Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 7 -Fixed

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 7

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Page    Order   Line     Note
1          1          This is the “Immovable Chain”
2          It looks horrible…
3          That curse causes negative effects on its target. It’s named “Immovable Chain” (8 chains)
4          Do you know the method to remove the curse?        Raw: Do you know the method to help the target?
5          Certainly I do.
6          Claude, I will free you from these chains!
7          I’ll summon the scissors of God to cut these.
2          1          A pair of scissors!?
2          Eh… Isn’t that a little…
3          !?
4          Kyaaa Claude-san!
3          1          I I’m still… alive
2          Claude
3          Oh… You’re fine
4          ……
5          Only one?
6          Um I guess I’ve reached my limit today?
7          Ehhh!? You can’t remove those chains completely!?
8          It can’t be helped, It’s only level 1
9          So if I level up that skill…
10        Then you can cut it off completely Keep going
11        Kuu!
12        I just bragged that I can remove it completely So god damn embarrassing
4          1          Did you really chat with God-sama?
2          Um Every once in a while
3          That God-sama is really childish…    *you can change childish to whimsical
4          By the way I’m sorry Claude
5          It seems that I can’t remove your curse completely yet
6          You have waited a long time for this moment, haven’t you?
7          A A A…
8          Mm…
9          Kuh… AAA
10        Claude-san!?
11        What’s wrong
12        Are you okay Claude!?
5          1          This is…
2          Isn’t it Claude a while ago!
3          His presence… It’s rapidly becoming clearer Raw: His presence… It’s increasing rapidly!
4          His stats also drastically increased
5          Before
6          [       Name        ] Claude Abras
[         Sex           ] Male
[         Age          ] 26
[        Race         ] Werewolf (Black wolf race)
[       Status       ] Slavery・Cursed (Eight immovable chains)
[ Occupation  ] Knight (Level 15) <- Hero (Level 95)
[      Level         ] 15 (95)
[          HP           ] 157/239 (4257)
[          MP          ] 128/128 (3066)
[          SP            ] 429/429 (4115)
7          [       Name        ] Claude Abras
[         Sex           ] Male
[         Age          ] 26
[        Race         ] Werewolf (Black wolf race)
[       Status       ] Slavery・Cursed (Seven immovable chains)
[ Occupation  ] Knight (Level 25) <- Hero (Level 95)
[      Level         ] 25 (95)
[          HP           ] 617/617 (4257)
[          MP          ] 198/198 (3066)
[          SP            ] 559/559 (4115)
[         Title         ] Freed person
〇〇 sword
8          My power is increasing…?
9          Come to think of it You can read my stats with your “Eyes of disciples” right?
10        You’re wrong, I’m an appraiser so
11        I use “Judgement” to look at your stats
6          1          Then can you take a look at my stats?
2          I have a feeling of my power, but I still want to know exactly how much it is.
3          Okay!
4          Umm First
5          I got it
6          Do you have a better understanding of it?
7          Yes… Thanks to you master
8          Thank you very much…!
9          So it’s all good Claude
10        Just a moment ago your titles were still “War prisoner” and “Loser” but now they have disappeared.
11        It’s such a relief. Those titles aren’t suitable for Claude
12        But what the heck is 〇〇 sword
13        !
7          1          What’s wrong Claude!?
2          Master I’m sorry for countless times I have been rude to you
3          I have a curse on myself My power… My honor…
4          My heart was corrupted
5          Besides master still saves me even when I insulted you with cruel words
6          I’m really sorry for what I’ve done       It’s supposed to be shorter but then it’s weird for the chibi’s line so I add up some words into this one
7          I’m sorry
8          And as for what you’ve done for me today
9          I’ll repay it with my whole heart
10        I sincerely thank you Master
11        Thank you for
12        saving Kuro-san
8          1          Claude
2          Lilian
3          If anyone of you are ever in despair, just speak up so other people can understand
4          Not to mention you also suffered from the curse, being depressed is inevitable
5          I’m happy that you said sorry to me
6          But I’m fine, I don’t mind what you’ve done
So can you talk to me like you would talk if I were a normal person?
So please don’t use honorifics while you are talking to me?
8          Master that’s…
9          It’s embarrassing and if I change how I speak now it’s …
10        Change how you speak?
11        Master How do you want him to talk?
12        Um Like when I bought him at the hall
12.5     Just say kisama or heretic or…          *Kisama is a very rude way of saying “you”
9          1          Do you want me to talk like I’m threatening someone?
