Seirei Gensouki Chapter 12

Seirei Gensouki Chapter 12

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Page 1:
Chapter 12: The people of days passed
Seria: Rio…is gone?
Writing on the left along the page: During the digression rampaging magic beast killing, Rio was…
Headmaster: Were there any more casualties?
Reporter: Two more people were injured during the trip
Reporter: Due to those two receiving treatments immediately, they will stay alive.

Page 2:
Reporter: Moreover, the person, who threw the second princess off a ledge is also a problem
Headmaster: Which turned out to be the missing Rio, correct?
Reporter: Yes. Minister Huguenot’s child is a witness
Reporter: Moreover, the other children, who bared witness to the incident stated the same.
Headmaster: Huguenot’s kid, huh? If that’s the case, we can’t ignore that statement.
reporter: Yet, the predication from the second princess is not aligning.
reporter: If anything, she proclaims that the person who saved her from the ledge is the same who defeated that magic beast, who terrorized the area, which is the student Rio.
Headmaster: Long story short, Huguenot’s brat was telling us a cock and bull story?
Reporter: I wouldn’t go that far, sir.
Writing: The Huguenot faction and the Albou Faction are against the situation and diplomatic directives against the hostile Prokisha Empire
Writing: Moreover, Albou is slowly regaining his influence inside the royal court after having lost his status five years ago.

Page 3:
Writing: And If the Huguenot faction should lose their status, the faction of Minister Albou, the possiblity of them declaring war is also present.
Writing: But if the responsibility can be pushed on to just one person among the people, the whole situation will be resolved peacefully.
Writing: Killing the boy who defeated the Minotaur here is a bit woeful, but…
headmaster: got it
Headmaster: We will take it from here, you may leave.
Seria: What is going on…
Seria: Rio is not even allowed to take a stand on this matter. Moreover, he is forced to take the responsibility?

Page 4:
Flora: Why does Rio-sama have to take the retribution?
Elf: A lot of people can confirm that he indeed threw you off a cliff.
elf: Which is why the fact that he has to pay for his crimes is a given.
Flora: You’re wrong, I was saved by him.
Flora: I’m convinced that he is not who you think he is.

Page 5:
Elf: If that is the case, could you please explain to us how the perpetrator looked?
Elf: There has to be a way this whole situation came to be, despite your bad conscience.
Flora: But…
Flora: The people in the class were nothing but dreadful against him.
Headmaster: Kids…
Flora: What is that supposed to mean, Headmaster Garcia?
Headmaster: We deducted a rational verdict due to the testimony of most of the kids.
Flora: A rational verdict?
Headmaster: Yes. There is no proof, so we only had the kids who were accompanying you.
Elf: Garcia, please stop bullying the little lady, will you?

Page 6:
Elf: Flora, not only is there a reason for the punishment
Elf: If we were to ignore this matter, then the royal families would not comprehend such a decision
Flora: Which is why we …
Elf: Moreover
elf: that this accused boy saved you is also a fact
Elf: He may be the accused, but we will delay the execution of his punishment. That’s the least we can do.
Flora: But if we do that, the criminal record will still remain.
Headmaster: Princess, please give it a rest.
Headmaster: His majesty does not have that much time, either
Headmaster: Moreover
Headmaster: this is a decision by your father, this country’s king.
Headmaster: Princess, you reciting a different opinion is highly unpleasant.
Headmaster: Please grow up first.

Page 7:
Flora: Rio-sama
Flora: I’m sorry
Rio: it doesn’t look like somebody entered my room in my absence.

Page 8:
Writing: 5 years
Writing: After I entered this school, the amount of
Writing good memories is not exactly striking.
Writing: I don’t have any regrets, aside from…

Page 9:
Box: one…
Seria: It’s open
Rio: Good evening
Rio: Seria, I came to say my parting wor—

Page 12:
Seria: I was worried, you know?
Rio: I’m sorry.
Seria: You alright? You wounded or something?
Rio: I’m ticklish, please stop.
Rio: I’m fine

Page 13:
Seria: thank god…
Rio: Seria-sensei
rio: Did you hear about the incident during the trip?
Seria: Just… a bit.
seria: But
Seria: I believe in you
Seria: So would you please explain exactly what happened?

