Seirei Gensouki Chapter 14

Seirei Gensouki Chapter 14

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Page 1

Loli: Ugh…

Loli: Where…

Loli: am I…?

Loli: I only remember being on the bus…

Loli: together with Haruto… and that other girl…

LoLI: Huh?

Loli: What’s this…?

Shadow: HEY!

Writing on the side of the wall: An accident which can only be described as bad luck…

Page 2:

Shadow: What’s wrong with you all of a sudden? Normally, you’re not that feisty with


Shadow: Latifa.

Chapter 14: Lotte from the Rikka Company

Latifa: Huh…?

Page 3:

Writing: Who is this guy?

Writing: I’m sure that I don’t know him…

Writing: Yet the other me, inside this body, does in fact know him.

Writing: Scary…

Shadow: Hm?

Latifa: Don…don’t…

Latifa: hit me…

Writing: I am hearing a language of a country I am not familiar with…

Writing: Although I know this language, I also don’t know it…

Writing: These words…

Shadow: Aren’t you energized today, despite never saying anything.

Latifa: Aah, stop it…

Shadow: if you can react like that, that makes you cuter than usual.

Page 4:

Shadow: But you sure are speaking out of turn.

Shadow: Have you forgotten where you are?

おぐ: Eck…

Writing: Despite spouting things I don’t understand…

Shadow: HEY!

Writing: I remember why and how I ended up in here…

Latifa: NO!


Latifa: I…I’m so sorry…

Latifa: Please…forgive me…

Latifa: Brother…

Page 5:

Shadow: Hm. You really are talking a lot today.

Shadow: Did something happen?

Latifa: I…don’t know.

Writing: I’m not sure how things ended up like this…

Writing: Yet there is one thing I know for sure.

Shadow: Well, Let us enjoy ourselves again today, okay?

Shadow: LATIFA?

Writing: I,

Writing: Latifa,

Box: Am a slave.

Page 6:

Lotte: Now then, time to get back to work.

Bubble: No problems in particular today either…

Rio: So, this is the Rikka company…

Lotte: Welcome!

rio: Ah.

Writing: He has a bit of a suspicious aura around him.

Page 7:

Lotte: I’m sorry I have to inform you but once inside the store,

Lotte: we have to ask you to remove your weapon and store it away.

Lotte: Could I ask you to put it here?

Rio: No problem.

Rio: In places like these where a lot of people are gathering, it could be a problem.

Lotte: I’m grateful that you understand the situation.

Lotte: Now, please, sir, this way.

Page 8:

Maid: Once again, welcome to the Rikka company!

Maid: I will be in charge of whatever you need from our establishment. My name is Lotte.

Rio: Well, now that’s a fresh change. I’m Haruto.

Rio: I am on a journey alone, so I hope it doesn’t bother you if I keep my hood up.

Lotte: I can only see a bit of his face from his hoodie, but wow…

Rio: Lotte-san?

Lotte: O-okay.

Lotte: Well, I don’t mean to rush, but with what can the Rikka company be of service for?

Page 9:

Rio: I would like to acquire some ingredients, spices, and cooking utensils.

Lotte: Would you please specify what wares you need?

Rio: I’d like to buy some noodles like those that are sold at the stalls in the city.

Rio: They are easy to preserve, and I can carry a decent amount as well.

Lotte: Understood. It’s true that if they are preserved well and there is no high moisture or temperature, they could last for a year.

Rio: What’s the price for them?

Lotte: Half a kilo is one large and five small copper coins.

Rio: I see. On a side note, what is the price for barley here?

Page 10:

Lotte: One Kilo equals one large copper coin.

Rio: I see.

Rio: Then I’d like to purchase 15 kilos of noodles and 10 kilos of barley.

Rio: I’d also like to have them separately.

Lotte: Huh?

Lotte: He is buying way too much for a simple traveler. Will he be okay?

Writing: The noodles are a new type of product. The amount for one meal is not defined yet…

Writing: Moreover, the amount of people who are neglecting the weight of the noodles is quite


Writing: I don’t want to have anything to do with the troubles this may cause.

Lotte: Then I’d like to confirm one thing…

Page 11:

Lotte: 500 grams of noodles would be enough for about 5 to 6 people.

Lotte: 15 kilos of noodles for one person to consume is a considerable amount…Are you certain about this?

Rio: Yes, with 15 kilos I could feed between 150 and 180 individuals.

Rio: The price to pay then would also be four small silver coins and five large copper coins. Is that correct?

Lotte: Impressive.

Writing: He is even able to calculate it in an instant…

Page 12:

Lotte: Then, please excuse my question from before. So, 15 kilos of dry type noodles,

Lotte: and 10 kilos of barley. We shall prepare it immediately.

Writing: He looks quite young.

Writing: Maybe he is the son of a noble family or a trade merchant…

Rio: Please do.

Maid: Excuse me!

Maid: Here is some tea for you.

Rio: Ah, thank you!

Page 13:

Rio: Now then…

Rio: Oh, the tea has a great aroma.

Lotte: Hmmm?

PRN: Lotte appears to be speaking after Rio makes his comment.