2          He was doing so just to protect me …
3          … and talking like that is embarrassing
4          … Finally
5          Claude no matter what, even when he’s in despair or whatever his task
6          He’s still a hero…
7          The curse
8          I’ll definitely remove it one day…!
10        1          Claude and Lilian, just speak whenever you like
2          Thank you master
3          Thanks
4          Master Could you do me a favor?
5          Eh What’s that?
6          Can you do the “Ceremony of Loyalty” with me?
7          “Ceremony of Loyalty”?
8          What is it?
9          That’s the ceremony where I offer my mind
10        I’ll swear to stay by your side and protect you at all times
11        With this, the knight can perform at his fullest potential while protecting his master
11        1          A hero can serve God when he’s at his highest position
2          If he uses his full strength, he can protect the entire world
3          But now you are my only master
4          I want to use all my strength to protect master
5          I see
6          In short, it’s like his self-encouragement to demonstrate his full strength
7          According to Sapo-chan’s report
8          It’s recommended to use “Contract” for this ceremony
9          Contract? Is it really necessary?
“Contract” will bind the master and the knight together
Raw: The contract protects the agreement between the two.
11        After the contract is made through the ceremony of loyalty, the contract will affect both Hibiki-sama and Hero.
12        Trust
13        Hero will be delighted
14        I see, if Claude’s happy with this
12        1          I understand, Claude Let’s do the ceremony
2          Thank you Master
3          Please place your longsword on my shoulders
4          After I vow, you’ll say “I approve”
5          Alright
6          So “Contract” Activate
7          !?
8          Skill “Contract Level 2” Activate
9          You use “Contract” on me too!?
10        Yes
11        Thank you very much!
12        Oh He seems really happy about that
13        Well then, Let’s start
14        Yes!
13        1          I Claude Abras accept Hibiki Manabe as my Master
2          I will devote my everything for my Master’s sake
3          I swear upon my soul, my body is for my master
4          My loyalty is eternal, even if my body perishes
5          We will take care for each other physically and mentally
6          I shall serve my Master!
7          If you accept my vow
8          Please answer “I approve”
14        1          I approve
2          Your contract has been accepted
3          !
4          Cl Claude
5          Is this ceremony of loyalty happening?
6          Not yet, Mine just started
7          Is this spirit?
8          “Contract” Level up!
15        1          “Contract” Level up and “Spirit’s Contract” New skill
2          “Contract Level 2” Can have with 3 people contracted
3          Contract target Hibiki・Manabe   Claude・Abres   Light Spirit
4          Ceremony of loyalty has been acknowledged by Light Spirit
5          Slavery Contract “Master and Servant Contract” is cancelled
6          New “Loyalty” has been established
7          Uwah
8          What just happened Master!
9          Did you suddenly discover something!
10        It seems like there are many kinds of “Contract”
11        Like a Contract with Light Spirit or Loyalty Contract…
12        What!?
13        !
14        Your hand…!?
16        1          This symbol is…?
2          Claude That’s…
3          That’s Light Spirit’s crest
4          My loyalty has been approved by God
5          Is being approved by God that honorable…
6          It’s a little embarrassing but
7          Somehow I’m happy about it
8          Kuro-san! Your collar…
9          Oh Oh Oh
10        Just as it says, the slavery contract was cancelled
11        You did it Kuro-san You are a slave no more
12        Good for you Claude
13        Yes Master
14        It is It really is
17        1          You are not a slave any longer so
2          From now you are my knight Claude
3          Yes!
4          And my master is Hibiki-sama
5          Congratulations Kuro-san
6          Thank you Lilian
7          By the way, I want to release Lilian from being a slave too but
8          It’s really hard to do it properly…
9          Magic that bind slaves their master is God’s contract
10        So it’s impossible even if their owner wants to release them.
18        1          There are 2 ways to free them
2          One is freeing them from the slavery spell utilizing skills
`           3          The other is ask for God’s amnesty
4          About Claude, I just used the first method on him.
5          God huh, I don’t know if I can do anything about that?
6          …
7          Oh did I just hear something?
8          Master
9          I don’t mind even if I’m a slave
10        I’m totally fine
11        I’m sorry Lilian!
12        One day I will definitely set you free!
13        Hibiki-sama Let’s return to the city before night comes
14        Wait a bit Claude I still have one more important thing to do
15        Really?
16        Um Do you know why I bring you two to this place?
19        1          Are you going to secretly do something suspicious in this forest where nobody enters?
