Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu Chapter 4

Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu Chapter 4

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+Page 1

Your face is looking pale.

Regretting trying to be a hero, huh?

Because of the secret in his growth, he is able to do anything but he still can’t change his jobless title.

Chapter 4: “Together with Haru”


I guess there’s no other choice.



What are you trying to do, huh? You little brat!

+Page 2

Ichinojuo’s level has increased.

Job: Swordsman unlocked.

Job:  Archer unlocked.

Jobless skill:  Job skill Lv.3 -> Lv.4

Trainee swordsman skill: swordsmanship enhance (small).

Hunter skill: slicing Lv.1 -> Lv.2

Swordsman skill: rotating slash Lv.1 -> Lv.2

Jobless setting automatically changed Rank 4 job into Civilian Lv.15.

Job setting is temporarily changed into Lv.4 swordsman….

I just killed a human being.

I killed 2 of them…….

By slaying a person of the same experience level as mine, it will be multiplied by 800 times….

I have to do this.

I have to save Haru.

+Page 3


I’ll kill you.


What is this strength!?

I can’t let myself get hit directly by that, or else It’ll be over.



Haru-san, stop! You can’t fight him!

+Page 4

That hurts.


You think you can mess with me, brat!?



I’ll take care of you later, now be a nice girl and stay down.


You bastard.

+Page 5


That’s weak.


He’s moving way too fast compared to his appearance.

How is he be able to swing that giant axe with such speed?

I have to think of something.

No matter what scheme you’re planning, you can’t beat me, kid.

+Page 6

Well, even if you don’t have any plans, you still can’t win!


That’s right, I just thought of something fun.

I will let you live.


But I will cut off all your limbs and make you a puppet.


Then I’ll have some fun with those 2 girls right in front of your eyes.

You will soon regret ever opposing me.

+Page 7

Shut it.

Missed again.


Ahaha. That was a nice blow!


I’m starting to get used to his movements…. But…

Prolonging the battle would only make it more difficult for an inexperienced fighter like myself.

I have to wait after he has finished all of his attacks.

When I keep the right distance like this, he often puts out heavy blows, that is my chance.

I just need to wait for that moment to come and catch it.

+Page 8



+Page 12



My swooooord!!

Crap, why does it have to break in such a critical moment like this!?

Ahahahaha, what a shame.

Damnit. Do I really have to fight this guy with rocks now!?


Now it’s time for you to die.









+Page 13


…..i won?

It seems he’s not dead yet.

*His body didn’t disappear.

Serves him right.

Haru, are you okay!? Speak to me!

Ah, master. You have to run quickly.

It’s alright. The bandits have been defeated. Hurry up and drink your potion.

Ah, thank you, master.


I’m actually really happy.


+Page 14

You called me Haru.

I’m glad that you call me by my name.

Ah well, It’s…. That’s just…..

Anyway, I’m just glad that you are unhurt.

Now what do we do with that bandit over there? Do we finish him off…?

Oh my, what’s the meaning of this?


+Page 15

Why is boss sleeping in a place like this.

You’re right. I know that it’s warm in here but sleeping on the floor is just….

These guys….


Oh, isn’t that the newcomer from earlier.

That’s right, it’s him. Don’t you know that it’s pretty dangerous here? There are bandits here, so hurry up and go home.

That guy over there is the head of the bandits, right? If that the case than I’ve just defeated him.


Ahahaha. I see.


+Page 16

That guy got defeated by a newcomer, so I guess these bandits aren’t that strong after all.

Ahahaha, what a shame, isn’t it?

Then what do we do with this guy now?

Uhm… I guess we’ll just let him live. I was planning to kill him but I don’t think we have any reason to do that now.

Oh my, that would be such a waste. Even though he’s weak, he’s still a bandit, we’ll be rewarded if we bring his head to the Guild.

If you want, we will help you carry him. Then you can share your reward in return.

Hmm, I guess I still have Solun-san to carry back home.

And the two of us aren’t able to bring this guy back home by ourselves.

But I guess it’ll be safer to bring some proof that we were the ones that defeated these bandits.

What do you think, Haru-san?

I completely agree with you, master.

