Sono Mono. Nochi ni…(Nariie Shin’ichirou) Chapter 2

Sono Mono. Nochi ni…(Nariie Shin’ichirou) Chapter 2

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H: Sono Mono, Nochi ni… Chapter 2

B1: I can’t believe my eyes…
When I saw all of those monsters being thrown up to the sky…

B2: Like they are made from feather or cotton

B3: I mean, who can believe that a single man, stood bravely in front of hundreds of enemies

B4: And defeated them all without any kind of weapon or magic..?

H: The 2nd chapter of the popular new serialization is finally here!!
(Note to editor: Side text)

B5: Or perhaps…

B6: Am I…

B7: In some sort of bizarre dream right now..?

B8: See? Sienna was not lying!!
Wazu Onii-chan…

Sfx: Turn

Original Story: Nahato – Miya Kazutomo Art: Nariie Shinichirou


B1: Is unbelievably strong after all!!

B2: Are you guys alright?

Sfx: Bwham!!


B1: Im…

B2: What the hell is happening here..!?

B3: There’s no way that these guys… these monster that I summoned…

B4: Could be defeated by a mere puny human with just one punch..!!

B5: They are B Rank Monsters, you know..!!

B6: So just how the hell did you defeat them all with just your bare hands..!!?

B7: If the story about him living on the mountain where the S rank Monsters are…

B8: And about how he saved Sienna from a dragon…
Is somehow true… then…


H: No matter how many B rank Monster you pitted against him…

H: It won’t even make him break a single sweat..!!

B1: Hey mister, now that your monsters have stopped attacking altogether…

B2: Do you still want to continue this?


Sfx: Fwip

B1: Don’t you dare to look down on me..!!

B2: !!
A red orb..!?

B3: Black and Red… It can’t be..!
Gazuna, you bastard..!!

B4: Salona! Get away from him!!

B5: That red orb he just brought out is too powerful..!!

Sfx: Shine

B6: Too bad, you’re 1 second too late…

Sfx: Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun

B7: !!


B1: Don’t tell me… A barrier..!?

B2: I originally planned to let those pathetic villagers that you’ve always loved and protected
To be massacred by the monsters I summoned right in front of your eyes, but…
Thanks to a certain random fool, that plan has crumbled now…

H: Is he talking about me?

B3: However, don’t think that it was the end…
Because my true objective is…

B4: To kill you Salona..!

B5: With my own two hands!!

B6: So let’s show it to those pathetic Elves…

B7: Who is the truly stronger one between us…


Sfx: Boom!!

B1: He swallowed…

B2: The red orb..!?

B3: Salonaaa!!

B4: We’ll get you out right away!!

Sfx: Clang!

B5: !

B6: Damn it..! Just how powerful is this barrier..!!

B7: Everyone, get out from here!!

B8: Just leave him to me!

B9: I’ll definitely beat Gazuna to end this disaster!!


Sfx: Smile

B1: Now Gazuna!!

B2: Come
And ge-…


Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble Rumble

B1: Ahaha…

B2: Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!


B1: What is this power..!?

Sfx: Rumble Rumble

B2: I can feel the power swelling inside my body..!!
If I have this power, forget about killing your pathetic self, Salona…

B2: I could even kill everyone in this place with a single flick!!!

B3: Ugh..!

B4: Here I go..! Saloooooona!!!!

Sfx: Dash!!

Sfx: Bwhamm!!


Sfx: Snap!!

Sfx: Close in

Sfx: Stab!

B1: Khukuku…
Is that all..?

B2: !!

Sfx: Psssssssh


B1: His wound…

B2: Is regenerating..!?

Sfx: Smack!!

Sfx: Fwish

Sfx: Bam!!

B3: Ugh..!

B3: Guhack..!!


B1: Salonaaaa!!

B2: Hey hey hey, where did the guts that you showed me earlier go..?

B3: To think that you’re this useless in a distance where you can’t shoot your arrows, Salona…

B4: And they’re telling me that such useless Elf…

B5: Is the current top Elven Guardian of this Village!?

B6: What a lame joke..!!

B7: But isn’t it good, Salona..?

Sfx: Lift Up

B8: Because at least, your pathetic dead figure…

B9: Will be witnessed…

B10: By those wretched villagers that you’ve protected all this time!!

(Note to editor: Double page with p15)

Sfx: Touch Touch

Sfx: Knock Knock

Sfx: Pull

Sfx: Crang Crang Crang Crang


Sfx: Wham!!

Sfx: Crang Crang Crang Crang


B1-2: !!

B3: !?

B4: Oh… I thought it would be stronger than that…

Sfx: Crumble Crumble

B5: Sorry!


Sfx: Crumble Crumble

B1: Stop doing that!

Sfx: Cries

B2: You bastaaaaaard!!!

B3: Are you really a human!?

Sfx: Prickle

B4: How rude!

B5: I am a human! For now that is!!

Sfx: Fwip

H: See!?

B6: At least 88% of it!!


B1: Stop..!
Don’t come closer..!!

Sfx: Step Step Step

B2: Stay away from meee!!!

B3: D-D-D-D-Don’t you care about what will happen to this woman!?

B4: Huh!!

B5: Taking a hostage is dirty, you know?