2          What are you saying Claude!?
3          Sorry for my rudeness Is that because of healing me and dispelling my curse?
4          And I guess you have to hide your real power from everyone else around you…
5          Um That’s it!
6          But actually there’s another purpose
7          Recently I just used Perfect Heal but…
8          … I see if you want us to supply MP and SP then we are totally fine with that
9          Just leave it to us Hibiki-sama!
10        Let us handle it
11        Thank you So let’s form our supplement contract
20        1          Yosh
2          With this we won’t be panicked when we need it
3          Because of “Rage of God’s Sanctuary”, Lilian can’t use it well
4          Well she can be my main MP supplement for now
5          I have to do something about that soon
6          Because Claude will do the fighting, he also needs SP so  I shouldn’t waste his
7          Skill “Magical Book Level 0” Levelling up requirement has been met
8          Skill “Magical Book Level 0” Levelling up requirement has been met
Requirement ① Register Magical Book … Clear
Requirement ② Accompany with a person whose occupation is a mage …. Clear
Requirement ③ Get that mage’s respect … Clear
Requirement ④ That mage’s MP pool must be greater than 300 … Clear
Furthermore about requirement ② and ③, the mage doesn’t have to possess any skill
Skill “Magical Book” Level up Level 0 -> Level 1
9          Oh Oh
10        Now there’ll be no one who say that I can’t use Magical Book
11        Yosh “Magical Book” Unlocked
21        1          Skill “Magic Book”
Rarity: AA
Skill contains knowledge about every spell in the world, can level up
If you already know the spell, it will be automatically added to the “Magic Book”, consume the same amount of SP, can be used without training or learning.
If you’re not originally a mage, then nothing will happen when you cast the spell. However, if there’s a mage there, you can share that skill with him/her to be able to cast the spell.
2          Hm Hm So I cast any spell I want as long as I’ve seen it or heard about it…
3          God-sama Why do you keep make everything easy for me?
4          !?
5          Hibiki-sama Is everything OK?
6          Ah Um I just take a look at my new skill but…
7          ?
8          When did you start using your “Judgement” skill?
9          Eh I didn’t know There was a voice to teach me how to use it Not only “Judgement” but…
10        A voice?
11        … Are you tell me that you have a skill called “Tutorial”…?
12        Eh
22        1          Um I have it but…
2          !?
3          So your “Person from another universe” title is …!
4          What? What?
5          How do you know?
6          There’s no such thing like a sound in my head informing me that I just leveled up or acquired a new skill
Normally we just ask an appraiser or use a magic gem to check.
8          So about the voice that you heard. What’s that?
9          That’s “Tutorial” – a God’s skill
10        With his almighty power, god sends his miraculous voice to protect you and guide you to the future.
11        That’s what I heard
12        God only gives that power to a single person A marvelous power
13        Is that skill really that powerful!?
14        Ahaha No way They exaggerated it
15        Ah so it’s not really that powerful
23        1          Well you just use one-third power of “Tutorial” Of course it’s not that powerful
2          Isn’t this skill strong enough!
3          Hi Hibiki-sama?
4          Sorry sorry I just had a quick chat with God…
5          !
6          Uhm Claude
7          Are you fine with the fact that I’m from another universe?
8          I’m totally fine!
9          My loyalty will never change
10        I see What a relief
11        Another universe?
12        Eh
13        Umm Another universe is…
14        Ahhh
15        It’s a very very far away place that Hibiki-sama comes from
16        And he saved us
17        That’s all you need to know for now
24        1          If you say so, I already understand it!