+Page 17

Well, we successfully got rid of those bandits, so I guess we’ll start with the loots.

I only see this wooden chest, I wonder what’s valuable in here?


*Just my luck

Now, let’s head back to the village.

Yes, master.


Hey you guys…. Maybe you should go easy on him, don’t you think?

There’s no need to show mercy for these bandits.

They’re the enemy.

That applies for you too, you know.

*You both are going to hell for this


+Page 18

Eh? Where am i…..


Solun-san is awake.

Eh? What? What actually happened to me, onii-san?

*My clothes….

It’s like this….

Bla bla bla bla…..

Wait what!?

Thank you for saving me.

Although I was the one who reminded you to pay attention to those bandits….

I was the one that got into trouble myself, I’m so embarrassed.

By the way, why is Joffre and Alice here….?

Well, some things happened along the way…

Solun-san knows these two?


+Page 19

They are pretty infamous in the city for countless of troublesome behaviors, but it’s not serious enough for them to get arrested yet.

So the guards are really having a headache with them, they haven’t committed any serious crime, but their mischiefs are annoying.

But I would never expect them to be underlings for bandits like this.

*What a surprise….

We didn’t even get to do anything, so we’re technically not their accomplices, you know.

We don’t even know who’s the boss.

I will have to ask you to stay at our station for tonight.

Please, we didn’t even do anything under the bandit’s name.

*I refuse

*I object

That’s right, we were just ordered to do some chores.

If you want to be released soon, then hurry up and carry that guy back.

Does that mean we’re free of charges?

I beg you.

We’ll talk about this once we get to the station.

*Maze entrance

+Page 20

Solun-san, are you alright!?

Yes, I’m sorry. I got caught by the bandits and was rescued by these guys.


*what’s up?

*I’m tired

I see, thanks a lot for your help.

And this guy seems to be the bandit’s boss.

Is he really!? Then we need to bring him to jail immediately.

By the way, did Joff-Ali over there cause some troubles again?

They even get called by nicknames, I guess they are really familiar with the guards .



+Page 21

I understand…. Well you can leave the rest to me.

Solun, why don’t you go home? Magaret-san has been extremely worried about you. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.


Hey you.

I’m really thankful that you rescued Solun. On behalf of the guards I give you my deepest appreciation.

It’s nothing at all.

There a reward for this man so you can just come to the Adventurer Guild tomorrow to take it.

Then now I will get back to Magaret-san’s house, after that we will come to Matias-san’s place.

*Is that okay?

Actually, you can’t. The slave market has already closed. It’s fine if you come back tomorrow morning.

Is that so?

Then let’s head back to Magaret-san.

+Page 22


Ouch, that really hurts, Magaret-san.

I’m glad you made it. Thank goodness.

Iji-gun, thank you so much.


Eh… but first, Magaret-san…..

I’m really sorry, this sword…..

I broke it.


+Page 23

This thing did its best to protect Ichi-kun and Solun-san.

I’m sure that’s also the will of its previous owner. That’s why I would like to thank you one more time.


There’s no need for a hug, wait…. Please.


Magaret-san used to be a warrior with a lot of physical enhancing abilities, so it’s pretty dangerous to even get near her.


*that’s so rude

*It hurts

Solun-san, there’s no need to talk about that anymore, I’m just a normal tailor now.





+Page 24

*Tailor Lv.38

This is the highest rank I’ve ever seen until now….

So you must be Haru-chan, right?

Ichi-kun told me about you.

Thank you for your assistance to save Lun-chan.

It’s nothing at all.

Ooh, what a cute girl, why don’t you become my little sister?


It will be really weird since you don’t even look the same, that’s not sister-like at all.

Oh my, Lun-chan is getting jealous again.


*are you happy now?

Eek, this hurts, Magaret-san.

+Page 25

Why don’t you stay and have dinner with us, Haru-chan? I cooked a lot of meat today.

Eh, me?

Come and join us, the food here is very delicious.


But I’m just a slave.

I know.

*Let’s eat.

That’s why I’m used to eating slave meals.

It’s fine, you’ve come all the way here anyway.

…But for a slave.

+Page 26

If we get used to good food and services, then we’ll have a hard time enduring bad treatments.

