Seirei Gensouki Chapter 13

Seirei Gensouki Chapter 13

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Page 1:

Box 1: I’m Endo Suzune, a fifth grader in elementary school.

Box 2: Since it’s quite a long way from my house, I take the train to get to school.

Box 3: But isn’t this a bus you’re sitting in right now, you say?

Box 4: Due to certain reasons, I switched from taking the train to taking the bus.

Box 5: And the reason is…

Side: The person reflected in her eyes is…

Page 2+3:

Box 1: him. Amakawa Haruto-san…

Text: After leaving Beltram, Rio became an adventurer?!

Box 2: is the person I like!

Page 4:

Box 1: He was so kind as to help me when I missed my stop.

Writing 1: What’s wrong?

Writing 2: Suzune Vision

Suzu: I got to see him again today!

Writing: Yayー<3

Box 1: Because I thought I’d be able to see him more often this way,

I started taking the bus to school.

TL/N: Lolis nowadays are quite anxious to jailbait people, aren’t they?

Box 2: He almost always sits in “his” seat.

So I always make sure to sit near him.

Suzu: He looks great today, too…

Suzu: Wait!

Page 5

Suzu: He…he hasn’t got a girlfriend, now…has he?

Suzu: I’ve never seen him with anyone!

Writing: Then, this should be fine, right?

Box 1: And so I began to look at onii-san more and more.

But then…

Box 2: There’s another person on this bus besides me,

and she also seems to have her eye on him.

Page 6:

Suzu: Maybe she’s also fallen for his charms…

Suzu: So what if she did! I won’t lose to her!

TL/N: Since you are jailbait, I beg to differ…

Suzu: Eh…?

Page 7:

1: What…what happened?

2: It-it hurts…it hurts so much…

3: Dad…

4: Mom…? It hurts…

5: Help me, I can’t…see…

6: Haruto…

Page 8:

Box 1: I’ve been running through the woods with the help of <<Body Enchantment>> whilst trying to remain unseen for three days.

Rio: I should be close to the border of the eastern Empire, Galark.

Rio: And it’s nice to see some chimney smoke as well.

Rio: Since I’m a wanted person in Beltram, I didn’t have time to make the proper preparations.

Page 9:

Rio: There’s no warrant for my arrest on the notice board…hm.

Rio: Since Beltram and Galark are allies, I was sure there’d be one. Looks like I got lucky.

Page 10:

Rio: Still…I should keep my hood up, just in case things go south.

Rio: Since I’m surrounded by people from Beltram here, that might happen faster than I’d like.

Rio: Alright, then…

Rio: First things first, I should get something to eat from one of the stalls and gather information.

Stall: Come and get it!

Three beef skewers for six copper coins!

Rio: Beef skewers, huh…they don’t seem all that special…

Page 11:

Rio: …It’s delicious!

Rio: Despite the fact that it’s just a meat skewer with a bit of salt sprinkled on it…

Rio: Is it because it’s fried? No…that’s not it…

And it’s just a street stall, so I don’t think it’s that the meat is of any special quality, either…

Rio: Wait, I’ve got it…

Rio: It’s because it’s grilled over a charcoal fire!!!

Stall: My there, laddie, ya’ve got one hell of an appetite, don’tcha?

Rio: It tastes great, after all!

Page 12:

Rio: By the way, could you tell me a little bit about this country?

I’m from a rural area, and just arrived here.

Stall: Haha, really? I thought ya looked like an adventurer of some sort, laddie!

Stall: But, sure! Take it as a token of thanks fer showin’ yer ‘ppreciation fer my skewers.

Stall: ‘lright then, y’see, this is the Empire of Galark, laddie. We’re currently ‘gaged in small skirmishes with th’ Prokisha Empire, which’s north of Beltram.

Stall: And we’re in an alliance with said Beltram Empire. With the southern empire, the Sentostera Empire, we don’t zactly have a bad relationship neither…

Stall: It’s easy to live life in this country. ‘Specially here in Almon, so t’was a good idea to come here.

