Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 4

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 4

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+Page 1

Saikyou no Shokugyou ha Yuusha demo Kenja demonaku Kari Kanteishi rashii desuyo?

Chapter 4

Original: Atekichi              Manga version: Takeda Atsushi

+Page 2


You two have wasted too much time.

Let’s get to the main point.

We’re really sorry—

Uhm…. I was engrossed in the discussion about muscles.

And accidentally caused them more trouble.

Why don’t all four of us discuss muscles next time!?

Still doesn’t understand.

+Page 3

Miss Emalia, please bring out the material you want to sell us.

Here it is.


The horn of a Crystal Horn Rabbit!?

It’s so big!

It must be 3 times the one I had 3 years ago….

You’re incredible to be able to collect this.

The bigger the body parts, the stronger it is.

Then at what price can you offer for this horn?

Whoa, The bright smile on Emalia’s face!

Let’s see……

All right! How about 400 gold coins!?

400!? That’s double what Emalia predicted!

Then Emalia must be…..

+Page 4

Don’t treat me like a fool.

The horn you said you had 3 years ago must be about 200 gold coins.

Yet this one is 3 times as big and you only double the price?


To figure out all this…. She looks just like a merchant now.

Then how about 500 gold coins?

Isn’t it unreasonable if this one doesn’t reach 800 coins?

For an essence stone, that price is quite…… Let’s say 550 gold coins.




That’s it, 680 gold coins! This is my final offer!

I heard that the Capital Adventurer’s Guild is very powerful.

I wonder how high they would pay me for this?


+Page 5

These 700 gold coins are yours, you dirty robber!

Amazing, Hibiki!

If we split this, we still get 350 gold coins each!


T-that’s right. It’s great, isn’t it?

With this, he has no reason to refuse to join my party.

Emalia is so cruel….

These two are having different thoughts.

Then please allow me to go and finish the procedure.

Everybody can wait here in the meantime.


I appreciate that you remain indifferent in this deal.

But doesn’t that amount of money exceed what you estimated?

Fufu, you really read my mind.

What!? Is that really true, Juel!?

Uhm, don’t you know the Guild’s budget, big bro.

+Page 6

The exceeding part will be taken directly from Mister Pals’s salary.

Wait what—!?

Juel please wait!

*Please calm down*


This is a lesson for some foolish Guildmaster who doesn’t even know his own Guild’s budget and dares to make a transaction.



Emalia, how can a receptionist like Juel manage the payment of a Guildmaster?

Oh, I forgot to tell you.

+Page 7

Besides being a receptionist, Juel is also the vice-guildmaster.


She looks completely different from Pals…..

Why is a person with such a high position a receptionist?

She said she didn’t want any delays for the customers so she shows up in person.

Whoa, a big sis who works as a manager and follows individualism.

It’s good for this Guild to have someone like her.

Despite being a little hard to big bro Pals….

And then, we got the payment from the Guild’s bank….

I’ve already subtracted the entrance fees (so don’t worry about it).

Ah, yes…..

Inherency Skill [Tutorial Lv.1] requirement reached level up.


+Page 8


Inherency skill [Tutorial Lv.1]

Requirements reached to level up.

Requirement 1: Using [Inspection] – clear

Requirement 2: Using powers in combat raid – clear

Requirement 3: Form a party for combat raid – clear

Requirement 4: Personal rank is raised above rank F – the dangerous rank – clear

Requirement 5: Earn a suitable amount of living expense – clear

Inherency Skill [Tutorial]

Reached Lv.2


*A guide?*

With the leveling up [Tutorial], support will end depending on the “Guide”



With the leveling up [Tutorial], [Support Skill] activated.

Support Skill?

Leveling up is really good.

But what exactly is this [Tutorial]?

Oh that’s right. [Dictionary] also leveled up, there’s a chance that I can find it here!

I’ll use [Dictionary] to search for [Tutorial].

