Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 8 – Fixed page 27

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 8

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Page Order Line
1 1 You say the God of Magic… The god who’s in charge of every spell…
2 Is this really the God of Magic!?
2 1 About her condition
2 Is it really impossible to help her?
3 Yes I’m sorry but…
4 There’s still another way
5 Another way?
6 It’s a good thing that you have the skill “Magical Book” so
7 You can use it to absorb some of the “Rage of God’s sanctuary” power
8 And adjust her MP and magic power to help her out.
9 Oh it works like that too!?
10 Thank you very much!
3 1 But… is it okay for a god to get involved in a matter like this?
2 To change this little girl’s fate
3 You must follow what I just said
4 But her situation is exceptional
5 I don’t really know if it’ll work so don’t mistake it for kindness
6 Yes! I got it I’ll keep that in mind!
7 Very well
8 Then I entrust her to you
9 If anyone found out that I used my power it would be troublesome so let’s make it a “secret” between the two of us
10 If you use the “Magical book” managing system it will automatically activate so it should be fine
11 Thank you “God of Magic”
12 I still have to punish someone a bit more so I’ve got to go now
13 Eh Punish?
14 Owie
4 1 Please spare my poor life “God of Magic”-chan!
2 I understand my mistake so
3 Please be gentle
4 I don’t want to
5 “God of Darkness”-chan do you remember the Iron Maiden you used last time?
6 Can I borrow it for a while?
7 !?
8 Nooooo Stop! Stop!
9 Anything but that! I really can’t take it
10 Eeeh Just go die for once
11 Then be reborn and act more seriously, God of the Gods
5 1 Stoppppp! Noooo!
2 ……
3 Hibiki-sama What is the “God of Magic” doing?
4 Hmm Because our god did something bad, she’s giving him some special service
5 So am I in danger?
6 Well, not yet so you don’t have to worry too much for now
7 Ohhh!
8 I heard that the “God of Magic” is really kind to mages
9 Like an angel
10 …ie!
11 Haven’t… dead… et huh!
12 Yeahh… Here we… gooooo
13 Gyaaaaa AA…AAAAA!
14 Is that so
15 Only to mages eh
16 Really kind
6 1 Ooo MY GOD!
4 ……
5 Sapo-chan based-line skills “Eyes of disciple” and “Tutorial” are offline
6 Eh You said “offline”?
7 You won’t be able to use “Eyes of disciple” for a while
8 “Tutorial” will also stop adjusting your fate for a while
9 For now Sapo-chan can only use her knowledge that Sapo-chan already knows
7 1 So if I’m not connected to my God then I won’t be able to use those skills
2 I can only use Sapo-chan to a certain extent for now
3 Sounds like the internet…
4 Is my God really going to die…?
5 Maybe if I discuss it with the “God of Magic” I can bail him out
6 Finishing off
7 Hibiki-sama Are you troubled by something?
8 Aa I’m sorry I was thinking
9 Now let’s try the method the “God of Magic” told us
10 I don’t want to worry them so let’s keep it quiet for now
11 “Magical book” Activate!
12 Skill “Magical book lv 1” Activated
13 Uwaaa!
8 1 Good afternya!
2 A talking cat!?
3 Hey?
4 Good afternya!
5 Is it trying to say “Good afternoon”
6 Eh Umm Good afternoon?
7 Yes Nya! Good afternya!
9 1 Umm What are you?
2 You can call me Venet
3 The “God of Magic” ordered me to teach this little girl how to control her magic
4 So cuuuute
5 Nyaaaaa!?
6 No nonya!
7 AAA! Not that part Nya
8 Mmmmm This part toooo Nyaaaa?
9 Lilian Just stop We can’t continue like this
10 Lilian don’t keep it for yourself!
11 I wannna pet it too!!
12 !?
