Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 3

Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 3

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Sozai Saishuka Ch 3


page 1

p2 sfx : fuuaaa

p3b1 : hello there

p3b2 : ?

p3 sfx : *rustle*

p4b1 : …

p4b2 : are you a wanderer?

p4b3 : excuse me…

p5b1 : what village is this?

p5b2a : this one? this is Tormi Village

p5b2b : we are in the Reseuvahha region which is north of Belkaim, as you can see, this is a rural area.

p6b1 : so then… do you have any business in this small village?

p6b2a : hmmm…

p6b2b : my name is Takeru


page 2

p1b1a : I’m wandering alone

p1b1b : and I’m having a money problem right now

p1b2a : ah so you’re a wanderer

p1b2b : I thought you were an adventurer, but they rarely visit this place

p2b1 : you’re so tall, are you some sort of knight or swordsman?

p2b2 : nothing that special, I just gather and sell raw materials

p3b1 : ah I see, a specialist in gathering raw materials? Now that’s rare!

p3b2 : I never said I’m a specialist though…

p3 small letters : ooooh

p4b1a : I’m Marlow

p4b1b : one of the guards of this village

p4b2 : we might not be famous but we can at least accommodate wanderers

p4b3 : thank goodness

p5b1a : we don’t have a raw material shop, but there is a general store, it’s Jerome’s shop

p5b1b : I think he will accept any raw materials you bring, so it’d be a good idea to visit him

p5b2 : I appreciate your help

p5 sfx : *creak*

p6b1 : no problem at all

p6bx1 : I thought he would rob me there, thank god the first person I met in this world is nice

p6 sfx : hoh


page 4

p1bx1 : let’s see here… I’m already inside but I don’t see any general store around…

p1bx2 : I want to sell my raw materials as soon as possible…

p2b1 : ?

p3 small letters right : woah… huge

p3 small letters left : it’s rare for someone to visit

p4 small letters right : ah ? a wanderer ?

p4 small letters left : oh my, what a handsome guy

p5b1 : haha hello there…

p5bx1 : for a rural town like this, it seems that wanderers are a rare sight

p6b1 : hey mister… I’ve never seen your face before

p7b1 : UH OH !

p7b2 : so tall ! You’re even taller than papa !

p7b3 : that’s right… who are you ?


page 5

p1bx1a : I’ve never been too popular with kids before

p1bx1b : …is it because of that weird “skill” ?

p1 small letter right : where’d you come from ?

p1 small letter left : let’s play…

p2bx1 : well, being loved by children will also make the adults less cautious of me, let’s use this to make my presence more acceptable

*TL comment : somebody call the police !!!!!!

p2b1 : okay !

p3b1 : My name is Takeru, I’m a wanderer who visits all kinds of places

p3b2 : Takeru the wanderer ?

p4b1 : I will be here for a short time but, it’s nice to meet you

p4b2 : Nice to meet you too, Takeru-niichan

p5b1 : is this your first time here ?

p5b2a : aah

p5b2b : actually I’m looking for the general store, can you show me where it is ?


page 6

p1b1 : sure ! I’ll guide you there !

p1b2 : Rick that’s unfair, I can show him too !

p1 small letters : whoops

p2bx1 : well…

p2bx2 : now they’re fighting over me…

p2 small letters right : I’ll do it !

p2 small letters left : no, I will !

p3bx1 : this won’t do, their parents will hate me for this

p4b1 : hey hey, no fighting okay !

p4b2 : wah !

p4 sfx : *pull*

p5 sfx : *put*

p5 small letters left : whooaaa

p6b1 : soo hiigghh !

p6b2 : I can see the roofs from here !!

p7bx1 : Nice ! I won their hearts !

p7 small letters top : ooohh

p7 sfx : *clap* *clap*


page 7

p1b1 : Rick was it ? Can you show me where the general store is now?

p1b2 : sorry, I forgot about that since you’re so tall !

p1b3 : is that so ?

p1 small letters : hihihi

p2 letters right : everyone here is around chest height.

p2 letters left : is it because I’m so tall…

p3bx1 : while walking down the road I don’t see anyone taller than me

p3bx2 : I might look like a giant strolling around

p4b1 : that’s the general store

p4b2 : oh, that one ?

p5b1 : see you later!

p5b2 : yep ! thank you !

p6b1 : excuse me !

p6 small letter top : Jerome’s shop

p6 sfx : *creak*


page 8

p1b1 : oh !

p2bx1 : I see… when they said general store, I wasn’t expecting something this varied

p4bx1 : this place feels like I’m in some sort of theme park

p4bx2 : it’s making me want to laugh

p5b1 : welcome to my… shop ?

