Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 6

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 6

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Order Line
1 One week after the day that I healed Jade-san…
2 I’m standing in front of the slavery trading house.
3 It doesn’t feel right but
4 Sometimes sacrifices are a must!
5 Because
6 I started doing collection quests after that
7 And all of what I’ve done was being chased by beasts and not collecting anything.
8 Result
9 I only got 1 coin for what I’ve done for the whole week.
1 … Thank you
2 OMG it’s worth one week of expenditure. 5 copper coins, 8 silver coins, 3 gold coins
3 And I only got 1 copper coin from it.
4 It’s not worth it at all!
5 Does Hibiki-sama want to join a party
6 or buying yourself some slaves work too…
7 … Yea, I guess so…
8 Because of that, I went to the slavery house that Juel-san told me…
9 Welcome
10 It’s my honor to greet you today.
11 You can call me Ajaratan Debby
1 I’m Hibiki. Nice to meet you.
2 I don’t know much about this stuff but I guess I’m ok
3 Oh no no
4 We will give you our best service and treat you with respect.
5 That’s my honor and my motto.
6 Oooh such a gentleman.
7 So do you have any specific requirements, please tell me, Hibiki-sama.
8 Any slave that can fight will do
9 My budget is about 200-300 gold coins.
10 Indeed
11 Understood.
12 Well then please wait a moment and I’ll recommend you some people.
sfx Do you want to have another cup?
