Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 9

Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo naku Kanteishi (Kari) rashii desu yo? Chapter 9

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Page Order Line ENG
1 1 What the heck
2 Chapter 9
3 Original: Atekichi  Mangaka: Takeda Ryoji
5 …Ah aah
6 No… Nothing
4 What’s wrong? Claude
7 Seems like… I’m not me…
8 I’m Claude Abras
9 And she is
2 1 Anastacia
2 Are you looking at the moon?
3 Yes
4 She’s so kind and pretty
5 Isn’t it beautiful?
6 She’s the most beautiful elf I’ve ever met
7 … Yeah
8 … She is more of a a childhood friend
9 than a lover. We’ve always been together.
10 She taught me a lot.
3 1 We fought together, cried together, laughed together
2 We would be like that forever
3 That’s what I believed
4 But… Why
5 Argh
6 Why Why Why Why Why
7 Claude…
8 Why… !
4 1 The moon is really beautiful…
5 1 Isn’t it?
2 Anastacia! Why?
6 1 Hibiki-sama!
2 “Me”?
3 Why would you do that to “me” before my very eyes?
4 !
5 Please calm down Hibiki-sama
6 That “me” is not yourself!  That is not you!
7 Remember your name please!
8 My “name”? My “name” is Claude…
9 Mm?
10 Wait?
11 You are my master Hibiki-sama!
12 A aa
7 1 My name is…
2 Manabe Hibiki
3 That’s right Hibiki-sama!
4 Thank god that you regained your sanity…!
5 Ehhh
6 So we were practicing “Magic cycle,” right?
7 Then why did I think I was Claude?
8 Magic power is like “human will”
9 Because Hibiki-sama received a huge amount of magic power from me all at once,
10 Hibiki-sama’s consciousness was overwhelmed
11 In short, when I receive Claude’s magic power, my mind will unify with Claude’s consciousness, right?
12 Seems like I gave you a little too much…
13 I’m sorry, Hibiki-sama
8 1 Master comes from a world without magic
2 I just told you beforehand that his magic resistance is really low
3 Be more careful
4 I realize my mistake…
5 He looks just like a naughty puppy getting scolded
6 Oniichan, are you fine?
7 Um, I’m fine
8 I’m really sorry…
9 Claude, just be more careful next time, okay?
10 If he can go through “Magic cycle” the first time, then, at least, we know that he can handle magic power
11 So it should be fine next time we do it
12 Well Hibiki-sama is having a short break now
13 In the meantime, it’s your turn Lilian. Let’s do your “Magic cycle”
14 Yes
15 By the way, Master?
16 You must have seen a lot of Claude’s memory, right?
9 1 Does he have anything interesting?
2 Like bedwetting or falling over
3 If there’s anything that can make fun of Claude, please tell me
4 ……
5 Um… I think what I’ve seen was actually very beautiful but
6 I don’t remember it
7 So that’s a no
8 I hoped there was something funny to tease him
9 ……
10 So that’s Claude’s memory
11 I feel like I called someone’s name but
12 … I can’t remember it
10 1 Hibiki-sama, can you hear me…?
