Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 1

Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 1

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Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki

The raw materials collector’s parallel world travel journal

Manga: Tomozo

Original work: Masuo Kinoko


Pg 1

Riding the usual train to work and being squished.


Completing work and returning home like usual.


Even though living that kind of daily life, and being able to live without any disabilities, should already be a blessing.


Just a little


Just a little something out of the ordinary.


A part of me that wishes for that definitely exists.


Pg 2



Pg 3

When I opened my eyes I was in the middle of a forest…


If I look up at the sky, it looks like there’s a shining Saturn…


I’m guessing this is somewhere like those places young men talk about.



My clothes have also changed to this world’s style!


It’s made of soft materials and is easy to move in, and above all it’s exceptionally comfortable and feels good.


But my legs…

Were they always this long…?


Or rather, it seems like everything got bigger overall…


Sfx: tug (kui)





This thing is definitely different from normal!



Where is a mirror…!?


Pg 4



What is this dark space…?


It should be fine… right?


Sfx: slip (zuzu)


Sfx: light (pa)


Handwritten: woah


Could this be…

an item screen?


There’s also a hand mirror, but…


Card: Hand mirror

A hand mirror with a handle that is easy to hold.

Sfx: beep



It really came out.


Pg 5



The face reflected in this mirror…


Could this be… me?


The hair is somewhat ruffled but it has a nice, glossy, black color.


The eyes have a double crease and a deep, rich color.


Furthermore, my skin is smoother, and gives the feeling of being 10 years younger.


Honestly… it’s a bit hard to swallow that I’m sexier than the previous me…


Previous me


Is this better than looking plain…?


Well then… I’m in the middle of a forest, it’s not the time to be worrying about that.


Sfx: zwip (zupo)


Because this place is a world with swords and magic, there should be ferocious monsters everywhere.

I’d better check for something I can use as a weapon…


Pg 6

I’ve got the hand mirror, a heavy outfit for fighting off the cold, a number of changes of clothes, camping supplies, a blanket, some cloth, a bag, and 10 smaller bags.


Also, hot spring manjuu* in a Tupperware container prepared by the God, some brown sugar, and a twig…

TL: steamed red bean buns


Ygg… dra… sil’s… twig?


Card: Yggdrasil’s twig

Has not released its energy yet


It’s a twig with nothing special about it… but I’ve heard the name before in games and manga.


I guess another name for Yggdrasil is “World Tree”, huh?


When it comes down to it, is this the World Tree’s twig?


And this leaf on the end is the World Tree’s leaf!?

If so then that’s awesome!


… but it’s not a weapon, is it.


Sfx: haa


Can’t be helped. Let’s look for a human village. I don’t have the courage to camp outside in a strange world after all…


Pg 7

Though… I wonder which way I should go…


If there was a main road I could follow that…


  1. Won. Der. Where. Should. I. Go.


As. The. God. In. Hea. Ven. Says.


Sfx: wobble wobble (fura fura)


Sfx: flop… (pata…)



Guess I’ll go in the direction the twig fell.


Pg 8

Anyhow, I don’t even know where this is.


Sfx: footstep (za)


The satchel was filled with nothingness and


Sfx: grip (gui)


there’s no doubt I’m in another world.


If that’s the case, I’ll use the things the God who called me here prepared,

and if I go forward in the direction indicated, it’ll work out one way or another.




Looks like fun ♪


Pg 9

He’s somewhat anxious, but


he’s also quick-witted.


Name on sheet: Takeru Kamishiro


Seems like it was right to pick him.


Takeru Kamishiro, dead at age 28.


Sheet: (top) Resume

Full name: Takeru Kamishiro


The cause of death was heart failure… apparently.


For certain reasons, there was a need for intervention on a planet called Madeus.

I splendidly succeeded in sending him in.


As expected of me.



Pg 10

So far, it’s been going well.


Though, his journey has only just begun…


A cup after finishing a difficult task…


Sfx: glug glug (toku toku)


Is irresistibly delicious, isn’t it.


While elegantly sipping tea,


Shall I observe how Madeus will change?


Of course, as the one responsible for sending him to Madeus, I will watch over Takeru’s movements, but


I gave him plenty of convenient abilities, so I’m not really worried.


