Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu Chapter 3

Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu Chapter 3

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+Page 1

They wanted to know if Solun-san had returned home

Ohm…. According to the guard captain, she’s been in the maze for 6 hours.

But I think she’d be fine. Tomorrow they’ll send a search party to look for her.


Besides, Solun-chan isn’t the type to be picked on by those monsters.



How about I go and have a look?

Chapter 3: “Haru and the maze search”

Due to the secret of his growing rate, he can do anything. But he still can’t give up that jobless title.

+Page 2

Not gonna happen. The monsters become stronger the deeper you head, not to mention the maze itself gets bigger too.

It’s not a place to just blindly rush in.

To make things worse, you might encounter maze thieves.

The more I learn how dangerous that place is, the more determined I am to go search for her.

Even if it’s just the slightest hand…..

Maybe if I can follow Solun-san’s trace…


*Traces, huh…?

I got a hint.


I won’t do anything dangerous, so don’t worry about me. Just wait here.

Ichi-kun, wait!!

+Page 3



Oh, if it isn’t Ichinojou-sama? What suddenly made you come rushing here.

Please. Haru….. Let me borrow Haruwatat for an extra day.

I really need her help right now!

+Page 4

True that with her sense of smell, the chances of finding that girl will improve.

So you’re….

However, as a slave trader I can’t let you rent her for such a dangerous quest.


If you wanted to stroll around, I can at least turn a blind eye, but this is just……

Here’s 20 thousand gold coins.

After I sell my suit I will have 20 thousand more, that can be paid tomorrow. So use it as a deposit.

Please, I beg you.


Haruwatat, what’s your opinion?

+Page 5

I want to be a sword…. Or at least a helping hand.

That still hasn’t changed ever since I became a slave.

I want to help Ichinojou-sama.


Then I accept your request. And I’ll also return your sword, Haruwatat.

….You didn’t sell them.


Master, allow me to offer you my assistance.

Be careful, you two.

Thank you so much, let’s go to the maze now.

+Page 6

Master, is Solun-sama your lover?

No, she’s a resident at the same inn but she also helped me back in the maze. I didn’t even know her name until recently.

Then why are we in such a hurry?

Well, I just wanted to help a lil bit.

You may find it weird, but I can’t just sit still and ignore this kind of situation.

….I see.


Over here, Haru-san. This is where I last saw her.

What now?

Theres’ too many scents mixed in, there’s not much I can do.

+Page 7

Do you have anything that bears Solun-sama’s scent?

Maybe this? Solun-san gave it to me not too long ago.

*sniff sniff


I sense something, this way.


There’s a werewolf.

Master, leave it to me….

Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.

+Page 8


*werewolf defeated

Got it.


*Ichinojou has leveled up.

*Jobless skill:      Explanation ability obtained




+Page 9

*Explanation: an inspection-type skill (jobless Lv.40 required)

*Used to find out information of other abilities

*User can only examine abilities that they or their teammates own

The information just suddenly appeared inside of my head.


I don’t really get it, but I guess it came just in time. I wonder if I can examine abilities apart from mine?

Lets do a lil test….?

Let’s see, these are my current abilities….

*Job setting Lv.3              Others-type skill (Jobless Lv.30 required)

*Allow user to optimize up to 3 jobs

*For changing a level 2 or 3 job, a job-changing skill is required

This’ll be very convenient, for skills that I don’t really know.

Let’s continue with our search.

Master, about the strength of the Slash move you used….

Eh, what about it?

Well, it’s just way powerful compared to a typical low-level trainee swordsman.


+Page 10

I’m not even a swordsman, but I can tell you the details .

I understand. I won’t pry any further.

The scent leads this way.

Let’s go then.

Master, from this point on, we’ll be on the 2nd floor.

The monsters are much stronger, so please be wary.

Got it. By the way… Haru-san, you don’t have to keep calling me master, you know.

….Why do you say that, master?

Because I heard that the White Wolf clan considers it more humiliating than death to obey a being weaker than them.

So just treat me as a normal companion.



+Page 11

I apologize, but I can’t follow that order.

Master possesses strength stronger than mine.


We must hurry. Solun-sama’s safety is top priority right now.

Maze – 2nd floor.

We’re on the right path, but….

There’s monsters here.

I’ll let them taste my Slash.

Master, please allow me to prove myself.

+Page 12

She’s fast.

+Page 13

So strong.


I wonder what level she’s currently at?

Haru’s requirement was to be stronger than her, guess I’ll just gather as much info on her right now

Job inspection skill activated.

+Page 14

Swordsman Lv.23

Master, you have the killing blow.