13 Uwaa Listen to it purring
sfx Purring
15 It’s really fluffy too
16 So this awesome cat can help us huh…
sfx Gnashing
10 sfx Gnashing
1 What is that sound?
2 He-Hey Did you hear a weird noise just now?
3 …Noo
4 I didn’t hear anything at all
5 I-Is that so?
6 How about making that furball spit out how to control magic already?
7 Spit out…?
8 O-Ok
9 What’s wrong? Claude’s getting upset all of the sudden
10 So what are you Venet? What are you to the “God of Magic”?
11 Venet is the “Magical Book”nya!
12 Venet is the great holy beast created by the “God of Magic” nya!
13 The “God of Magic” ordered me to be Lilian’s teacher and
14 teach her how to control magic nya!
11 1 Wahhh Venet You’re so cool
2 Hehehehe
3 I know everything in the “Magical book”!
4 The “God of Magic” already lent me to you, so I’ll help you, even managing your unique skill’s power is no problem to me!
5 Leave it to me nya!
6 I see! So cute!
7 Nyaaaaa!?
8 Master Me too! Me too!
9 Give me a moment. Just a little more…
12 1 Bastaaaaaard! How long will this continue! I’m exhausting here!
3 Claude just
4 snapped!? (But why)
13 1 I was patient because I thought you were a holy beast but!
2 How dare you seduce my Lord and touch his skin like it’s nothing! RESPECT OUR LORD and know your place!
3 Cl-Claude!?
4 Kuro-san?
5 How can a midget like you stand beside our Lord like that!
6 Relax… Calm down Claude…!
7 I also… I also wish
14 1 … Claude
2 I-
3 I’m so sorry!
4 Just like that…
5 He saw me petting and loving a new pet so
6 to regain his position as his owner’s main pet
7 the new pet must be eliminated
8 That’s what he thought
9 In that case
10 It’s ok
11 I’m sorry Claude
15 1 This feeling
2 It’s softer than I thought!!
sfx wagging
3 Rubbing his fur felt so good that I kept doing it for a while
4 Finally Claude calmed down
5 … Holy beast Venet-sama I’m incredibly sorry due to my rudeness
6 I’m so sorry
7 It’s all good Kuro-san
8 Now you can become friends with Venet-chan
9 I will, I apologise for what I did to you as well Lilian
10 I guess we’re done with that problem?
11 Alright then
12 After Venet teaches us how to control the magic power from “Rage of God’s sanctuary” we’ll head back to town
13 Claude is really sorry for what he’s done Venet
14 Can you start teaching us how to control magic power now?
15 Yo…
16 Yo?
16 1 You faaaaaaaack What the heck are you guys!
2 Now Venet snapped too!!
3 Why me too…
4 Venet scolded us until nightfall
5 How could you lose your cool for such a stupid reason?! You’re an idiot nya!
6 You better be ashamed!
7 But he said he understand it was his fault!
8 Venet-san could you please just teach us how to control magic right now…
9 The town is gonna close soon
10 Fine then nya
17 1 So if you want Venet to help you control her magic power, you – her master must register as the person who is in charge of her.
2 Which means I need your blood nya
3 Blood!?
4 I hope it won’t hurt
5 It hurrrts!
6 Venet’s mouth is full of your blood now and the taste of your blood sucks
7 It’s not pleasant for me to do that you either nya
8 So
9 Lilian still needs her MP so let’s leave it alone
10 I decided to borrow 10% of her maximum magic power
11 We’ll start with just 10% and then we’ll try to get more later
13 That’s what will happen
14 I won’t have to worry about Lilian’s magic power overloading anymore
15 Let’s head back to the town, shall we?
16 Oh
18 1 Lilian’s collar has…
2 Huh? Does it surprise you?
3 Don’t nya know that the “God of Magic” has freed Lilian from being a slave by using the “Amnesty” spell?
4 No one told me about that!
5 But with the “God of Magic’s” “Amnesty” skill!
6 It has freed Lilian from being a slave
7 Thank you “God of Magic”! I love you so much!
8 She said she doesn’t know what would happen if
9 such a cute girl became a man’s slave
10 Hmm?
19 1 So it’s good for you Lilian!
2 Thanks Venet-chan
3 Venet is a boy Lilian-chan!
4 Such a relief. Good for you Lilian
5 I don’t think the “God of Magic” will know that I said “I love you” earlier to her
6 After all, what we talk about here is probably off-the-record right?
7 Well, let’s get back to town
8 It’s been such a long day
9 We returned to the 3-man inn Tanya booked for us earlier
10 Venet stayed with us overnight
sfx Nya nya!?