Although, that might have been a little overkill…


Sfx: clink (kachi)


Pg 11

A Vanished Person?


Yep. A person who, even if they vanished, it wouldn’t matter, and it wouldn’t cause problems.




If they were living a normal life, if anyone suddenly vanished, it would cause concern, right?

However, you don’t have relatives or friends, so that doesn’t apply to you.




While that may be true… why me…


I can’t answer with just “Because you’re a ‘Vanished Person’ candidate.”


There were other ‘Vanished Person’ candidates, but

Only you were chosen because of the circumstances here.


Ch… chosen because of the circumstances…


To begin with, just who are you?


Pg 12

You’ve finally taken an interest in me, huh? I have no name so call me whatever you like!

I’m the one who controls the solar system.




An… alien?




If I had to pick between the two, I’d say I’m closer to a God.


Anyway, I’m in control of the solar system and the Milky Way around it, but

a request for help came from another universe.


I’m going to give them a little help.


I’m getting tired of you thinking you’re so magnificent…


Just think of me as a manager from space. ♪


Sfx: thumbs up (gu)


Now he just sounds mediocre.


Well now, moving back to the main issue at hand.


There’s a certain place that needs a little intervention.




Pg 13

No matter how much we tamper with this planet called ‘Madeus’, it doesn’t go well, and

it seems that civilization sometimes gets ruined.


That’s why it’s been decided that I’ll get involved just a little bit.


If I didn’t have knowledge of science-fiction manga and games, then I’d be wailing and be screaming “Return me” huh.



That’s why an earthling with a certain extent of knowledge is good.


From the start, we intervened to provide the knowledge behind the manga and games that people love.


You might be surprised, but tales and fables born on earth are historical facts from stars somewhere in the universe.


Pg 14

Woah, seriously!?

So there are things like space wars! And the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter* and Red Riding Hood too?

TL: Also called the Tale of Princess Kaguya, a 10th century Japanese story containing Japanese folklore.




Let’s get back to what we were talking about.


The star called Madeus has a quite a different environment from Earth.


It is, as you imagine, a so-called


World of swords and magic.


Swords and… magic.


I will cast a drop of you into that world.


Pg 15

That one drop which falls will become a ripple on the calm water’s surface.


In time it will become a surge that will change the whole world.


I will have you become that drop for me.


Pg 16

… huh?

Erm… not “please become”?



This is a decided matter.


After all, you already died, and suddenly at that.


Sudden… it doesn’t actually feel like that though.


Because right now you’re a spiritual body.


If you don’t go to Madeus, your soul will just vanish.

And then that’s the end. You as an individual will just disappear. Good bye.


No no no no no no!

Even if you suddenly say something like that, there are various things left undone-


Like manga that hasn’t reached the ending?

The ending of that one is beeeeep becomes beep beep beep beeeep beep beeeep and beeeeeep and that’s the end.


Sfx: ta dah (don)


Don’t say it so casually!


If you’re thinking of travelling alone, aren’t Earth and Madeus the same anyway?


They’re pretty different!


Sfx: bang (ban)


Pg 17

Because even on Earth, you could also inadvertently die.

It’s better than reaching your last moments while fainting in agony, isn’t it?


Suddenly dying and suddenly being told to go to another star–

I don’t think there’s a human who’ll say “Yes, yes, I understand” in that situation.


Besides, I was planning to put away the laundry tomorrow!


You died so there’s no need for that anymore. Articles of the deceased are disposed of.


Also, I erased a large quantity of data from your PC.


Oh… my treasure!


It is something called fate.


What’s with that overbearing attitude?!


Of course, I don’t mean to make you go without anything at all.

Because if I did that, you’d just get killed by some low-level monster without having accomplished anything.




There are monsters?

But I’ve never even been in a fist fight before.


Pg 18

I know. That’s why you’ll write just the superpowers you want on this reincarnation form, and I’ll grant them.

It’s what you would call falsification of one’s personal history, or in other words, a blessing.


It suddenly turned into something like a game.


It’s easy to understand isn’t it?


My daily life is suddenly over. Even after he explained it, I still can’t accept it.