B6: Hey, did you hear what I just said!? I told you to stay away!!

B7: Hand Salona-san over

Sfx: Step Step Step

B8: Then don’t come any closer if you want me to let her go!!

B9: That’s too troublesome!


B1: J-Just what the fuck do you want!?
You’re not an elf, so stop poking your nose into our race’s problems!!

B2: You don’t have anything to do with this anyways!!

Sfx: Grip

B3: Of course I… have!!

B4: Because I…
Because Salona-san…

B5: Because Salona-san has..!


B1: Charmed the hell out of me!!

Sfx: Fwish

B2: So of course I don’t want her to die
You fool!!!!


Sfx: Bwhaaaammm!!!


Sfx: Thud!

B1: Wazu-san..!

B2: Are you alright…

B3: Yes, I’m fine… Uhmm…

B4: Thank you…

B5: Very much…

B6: For saving me…

B7: Wazu-san…


Sfx: Beaming

B1; But… Uhm…
The thing you just said…

B2: I… uhmm…
I’m really happy you feel that way…

B3: But… I had…

B4: Already swore to my late parents that I would protect this village for them…
That’s why, right now…

B5: I’m very sorry… but I can’t reciprocate your feelings…

B6: …Oh…

B7: Oh…

B8: Oh, well! Of course you would be troubled by it!!

B9: I kinda confessed out of the blue after all!!
Please forget that..!!


B1: Well then, I’m going to continue my journey, so…

Sfx: Bwham!!

B2: Wazu-san!!

B3: Phew..! That really surprised me!!
So you’re still alive, huh…

B4: Do you seriously think I would be defeated with just that..?

B5: After all, you’re just a mere human, just another clump of meat…

B6: So I just have to slice you into two with this hand, and you will definitely die..!

Sfx: Stab!

B7: !!


Sfx: Thud

Sfx: Dash!

B1: Wazu-san!!

Sfx: Dash Dash Dash

B2: Wazu-san…
There he goes…

B3: Seems like…
He really liked you, Salona…


B1: Sigh…

B2: Salona

B3: Yuyuna..?

B4: Hey, I found this…

B5: At the place where Gazuna was defeated, but…
Could this be…

B6: Wazu-san’s Guild Card..?

B7: !

B8: It must be hard for him… I mean if he doesn’t have this, he has no other way to prove that he’s an adventurer…
And I bet there will be a lot of trouble when he enters a village or town without this

B9: But, even though I want to return this, I don’t even know where he is right now…

B10: ..!


B1: Could you let me hold on to that guild card?
I mean, he might be back to get this later

B2: Really? Then please do

B3: Good night Salona

B4: …Yeah, good night…

B5: Found it

B6: Wazu-san’s…

B7: Blood…

B8: Adventurer’s guild card will activate if smeared with its owner’s blood…


H: At least 88% of it!!

Sfx: Smear

H: What did he mean by that..?

Sfx: Bwoooosh

B1: Huh…
Hey hey…

B2: ?

B3: What are you doing..!!

Sfx: Really Sulking

B4: It troubles me if you activate this guild card without my permission!!

B5: !?


B1: Wha-..! What is this divine presence..!?

B2: Well obviously, since I’m a Goddess who protects Wazu-san!
But if I’m not near him, I can’t grant him my blessing!!
So I’m really worried about Wazu-san right now!! So much that I can’t even sleep at night..!!

SFx: Angry Angry

B3: That’s why, bring me to where Wazu-san is right away!!

B4: A Goddess..!? Just what is this all about..!?
Wait, could it be that Wazu-san’s bizarre strength is all thanks to you, Goddess..!?

B5: Nope, I didn’t do anything. Wazu-san obtained all of that power by himself. Well, if you live that long in such a dangerous mountain, I guess your body will adapt, or should I say evolve? Whether you want it or not…

B6: Wait… to begin with…
Why did Wazu-san have to live in such a dreadful mountain in the first place..?

B7: Ah… About that…

B8: Please tell me!

B9: Why should I..?

B10: Because I…
Want to know more about Wazu-san…

B11: And I just can’t forget…


H: I don’t want to remember anything from 2 years ago…

B1: Just how sad his face was when he said it at that time…

B2: Oh? That’s very rich from someone who just rejected my cute Wazu-san not too long ago…

B3: Ugh..!! I didn’t reject him!!
It’s just that… err… That’s right! I just have a very important task that I cannot throw aside..!!

B4: The matter about Wazu-san’s past is really delicate, you know?
You can’t expect me to talk about such a heavy matter that eas-…

B5: Then how about this?

B6: If you don’t tell me about Wazu-san’s true identity and past, then I will throw away this guild card right here right now..!!

Sfx Bam!

B7: Wha-..!! You devil!! Is that something that a proud Elf would do..!?

B8: Don’t bring that up here!!

B9: Aahh, Wazu-san… It must be hard for you now that I’m not by your side…
Sigh… Then it can’t be helped…

B10: However…

B11: Don’t tell this to anyone else! Not even Wazu-san..!!

B12: Obviously

B13: Alright…


Sfx: Bwoooosh

B1: !

B2: I will show you the dream that I saw…
That is…
Something that happened 2 years ago…

T: To be continued in 10/31th issue