p5 sfx : *rustle*


page 9

p1b1 : hoho

p1b2 : I’ve never seen your face before mister

p2b1 : good afternoon, I’m a simple wanderer

p2b2a : now that’s rare

p2b2b : are you looking for something ?

p3b1 : I have something for you to examine

p4b1 : sorry but am I able to sell this ?

p4b2 : hmmm ?

p5b1a : ho ho hooo !

p5b1b : isn’t this Hammer Anteater Feces !

p5b2 : yes

p6b1a : it has a good shape, hardness, and colour !

p6b1b : Mister, this is quite a find !

p6bx1 : actually it was just laying around in the forest

p6 sfx : hahaha


page 10

p1b1 : can I sell this ?

p1b2 : but of course !

p1b3 : I was about to ask if you would sell it to me

p2b1 : it’s been a long time since I found one in such good condition

p2b2 : I would be troubled if you sell it somewhere else

p3b1 : how about 5 silver coins !

p3b2 : even if you give me that face, I don’t know how to react

p3 sfx : how about that

p4b1a : he might say that it is a good deal but I don’t know exactly how much 5 silver coins is worth

p4b1b : after all it is just poop

p4b2 : uhmm is there any inn in this village ?

p5b1a : yes indeed, Gallop Inn is just across the road

p5b1b : it’s the only inn in this village

p5bx1 : Gallop Inn

p5bx2 : current position

p5b2 : how much will it cost for a night ?

p5b3 : that will be 500 leib

p5b4 : le…leib ?

p6b1 : is it better if I give you 4 silver coins, 9 bronze coins, and 10 copper coins ?

p6b2 : eh ?

p6b3 : it suddenly became complicated

p7b1 : I’m sorry, it’s been quite a while since I last used coins…


page 11

p1b1 : how much exactly is 500 leib in coins ?

p1b2a : you really are from a rural place huh, that would be

p1b2b : 5 bronze coins, or 50 copper coins

p1b3 : I see

p2 letters on right : if 50 copper coins is 500 leib then 1 copper coin is 10 leib, 1 bronze coin is 100 leib, and from the previous conversation 1 silver coin is 1000 leib

p2 letters on right coins : copper coin 10 leib

p2 letters on middle coins : bronze coin 100 leib

p2 letters on left coins : silver coin 1000 leib

p3b1 : wait, wouldn’t that mean poop is way more expensive than staying in an inn ?

p4bx1 : I don’t know for certain in such a rural area but

p4bx2 : in Japan, staying in a very cheap hotel will cost at least 5000 yen per night

p5b1 : if I convert it to yen and using 5000 yen per night as an indicator, then that poop is worth around 50000 yen ?

p5b2 : I know I say it a lot but that is poop you know !?


page 12

p1b1 : oi… are you listening ?

p1b2 : ah… yes

p1b3 : that will be okay, thank you…

p2b1 : all righty, it was a good deal for both of us !

p2b2 : that thing that you’re rubbing against your face is poop !

p2 sfx : *rub* *rub*

p3b1 : here you go, 5 silver coins

p3b2 : thank you

p3 sfx : cha-ching

p4 letters right : ohh, so this is the currency of this world

p4 letters left : somehow it makes me feel happy !!

p5b1a : is there anything else ?

p5b1b : if you have any other raw materials then by all means please show them to me

p5b2 : I won’t hold back then…

p5 sfx : *rustle* *rustle*


page 13

p1b1 : this is everything, so how is it ?

p1b2a : ooh !

p1b2b : did you really gather all of these ! that’s amazing !

p1 sfx : *doon*

p2b1 : oohhh this is Liola leaf…

p2b2 : and this is a house mouse’s tooth…

p2 small letters : oooohh

p3b1 : is this !?

p3b2a : this is very rare

p3b2b : isn’t this moonlit night grass… ?

p4b1 : I’ve never seen one this big, where did you find it ?

//PRN That’s what she said

p4b2 : it’s from the forest north of here

p4b3 : oohh from Berakia Great Forest huh ? so it was blooming there ?

p4 sfx : *stand*

*TL note : the kanji actually say grassland but looking from the previous chapter, I changed it to forest instead

p5b1 : it looks as if it was plucked just recently, where did you put this ?

p5b2 : inside this bag ?

p5 sfx : *open*


page 14

p1b1 : huh ?

p1b2 : Dimensional Bag (Item Box) ? but that is… it can’t be… !

p2b1a : mother of god !

p2b1b : mister, are you a “gift bearer” ?

p2b2 : it seems so…

p2 small letter right : hyaaa !!

p2 small letter left : haha…

p3b1a : it has been a long time since I met someone with that gift

p3b1b : anyone having that kind of power can only be found around the capital !