Ability [Dictionary Lv.2] activated.

Yes, it works!

+Page 9

Inherency Skill [Tutorial] has an extreme rarity above SSS.

A rarity above SSS?

A [Support Skill] given to a person who has a specially low survival rate among those with the title “Adventurer in another world”.

*Am I really that bad….!?*

To be able to learn the basic skills and knowledge to survive in this world, and receive God’s aid depends on your fate level.

The maximum level is 3. After meeting all requirements of Lv.3, this ability will automatically disappear.

You can receive God’s aid depending on your fate level…..

Is this really true….?

It is the truth.


An illusion…?

Did I just hear something?

So basically, tutorial is an ability that can automatically protect me.

So avoiding the attacks of that Horn Rabbit on the Maze Eater is thanks to God’s aid?

Could it really be….?

+Page 10

It really is God! Thank you for your help!

Thanks to you that I can survive!

Yup yup, keep being grateful like that. That’s my motivation to work right there!

Eh Eh? God!?

Is he talking to me!?

Oh by the way….. your classmates are at the summoner’s place right now, and they’re all fine.

So you can set your mind at rest!


So everyone is okay…..

I’m really glad….

Okay! That’s all I have to say.

I will try my best to support you, but you have to protect yourself and don’t die.

See ya.


+Page 11

That’s so superficial… God-sama!

Then my escape from the Maze Eater and meeting Emalia is also God’s arrangement.

Thank you God for letting me meet such a beautiful sis!

Eh, but about the whole “ending supports of the “Guide” in [Tutorial]” thing…..

Oh I remember, Emalia.

There was a request that personally stated your name.

A request for me? Who could it be?

Could the “Guide” really be—

When did it arrive here…..?


+Page 12

I’m sorry but we’ll part ways from here on.

Ah, so it really is true….

I can’t….. go with you?

It was from my homeland.

Humans like you can’t go to that place.

With your current level you would barely survive there.

I see…..

I should have stayed with you for a while more….

I’m sorry.


So the “Guide” was truly meant for Emalia.

+Page 13

You don’t have to say sorry.

I’m really grateful for everything.

There’s no need to worry about me, you can go whenever you want.


Don’t worry, miss Emalia.

Our Adventurer’s Guild will do our best to support Hibiki.

Right, Pals?

Eh… Yes! You can count on me!

It is our Guild’s duty to help adventurers!

Thank you, big bro Pals!

First let’s start with the back muscles, remember?

Juel, I place my trust in you.

You’re the only one I can count on….

Leave it to me, miss Emalia.

+Page 14

Welcome to “Goddess Smile”….

Oh, it’s Emalia.

I’m back, Tanya.

Welcome back. Eh? Who’s the boy besides you?

+Page 15

Let me introduce. This is Hibiki, he’s an adventurer.

Hi, I’m Hibiki. Nice to meet you. You’re so pretty.

Pleasure to meet you.

This time it’s another beauty that makes me feel encouraged. Is this also God’s arrangement!?

But this is not okay.

How can a boy compliment another girl right in front of his girlfriend?

Boyfriend? Girlfriend?

It’s not like that!

It’s not?

And I even wondered where you could get such a cute boyfriend like this.

Stop teasing me, Tanya!

Hmm….. Her appearance can help comfort people, but I can’t say the same with her personality, I guess?

Hurry up and finish all the procedures!

All right all right.

Hibiki, about the room that I’m staying, if you don’t mind-

You can stay there, there’s still 3 days remains.

Eh, Really?

Thanks a lot.

Then Emalia quickly packed all her baggage…..

+Page 16

Then, I’ll leave now.

You have to be careful from now on, Hibiki.

Yeah, thank you so much, Emalia.

Emalia, my first encounter in this world, who saved me many times.

It’s only been 2 days but why do I keep….


+Page 17

Don’t make such a face like that.

It’s not like an eternal goodbye or anything….

