Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 4

Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 4

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Sozai Saishuka Ch 4


page 1

p2bx1 :



p3b1 : Excuse me!

p4b1 : …

p4b2 : …It seems that no one is around…

p5b1 : Yes, yes, I’m coming.


page 2

p1b1 : I’m sorry,

p1b2 : I was helping my husband in the kitchen.

p1bx1 :

The Gallop Inn’s Owner


p2b1 : I am here because, Jerome-san from the general store, recommended this inn.

p2b2a : Oh my!

p2b2b : Are you the tall wanderer that the children were talking about?

p3b1 : That’s certainly me, my name is Takeru.

p3b2 : I am planning to stay here for a while, is there a room available?

p4b1 : Since Jerome seems to have taken a liking to you, I’ll lower the price.

p4b2 : How about 500 leib a night including breakfast?

p5b1 : Thank you for the discount.

p5b2 : Let’s see… If I’m not mistaken, 1 silver coin equals 1000 leib, which is enough for 2 days…

p5 sfx : *clink* *clink*

p6b1a : I might extend my stay here but…

p6b1b : For now, I’ll pay for 10 days.

p6b2 : All right.


page 3

p1b1 : If you need a bentou*, please let me know a night before.

p1b2 : Ah, in that case, could you please make tomorrow’s lunch a bentou instead?

p1b3 : Certainly.

*TLN : Bentou is packed meal

p2b1 : Just come to the dining room for breakfast and the bento, I will prepare them.

p3b1 : Also the toilet is over here.

p3b2 :!

p4b1 : Please make sure to put the cover back on before leaving.

p4b2 : Haha… I understand.

p5 letters right : I somehow knew that it would turn out like this, but, a squat toilet huh…?

p5 letters left : It reminds me again just how nice toilets with bidets are…

p6b1a : The dining room is used as a tavern during the night.

p6b1b : Since it will be the noisiest place in the village, please tell me if it gets too rowdy.

p6b2 : All right.

p6 sfx : *rattle*

p7b1a : This is your room’s key.

p7b1b : Your room is the furthest one back, on the second floor.

p7b2 : Thank you very much.


Page 4

Title page


page 5

p2b1 : She said it’s the furthest back so…

p3b1 : This one.

p4 sfx : *clack*

p5 sfx : *creak*

p6b1 : Ooh!!


page 6

p1b1 : So this room and breakfast for 500 leib, huh?

p1b2 : I’m not sure if it’s actually expensive or not but,

p1b3 : in my opinion, that’s pretty cheap!

p2b1  With this, I have a place to stay now.

p2b2a : At least when I can relax,

p2b2b : I’ll dress casual.

p2 sfx : *blob*

p3b1 : Let’s see here… I have two under shirts, and two bulky high neck shirts made from mithril thread.

Ribbons in the diagram

[Under Shirts]   [Mithril Robes]   [Normal Shirts]   [Leather Pants]   [Pants]


*TLN : The description are too blurry, sorry XD

p3b2 : Two normal shirts, two leather pants, and two casual pants as well.

p4b1 : Plus four underwear pairs.

p4b2a : Thank god they are boxers.

p4b2b : I would’ve been at a loss if they were fundoshi*.

*TLN : fundoshi : traditional Japanese male undergarment

p4 letter ribbon : Underwear

p4 letter card : Boxer type underwear, 4 pieces

p5b1 : I’ll use normal shirt and leisure pants as pyjamas.

p5 sfx : *rustle*


page 7

p1b1 : Fuu…

p1b2 : I can finally relax now…

p2b1 : But…

p2b2 : It would be great if I could take a shower, or a bath…

p3b1a : That’s right…

p3b1b : They did tell me where is the toilet is but,

p3b2 : they haven’t told me where is the bath is…

p3 sfx : *rustle*

p4b1 : I don’t see a shower or water heater in this room…

p4b2 : Do they actually have baths here?

p5b1 : I should have asked that earlier but,

p5b2 : I’ll check first if anything is written in the dictionary.


page 8

p1b1 : As expected…it’s not Japanese.

p2b1 : Oh…

p3b1 : *flip*

p3 letters book :

Basic Knowledge

For Adventurers

p4 letters right : I’ve already gotten used to, but…

p4 letters left : This translation power is really something…

p5b1a : Although Jerome-san said that it was a dictionary, it has “Basic Knowledge for Adventurers” written on it.

p5b1b : It seems that this is more of a guidebook.

p5b2 : Hmm… What this written here…?

p5 sfx : *Turn over*

p6b1 : “Adventurers”, they are registered to a guild and earn their living by doing quests.

p6b2 : “Wanderers”, are people who visit different places out of interest.