2 …Umm I can
3 I can barely hear Hibiki-sama voice but it’s good enough
4 All seems well
5 Let’s end this magic cycle
6 Finally, after 24th attempts you’ve successed
7 There’s a huge gap between you and Lilian who succeded on her first try
8 Uu
9 I’m sorry Hibiki-sama
10 If only I were better…
11 No. That’s not your fault Claude
12 It’s because I’m not familiar with magic power
13 I must try harder to get used to it
11 1 Well, at least I can do some magical stuff now
2 Hey Master
3 There are 3 components to be able to use magic
4 First, you need to have MP as fuel
5 Second, you must be able to control your magic power
6 And third, you need magic skills
7 Magic skills? I don’t have any…
8 When you turn 15, a god will grant you an occupation
9 You will get specific skills based on your occupation’s trait
12 Eh So that means…
10 Fighting skills
11 Magic skills
13 You are a non-combatant “Appraiser,” so
14 There’s no way you can cast any offensive magic skills!
15 Eh Eh Eh!
16 Besides those, you can use other skills as long as you put effort into it
12 1 Well then, Hibiki-sama
2 In the morning, you will practice basic magic
3 In the afternoon, Hibiki-sama will practice fighting and Lilian will practice using magic
4 Let’s focus on your strengths
5 Got it!
6 … *Sigh…
sfx Focusing
7 Do it!
13 sfx Pyon
1 Ah
2 It’s fine because you’re a starter
3 It’s all about the training
4 Um!
5 I followed Claude’s instruction and started practicing archery
6 Hibiki-sama’s occupation doesn’t excel in close range combat
7 I’ll be in the frontlines since I’m a knight and Lilian will be fighting from behind since she’s a mage.
8 It would be great if Hibiki-sama became an archer and fought in the middle
9 That’s what Claude recommended
10 Honestly, I can’t handle a sword, so
11 I think that’s the best idea
12 Straighten your back and pull your bow properly
sfx Pyon
13 Stop quivering and pull it all the way back
14 Ow Ow, My arm…!
15 Just a bit more… Just a bit more
16 Archery is too hard!
sfx Guh Guh Guh
sfx Shaking
14 sfx Pew
1 Make sure to aim before you shoot
2 Go, You Got it!
sfx Pew Pew Pew
sfx Stinging
3 Ow Ow
4 Claude, how about a quick break?
5 My hands are chafed too…
6 What are you talking about, Hibiki-sama?
7 You have the “Medical book,” right?
8 Just heal yourself and let’s start over again
9 Su…
10 Sparta!!
11 We won’t stop until you do it correctly
sfx Tack Tack Tack
15 1 The next day
2 After the basic magic training in the morning…
sfx Slurp
3 It’s bland…
4 I’m cooking now
5 It’s not cooking training
6 It’s for magic…
7 It’s special training for “Real life magic”
16 1 “Real life magic” is
2 Starting a fire, generating water, using clay to create a furnace
3 or Magics that aid with everyday life
4 But first, I have to learn those magics
5 Let’s take “Water magic” as an example
6 I have to release magic power at place where water spirits live like a river or a lake
7 After a spirit receives enough magic power
8 It seems like the “God of magic” will grant me the skill
9 In case of “Real life magic,” if I release magic power while I’m preparing food
10 Fire spirits from the bonfire nearby and water spirits from the boiling water
11 will gather magic that I release
sfx Hm
17 1 After learning that
2 I volunteered to do all the house chores
3 Cooking preparation, cleaning the house and laundry
4 I even tried to fix frayed clothes manually
5 Compared to other normal magic, this kind seems to be easier to get, but
6 I still have to learn.
7 “Magic skill” None
8 Well slow and steady wins the race
9 Yosh, I got it!
10 That, try to maintain it in a sphere form for a while
11 I’ll try Venet-chan… Shishou!
12 Lilian, It’s Venet-kun
13 I’m the teacher so… Call me Master when we are training
14 Lunch time
15 I’m coming
18 1 Well let’s eat
2 This is a dish in my world
3 Curry
4 Bon appetit
5 Ohh It’s!
6 Delicious Delicious!
7 Wah It tastes really good!
8 I’m glad that all of you love it
9 One more please!
10 Okay Okay
11 One more for kitty…
12 I really want to eat it with rice but it’s a luxury item here
19 1 Mm?
2 I let Claude cut the vegetables but
3 Claude?
4 I I’m so sorry I haven’t cooked before
5 Do you adventurers harvest monsters?
6 Of course
7 When I do it, I always manage to flay the monster’s skin and remove their bones beautifully!
8 You can do that yet look at this…
9 Claude, Your sword and spear skills are perfect but your kitchen knife is level 1
10 More like Level 0
20 1 The curse! It… must be because of the curse!
2 It It must be it
3 Is Is that really it?
4 Curse. If I’m freed from the curse, I’ll definitely be more helpful
5 Wah… We’re all really looking forward to that day
6 One more please!
7 Okay Okay
8 … Come to think of it, the person gave you that curse
9 Do you have any idea who it is?
10 … I have no clue…
11 I see…
12 Well it doesn’t really matter if we can break the curse, right?
14 Got it Got it
15 How many times have you asked for seconds?
21 1 Sapo-chan recommends using “World map”
2 Mm?
3 Red dot: Wild rushing boar (Level 12)
4 Claude! There’s a wild rushing boar over there!
5 Roger that!
6 Boooooooooooooo!
7 Claude…
8 No need to worry. Its level is quite low.
9 Even if he’s cursed, he’s still a former hero!
22 1 Special skill 「Ittentsuki」
23 1 See?
2 Did you just use your “Special skill”?
3 Yes, I thought it would be better to oneshot that monster
4 “Special skill” is set of fighting skills utilized by those with “Sword art” or “Spear art”
5 In short, It’s a killer technique!
24 1 But I think it’s overkill
2 The blood will probably attract other monsters
3 We should deal with it quickly
4 Lilian, can you block the smell from spreading?
5 Perfect! She just learned that magic
6 I leave it to you then
7 I’m on it
8 Water Magic “Odor Absorption”
9 Emalia used that magic before
10 Indeed, skills from the “Magical book” can be learned regardless of skill level
11 Hibiki-sama
25 1 Since we have a monster, let’s harvest it together, shall we?
2 Eh?
3 Well, start whenever you want
4 W Wait! I just had lunch, so
5 Well Well
6 Revenge?
7 About the kitchen knife earlier?
8 1 week later…
9 5 shot!
26 1 Next! 2nd one!
2 4 more! 3 more!