sfx Ah thanks
13 Thanks for your patience, Hibiki-sama
14 Here’s our 5 best candidates.
1 Pell, 32 years old, Heavy Knight, Level 28
2 My sword serves you, master. I’ll slay our enemies to the very last one.
3 Great such confidence!
4 Sashuto, 21 years old, martial artist, Level 32
5 I won’t let you down master. I can do much more than just fighting…
6 Haa… Eh?
7 Tore, 18 years old, sumo wrestler, Level 23
8 I can grind demons with my bare hands!
9 Uwa Scary!
1 Dane Belt, 27 years old, Soldier, Level 22
2 I used to be an adventurer. I can help you do a lot of thing besides just fighting.
3 Utility!
4 Ka Bane, 40 years old, Combat Priest, Level 37
5 I can fight and use healing magic. You can count on me.
6 Um gentleman!
7 Wow! Everyone is really useful for me!
8 What do you think Hibiki-sama!
9 Please pick your favorite fighter!
1 Umm but I’m sorry… I’ll pass…
2 Everyone’s strength is great but
3 My main problem is MP.
4 I want to use “Hyper Cure” and “Extra Heal” sometimes so…
5 Ka Bane has the highest MP pool there but it’s still lower than 200…
6 Let’s try looking for a “Mage” type
7 But that kind of fighter has really weak physical strength…
8 Umm…
9 I don’t think we have any fighters that suit your condition.
10 Let’s go take a look at some others slaves, shall we…
11 I have a feeling that the next slave will be something really different…
12 What is this feeling…
1 How about looking for a slave by yourself?
2 Huh!?
3 God!?
4 That voice…
5 What kind of god in this world talks so carefree like that
6 There must be something that I can use…
7 Ajaratan-san
8 If you are ok with this, may I see every slave myself?
9 Huh, If you want to look at our prisoning faciity
10 Ohyohyo. Now that’s unusual.
11 It’s all good! Let me show you what we’ve got!
12 Fufufu I smell it
13 I’m smelling it
14 This lovely smell of money is coming out from you!
15 E Eh?
16 Is everything ok…?
1 So from now I’ll introduce everyone one by one.
2 According to Ajaratan-san, Slaves are divided into 4 main categories.
3 Those who commit into crime become a “Criminal slave”
4 Soldiers of losing countries will become a “War slave”
5 Those who are sold to pay debt become a “Debt slave”
6 And those who are kidnapped or being confined then sold on the black market become an “Illegal slave”
7 We don’t have any “illegal slaves” here
8 And if you look around, everyone’s status is very healthy.
9 You can always buy someone who passes any inspection.
10 Honestly, I don’t really like this trading slaves thing but I agree with his policy.
1 Even there’re only 2 left but I’m really sorry for making you go out with a selfish adventurer like me.
2 No no, we’ll serve you no matter who you are or what you look like.
3 Especially when there’s fragant smell of fortune lingering around our customer like this…
4 Smell of fortune?
5 What’s that skill?
6 Let’s take a look
7 [       Name        ] Ajaratan Debby
[         Sex           ] Male
[         Age          ] 48
[        Race         ] Human race
[       Status       ] Fascinated
[ Occupation  ] Slave trader (Level 82)
[      Level         ] 15
[ Unique skill ] Strong sense of money
8 [Sense of money]
Those who get huge amounts of money in the near future
The user will sense a specific smell depend on how rich he or she is
The richer he or she is the better the smell becomes.
9 Uwa That man loves money even more than Emalia-san!
10 And why is his status “fascinated”? Is it just because of that skill?
11 Hibiki-sama
12 Here’s “Sex slave” area. Next to that is “War slave” area.
13 Look! Look over there.
1 Wolf? Even human beasts are here too?
2 Both his hands and left leg are…
3 Ajaratan-san, so these people are…
4 They are classified as “War slave”.
5 There was a country that lost a war and they accepted to be slaves for us.
1 That girl there was sold to pay debts but because of her talented magical power
2 I’ll sell her as “War slave”.
3 She cannot control her magic and she keeps firing magic accidentally.
4 Now I’m taking care of him.
5 Both of them are not suitable for fighting at this moment so they are put here.
6 Eh!? Wolf-san and that little kid!?
7 Can I make a small request?
8 That’s rude, little brat!
9 Do you want me to bite you to death!?
10 Uguu
11 Even without such intimidation, I wouldn’t touch a little girl…!
1 But she has talent at magic…
2 If she has high MP, she can be useful for me as a MP battery for my “Medical book”
3 And before that, God said something to me.
4 Maybe these two have something really special…?
5 Let’s take a look into them.
6 [       Name        ] Claude Abras
[         Sex           ] Male
[         Age          ] 26
[        Race         ] Werewolf (Black wolf race)
[       Status       ] Slavery
[ Occupation  ] Slave (Level 15)
[      Level         ] 15
[          HP           ] 157/239
[          MP          ] 128/128
[          SP            ] 429/429
7 [       Name        ] Lilian Ruja
[         Sex           ] Female
[         Age          ] 10
[        Race         ] Human
[       Status       ] Slavery
[ Occupation  ] Hidden
[      Level         ] 1
[          HP           ] 20/27
[          MP          ] 680/680
[          SP            ] 16/16
1 Both of them have very extreme statuses…
2 Hidden?
3 What is this…
4 “Eyes of the disciples Level 1” is showing fake status. I’ll try using “Eyes of the disciples Level 1” second time.
5 !?
1 !?
2 Eh What the? What just happened?
3 “Eyes of the disciples”? Is that fake?
4 Hibiki-sama, can I help you? Shall we carry on?
5 Ahh Not yet… Can you give me a moment?
6 Sapo-chan recommends me to use report “Dictionary”
7 Ooh Sapo-chan
8 Search for “Eyes of the disciples Level 1”
1 Unique skill : “Eyes of the disciples Level 1”
Rare: SSS
2 God gives it randomly to someone. That’s the best judging skill
These eyes can recognize and discriminate anything in this world. Everytime you rank up that ability, your recognition is getting closer to God level.
That ability is considered as a passive skill but depending on the user’s will, it can be an active skill “Enlightenment mode”.
3 Wait…
4 So how many rare skills do I have at this moment!?
5 Is this thing normal!?
6 According to Sapo-chans report, it never happens in this world.
7 God has overdone this thing!!!
8 If someone know that I had such a rare ability like this, I’m gonna be targeted. And I already told Juel-san…
9 God-sama. Be more careful next time please!
10 No way. Things are getting interesting for me.
12 Hibiki-sama, are you really okay?
13 Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you need to rest?