After you’re done with your business, will you come back?

Yes…. I think it will take half a year to say the least.

But I think I’ll come back once I’m done.

But hey, there’s no need for you to wait for me here.

You have your own business, am I right?


Then do your thing first.

It’s okay. We will meet again someday.

+Page 18

When you leave the town, you can leave a note for me at the Guild.

Then I’ll give it to Juel.

Yep, that’s right.

So… Take care.

Emalia, I……

I will take a lot of requests.

And I will become stronger, so that one day I can travel anywhere with Emalia!

+Page 19

I will look forward to that day!

+Page 20

And the next 3 days….

Maybe it’s because there’s no threat around me anymore

So I sleep most of the time.

What time is it?

Oh right, my phone is out of battery….

Even though I anticipated this.

But now there’s truly no connection between me and Japan anymore….

But, I can’t keep on like this.

All my weariness is gone, I have to go out and do something!

My level went up, guess I should confirm all my stats!

[Name] Manabe Hibiki

[Gender] Male

[Age] 16

[Race] Human

[Job] Inspector (provisionary) (Lv.2)

[Level] 4

[HP] 131/131

[MP] 56/56

[SP] 123/131

[Physical attack] 51

[Physical defense] 27

[Magical attack] 36

[Magical defense] 32

[Agility] 82

[Intelligence] 71

[Spirit] 104

[Luck] 65

[Inherence Skill] [Inspector’s Eye Lv.1]

[Tutorial Lv.2]

[Upgradable Skill] [Inspection Lv.2]

[Dictionary Lv.2]

[World map Lv.2]

[Translation Lv.2]

[Mado book Lv.0]

[Treasure chest Lv.0]

[Contract Lv.1]

[Medical book Lv.1]

[Magical skill] None

+Page 21

Even though my level raised a bit, it’s not enough….

But I guess having my SP point increasing is a good thing.

I can’t use magical skills so support abilities are the only thing I have.

[Mado book] and [Treasure chest] are still in Lv.0

Where’s the requirements to level up….?

And there are several new titles….

[Title] [Adventurer in another world]

[Survivor of Maze Eater]

[Big sis womanizer]         [Golden One-hit]

What do you mean [Big sis womanizer]….?

I’m a little curious about the new abilities [Contract] and [Medical book]

I’ll search [Contract] using Dictionary.

Upgradable Skill

[Contract] Rarity rank B

A skill using exchanged contract between the one using this skill and the contract-forming target after reaching an agreement.

The method of forming a contract can be delivered through speech or text, depends on the agreement.

There are occasions that if one of the two sides has specific conditions that cause disadvantages for the other side, then the contract cannot be formed.

This ability can’t be used to take someone else’s life.

If the owner’s level is increased, he/she can form contracts with higher beings.

It’s a little confusing.

So basically it’s a skill to make sure people keep their promise.

I’ll test this someday.

+Page 22

Next is [Medical book]….

Oh! This looks like a really great skill!

Upgradable skill [Medical book] Rarity rank AA

An ability that helps its owner possess techniques and knowledge about this worlds medical field, depends on level. Even ancient or lost techniques in this age.

With this I can heal myself!

Notification from [Support Skill]

Whoa, another voice!?

Is it a newly activated skill?

In [Medical book], with a single glare at one page you can understand and memorize everything written in it.

If intending to participated in high-class healing activities, looking through all pages is recommended.

Do you want to look at [Medical book]? It will cost 1SP / 10 pages (40.000 pages in total)

If Support Skill says so.

I’ll look through them all!

Begin reading [Medical book]


+Page 23

A book?


Will I be able to read all this…..?

Hey… wait….


It runs directly to my head!?

I spent 1 month reading the entire [Medical book]

During that time, I can’t do anything apart from just rolling in bed and sleeping….

Why do I have a feeling that I’ve wasted so much time….

1 month later!

+Page 24

All right.

