

Ability “World map” increased Lv.1 -> Lv.2

Ability “Dictionary” increased Lv.1 -> Lv.2

Ability “Contract” Lv.1 gained from “Inspect”

Ability “Medical book” Lv.1 gained from “Dictionary”


What’s wrong!?

It startled me a little bit, my level increased.


Ah, you’ve just inspected yourself, right?

When you receive experience points, your level will eventually go up.

But Emalia was the one who killed it?

+Page 9

It’s true that I was the finisher, but Hibiki was the one who came up with the plan and used yourself as bait.

So the experience was shared evenly.


I see, with the help of strong people in my party

I can also raise my levels faster.

Ehehe….. I’ve finally got it…. Crystal Horn Rabbit’s 200 gold coins horn….

Emalia seems happy.

It was because of Hibiki’s strategy, thank you so much!

But it was Emalia’s effort that made this plan work.

I should be the one showing gratitude!

Then let’s continue our trip to town.

We’ll go to the adventurer’s Guild and exchange for money.


+Page 10




Since when…..

I guess it can’t be help, let’s camp here for another night.

It’s convenient that we also collected its meat.

You keep the horn, Hibiki.

Eh, me?

That’s our valuable loot.


The next day.

We made it out of the forest without any harm.

+Page 11

We walked for about 1 hour.

I see it.

This is….

The 5th largest city of Habarastia.

The city of Rowell.

+Page 12

The wall surrounding it looks huge, huh.

That’s one way to protect the city from monsters.

Even though the city guards and adventurers keep killing the monsters that come near the city.

But that alone won’t be enough to completely prevent monster invasions.


A protective wall, huh.

Life in this world sure is tough.

Hey Hibiki, do you have an ID card?

No….. Will that bring me any trouble?

It’s fine if we make it through the surveillance gate.

But it costs you 3 silver coins each time you pass.

Ugh… Money….

I’ll lend you some.

Thank you, Emalia!

+Page 13

This will be counted into your share of the horn so you don’t have to be worry.



I guess Emalia really likes money….!

I need to be clear in money-related problems so that Hibiki doesn’t have to worry too much.


Where’s your ID card?

Ah, I don’t have one.

Then please touch this orb.

It’ll be fine.


Nothing suspicious.

You can pass.

+Page 14

Welcome to Rowell.


So cool….!

+Page 15


This is just like Medieval Europe.

Here Hibiki, have this.

Your clothes stand out here a bit.

Ah, thank….. you?

+Page 16

I fit perfectly in a women-sized cloak.

Endure. I have to endure.

I’m still growing so there’s nothing to worry about.

What’s wrong?

Oh it’s nothing…..

What was that crystal orb at the surveillance gate?

That inspection stone?

Inspection stone?


Did I say something wrong!?

An inspection stone is a magical tool that has the inspection ability augmented inside it.

+Page 17

Even tools can use abilities!?

Some skills can be cast on items, weapons, and armors.

Earlier, it just inspected Hibiki to look for any criminal records.

Eh, but my ability “Inspection” can’t see things like that.

That’s because it’s a specialized objects used for entry control.

It was purposely made to check your criminal record, name and job.

For an inspection stone that can observe all stats, the price can be extremely high.

Only the King can possess such things.

And its manufacturing process is difficult too.

That’s amazing.

If I have a magical tool will I be able to fight?

Those are very expensive!


+Page 18

The fiery sword I’ve seen before is 180 gold coins.

The higher quality the effects are, the more difficult it gets to actually making one, that’s why their prices are so high.

Maybe it’s equal to that Kurirabi’s horn.

I don’t quite understand this world’s currency system so I’m not sure.

Let’s just ignore the embarrassment…. It’s best to ask her


How much is a gold coin worth?


+Page 19

That disgusted look in her eyes!

This is way worse than I thought….

I can’t believe that you don’t even know the currency value.

It can’t be helped. The authorized currency in my country is different from this place….

The currency flow in every country should be united by now….

But never mind.

The authorized currency here is called “Shubal”.

According to Emalia’s explanation, there are a total of 5 types of currencies in this world.

The basic value is.



Steel coin (10 yen)

Copper coin (100 yen)

Silver coin (1.000 yen)

Gold coin (10.000 yen)

Platinum coin (100.000 yen)

That sounds about right.

It means that fiery sword is 1.800.000 yen worth…

So expensive!

And that Kurirabi’s horn worth 2.000.000 yen.


I understand it now, Kurirabi’s horn exchange price is soooo high.


You’ve just realized it now….?

+Page 20

This is the place.

The adventurer’s Guild.

Looks like an Administration Department at my place.

Hibiki, over here.


*What’re ya lookin’ at?*

I imagined it to be something like this.