14 No, I’m totally fine… Please give me a minute…
15 Yes Yes. Take as much time as you need, as long as you are satisfied. We can slow down.
1 …… Please quit your job, god-sama… Actually just don’t do anything for a while.
2 Using “Eyes of disciples” will let you see everyone’s status.
3 Please take a look at Claude-san’s “Cursed”
4 Unique skill : “Immovable chain.”
Rare: SS
5 Curse of an invisible chain. This skill will lock user from moving.
When the level gets higher, more chains will show up, effects from the curse will be increased, and it’s harder to dispel the curse.
6 Oh this is why it shows me fake status
7 What kind of person uses this horrible skill like this!?
8 Occupation turns to… Hero?
9 Eh Hero…?
1 “Hero”
Word that is used to describe someone who is brave.
Only 4 people in this world that have this title.
Rare: SSS
This is one of 3 super rare titles that are given by God.
That person can fight against calamity.
This title is given to the world’s saviour.
2 How can hero be sealed by someone from the first place!?
3 Li… Lilian-chan, who are you?
1 Unique skill: “Rage of god’s sanctuary”
Rare: SSS
Those who possess this skill have their souls connected to divine areas called “God sanctuary” where God lives. Their magical powers are given from “God sanctuary”.
That magical power is enormous and ferocious. If the body isn’t treated well, it will lead to self-destruction.
That skill is a trial given by God.
2 !?
3 God-sama, why do you give a little kid such a great skill!
4 It’s supposed to be a trial that is given to a sage! I can’t do anything about that!
5 “Sage”
Word that is given to person who is wise and has superior knowledge. Only 7 people in this world have this title. Rare: SSS
This is one of 3 super rare titles that are given by God. Sage has the more magical power than any other mages.
Well-known as Hero’s partner.
1 If you come to buy slaves,
2 And get paired with the hero that will save the world one day…
3 Exactly like what I wished for…
4 I cannot let a hero and a sage slip through my hand like this
5 I just need to buy slaves, am I right, God-sama…?
6 OK!
7 Simple!
8 I fortunately had a chance chatting with God before.
9 Our problem now is Claude’s curse… I want to help him in one way or another
10 Sapo-chan
1 Just recommend me to use techinical skill like “Remedy level 1”
2 Which reminds me that’s a skill that I just learn recently.
3 Technical skill “Remedy”
Rare: S
It will help a paralyzed, unable to move, unconscious victims feel relaxed, relieved from external pressure. The external pressure is not limited.
How relieved the victim feels depends on the skill level.