3 Tenth!
27 1 You got 3 out of 5
2 I was shaking at the forth shot, so I missed
3 … 5 out of 5 sure is tough
4 One week ago, you couldn’t even hit anything, so I think you did well
5 Well, Let’s get those arrows back and do it all over again
6 Got it!
7 And just like that
8 We spent our time training
9 But then, a problem emerged
28 1 I’m broke
2 Before, Emalia and I sold a horn from a crystal horned rabbit for a great sum
3 But recently I had to spent a lot of money on our needs
4 I think it’s time we do some quests
5 Lilian has learned quite a few magics
6 I guess she will have no problem doing simple quests
7 I want to do some too
8 What do you think, Claude?
9 Let me see…
10 In the past week, both of you surpass my expectations, so
11 Let’s go and take some requests, shall we?
29 1 Are you sure?
2 Yes, starting quests are rank F, right?
3 I see. Thank you Claude!
4 Let’s work hard, Oniichan
5 Um
6 Let’s prepare for tomorrow and quickly go to bed
7 OK!
8 Lying in bed sure is comfortable, but
9 Tomorrow, we will be getting quests
10 I can’t sleep because I’m so excited.
11 Magic skill “Real life magic Level 1” learned
12 Eh?
13 Oh oh! Finally “Real life magic” I got it! It must be a good omen!
14 “Magic skill” “Real life magic Level 1”
15 I give up. This is too exciting. There’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep toni…
16 Zzz…
17 Eh Oniichan’s already asleep?
18 Look, he’s sleeping like a baby
30 1 Hibiki-sama
2 This way please
3 Eh, but the receptionist told me to go to Juel-san…
4 Juel-san is on business on behalf of the Guild Master
5 So she will be focused on that for a while.
6 In the meantime, I, Meato, an apprentice,
7 will take charge of Hibiki-sama
8 I think she’s around my age
9 I got it. Nice to meet you, Meato-chan
10 “-chan” is a bit… Please mind your manners
11 I’m I’m so sorry, Meato-san
12 It is a pleasure to meet you too, Hibiki-sama
31 1 So you would like these quests?
2 Yes please
3 You wish to undertake all of them?
4 Um Yes all of them I…
5 guess?
6 Do you have any questions?
7 Because an F rank quest’s reward is really low, let’s do multiple quests at once. Problem solved!
8 So I’ll take 5 quests, but…
9 If I fail a quest, I’ll have to pay a fine which is worrisome…
10 Please sign this agreement
11 Yes
12 Good luck on your expedition.
13 Thank you, I’m going!
32 1 East Forest…
2 I miss those days of walking with Emalia-san… how nostalgic.
3 Well Hibiki-sama, Let’s take a look at our requests one more time
4 Okay… Eh
33 1 Can we finish this many in one day?
2 Medical Herb (Collect at least 20 Honhon leaves)
Collect herb ingredient for making oinment (Honhon leaf)
Will receive bonus for collecting extra leaves
Fragrant herb (Collect 10 Paraglis leaves)
Collect herb ingredient for spices (Paraglis leaves)
No bonus for exceeding the target
Meat (10 kgs Horned Rabbit meat)
Get meat for making stew (Horned Rabbit meat)
Will receive bonus for collecting extra meat
Monster Subjugation (Kill as many Fool Dogs as possible)
Breeding season is getting close. Subjugate “Fool Dog”
Collect: Fang (for verification)
Monster Subjugation (Kill Red Horned Rabbit as many as possible)
Breeding season is getting close. Subjugate “Red Horned Rabbit”
Collect: Horn (for verification)
3 Wow so many
4 We won’t have a problem since we’re with Hibiki-sama
5 Me?
6 Master, Use your “World map”
7 With it, finding monsters or anything like that is easy-peasy
8 Ah!
9 Okay “World map” Activate!
34 1 Wa
2 I don’t know where is where
sfx Beap Beap
3 Eh. If I’m not mistaken, the Level 2 “World map” probably has new functions
4 Search for Horned Rabbit!
5 Then search for Fool dog
6 Fool dog
7 Horned Rabbit
8 Horned Rabbit
9 Horned Rabbits are around the forest entry
10 Fool dogs are deep inside the forest
11 There are Hon Hon leaves around the forest entry
12 Fool dog territory overlaps the Paraglis zone
13 To be efficient, let’s split up and go to those places
14 Ooh Preliminary survey, I see!
14.5 As expected from a former adventurer
35 1 Venet and Lilian will collect the medical and fragrant herb
2 Master, go monster hunting
3 Oke!
4 But what’s a Red Horned Rabbit?
5 I haven’t seen one, so what do they look like?
6 They are baited easily, so don’t worry
7 I’ll teach you while we’re on the hunt
8 Understood
9 Yosh
10 Let’s do this!
11 And just like that, our first hunting quest began!

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