p3b2 : why did you come to such a small village as this ?

p3b3 : well… you see…

p4b1 : actually I was living in a forest far far away from here, and I received no information from the outside at all

p4b2a : I was living alone there leisurely (as a salary man)

p4b2b : and then I became curious of the outside world so I set out wandering as a raw material hunter

p4b2b small letter on left end : I didn’t tell a single lie


page 15

p1b1 : that explains everything

p1b2 : then you don’t know much about your own power huh ?

p2b1 : that is the gist of it

p2b2 : it can’t be helped then, I can only tell you so much about the gift

p3b1 : unlike skills, gifts are a blessing that you’re born with

p3b2 : the possibility for someone to be born with a gift is as small as 1 among 100,000

p4bx1 : in the Gran Rio continent, even the most renowned magic academy in the capital city Alsherio only has a small number of them

p4bx2 : there is a rumour that in a certain place there is a group of gift bearers and they have enough power to move a nation


page 16

p1bx1 : it will be fine using it in small villages like here

p1bx2 : but it is a different story in Belkaim south of here

p1 small letters right : Tormi Village

p1 small letters left : Belkaim

p2b1 : there will be people wanting to take advantage of your gift

p2b2 : there will also be some suspicious groups inviting you to join them

p3b1 : that is… scary….

p3b2 : that’s because the gift bearers are rare and invaluable

p4b1a : and also regarding that magical item, the dimensional box

p4b1b : people will know that you’re a gift bearer just by looking at it

p4b2 : this Item Box huh


page 17

p1b1a : so I suggest you tell no-one that you are a gift bearer

p1b1b : since mister looks like a nice person, you’ll definitely be taken advantage of

p1b2 : I will be careful

p2b1 : this will be enough of an introduction to magical items

p3b1 : this book contains most of the basics

p3b2 : book ?

p4b1 : the truth is, it costs about 3 silver coins, but since you brought in such excellent materials I will give it to you for free

p4b2 : really ?

p4 small letter : dictionary

p5b1 : in exchange, I have something to ask of you instead

p5b2 : a request ?

p6b1 : even if you say that, I’m not actually a specialist

p6b2a : what are you talking about ?

p6b2b : you cannot trick me after bringing materials like those

p7b1 : please ! I think this will be a good deal for a material hunter like you !

p7b2 : hmmm… ?

p7 sfx : *clap*

p8 letters : it might be a good deal but… aren’t I being used here ?


page 18

p1b1 : it depends on your request since there’s still a lot I don’t understand

p1b2 : it’s something simple

p1b3 : and it’s also a request from someone in Belkaim

p2b1 : there are rumours about the existence of mithril ore in a mountain west of here

p2b2a : the twist is, the rumours are true

p2b2b : my request is for you to get the mithril ore from that mountain

p3 letters right : mithril ore…

p3 letters left : is it like that ore that I used to see in games and manga… ?

p4b1 : okay, if you have a map of that mountain then…

p4b2 : is it really okay !?

p5b1a : well

p5b1b : I think it’s worth a try so…

p5b2 : all right !!


page 19

p1b1 : and also about the expense…

p1b2a : you can keep that deposit, even if you can’t find the ore

p1b2b : here is 10,000 leib deposit for helping me out !

p2b1 : I’ll give you another 100,000 leib if you succeed, plus extra depending on the result !

p2b2 : 100,000 leib ?

p3b1 : is it really okay to pay me even if I can’t find it ?

p3b2a : you will also gather materials on your way to that mountain right ?

p3b2b : as long as you sell those to me first, it will eventually turn out as profit for me

p4b1a : so how is it ? it might be dangerous

p4b1b : since D rank monsters will pop up around there

p4b2 : hmm. . . let me think about it

p5b1 : eh ?

p5b2 : there’s monsters ?


page 20

p1b1 : actually I am a bit hesitant to go to such a dangerous place

p1b2a : what are you talking about !

p1b2b : handling them while collecting materials will be a breeze for you

p1 small letters : haha

p2b1 : you still have some tricks up your sleeve right ?

p2b2 : what tricks are you talking about !?

p2 small letters : guu

p3b1 : all righty then ! it’s decided ! aside from that, I’m buying the other materials that you brought today

p3b2 : uhmm… I haven’t said anything about going. . .

p3 sfx : *cha-ching* *cha-ching*

p4b1 : everything included,  how about I buy them for 360,000 leib ?

p4b2 : 360 thousand !?

p4 sfx : *tadaa*

p5bx1 : with this amount of money I don’t have to accept that request but…

p5 sfx : *gloooooooommmm*

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