Rio: It doesn’t seem too big, but it’s certainly a lively place.

Stall: You betcha. Liselotte-sama’s in charge of this here trade city.

Page 13:

Rio: And this Liselotte-sama is…?

Stall 2: ‘ey there, boy! Wanna try this pasta soup as well?

Rio: What?

Stall 2: Pasta’s a soup made with noodles, which Liselotte-sama came up with!

Stall: What’s up with that, aniki? I was jus’ talkin’ with him, weren’t I?

Stall 2: Hey now, don’t say that! I‘m just offering him a little something from my stall as well!

Stall: True, if I weren’t able to drum a li’l business over to yer stall as well, what kinda bro would I be?

Writing: Yeahー!

Stall 2: Atta boy! I expected nothing less.

Rio: Pasta made with noodles?

Page 14:

Rio: By pasta, do they mean those dishes from Italy? And by noodles, do they mean the “men” we use in ramen?

Rio: If I’m right, how is it that they exist in this world? They’re not supposed to…

Writing: Wait…

Rio: So…noodles in a soup, called pasta?

Stall: Not jus’ noodles, but anythin’ you can think of! T’was ‘riginally an idea by Liselotte-sama!

Stall: Noodles’re made outta wheat, and there’re several kinds of dishes made o’ noodles.

Page 15:

Stall: An’ here, ya can only get it at my aniki’s stall!

Stall 2: Dat’s what’s up.

Writing: For now, I’ll act like I’ve never seen that dish before.

Rio: Then, might I have a serving please?

Writing: You two really get along well, don’t you…

Both: But o’ course!

Stall 2: Now then, while yer waiting, my brother’ll tell you a bit more ‘bout how great Liselotte-sama is!

Rio: This Liselotte-sama, the one who invented this pasta…what kind of person is she?

Stall: Liselotte-sama’s this city’s magistrate.

Stall: She’s also the Cretia household’s daughter.

Page 16:

Stall: She graduated from th’ Galark Imperial Academy at jus’ ten years old. She was given charge o’ this city a short while later.

Stall: This city didn’t jus’ suddenly turn inta a hub o’ activity outta th’ blue.

Stall: S’all thanks ta Liselotte-sama’s effort that this area grew so quickly inta what it is now.

Rio: Looks like the food, such as the pasta soup, calls the people here, huh?

Stall: Not jus’ that, laddie!

Stall: There was an agricultural reform an’ diff’rent types o’ ‘musement an’ entertainment.

Stall: Wha’s more, there was recently built a tradin’ comp’ny called Rikka, an’ she’s the chief.

Stall: Ya can say whatcha want, but there’s one thing we all agree

Page 17:

Stall: She’s jus’ too cute t’ be true!

Rio: I…I see…

Stall: She greets us all with a smile on ‘er face an’ not a bit o’ arrogance. Us, th’ common folk outside th’ castle walls.

Stall: She even smiled at me not so long ago!

Stall 2: What are ya, crazy?

Stall 2: That smile was clearly meant for me!

Stall: Whatcha on ‘bout? Even it it’s you, aniki, I ain’t gonna act ‘sif I didn’t hear that!

Writing: hehe

Page 18:

Writing: So she’s like an idol or some other kind of celebrity…

Rio: I.. I can see that you two share a deep love for Liselotte-sama…

Stall: Ya fool! Tha’s not what we meant!

Stall 2: He’s right! True, our lives got easier thanks to her, but…

Stall 2: Oh, that was close! The pasta soup’s just about done!

Rio: Well, would you look at that…so that’s pasta soup…

Writing: I knew it.

Writing: It’s the same pasta I know.

Stall 2: Careful, or ya might burn yer tongue!

Page 19:

Stall 2: Most people eat it with a spoon or a fork. D’you need those, laddie?

