Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 5

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 5

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+Page 1

Please find the Guildmaster! This wound can only be treated by someone of his level….!

You’re the “Silver Banner” party! What seems to be the prob…….



His arms and legs….!

+Page 2

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kari Kanteishi rashii desuyo?

Chapter 5

Original: Atekichi

Manga version: Takeda Atsushi

+Page 3

Juel-san, where is the Guildmaster!?

Our abilities are not enough to cure this wound!

Calm down, Hekate.

Even if his body parts are lost.

It’s not that dangerous since you can stop the bleeding with “High heal”, isn’t it?

I’ve already tried! But neither “Heal” nor “High heal” worked….!

No matter how many times we tried.


The bleeding won’t stop!

But with the Guildmaster’s “Super heal”, there’s a chance he will be saved…..

Where can we find the Guildmaster…!?

Bals-sama is currently…

*TLN: I’m sorry for getting his name wrong in chapter 3

Being summoned by the Capital…

So he’s not in town right now….


+Page 4


It can’t be! I beg you, please save Jade!

We even used Super Potions, but it didn’t work…..! The bleeding would still continue soon after…

Why!? Why did this even happen to him!?



If big bro Bals were here, could he really treat this wound?


It’s true, Bals-sama’s job is “Holy Knight”.

It’s a rare profession that is superior in both combat and healing.

Besides, he is also an outstanding individual that can use the advanced healing spell “Super heal”….

+Page 5

Is there anyone else besides big bro who can use that spell?

Not at all.

It would be a surprise if someone apart from him could use that spell.

Then Jade-san will……

Eh, wait a minute…?

Maybe my “Medical book” can…..!

What do you think, Sapo-chan?

Notification from Sapo: Positive result is predicted to be likely.

All right!

Juel-san, can I take a look at his condition?

+Page 6

Are you a healer?

No, I am an Inspector….

How can an Inspector even cure this!?

Well, normally it’s true, but….

I possess a medical-related spell so I plan to give it a try.


You really have such a skill, Hibiki-sama!?


It’s fortunate that I chose to learn this skill in case of emergency!

Can you actually do it?

+Page 7

Sorry, I can’t guarantee anything, all I can do is to try my best….

I understand…. Sorry for being rude. I’ll leave this to your hands!

Don’t worry…..


“Medical book” activated!

“Medical book” “Diagnosing” started.

“Diagnosing” completed.

Showing results!

+Page 8

[Condition 1] Excessive bleeding due to the lost of patient’s right hand and left leg.

[Condition 2] Extremely lethal toxin found inside patient’s body.

Component’s name: “Deeris poison”

[Conclusion] Remaining survival time estimated: 7 minutes 19 seconds.

[Explanation] “Deeris poison”

Mainly found in toxic leaves located inside Dungeons.

A strong type of poison extracted from “Deentriel leaf”

Extremely lethal.

Causes abnormal neurological status, annihilates cells, prevents hemostasis.

If the one suffering from this poison is injured.

The person can die from extreme blood loss faster than from intoxication.

He can only survive for 7 more minutes…!?

There’s no time….!

What about the cure….?

[Searching for cure].

+Page 9

[Treatment process 1]

Remove the poison.

Unless the person’s body is no longer affected by poison, its wounds will be incurable.

[Detailed explanation]

Poison can’t be removed by antidotes.

Using of healing spell “Hyper cure” required.

MP cost: 250.

[Treatment process 2]

Blood transfusion and treatments are required for the lost body parts.

Due to excessive blood loss, hemostasis is insufficient.

Restoring of lost body parts is recommended.

[Detailed explanation]

Patient will die before any potion’s effect can happen.

Using of healing spell “Perfect heal” required.

MP cost: 400.

I see. So the healing spells were ineffective because of this poison…..

We can save him if we use “Hyper Cure” or “Perfect Heal”…..!


[Hyper Cure] MP cost: 250           [Perfect Heal] MP cost: 400

I don’t have enough MP….!

What do I do now….?


+Page 10

Is something wrong?

It was the poison inside his body that prevents any hemostasis.

First we will have to use “Hyper Cure” to get rid of the toxin, or every healing spells will lost their effect.

But even if we’re able to remove the toxin, he has lost too much blood.