Only the person who made the final blow gets EXP, didn’t you know.

Oh, that’s why she beat them down but didn’t kill ‘em.

Guess this’s how slaves fight.

No, you go ahead and finish them off.

Are you sure?

+Page 15

I’m thankful that you’re thinking about me, but you did the beating, so their EXPs is all yours.

Next time, don’t mind me and just finish them off yourself. Top priority right now is to rescue Solun-san, not farming for experience.

I understand.

Maze – 3rd floor.

Haru-san, does the scent still go on?

Yes, the maze only has a set of stairs, so according to the scents, she hasn’t gone back up yet.

I feel like she’s downstairs.

I see…. But according to what you said.

+Page 16

Why are thieves still in this maze?

Won’t a sole entrance completely block off their escape route?

There’s many reasons for that.

If someone dies here, the maze will completely devour them.

So evidence are easily buried and the bodies will be gone too.

So others are clueless whether if its caused by thieves or monsters

Furthermore, if you attack merchants, you’ll draw attention of the knight legion, the same is not said for adventurers.

*help me (castle pic)

The adventurer guild and this kingdom have agreed not to infringe on each other’s business.

I see, so right now we’re under the kingdoms protection.

Eh? But isn’t there still cases of newcomers being attacked by thieves?


I think they steal the equipment of dying adventurers and sell them in the market. Because when you are devoured by the maze, your equipment goes along with it.

Oh, taking advantage of dying adventurers, eh?

Please wait a moment.

+Page 1

A goblin.

I kinda want to take this chance to level up here.

Seems like there’s only one.

I acted all macho back there, but if I don’t hurry and get stronger, it’s dangerous even for me if we go further in

A goblin = 400x experience points for me. If I have an advantage, I’ll be fine.

Allow me to handle this.

Haru-san, let me try this one.

+Page 18


Shallow!! I’ll have to redo it.




*? Wait what…

Master, look out!

+Page 19

After Slash is used, you’ll have to wait 10 seconds till you can reuse it.

There’s even cooldowns for skills!?

Damnit, 10 seconds isn’t long, but not right now.

Gah, I need to find a weakness.

Here goes nothing!

Hah, that hurts, doesn’t it!? Despite being a different species, you’re still male! So take this….

*It’s a little dirty, though

Master, that goblin is hornless, it’s female.


Master, look ahead.

+Page 20



Master, It’s been 10 seconds.

Slash can be used bare handed.

But its range is much shorter than a sword.


Take this.



+Page 21

*Ichinojou has leveled up

Hunter skill:        Searching Intuition obtained

Searching intuition?

Ability activated – Job Explanation.

*Searching intuition        Combat-type skill (Hunter Lv.15 required)

User can sense presence of nearby living creatures. This skill is ineffective towards stealth-type creatures.

Whoa, this ability looks useful.

Master is so amazing.

+Page 22

It’s because of Haru-san’s advice.

Thanks a lot.

*it was dangerous, though

Let’s keep following the scent.

Uhm, about Solun-sama’s scent……


…It goes that way.

Ah, then we’d better hurry.


Is there a chance she came but turned back and went the other way?


+Page 23

There’s various scents, but none leading to Solun-sama returning.

I didn’t want to be pessimistic.

But for some reasons, any trace of her disappears from this point on.

I can’t find any sign of her presence in the maze anymore…..


Isn’t real.

Did Solun-san actually die!?

What do I even tell Maganet-san?


+Page 24

Hey, I sense a strange aura on the other side.

It’s coming from the wall.

So my [Searching Intuition] is always active, huh!?

Master, you also had a Hunter-class ability?

It’s a long story

Let’s look around and search for clues first.

Haru-san said that the trace leads here.

So it means something is hidden around the corner, and doesn’t want to be found





I’m alright.

+Page 25

There’s a path up ahead.

This is an illusion type gate that are found in secret chambers. But to find these are rare especially here

You need to come and see this, Haru-san.

Here, take my hand.


What’s this? Why is it suddenly so soft?



! Kyaaaaaa

Gah. I’m touching her breasts!!?


Even though I can’t see it, the feeling is just….

Ah…. I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to grope you.



+Page 26

We’ve got quite a hefty loot today. It’s time to go back.


What are you saying, Haru-sa….

*turn around


Close! She’s too close!!

Master, please be silent for a moment.

It looks like this is a thief’s base.

There’s multiple scents mixing together.

We better be careful, so let’s pretend we’ve returned from looting.

That’s it for today, let’s head back!!

I wonder if Solun-san is okay?

Alright! Let’s go!