Page 14:
Seria: Just like I thought
rio: Well, the authorities decide what is good or bad
little writing: Please calm down

Page 15:
Seria: That… may be true, but they are still shoving the blame on you.
Rio: I will use the truth as my weapon
Rio: But I wonder who will become my partner for that to happen.
Rio: I am not of royal descent, after all…

Page 16:
Seria: I’m sorry, I wish I could do something to help you.
Rio: Please, you don’t have to worry yourself
Rio: If it weren’t for you I would have rotted in the everyday life of this academy
Rio: Which is why I came to give you my parting words
Seria: Has it to do with your parents?
Rio: something like that
Seria: I see…

Page 17:
Seria: How are you in terms of money? Should I maybe tag along?
Rio: Thank you very much but
Rio: I already retrieved the reward money from the kidnapping incident from my room.
Rio: Also, it would cause quite a lot of trouble if you were to disappear, Seria-Sensei.
Seria: Don’t worry about me.
Seria: Despite you being the way you are, the way you are being treated…
Rio: Thank you for worrying about me, SEria-Sensei. You really are a kind person…
Seria: Well, that’s…

Page 18:
Rio: During my travel I will send you letters under a pseudonym to keep you up to date about me and my trip…
Rio: … which is why I wanted you to rest assured.
Seria: A pseudonym? Which one?
Rio: That’s a good question…
Rio: I’ll use Haruto.
Seria: Haruto…

Page 19:
Rio: Anyway, it’s about time that I leave.
Seria: Oh…
Seria: We…will surely meet again, won’t we?
Rio: Of course, I’m sure we’ll meet again.
SEria: That’s what I like to hear.
Seria: Come home in high spirits, you hear me?
Rio: Yes!

Page 20:
Seria: Have a safe trip.

Page 21:
Seria: I’ll… wait

Page 22:
Seria: for… your…
Seria: Let…letter…

Seria: I’ll wait for… Rio…
Seria: He… He’ll definitely come home one day…
Seria: *sigh*

Page 26:
Seria: I wonder what he is doing…
Seria: I hope he’s staying out of trouble
Seria: What if he gets lost? Or he loses his money?
Seria: Come on, just send me a letter…
Seria: W… WAIT
Seria: He just left a few days ago! Why can’t I stop worrying about the boy?

Page 27:
Seria: Now that I think of it, why the alias of Haruto?
Seria: Does it have some kind of meaning? Sounds like a ninja’s name…
Alfons: There were dozens of them, lemme tell you. A terrifying monster, tall like a titan and the head of an ox. And it caused us nothing but trouble.
Girl: But you still dispatched it with ease, didn’t you?
Alfons: Of course. With the weak orphan out of the way, it was an easy victory.
Dude: After dragging us all down, he finally ran for his life and was never seen since.
Alfons: He was REALLY useless, that guy. What was his name? Rio, right?
ははははは: Ha Ha Ha
Seria: Those brats… They are talking about him as they please…
Flora: Alfons!

Page 28:
Flora: Just why are you always badmouthing him?
Alfons: I’m just telling the truth, so what’s the problem?!
Flora: I have been saved by Rio-sama more times than I can count.
Flora: And I cannot forgive you for talking bad about him. He is my savior, after all.
Alfons: Savior? Who was it again who knocked you of a cliff?
Flora: That was a misunderstanding. Rio-sama never did such a thing!
Flora: He not only saved me from falling of the cliff, but also from the rampaging minotaur!
Seria: Flora-sama…

Page 29:
Steward: Wait… WAIT!
Steward: If that’s the case, wasn’t I telling a lie all this time?
Alfons: Calm your horses, Steward-kun.
Alfons: Flora-sama is just too benevolent. Which is why she also shows such compassion to people of lower birth.
Ladies: As expected of Flora-sama.
Flora: That’s not what I’m going for here…
Seria: What is going on here?
Alfons: Seria-sensei?!
Seria: Class has already ended for today, so don’t linger around and return home.

Page 30:
Alfons: Move it.
Steward: Yeah, yeah…
Flora: Well then, I shall take my leave as well
Seria: Flora-sama.
Flora: Yes?
Seria: If you wouldn’t mind, how about a cup of tea in my research room?
Flora: Well, I…

Page 31:
Seria: About the boys…
Seria: About Rio’s situation. I want to hear your opinion on it.
Writing on the right: They are not many, but Rio has some allies.

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