Without “Perfect Heal” to make up for the lost amount of blood and restore his body parts, he will….!

Juel-san, can anyone here use those 2 spells!?

Both of those spells are high-class magic.

If there’s anyone who know how to use those, I think it can only be The Holy Maiden who is currently in the Capital….

+Page 11

Then I will bring him to the Capital!

He won’t make it till then.

He only has 6 minutes left….

It can’t be…..

No…. please…..

Jade! You can’t die like this!




Even when I know how to cure this wound.

It’s still worthless….!

Is there any other way….!?

+Page 12

Notification from Sapo: Activation of “Contract” skill recommended.

Eh? Sapo-chan?


The effect of this skill includes: “every member of the patient’s party must agree to transfer all of their MP to the skill user”.

The amount of MP received will be used in the healing process. Contract can be made through words.

Is it true, Sapo-chan?



Hey, you’re acting kinda strange, you know.

Guys, I need you to form a contract with me!

The condition is to “Transfer all of your MP to me”

“I will use all of that amount to heal Jade-san”

I will be able to cast “Hyper Cure” and “Perfect Heal” if I have enough MP!


+Page 13

Wait…. What did you say….?

Hurry up! There’s not much time left!

He only has 5 more minutes.


We accept the contract!

Contract certified.



You have received 420 MP through the contract.


No way! Still not enough!?

Even when I combine our MP, we still need 192 more….!

Damnit, we only need a little more!

+Page 14


Can you form the contract with me too?

I can give you my MP!


Can we do it, Sapo-chan?

Affirmative, all we need is for the contract receiver to read the oath out loud.

So it’s possible to add more people into the contract!

Are you okay with this, Juel-san?

I agree to form a contract!

Contract receiver added. You have received 273 MP through the contract.

All right! Now we can finally do it!!

Message from [Medical book]. Do you wish to start “healing process”?

“Healing process” activate!

+Page 15

Message from [Medical book]. You are advised to use healing spells “Hyper Cure” and “Perfect Heal”.

Using “Hyper Cure”!

+Page 16

“Deeris poison” removed.

Good! Now….

+Page 17

Using “Perfect Heal”!

+Page 18


Body parts restored, dead cells have been fully regenerated. Patient’s body restoration process completed.

We finally did it. He’s safe now.




+Page 19




+Page 20

Fantastic work, young man!

You’re good, kiddo!!

Ouch!? Hey.





Thank you for saving Jade!

*Hold on a second

Aren’t you a little too excited, Juel-san!?


I’m so relieved relieved right now, that my consciousness is beginning to……

+Page 21

Here you go, Amane black tea.



You really do love black tea, don’t ya?

Huh? Amane….

Oh, that’s right.

After going home from school, I visited Amane’s family coffee shop.

So you’re helping with the shop’s work today, huh?

My mom is a little tired, so I have to take care of the shop for her.

Eh, but why are there 2 of them?

+Page 22

One of them is mine, Manabe-kun.


When did you….!?

I came here before you, Manabe-kun. Didn’t you see me?


It’s true that Hibiki only focus on drinking black tea when he comes here.

It’s because Amane’s tastes so good!

Hey! Can you please add “black tea” in your sentence? It’s easy to misunderstand, you know.

Yep yep yep.

My Amane is the most precious treasure, Hibiki-kun! If you become my son-in-law, then everyday you can….

Can you please shut up!?


+Page 23

So, I see that you’ve improved, Amane….

Now I understand why he said you’re more likely to be a boy.


I see. So it’s because of the [Hibiki’s quality] after all, am I right Amane-chan?



Listen, Hibiki. I’m saying this because we’re childhood friends!

You are easily confused so remember to think carefully before you do anything!

Besides, pay attention to your words. Your meandering way of conversation is very dangerous.

You have to focus more to make the right judgement.

Don’t you know that there aren’t always people around to help you?

Ah… Yeah.

Do you understand?


+Page 24

It was a dream.

I’ve been here for a month.

God said everybody has also arrived here, will my absence makes everyone worried….?

Job level increased.

Lv2 -> Lv5

[Inspection] Lv2 -> Lv3

[Contract] Lv1 -> Lv2

[Translation] Lv1 -> Lv2

[Contract] new ability added

[Aiding Measure] learned

[Translation] new ability added

[Decryption] learned

Whoa, my level raised again!?