Rio: Yes, that would be great.

Stall 2: Ya got some good manners, laddie. Adventurers usually eat it with their fingers an’ then burn themselves more often than I’d care to admit.

Writing: First…the soup’s flavor…

Rio: I see…just like the beef skewers, this has a salty flavor…

But despite the simple taste, the vegetables and the bacon add a nice touch.

Rio: Although…

Rio: I’d probably something like red peppers, garlic, and olive oil…

I like when my food has a more intense flavor.

Page 20:

Rio: But I guess it’s not possible to get your hands on those kinds of ingredients…

Rio: I’m kind of interested in this pasta now.

Rio: A rubberlike texture, with a juicy flavor…

Rio: Isn’t this…raw pasta?

Writing: It makes sense…

Writing: If they can make raw pasta, it’s not unreasonable to think that they can also make dry noodles.

Page 21:

Writing: If I could take some of those dry noodles with me, they’d make for good travel rations.

Rio: Say, where do they sell those noodles?

Stall 2: Yer quick to cut to the chase, eh, laddie?

Stall: Ya can get those inside th’ castle walls, at th’ Rikka company.

Stall: But they also sell things in there that ya can’t get anywhere else.

Stall: If ya can get yer hands on ‘em, try th’ meat buns.

Rio: The…meat…buns?

Stall: At first glance, it looks like regular bread, but th’ texture’s real doughy.

It’s gotta filling made o’ minced meat that’s been cooked in soup, it’s great to eat as is.

Page 22:

Writing: Meat buns? From what I got from those two…those are all dishes which are known to Amakawa Haruto…

Writing: From Earth…no, from Japan…

White writing: What’s going one? Pasta, noodles, and meat buns…

White writing: I don’t think those are here from Earth just by coincidence.

Page 23:

Writing: This Liselotte, who came up with these foods…

Writing: Just who is she?

Writing: First, I should go to this Rikka company and see just what kind of business it is.

Rio: Thanks for the pasta soup, it was delicious.

Stall: No problem!

Stall 2: Come back soon!

Page 24:

Rio: So, this is the Rikka company…

Rio: And I’m guessing…that’s where they sell the meat buns.

They seem to be just as popular as I was told, judging by that line.

Page 25:

Rio: Hmm…it really does look similar to the bao zi from China…

Page 26:

Rio: It’s delicious!

Rio: Sesame, plenty of onions, and minced meat…

Rio: And yet…

Writing: The meat buns I know are still fundamentally different.

Rio: Maybe oyster sauce, ginger, and sesame oil

Rio: aren’t available around here

Page 27:

Rio: If you went east from here, towards the barren wastelands, it’s possible you might find those…maybe…

Rio: But it’s funny that they rediscovered the same dishes as we have on Earthー


Rio: Hold on…! Couldn’t it just be someone who got reborn from Earth, just like I was?

Rio: And they used that knowledge, and used it as a basis to reform this city…? If I could meet this person…

Page 28:

Writing: …Even if that’s true, what now?

Writing: If I met that person, what would change…? What would I gain, except for a reminder of the regrets that I had as Amakawa Haruto…?

Writing: Even now…I don’t think this nostalgic feeling that I’m having is a good thing…

Writing: I am Rio. Amakawa Haruto is dead.

Writing: And as Rio, I now have my own burdens to carry!

Page 29:

Rio: I’ll…leave things as they are…for now.

Writing: I’m fine with the knowledge that there are others in a similar situation as mine.

Writing: And with that, if the time comes, we might find

And due to that, if the time comes, we may find a consistency with each other

Rio: Strictly speaking, I doubt a person of unknown origin such as me would be able

to meet an upper-class lady like that just out of nowhere, anyway.

Rio: More importantly, I should advance my travel preparations.

Maid: Welcome

Rio: Hm…?

Page 30:

Maid: to the Rikka company!

Writing: The girl who has appeared in front of Rio is…?