Page 14:

Lotte: Haruto-sama, have you had tea before?

Rio: I have…

Rio: A female friend of mine has quite an obsession with tea.

Rio: She’s taught me a lot about it.

Writing: Rio, make some tea for us!

Lotte: Now this is surprising!

Lotte: It’s often assumed by men that tea is the beverage of women, so the amount of men who do drink it is extremely small.

Rio: Makes sense.

Page 15:

Lotte: Then!

Lotte: Do you know the origin of this tea?

Rio: Let’s see…

Rio: First, the peculiar aroma I mentioned before, then the slightly harsh taste…

Rio: I’d say it’s a tea from Rizu, right?

Lotte: Correct!

Page 16:

Rio: The tea was of great quality,

Rio: Same for the tea cup you provided,

Rio: Which is why I think it would be a waste to use such expensive tea for somebody who is purchasing goods on such a small scale…

Lotte: Fufu.

Lotte: The best trade deal is made depending on the environment, where the negotiation takes place in,

Lotte: and the deal’s conditions don’t affect that.

Rio: I see. I think I can understand the fast expansion of the Rikka company.

Page 17:

Rio: Moreover, beginning with Lotte-san, the people who work here are all young and reputable…

Rio: And I’m also forking out money, so…

Lotte: Which is great!

Writing: But why…

Writing: Why do I have the feeling I have seen him somewhere before…?

Lotte: Now then, is there anything else what you may be in need of?

Writing: Just where?

Rio: That would be everything.

Rio: But, if possible, I would also like to send a letter from here.

Page 18:

Lotte: If the letter is going somewhere in the Strahl district, then there should be no problem.

Rio: Would Beltram be out of the question?

Lotte: Beltram is also possible.

Writing: His way of speech is also well-versed.

Lotte: We’ll prepare the transaction while you’re writing the letter.

Writing: And that’s not all…

Rio: Ah, thank you.

Page 19:

Maid: Is there something on your mind?

Lotte: Hm? Not really…

Lotte: …This guy, doesn’t he give off a nostalgic vibe?

Page 20:

Maid: You’re not that old to say something about the past being nostalgic, now, are you?

Lotte: Hey!

Lotte: This is not a romance, Cosette

Cosette: If this wasn’t a romance, then you wouldn’t be sulking.

Cosette: Moreover, what was the result of the talk?

Lotte: Oh, yeah!

Lotte: 15 Kilos of noodles and 10 kilos of barley. He’s not the only customer, so we should get this done quickly.

Page 21:

cosette: Isn’t that a lot for just one person?

んー: Hm…?

cosette: He may not look like it, but could he be a peddler?

Lotte: He said that it was necessary for his trip, or something along those lines. Also, it’s rude to the customers to spy on them.

Cosette: So what would we call that talk, then?


Page 22:

Lotte: Now then, these are the products you ordered.

Lotte: And the person your letter is supposed to go to is…

Lotte: Seria Clair at the Royal Academy of Beltram, is that correct?

Rio: Yes, thank you very much.

Lotte: Thank you as well, and we hope that you visit us again if you return to Almand.

Page 23:

Lotte: This Seria Clair, isn’t she the genius daughter of the Clair Count family?

Cosette: True, she graduated from the Royal Academy with flying colors.

Cosette: She’s practically a prodigy in magic.

Lotte: Is there maybe…Are they connected?

cosette: I wonder?

Page 24:

Lotte: The son of a noble, traveling undercover, would be interesting…

Cosette: He is a mysterious young man, isn’t he, Liselotte-sama.

Lotte: Cosette, I told you that my current name is Lotte, didn’t I?

Page 25:

Cosette: By the way, the time for the inspection is over. It’s time to return to the mansion.

Cosette: Also, Aria and Nathalie want you to clean up the cabinet before they gather.

ざんねーん: Poor you~

lotte: Ah, okay then.

Lotte: Speaking of Aria, wasn’t she from Beltram?

Lotte: Which means that she may know him.

Cosette: I wouldn’t bet on it. Beltram is big.

Cosette: Moreover, what was that talk about spying on our customers?

Page 26:

Cosette: Aria knows Seria Clair by face,

Cosette: so we could ask her to give her the letter.

Lotte: that’s a good idea!

Lotte: we could also ask her a bit about him as well!

Cosette: Aren’t you a bit obsessed with the boy?

Lotte: It was a lot of fun to talk to him, that’s why!

Cosette: He was handsome as well, wasn’t he?

Lotte: That’s not…

Page 27:

Lotte: What I meant.

Lotte: That’s not what I was saying…

Cosette: Come on, i know that’s the reason.

Cosette: And it’s better to be straight about such things, Liselotte-sama~

Lotte: Oh, come on. Let’s just go back, the cabinet is waiting!

Lotte: Hurry, hurry!

Writing: Yes, yes.

Page 28:

Rio: The girl from before, she said her name was Lotte…

Rio: She had the same polite and soft manners like, the daughter of a duke or something.

Rio: and the name of the Rikka company’s chief was Liselotte…

Rio: …No… The daughter of a duke would not be attending customers…

Writing: Is the duke really be that fickle young lady?