12 The next day
20 1 Before we register for a guild we went shopping, at an armor shop, for some equipment for Lilian and Claude
2 Master does it look good on me?
3 You look great Lilian!
4 Wise choice. You have great eyes hehe
5 It’ll be 25 gold coins per piece please
6 25 gold coins!?
7 His equipment – 15 gold coins
21 1 Hibiki-sama this shop sells the best robes in town
2 It’s worth its price
3 Yeah I think so too
4 Um…
5 I’m fine without this
6 This is too expensive for me…
7 No no Your safety is more important than money
8 Eh!? But-
9 Gahaha Your oniichan cares about
10 your safety more than his money
11 Such a good oniichan, isn’t he!
12 Don’t turn down your oniichan’s good will like that girl!
13 Hey old man, how is this magical staff…
14 Good oniichan…
15 Oh Let me see
22 1 Here’s my equipment
2 So Claude’s main weapon is a spear
3 I thought a “Hero’s” main weapon would be a sword
4 A long spear suits my physique
5 Of course when a spear can’t be used I can still use sword
6 Does that armor suit you too? It doesn’t protect your stomach
7 In combat I mostly attack so
8 I just need protection around my vitals
9 And if I wear too much I can’t handle the heat
10 Oh I see unlike me you have fur
11 Well then, we’re done
12 Thank you!
23 1 Lilian
2 Here’s your robe and magical staff
3 Were they expensive?
4 They were!
5 Thank you Master-sama
6 Lilian can you stop calling me Master-sama
7 But I’m your slave right?
8 …Well then Hibiki-sama?
9 Um it still feels really weird
10 If you call me that way, it’s still too formal
11 Mm?
12 Your oniichan Is really nice, isn’t he?
24 1 How about…
2 Oniichan?
3 Sounds good to me!
4 It’s even better than calling me by my name
5 Nice to meet you Oniichan!
6 Nice to meet you too Lilian!
7 I guess we’re fully equiped now, right?
8 Hey don’t just think about yourselves!
9 Venet wants something too nya!
10 Eh?
11 I got it. How about this
12 Not this one! Nya want a weapon!
25 1 Nya want that thing
2 That thing looks good!
3 Eh
4 Yes that’ll be 10 gold coins please!
5 My money!!
6 We’re gonna have to quickly finish some quests really soon
7 3 people + 1 cat That tripled my normal daily expenses!
8 Alright, everything is ready!
9 First, let’s go to the guild and get you two registered
10 Let’s go adventurers!
26 1 That’s
2 what I thought
3 Venet’s
4 Basic Magic Lecture
5 Claude doesn’t count because he’s a hero
6 Master and Lilian
7 Both of you are not good enough to be an adventurer yet
8 First you’ll need to know about “Magic cycle”
9 And I thought I could be an adventurer
10 But I’m interested in learning about magic and being able to use it just in case
11 so I want to give it a try
12 You said “Magic cycle” right?
27 1 Claude
2 Hibiki-sama could you give me your hand
3 To handle magic, at least
4 You must know how to manipulate the “Magic power” inside you
5 When 2 people hold each others hand, their “Magic cycle” becomes one
6 You must train to sense the magic power inside and outside of your body and learn how to manipulate it
7 You said “The flow of magic power”…?
8 I don’t understand
9 Now Claude, please give him some of your magic power
10 Through that he should sense the flow of magic power inside him. Please concentrate
11 I understand
12 Claude, Master comes from a world where magic doesn’t exist
13 So just give him a little bit
14 Got it
15 Well then
28 1 I can’t sense anything
2 Is magic power really flowing..
3 !
4 What?
5 Where is…?
6 Where are Claude and the others?
7 There’s someone…?
8 Let’s go and ask them
9 Excuse me..
29 1 Uwaa
2 Such a beautiful person..
30 1 Why are you so surprised?
2 Claude
3 Eh?
4 Ah
5 This?
6 What is this?!

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