This outfit is perfect.

I’ve finished reading [Medical book]

Now let’s begin.

The job of an adventurer!

+Page 25

Let’s see, if I want to get to the Guild…

Hey young man.

Do you want to buy potions?



[Name] Low quality Potion

[Note] A magical medicine that can heal a small amount of HP.

If you buy it now I can sell it to you with a discount price of 10 silver coins!


Even with [Medical book], it’s still limited by my SP points.

Maybe I will buy some of these just in case.

Then I’ll take…….

Notification from Support Skill.

Activation of [Contract] is recommended.


+Page 26

[Contract] can be effective even with speech and words…..

Haha, I see.

So that’s how it works.

I was looking for a chance to try this.

Hey mister, I want to buy some potions.

Let’s make an equal deal.

Y-yeah! Sure.

The contract has been sealed.

All right.

How much is it?

Silver coins….

5 silver coins!

Here you go.

Thank you, mister, I’ll see you around.

Thank you for shopping, young man.


+Page 27

[Contract] is such a convenient skill!


With this ability, I don’t have to worry about being ripped off while shopping anymore.

Thank you, Support Skill.

Notification from Support Skill: Appreciation accepted.

Oh, it even responds!

But Support Skill takes too long to say…..

From now on I’ll call you Sapo. I’ll be counting on you, Sapo!

Notification from Sapo: proposal accepted.

Oh, you seem to like that name. I’m glad.

+Page 28

Good morning, Juel.

Good morning, Hibiki. I haven’t seen you for a month.

Is big bro Pals here? I want to come and say hi.

That fool….. Ah, the Guildmaster received a summoning order from the Capital so he will be out of town for about 2 months.

I see, that’s a shame.

What business do you have today?

Ah, I think that it’s time for me to take requests.

Is that so?

Then you can look on the notice board for any requests you want to take.

+Page 29

What are all those letters from A to E?

Eh, Emalia hasn’t explained that to you yet?

She didn’t have time to do so….

I see….

Then allow me to explain.

Basically, adventurers are also divided into different ranks.

Starting from the lowest is rank F to the highest is rank S, there are a total of 7 ranks.



And the Guild’s requests are based on their difficulties to match the ranking system.

Even though the payment is higher with each rank.

But this also applies to the level of threat.

+Page 30

So the request’s rank can only be 1 level higher than the rank of the adventurer.

So in Hibiki’s case, you’re in rank F… so you can only receive requests from rank E and below.

There are 2 ways to raise your rank.

By completing requests and getting promotion acknowledgement from the Guild.

The other way is to participate in the promotion examination also held by the Guild.

*Academic test*

*Combat test*

If you perform well you will get your promotion.

That method sounds safer than the first one.

In return, it will be much harder for you to promote your rank that way.

Besides, when you reach higher ranks you can receive confidential intel and even buy special items.

But then you might receive personal stated requests directly from the country, I heard that it’s very tough.

Ah, Emalia also received a personal stated request that time.

I’m not really into giving up my freedom….

+Page 31

I understand. I guess I’ll choose the completing requests method.

I also think that’s suitable for beginners like you.

So here’s how you receive requests.

You will take the request post from that notice board and give it to me, then I’ll give you the receipt.

What happens if I can’t complete that request?

Then we will have to ask you to pay back 3 times the payment written in the request to compensate.

So basically, if I don’t pick the suitable request for me……

You will go bankrupt in the blink of an eye.

I’ll choose it carefully….

It’s my first time so I guess I’ll pick a rank F request.


This one looks good.

+Page 32

Request to find rank F materials.

Herb [Honhon leaves] x 15

A medical herb used for healing.

A collecting request for Honhon leaves.

Can be completed by trading even when exceeding the required amounts.

This one doesn’t seem to have any dangerous objectives.

Juel, I’ll choose thi….

Is the guildmaster here!?

I beg you! Please save him!

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