I don’t smell blood, so she’s likely to be alive.

+Page 27

Do you know the exact number of thieves?

I don’t know if they’re thieves or not but there’s 3 right around the corner.

And there’s a weaker breath right behind them.

Let’s get closer to look at what’s behind.

Looks like those guys have finally left.

But Boss isn’t back yet.

It took a lotta effort to capture the girl Boss wanted.

But I gotta say, that girl is a looker.

Should we go on a test run?


You’re dead if Boss heard that

Hey, where’s the booze at?

The other 2 went to get some, but they’re not back yet.




+Page 28

It looks like Solun-san is still safe.

Their Boss and some new recruits aren’t here yet.

According to their breath, Solun-san should be in the back room, this is our chance.

Let’s rush out and strike two of them down with Slash, then we’ll double-team the last guy.

Whats taking them so long? (top bolded text)






Who the hell are they!?

+Page 29

Gah. Tanji’s down.

Job inspection skill activated.


The right guy is a Lv.9 swordsman.

And the left guy is a Lv.18 thief.

The downed guy is a Lv.5 archer!

What the hell!? How did he know our jobs so quick?

Were we snitched….?


+Page 30

So fast…..

+Page 31

Is this the power of a Lv.23 swordsman?


Oh right!



Damnit, it’s locked!

Leave that to me.

Are you alright, Solun-san!?


+Page 32


*Shes’ only wearing pantsu.


I cannot look, this is indecent.

*shaking furiously


H-Haru-san, take this and put it on her.


Haaaa, I’m glad I brought spare clothes with me.

This is Solun-san’s spear, so I guess I’ll bring this back too.

*We’d better hurry.

I’ll grab some of their weapons while we’re at it.

+Page 33

All that’s left is to head back.

Haru-san, something’s coming.

Is it the thieves’ Boss!?

Let’s hide Solun-san back inside.

Prepare to fight.

Hey, I’m back.

+Page 34

Huh? What’s the matter with you lot?



Hey, do you hear me!?

Did you do this to them?


*ability activated

Bandit Lv.14

Haru-san, he’s a Lv.14 bandit, can you handle him?

…No, if a hatchet bandit with a level 20 or more commits a big crime, he’s listed as a high-rank fugitive.

Their power is even greater than swordsmen, so our chance of winning is slim.

+Page 35



I’m asking you. Are you the one who did this?

About that…..

They drank too much booze, then blacked out. Ehehe

*They’re so dumb.


Gah. I knew it, he won’t fall for something simple like that.

A boy and a girl, huh?

I see. So you two are newcomers who’ve just been recruited, right!?

I get it. Why didn’t you say it sooner? I was about to kill you back there y’know.

Hey newcomers, I need alcohol too. Bring me some booze.

Is this guy dense?

+Page 36

Well… I’m sorry but we ran out.

The real newcomers are coming in, with them anyways.

But they’re drunk to the bone, aren’t they? So how did we run out?

Ah, It’s….

You see, those guys drank it all. So, we planned to go out to get more.


Isn’t that girl a slave? Care to explain?

Oh, about that….

She’s actually……

This girl is my lover, she was tricked and sold to a slave trader.

In order to free her, I’m willing to stand against that slave trader, that’s why I hired…..

So that’s why you sought help from us, the region’s most popular bandits, am I right?


+Page 37

Little brat……

This isn’t good, maybe I went overboard.

He can surely tell this time its fake.

I’m screwed.





You’ve had it rough.

I’m soft for misfortuned people like you.

What the….? Is he really that kind of person?

Speaking of which, I won’t forgive anyone who dare drink all my booze.

Ahaha, that’s right.

So I’ll kill one as an example.


+Page 38

Wait a minute, Boss.

*What are you doing?


What about it? We have you two newcomers so it’s fine to kill off one.

….Are you kidding me? He killed an ally? Just because they drank his booze?

Muahahahaha. Killing people sure is the fastest way to gain experience.

We need to go.

And quick.

+Page 39

Then let’s send him out to buy more booze then.

No way, I should be the one going.

Not gonna happen. Just let me go, we need more booze here.

Brat, you’re going. And fast!

The girl doesn’t look too bad, I’ll play with her for a while.

Ah…. Boss, as I said, she’s my lover.


Huh? Did you hear what I said?

It’s okay, just go. I’ll be fine.


+Page 40

There’s no way I’m leaving you and Solun-san in a dangerous place like this.


After all, I did die once, whats scarier than that, huh?

Come here, you giant bastard!

Huh? What’s with that attitude, pipsqueek?

Looks like you have a deathwish.

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