Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 2

Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 2

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Pg 1



Looks like it’ll be a downslope over there.


The view here is great,

And it looks like I’ll be able to find something, but……


Pg 2

Wait that is…


Whoo, a village!


Pg 3



Pg 4

Appearance wise, they look like humans to me……


handwritten: wait~~~


It seems okay but……


If I arrive looking like this and penniless, I won’t be able to even get a meal…


It would be good if I had something to exchange for money though…




Oh right, that God guy—–


He gave me an investigation ability.


Develop investigation magic, and find raw materials.


If you sell those at a raw material shops, it’ll be your income.


That’s right! I can use magic!




Sfx: grip (gu)


Pg 5

It’s a power granted by God. Reveal unseen things…

I need a suitable chant


Invoke investigation magic!!




So… so I can’t do it.


Sfx: blush (kaaa)


It’s embarrassing that I was gung ho about it too.



Is it the way I said it?


Investigation… to look for… to discover…


Sfx: scribble scribble (kaki kaki)


If in English, it’s… “search”

TL: So obviously it’s all translated to English, but if it wasn’t already clear he was listing synonyms for ‘investigation’ in Japanese, and then said ‘search’ in English, so I’ll just put English words in quotation marks from now on to make it clear


Writing on ground

Investigation      To look for

To discover







Pg 6



Various shining marks came out……


Sfx: light (paa)


Are they hints to find raw materials?




There are other flowers, but only this one shone…… there’s something peculiar about this one.


I should be able to examine this closely, right……


Pg 7

To examine…… to examine… to inquire?




Sfx: pa


Moonlit Night Grass

Rank B

A yellow flower which is said to bud on new moons, the flowers’ nectar is the favourites of spirits and is effective to recover from exhaustion. If grinded, can become a valuable ointment.



Generally, becomes a high ranking ointment ingredient, not a [something something]

[Something something]


TL: forgive me, the text is too blurry and my eyes hurt :’(


It came up!


This is pretty convenient. Moreover, my first harvest is a rank B.


Ain’t this pretty good?


It didn’t give me the value of the item, but


I want at least a meal.


I’ll try gathering the other shining mushrooms and plants.


Pg 8



Something like this should do.


But…… it’s different from the evening primrose from earlier and is ranked lower……


Do these vary ranks, so how do I differentiate them?

Or is it to show its rarity.




That’s an ingredient I haven’t scanned yet huh.


A rock?


It sure is a smooth and pretty rock.


Sfx: rub rub (suri suri)


This is pretty nice ain’t it.


Pg 9



Hammer Anteater Faeces

Rank C

The poop of an anteater that preys on Hammer Ants, who produce an adhesive substance.


It’s poop!


And it’s a high rank!!


Pg 10

Even though I thought it was only a rock from the looks and feel of it, this is poop.


I kinda don’t wanna put it in my bag this way.


Oh,I have [bag x10] so I’ll put it in one of those.






Bag x9

Bag x1

Hammer Anteater Faeces                            Sfx: pi




Sfx: smelly



For now, what I understand is that

The clover indicates plants and heart indicates poop…




I’ll finish looking over the other heart indications.


Seems like it’s monster and animal materials.


Rockbird’s Feather

Rank E

Popular as an accessory


House Mouse’s front tooth

Rank D

Popular as [something]


TL: sorry, it was blurry


Pg 11

Then, I wonder what that diamond indicates…


Does diamond indicate ores?


Iron Ore Rock

Rank D


If the poop from before had it then it would mean it’s a rock, but……


So to sum it up, materials are categorised as ♡, ♧ or ♢,

and It’s easily located with my investigation magic……


♥ = Fauna materials from animal or beasts

♣ = Flora materials, like grass, flowers, etc.

♦ = Mineral materials like ores




After collecting various ingredients, I’m starving…


Let’s use this chance to eat the hot spring manjuu that guy prepared.

Hot spring manjuus

Brown sugar inside


Sfx: pi


Pg 12

Sfx: nice and warm


Awesome! They’re still warm!


They smell nice and looks appetising!


Sfx: suuhaa


Thanks for my first meal in another worl-


Sfx: aan




Sfx: Grumble (gururururu)




What was that……?


Sfx: doki doki


Don’t tell me a monster got a whiff on my manjuu?