Isn’t this a little too fast!?

So you’re awake, Hibiki-sama?


Is this….? How long have I been sleeping?

This is the Guild’s healing room, it has been an hour since you passed out….

I see…. Sorry to bother you.

+Page 25

This is not a problem at all…..

I’m truly grateful that you were able to save Jade.

Eh… Juel-san, why are you so concerned about Jade-san?

Jade is my little brother.


Eh? But he’s human and you’re….

He’s my stepbrother…..

Well, I’m also glad that I could save him.

You don’t have to thank me for that.

It’s just common sense to help someone when they’re in danger.

Fufu if you’re like that then it’s a given that the one who was saved would want to show their gratitude.

+Page 26

Then you can at least accept my gratitude.

I guess you’re right.

Understood, then I will happily accept

Eh, what’s the matter?


It’s nothing!

….Now I’ll get to the main point.

I’ve forbidden everyone who have witnessed this event

To speak anything about this.


But why….?

Because the two spells “Hyper Cure” and “Perfect Heal” that Hibiki-sama used earlier are considered supreme magic.

If the rumors about this spread out, there will definitely be someone who wants to take advantage of the spell’s owner.

+Page 27

Even when you used it to save people.

There are always people who will use you as a tool to enforce plunder or slavery.


That’s why I made a restriction about this.

…I-is it really that bad….?

[Medical book]-kun, you’re even more incredible than I thought.

It’s fine for those who were present at the scene.

But the incident of Jade being injured and getting carried to the Guild is widely known

And now he’s able to fully recover.

Just by the look of it, someone will definitely figure out the involvement of supreme magic.

Even though the rumors about its user aren’t being spread.

But you have to be extremely cautious not to let everyone know about this.

I understand…..

+Page 28

I think you should join a party or something.

A party?

In case of necessity, having teammates to protect you might not be a bad idea.

Do you want to join Jade’s “Silver Banner” party too?

It’s a B-rank party so they can offer quite a strong protection.

A party, huh…. I do need someone to fight alongside me…..


I’m really sorry. I still have some business to finish first.

That’s why I can’t bring any more troubles to other parties.

I see…..

But I do need teammates, or guardians to be precise.

Since my job is a non-combat one.

Without a teammate with high MP points, “Medical book” will become useless…..

I understand, in that case….

+Page 29

Slave is the most suitable option for you right now.


Ehh, Juel-san…. You’re planning to make me your slave?

*Hibiki’s quality

It’s not like that!

I mean you can find a slave to help you.

Can slaves become my guardians?

There are also combat slaves, you know.

Hibiki-sama, you’re having quite some money in your pocket right now.

Now you can buy a good slave.

Slave, huh….

Using money to purchase people sounds a bit weird.

But in order to survive in this world, I guess there’s no other choice.

I understand, I’ll I’ll consider it.

Sure, take some time to think about my advice.

+Page 30

Ah, but what happened to Jade-san.

….About that….

Is there any after-effect…?

N…no…. It’s…..

Right after when he woke up, he immediately rushed back into the Dungeon without listening to everyone’s advice….


I’m terribly sorry, he didn’t even say thanks to his savior!

It’s fine, I’m glad that he’s better now.

Adventurers are so incredible…..

*sorry, sorry, sorry

*it’s fine

But, what do I do about the party problem now….?

+Page 31



Ah…. Gahhhh.

Hohoho, what do you think?

Just as requested, a beastman from the black wolf race

If you want to buy them now, we’re also having a discount.

N…No way! Such a hostile creature like this….

+Page 32

I will never return to this shop again!

Thank you for coming—


I can’t believe this…

He’s finally gone.

I couldn’t smell even the slightest scent of money on his body.

He smelt so bad that it’s ruining my nose.


There’s a somewhat more pleasant scent from you than from that guy.


Don’t worry, just stay behind me.

I can feel another scent, even though it’s far.

It’s not coming from you. Does this sweet scent belong to someone else?

That’s disgusting, you perverted slave merchant bastard!

+Page 33

Will it finally be the one who comes to buy you two….?

I can’t wait to meet this person.

Oho…! Hohoho.

These lowly beings…!

I wonder if anyone will buy me and this girl!

Can someone really buy us out…!?

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