4 Hmm how can I dispel a curse
5 Can this skill help Claude-san?
6 Does god-sama want me to help Claude-san?
7 If things have been settled like this, I guess I have no other choice.
8 And I think God-sama is helping me at this moment.
9 I’d like to help both of them.
1 Ajaratan-san, I want to buy these two…
2 Ohyo? Hyohyo?
3 Ajaratan-san!?
4 Ohyouhyohyohyohyohyohyohyooooooo
5 Fragrant smell of fortune is emitting from Hibiki-sama
6 AA it smells too good. Let’s ・do・this
7 Wai… Ar.. Are you sure
8 I really want to buy both hero and sage for myself
9 Hero
Purchase price
40 gold coins
1 Thanks for buying slaves from us.
2 You can do whatever you want with them from now on.
3 He talks like it’s nothing wrong… So professional…
4 No no, he doesn’t faint, now that’s professional…
5 Gururu YOU! Why do you buy this little kid as a slave?
6 What do you want to do to her!
7 You! Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself!
8 Not at all. I won’t do anything terrible to her.
9 You’ll do most of the jobs, won’t you, wolf-san?
10 Gurururu… Hah?
1 After I heal his limbs and dispel his curse, he could do many things.
2 Now….
3 Please heal me now! I’m really glad!
4 I haven’t ever been healthy since I was a kid!
5 Well you are not a child anymore! You’re an adult the moment you turn 14!
6 Your behaviour is like a child!
7 Stop doing confusing stuff like making cute faces!
8 I’ll teach you!
9 I already decided!
10 Both your heart and your body are immature, do things like this for me…!
11 I’m not imma… immature!! I’m an adult!!
12 Wait, wait a minute!
13 Well teach me!
1 After that, I successfully bought both of them.
2 From now on, I’ll put “Debby” guild to our top priority.
3 Hmm I don’t know if leader is okay with this…
4 Finally we arrived at a forest on the outskirts where there’s barely anyone crossing through.
5 I can give Claude-san treatment here and I don’t want anyone finding us until it’s finished.
6 What’s wrong?
7 You… Out here…
8 Why do you bring this kid alongside us to such a place…
1 I need Lilian-san to help me do some healing things
2 !?
3 What do you want to do with a little kid!
4 Ano… Master
5 Helping…
6 Can I do that?
7 Of course you can help me healing Claude.
8 Eh?
9 Eh?
10 …Eh
11 ……
1 A
2 Claude! Did you just suppose that I would do something dirty
3 You misunderstood!
4 We are here to give you treatment, Claude!
5 I don’t find any suspicions in that look but
6 Master
7 Really…?
8 Can you really heal Kuro-san!?
9 Can you bring both his arms back to normal!?
10 Um Yes
11 Lilian!
12 I can do that but I need Lilian’s help, let’s do it now.
13 Really!? I’ll help
14 I’ll help master do anything!
15 I thought she was very timid at the first look but even with a dying heart…
16 she really likes Claude-san
1 What can I do for you!?
2 I want you to send your MP to me
3 Don’t be hasty Lilian. It can be a trap. We can’t believe that brat…
4 There’s no reason that he will do that …
5 Kuro-san! SHUT UP!
6 !
7 Kuro-san, I know that you are always by my side!
8 You’ve helped me a lot!
9 So this time
10 I want to help you.
11 Lilian…
1 Let’s make a contract with me Lilian.
2 To heal Claude, my MP alone is not enough.
3 So I want you to send me enough MP to do that.
4 Making contract!
5 Contract certified!
6 Good!
7 “Medical book” activate
8 Healing Magic “Perfect Heal”!
2 Oh Ohhh… Those wounds…!
3 Kuro-san!
4 You’re back Kuro-san
5 Lilian.
1 Thank you for healing my whole body…
2 Thank you…
3 Master…sama!
4 Thank you so much!
5 Seems good. Does your body have anymore problems?
6 Ahh I’m fine…
7 Just a moment ago my whole body felt so heavy but it’s like a dream.
8 It’s not like how I used to be but…
9 Ahh and one more thing… That’s because of “Immovable chain”, it brings your status down.
10 You’re at least a knight…
11 !?
12 Master… How do you know… about that!?
13 This curse, even if you use “Judgement”, you can’t spot it.
14 Are you someone that I’ve met before…!?
15 You’re a hero, aren’t you?
1 Ah By the way, in the future, Lilian will be a sage.
2 How.. How can you know all of that!?
3 My curse and this child’s future… Even “Judgement” and “Heightened awareness” won’t tell you things like that.
4 Noone… Noone could understand that for us…!
5 But you…
6 How could it be!?
7 Even if you ask for help, I think
8 noone would help you anyways…
9 Such a sad fact isn’t it…
10 Because god-sama entrusted you two to me.
1 Even in despair he still protects Lilian, even if you are a slave, master still calls me a brave hero…
2 I want to support a man like that
3 They are not supposed to be unhappy.
4 I want to see more of that smiling face!
5 God-sama! Thanks to your given power, now I can help save these two.
6 Thanks
7 Um, leave it to me!
1 Everything is fine, Claude-san
2 God has given me “Eyes of disciples” so that I can meet you.
3 “Eyes of disciples”…!
4 Those are rare eyes that are given by god
5 Those eyes can see through every truth…!
6 Saa… It’s time to dispel Claude-san’s curse
7 “Remedy” ACTIVATE!
1 This is an immovable chain…!

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