Good morning, Juel…..

+Page 21

Good morning, Emalia.

Waaaa, those ears!

So adorable!!

And she has a beautiful face too!

What’s your business here today?

First, I’d like to make a member registration for this boy

N-nice to meet you, pretty sis.

I’m Hibiki Manabe!

Oh, so your last name would be the second part, right?

Fufu, it feels nice even though it’s just common flattery.

It’s not flattery, you’re truly beautiful.

Hehe, I’m Juel – your receptionist.

I’m looking forward to your help, Hibiki.

Of course!

Emalia, and also Juel.

It seems there are many beautiful sis in this world.


+Page 22

Why does she keep glaring at me!?

Hey Juel…. Quickly make the registration process for him please.

Emalia, I think you’re misunderstanding something.

Huh, what do you mean?

It’s nothing. Now Hibiki, let’s continue with your registration.

I can feel the atmosphere changing.

Please fill in all the required articles here.


What’s with this awkward atmosphere!?

+Page 23

I can feel the murderous looks behind me!

Kuh…. To be with those 2 beauties…

Look at his accomplished face.


My Goddess Juel….

What’s with that brat….?

I won’t forgive him!!

Such an eyesore.

I’m so scared!

I have to finish this quickly!

Your name is Hibiki Manabe.

Your job is Inspector, is that correct?


It’s lucky that I have “Translation” skill to help me understand all of these.


16 years old…..?


+Page 24

Y-you look younger than your actual age.

T-then allow me to finish the registration procedure.

What was that all about…..?

This is your guild card, hibiki.

Please put your hand on the card.

Okay, you’ve finished your registration.

Hibiki, now you’ve finally become an actual adventurer.

Thank you so much, Juel.

But…. How do I use this?

Allow me to explain.

+Page 25


I will explain those things to Hibiki later so that’s not necessary.

Is it okay for you, Hibiki?

Ah…. Yes.

Ara, I see.



Oh, I also have some money exchanging to do.

Could you please prepare a room for us?

I have materials to sell.

If you want to sell materials than here is….

I don’t want the adventurers in this building to see it.

They would all gather here if they see this.




Emalia, this is…..

Will you prepare a room now?

Yes, right away!

+Page 26

I have to show my experience in front of Hibiki.

Why does this feel like those Mafia’s deals….?

Please come this way.

Morning, Emalia.

What’s your business today?


He’s so manly…..!

+Page 27

Look Emalia! Look at those muscles.

He’s so muscular.

That’s so cool. I want to be like him!


Oh, you know what, kid!?

This body

Of mine.

Is the result of hard work and courage!!

You’re so amazing! Uncle….

No, big bro! You’re awesome!

It’s so cool!!

Muahaha, it’s cool, right!?

+Page 28

My name is Hibiki Manabe, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

I’m Pals Deliard.

I’m this Guild’s headmaster.

Nice to meet you, kid!

What’s with the distance!? You can just call me Hibiki, big bro Pals!

Hahaha, right.

Let’s help each other out, Hibiki!

Yeah, let’s help each other out!

Wow, look at these biceps!

*excuse me….

And look at these chest muscles.

Whoa, it can move! So cool!!

30 minutes later.

Big bro Pals is so amazing…

Since my body is so tiny, no matter how much I worked out it wouldn’t improve….

Then you have to work out on your back first.

Extreme back muscles!

If you want to make your body look bigger, you’ll have to focus on the upper body first.

+Page 29

The back gathers the most amount of muscle!

When you’re finished with this, your whole body will look bigger!

Really! I guess I’ll start with this part then!

That’s the spirit!

*Another 30 minutes passed

And then we have to work on those hidden muscles too.

As I thought, you’re incredible, big bro!



I’ve never been so happy talking about muscles like this!

+Page 30

Water spell “Water Create”!

Water spell “Cool these two idiotic heads!” (Cold Water).

Water spells Lv.2 “Water Create”, “Cold Water” added into “Mado book” Lv.0



Gahhh so cold!


+Page 31

Will you cut it out?

You’re so horrible, Emalia!

You’re the horrible one, Hibiki!

How long have you think I’ve waited for you to finish?

Yeah, just look at the time!

I thought it was only 5 minutes.

Me too.

Master Pals, if you’re done then we should get straight to the point……

All right!

Hibiki, let’s go to my house. You’re already an adult, right?

Let’s grab something to drink and then we’ll continue!

Wow, really!?

Of course, I will teach you the way of a true man!


Waaaa, let’s go let’s go! We should go now!!

Yep, it’s been decided.

+Page 32

Water spell “Cold Cascade”!


Water spell Lv.2 “Cold Cascade” added into “Mado book” Lv.0.

You’ve worked hard, [Mado book]


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