But in truth, I’ve already started becoming interested in Madeus and the like.


Going about my daily life is also good, but while living that kind of life, I wished just a little for something out of the ordinary.


I can’t say that I have no interest in the possibility of experiencing something else.


For example…


What kind of gifts will you give me?


Pg 19

First, language.


It’s obvious, but it’s because Japanese won’t be understood.

You could die just from not having your language understood.


That’s true.


Language varies with each race,

but I’ll make it so that you can understand the language of every living thing on Madeus.


Sheet: Reincarnation Form

Additional abilities

World Language


Of course, you’ll also be able to read and write the letters.


After that, let’s improve your physical abilities.


Sfx: scribble scribble (kaki kaki)


Poison resistance and drug resistance, let’s also add immunity to everything.

With this, even if you’re seriously injured, there won’t be any after effects or disabilities left over.


Please make it so that I won’t get seriously injured…


Also resistance and immunity to fear.

So that you won’t panic under any circumstances, I’ll improve calmness… there.


Sheet: Additional abilities

World Language

Physical Ability Improvement

All Immunity and Resistance


This is fairly important.


Pg 20

Still, if you left me destitute, it seems like it would definitely be troubling…


By the rules, I can’t have cash on me.


Instead of that, I’ll assign an investigation ability.

Develop investigation magic, and find raw materials. So if you sell those at a raw materials shop, it’ll become money.


Raw material harvesting, huh…


Then, will you let me have a bag? The kind that can hold various things and is convenient.


What’s commonly referred to as an item box?


That’s it. If possible, unlimited capacity would be good. A bag with a certain weight and size.




Living things are impossible, but plants should be fine.


You’ll be able to store liquids if you put them in something, and if you put food in Tupperware, it won’t spoil.


There are things like Tupperware?


Well then, do you have anything you want to pack?

Just in case, you can’t bring any bread, side dishes, or living things, OK?




I know… for a sample, how’s this?


Sfx: snap (pachin)


Pg 21

Sfx: fwhump (bofun)



Hot spring manjuu?


It’s a present for going to Madeus.


Th… thanks…


By the way, can you make it so that no one can misuse the bag?


That’s fine.


I’ll make it so that no one except you can use it. I’ll also have the bag return to you even if you lose it.


Next is…


Sfx: pon


That’s right!


Can I become able to use magic!?


sfx: close




Pg 22

Then, I’ll improve the knowledge power to understand anything immediately, and image materialisation.


Let’s also make you able to use the convenient magic you can usually use in games.


Sheet: Additional abilities

World Language

Physical Ability Improvement

All Immunity and Resistance

Investigation Ability

Space Arts

Private Property Guarantee

Extreme Magical Power

Materialisation Ability

Knowledge Comprehension Power


Whoa ♪


Also, there are lots of wild animals, so let’s make you liked by animals to a certain extent.


Is there still anything else?


Anything else?


I can speak the language, I have a convenient bag, I can use magic, and I’m liked by animals.


It seems like if I go to Madeus it’ll be perfect, but there’s still something missing.



That is –


A cute partner!


Top: Takeru Kamishiro’s delusion


I see.

This is an essential part of adventures, isn’t it.



I’m not saying you’ll be able to meet them immediately, but when the time comes, you’ll be able to meet them.




Sfx: lights up (paa)


To think I can meet a cute girl in another world…


Pg 23


Seems like it’s about time for your departure.






My body is transparent…


Let me see, I added this and I added that…



As expected, I might have added too much of this…


My field of vision is gradually becoming dark…


Eh? Will the partner become something like that? … I wonder if it’ll be okay.


Well… whatever.

It’ll work out somehow, right.




Pg 24

Well then, Takeru Kamishiro, you’ll travel Madeus and look after the world for me.


I don’t really have any restrictions for you, but don’t commit genocide, alright?

Well, if you have a reason to, I’ll give you permission.


What the hell are you saying!?


And so, this is the story of Takeru.


It was intended for him to become just a little bit of a strong adventurer, to be able to find happiness.


However, with the advantages given to him, a mere human named Takeru was able to evolve into something absurd, categorized as a Calamity Class…


Pg 25

…but he doesn’t know that yet.

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