p6 right ribbon : Adventurer

p6 left ribbon : Wanderer

*TLN : The descriptions are too blurry, sorry XD

p7b1a : Maybe the reason why people in the village call me wanderer,

p7b1b : is because I don’t look like an adventurer.

p7b2 : Is it because I don’t have sword and I don’t look strong?


page 9

p1bx1a : It seems that, a [Guild] is a place where jobs are circulated around.

p1bx1b : Starting from helping on simple everyday jobs, to gathering materials for armours, weapons, and medicines…

p1bx2a : Hunting certain monsters, seeking for rare items,

p1bx2b : escorting Royal family, transporting cargo,

p2bx1 : and even sometimes even joining a war.

p2b1 : This aspect is just like the guilds I know from games.

p3bx1 : Adventurers that have joined a guild, will rank up according to their popularity and experience.

p3bx2a : F and E are for new adventurers, D for common adventurers, C for veteran adventurers. Starting from B rank, adventurers are recognized for their skills individually,

p3bx2b : and move separately from the other, and finally, A rank, is a position revered by people.


page 10

p1bx1 : S rank and SS rank are special.

p1bx2 : S rank adventurers are considered “heroes” and if you are an SS rank, then even kings will bow to you.

p2bx1 : There are only 4 SS rank adventurers in the world, and their current location is unknown.

p2b1a : I don’t know the details but, for kings to bow their head…

p2b1b : SS rank adventurers must be really special beings.


page 11

p1 letters right : Maybe those SS rank can shoot light beams from their eyes.

p1b1a : … Putting jokes aside, now the currency.

p1b1b : The coins are a common currency in this world, thus they can be used everywhere.

p1 sfx : *flip*

p2bx1 : The form of the coins might vary across different countries, but the value is the same, from copper, bronze, silver, white silver, gold and continental gold coins.

p2bx2 : Commoners usually use copper and silver coins, while gold and continental gold coins are used by nobles and merchants.

p2bx3 : It seems that there is also paper money for value above continental gold coin.

p2 diagram info




White Silver


Continental Gold

p3b1 : As I calculated before, 1 leib is about 10 yen.

p3b2 : But since there is no 1 leib coin, maybe the lowest possible price is 10 leib.

p4b1 : Now that I think about it, the potions that I received from Jerome’s shop are 1000 leib.


page 12

p1b1 : It seems to be some home medicine.

p1 diagram :

Healing Potion

Rank F

Stops pain, heals.


It has the weakest healing power among all types of healing potions.

But, it is usually used by commoners as first aid

before deciding whether to go to see a doctor or not.

Taste varies depending on who made it.


– Eburafu Leaf

– Rowana Root

– Holy Water

*TLN : I tried my best to translate the blurry kanji, forgive me if there are some mistakes

p2b1a : It depends on the medicine but…

p2b1b : If it’s Japan, a pretty good medicine can cost around 2000 yen.

p2b2 : So it seems that medicines here are rather expensive.

p3bx1a : There are four levels of healing potions.

p3bx1b : The price will spike up the higher the quality of the potion is, starting from the lowest quality potion, “Potion”,

p3bx2 : Middle quality potion, “High Potion” , and high quality potion “Elder Potion”.

p4bx1 : Middle quality potions cost about 10.000 leib per bottle.

p4bx2 : It can heal wounds, bruises, burns, sprains, and any other minor injuries.

p5bx1 : While high quality potions are usually used by people like high ranking adventurers in wars.

p5bx2 : They cost somewhere around 100.000 leib or even more, commoners rarely see potions of this level.


page 13

p1bx1 : It can heal limbs that have been cut off as long as you’re still alive.

p1bx2 : And if ingested, it will immediately replace blood loss and even neutralize deadly poison.

p1b1 : That’s…awesome…

p2bx1a : And then above it, there is the ultimate heal potion.

p2bx1b : This level of potion is said to be above legendary.

p2bx2 : They are potions that no longer exist and only their names are left.

p3bx1 People that have these expensive potions are limited only to a “Medic”.

p3b1a : Just when I thought there was no doctor here.

p3b1b : So they do exist, in this form.

p4bx1 : While people that use magic to heal are called “Healing mage”.


page 14

p1bx1a : Healing mages with good skills are either, working for nobles,

p1bx1b : or join the Imperial Knights and work exclusively for the Royal family.

p1 ribbon right : Capital

p1 ribbon left : Clinic

p1bx2 : So the commoners can only receive treatment from medics.

p2bx1 : Those that can make healing potions are called “Pharmacists”.

p2bx2 : Pharmacists can also be considered “Alchemist”, in some sense.

p2bx3 : Since without enough skills, they wouldn’t be able to produce the medicines.