2          Don’t forget to thank Hibiki-sama for what he’s done for us
3          Yes
4          Hehe She is a really young kid
5          What a great speech
6          ……
7          Firstly Don’t tell anyone about “the voice”
8          I understand
9          And about the “Tutorial” skill that Hibiki-sama has
10        I guess that Hibiki-sama is related to “The great god”
11        It will be really troublesome if the church knows that Hibiki-sama has a direct relationship with a god
12        The great god?
13        You say church?
14        In this universe, we have 11 gods
25        1          1st god “The most powerful god The great god”
2          2nd god “Soul warden God of the dark”
3          3rd god “Protector of life God of medical”
4          4th god “Original of magic God of magic”
5          5th god “Grace of earth God of the earth”
6          6th god “Holy mother of the sea God of the sea”
7          7th god “Blackwing of the sky God of the sky”
8          8th god “Dawn valkyrie God of the light”
9          9th god “The supreme beauty God of the beauty”
10        10th god “Disciple of good will God of the manner”
11        11th god “Evil incarnate Evil spirit”
12        The great is the first god
13        He grants “Tutorial” and “Eyes of disciple”
14        In this world, there are churches worshipping each of the gods
15        “God of the gods” church is “The mother church”
16        So he’s the god of the gods huh?
17        I am Worship me!
26        1          That means he’s the greatest god, isn’t he…
2          … I think him being “The great god” is a mistake
3          Oh oh!
4          So I’m serving the person who was noticed by “The great god”
5          I’m the happiest person in this world!
6          I’m happy too!
7          Umm But If I have to say I think he has noticed you Claude and Lilian
8          It seems like he gave me those skills so I could help you guys out
9          Although Lilian is bestowed with
10        the absurdly powerful “Rage of God’s sanctuary”
11        This is the first time I heard about that skill
12        What kind of skill is that?
13        Master Is that something about me?
14        Yes
15        Err Your “Rage of God’s sanctuary” is…
27        1          It’s better if we don’t talk to anyone about this…
2          I’m also really shocked
3          Her family is afraid of that power and people say they lost their fortune because of it…
4          Uh wa she’s terrifying, isn’t she…
5          No no that’s god’s fault because he gave that skill to you
6          Do you hear that? Great god-sama!
7          Err…
8          The great god didn’t grant that skill
9          I think “God of magic” did that
10        Eh?
11        God of magic is in charge of anything related to mages
12        But I’m pretty sure that the great god gave her the skill…

… just a child…!          Just edit it
It’s just a test given to potential sage! It’s inevitable!
Its original is chapter 6 page 18
15        He did say that before…
16        Certainly Lilian will be a sage in the future
17        It’s natural that “God of magic” is responsible of magic matters but…
18        So it’s just a false accusation…
19        ……
20        No even that
21        Our great god-sama is still somewhat a bad guy here
22        Gyaaa!
28        1          Yosh
2          Lilian Are you okay?
3          I want to examine you a bit
4          Master What’s wrong?
5          Hibiki-sama What’s that?
6          I don’t know if “Remedy” works on “Rage of God’s Sanctuary”
7          …Hibiki-sama
8          Skills given by a god are not illnesses to use “Remedy” on…
9          But what if that skill turns out badly even after Lilian becomes a sage?
10        It’s such a pity for a child
11        Maybe that skill is not given by “God of magic”
12        She’s a light-weight but her physical condition is fine. If our great god-sama really gets involved in this…
13        “Remedy” Activate!
14        Starts diagnosing Please wait
15        U… Wait… No no no it’s not good
16        Before everything is exposed that I’m lying…
29        1          What did
2          !?
3          you lie?
4          …That…?
5          It’s not…
6          …It’s… then… !
7          …is…!
8          …after that…
9          …did that…!
10        so…!
11        ….Ha… STOP!
12        Mm? Did I hear something… Weird noise?
13        Diagnosing completed!
14        Here’s the result. “God of Magic”
15        didn’t grant “Rage of God’s sanctuary”. Incompatible skill confirmed.
30        1          So it’s clearly that skill is given by our so great of a god-sama
2          Uwa I knew it from the start
3          How can he do that That freaking god-sama
4          But if it’s not suitable for her Can I help her out?
5          Remedy Activate!
6          Trying extracting “Rage of God’s sanctuary” Failed miserably
7          It’s too late That skill already fused into her soul. And to extract it , my level is not high enough
8          Are you serious?
9          Can’t I do anything…?
10        … I’m sorry
11        Mm?
12        Once the skill is given, it cannot be taken back
13        It’s not the great god-sama
14        I haven’t heard this voice before
15        Ano… Who are you?
31        1          I’m “God of magic”
2          I’m really sorry for that child’s situation
3          On behalf of “The great god” I offer an apology
4          I’m sorry
5          Hibiki-sama Does “Remedy” work?
6          No but …
7          It’s “God of magic” She’s talking to me…
8          Eh?      What?

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