Oi oi…… seriously?


For now I’ll hide and let them pass by……


Pg 13

Sfx: growl (gyurururu)


When I leave it growls again?

Could it be I’ve been exposed?




If I’m gonna be killed for ignoring the enemy, then it’s better to face them head on.


If they’re hungry, I can throw a manjuu at them and run.


But if it’s this kind of monster, please don’t come out~?


O……oi! Who’s there!?


Pg 14



An elf?


Pg 15

Grummmmble (gururururu)


This fierce roaring is an empty belly


Handwritten: Amazing


Ooi, are you alive? Are you hungry?


Uuu……… uuuu……


Did you eat poison or something?


That’s not it…


Were you attacked by a monster?


That’s… that’s…… not it……


How many days since you ate?


Three days…




Three days… any longer and you’d be on the verge of being dead on the streets wouldn’t ya.


I don’t know what an elf’s metabolism is like, but

If I had no food for three days I would’ve died easily.


Here, it’s water.


Pg 16

Sfx: gulp gulp gulp gulp (goku goku goku goku)


Sfx: drink drink drink drink (gubi gubi gubi gubi)


Sfx: swallow (gokun)


Puhah…… you’re a life saver……


R… right, I’m glad.


Sfx: exhausted (hero hero)


Grummmmble (gururururu)


Sfx: Oh






Sfx: stare (jiiiii)




Pg 17

For me, it’s my last food from Earth, but…




Here, eat it.


Sfx: beam (paaaa)


Ahhh, I’m grateful!


Oooooh, what’s this sweet smell~ ♪


Buns: god


Onsen Manjuu

Manjuu specially made by God

The second appearance today


Then, without further ado……

sfx: blow (fuuu)


Sfx: amu


Eh? This is!!


Pg 18

The texture is fluffy and springy!


Sfx: munch munch (paku paku)


And at the centre, it overflows with something sweet!




This sugary sweetness is making me melt……


I’m going to heaven!




Handwritten: Aaah… ♡


Here, water.


Sfx: pass… (su…)


Sfx: drink drink drink drink (gubi gubi gubi gubi)


Pg 19

What a delicious meal!

I’ve never put something so delicious in my mouth before!


Sfx: Puhaa



I’m glad……


She was on the verge of death, anything would’ve been delicious, but

Said so, I wanted to try them as well…


Being here, we’re pretty far off from the village, but it shouldn’t be enough to run out of food, right?


Well…… it’s just that……


Regardless if you were in a hurry, you could’ve carried at least a night’s worth of food, right.

Even if you’re not an adventurer.




Even if I told ya, ya wouldn’t understand so I won’t say it, but

I… I also have a number of reasons that it came to this!


Handwritten: Don’t blame me like that!!


Sfx: flinch (biku)


Pg 20

A…… anyway, I’m grateful that you saved me!


Handwritten: Sorry


For… for now I can’t reward you but I’ll definitely return the favour in the future!


I’m in a hurry, so farewell!


Sfx: wooosh (shutataaa)






Sfx: all alone (potsuuun)




Even though, I wasn’t able to eat, but at least I found flowers, stones and huge poop.


Sfx: pat (pon)


They should at least be worth a meal or two.

It’s okay if I’m scammed over their worth, I just need money.


Shall we get going to the village before the sun sets.


Pg 21

List of newly acquired items


Mushrooms: West Mushroom and Elemental Mushroom

Edible, can be fried, boiled and dried.


Egg: Hammer Anteater Faeces

The poop of an anteater that preys on Hammer Ants, who produce an adhesive substance. Has adhesive power, and when mixed with water becomes a strong glue.


Flower: Moonlit Night Grass

A yellow flower which is said to bud on new moons, the flowers’ nectar is the favourite food of spirits and is effective for recovery from exhaustion. If grinded, becomes an ointment.


Right leaf: Ebrara leaf

One of the ingredients of recovery medicine. Even when eaten as it is, has a fatigue recovery effect (small).


Left leaf: Liola Leaf

One of the ingredients of recovery medicine. When the roots are eaten, it acts as laxatives so be careful.


Cocoloo Nuts

Edible. Explodes when roasted so be careful. Can be eaten by boiling with salt.

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