So we have to limit ourselves into using common meals.

Ah, but maybe trying a little bit won’t hurt anyway….

Magaret-san, it’s fine if Haru is a slave, right?

Yep, that has nothing to do here. So let’s hurry up and eat.


But I…..

However, it will be an unforgiving crime if any of you waste your food, ok?


Haru, just ignore it and join them.


Well, why don’t you help me prepare the meals, Lun-chan?






+Page 27


….Hey, Haru.


What do you think of me? Do you think that I’m strong enough to beat you now?

Of course, you defeated the bandit boss that I couldn’t even stand a chance against.

Then I’m the strongest one according to what you said, right?


Well then….

I would like to buy you back, Haru.

+Page 28




Eh!? Haru?

+Page 29

I’m really happy.


Extremely, master.



I really do, but….


I think you already know this.

There’s a noble that wants to buy me.

+Page 30

That guy also donated a large sum of money to the Guild.

So if you buy me, you may face countless dangers in the future….

That’s fine, I have no intention of entering the Adventurer’s Guild anyway.

I can ask you to transfer the money for me at the Guild when necessary.

Oh, right. If that’s the case then maybe people would talk bad about you at the Guild….

Yes, I don’t think they will do any direct opposition, but they’ll definitely find a way to bother you, such as decreasing your trading rate to force you to give up on me.

I don’t want to be abandoned by you, master.


So your caring right now is more than enough for me.

+Page 31

I will think of a way later, so don’t worry about it.

Even if my magic stones are sold in half price, all I have to do is find more of them, we can always go and hunt some demons, you know.

Ah, crap. If I force you to live such a tough life with me, then maybe it’s a little unfair for you.

No, our wolf tribes don’t have fixed territories, we are natural immigrants.

If you are able to live that kind of life, then it’s….

Haru, the only thing that matters now is your opinion.

You don’t have to be concerned about the nobles or even my thoughts.

What do you want right now?


+Page 32

If I want to come with you, master…..

Is that really okay?


+Page 33

That’s more like it, you’re coming with me now.




+Page 34





If you’re done talking, why don’t you hurry up and eat?

The food is getting cold!! But I guess something else is getting hot here, am I right!?



Since when were you standing there!?

+Page 35

Okay, I understand.

Here is the certification paper for owning Haruwatat.

This is a slave collar and some accessories.

If this certification is lost, then your owning right for Haru is also gone and can be switched to a new owner.

In other words, don’t lose it.

S-sure, I won’t.

I’m a little nervous, though.

Our trading market will keep all the paper work for you, so you have to pay a small fee.

And with this certification, our procedure is complete.

I’m counting on you.

+Page 36

Haru is packing her luggage.

Matias-san, just out of precaution but does anyone know about me buying her?

Well, at the moment you said you were bringing her to save Solun-sama.

I thought that you might be the suitable one.


*I’m embarrassed

And when you found out about her situation, you still didn’t give up.

That’s not it….

I was not close to being strong at all at that point.

The strength that Haruwatat was looking for comes from the heart.

When people are in need, you decide to help them no matter what, that determination is what makes you strong.

….I understand.

+Page 37

Then what about the condition of defeating her?

The strength from your heart will be exposed when facing danger, and that can be seen when she fights you.

Even if she does win, if she feels like you have a strong will and a kind heart, she will choose you.

But what if there’s someone she doesn’t want to follow and is still stronger than her, like that bandit boss?

Then she can only blame herself for not being strong enough, and obediently accept her fate.

What a harsh condition…..

But this whole thing is truly the blessing of gods, for her to acknowledge me.

I was really lucky…..

Sorry to keep you waiting.

+Page 38

*look up



Our shop will give you a free outfit for each slave bought.

This suits you really well.

*pat pat

Thank you, master. And thanks a lot, Matias.

+Page 39

I hope you will stay safe on your journey.

You should look after yourself too, Matias-san.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

Now, first of all.

Let’s create a party at the Guild.

Yes, master.


+Page 40

I hope we can help each other out, Haru.

….Of course.

I should be the one counting on you, master.

Haruwatat has become a companion of mine

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