p3bx1 : But then again, no matter how strong healing potions and healing magic are,

p3bx2 : nothing can bring back the dead.

p4b1 : I thought that since we can heal a limb that has been cut off, then resurrection was also possible but…

p4b2 : Maybe it is just that difficult to do?

p5b1 : Also, let’s be careful not to get hurt to avoid needless expenses.


page 15

p1b1 : All right… I think I understand after reading this book up to here but…

p1b2 : If there is anything for me to say then…

p2b1 : In this world, I have to take the initiative to work and gain a regular income.

p2b2 : And I lack in this line of thinking.

p2 sfx : *clench*

p3bx1 : Although I do like living a stable life, in doing so, nothing will have changed compared to my previous world.

p3bx2 : Not to mention that I’m sick of being scolded by my superiors too.

p4bx1a : After all, I do want to explore this world and see its different places.

p4bx1b : Maybe becoming an adventurer is the best way to do that.

p4bx2 : Since exploring the world will be impossible without money and steady income.


page 16

p1b1 : The last part is about magic items…

p2bx1 : Magic items are tools that run on the power of magic stones.

p2bx2a : While magic stones are a solidified concentration of magical energy,

p2bx2b : by filling these magic stones with various magic, and using them as fuels, we can create different kinds of magic items.

p3b1 : I see, magical energy is the source of magic power and so magic stones are used as some sort of battery.

p3b2 : And there are many types of magic stones which bring about different kind of effects.

p4bx1a : The dimensional bag is indeed convenient, but there are not many gift bearers that can use space manipulation,

p4bx1b : thus, it’s extremely rare to find anyone with it walking around the city, moreover it can cost up to several continental gold coins.

p4b1 : Whoaa… Let’s keep a close eye on this bag.

p5b1 : I guess that’s it then… In the end I couldn’t find anything about a bath…

p5b2 : Is it because it’s normal for people to know that? It seems there’s no other way but to ask…

p5 small letters : Fuu… That was tiring…

p6b1 : *knock* *knock*

p6b2 : Hm? Who’s there?


page 17

p1b1 : I am the inn’s waitress,

p1b2 : I am bringing hot water for you.

p1 sfx : *clack*

p2b1 : Why hot water?

p2b2a : The first one is free,

p2b2b : but if you need more, then you will need pay 30 leib each time.

*TLN to PR : I know it is written 50 leib but there is inconsistency with page 19 where she said it is only 30 leib

p3b1 : Okay, thank you…

p3b2a : But can I ask you a something?

p3b2b : I am actually a wanderer, and I don’t know much about this country so…

p4b1 :  … What should I do with this hot water?

p4b2 : Come again?

p6b1 : …

p7 sfx : *bu*

p8b1 : Did… I say something strange?

p8b2a : No, my apologies,

p8b2b : no one’s ever asked me that question, so it was too funny.

p8 sfx : *giggle*


page 18

p1b1a : You can use it to wipe your body or your legs.

p1b1b : Since you’re a wanderer, it must be dusty right?

p1b2 : Ohh… So I use this hot water for that.

p2b1 : Also…

p2b2a : Do you know…

p2b2b : What a bath is?

p3b1a : I do know but…

p3b1b : We don’t have a bath here.

p3b2 : We are not nobles after all.

p4b1 : EEEHH!!!

p4b2 : No bath?!!

p5b1 : So everyone just wipes their body? What about the head?

p5b2 : We use water from the well to wash our head.

p6b1 : EHH!

p6b2 : Well, what can I say…

p7b1 : As a Japanese who loves taking a hot bath,

p7b2 : it feels like my hopes got shot down just like that

p7 sfx : *gloom*


page 19

p1b1a : Although magicians can use magic to clean your body…

p1b1b : There’s no one like that in Tormi.

p1b2 : Eh?

p1b3 : You can use magic to clean your body?

p1 small letters : seriously?!

p2b1 : I don’t know the detail so I can only tell you this much.

p2b2:  I am sorry

p2b3a : No, no,

p2b3b : thank you very much for informing me of such convenient magic.

p2 sfx : *put down*

p3b1 : I don’t know how much I should tip her here.

p3 sfx1 :  *rustle*

p3 sfx2 : *clink* *clink*

p4b1 : Here you go

p4b2 : Eh? 50 leib?

p4b3 : But, extra hot water is just 30 leib.

p4 sfx1 : *swish*

p4 sfx2 : *clink*

p5b1 : This is my thanks for telling me that information.

p5b2 : And also since I will be staying here for a while, I will be in your care.

p5b3 : But…


page 20

p1b1 : Is it that you will get scolded by the inn owner if you accept that?

p1b2 : That’s not it but…

p2b1 : If so, then can you accept it for me?

p2b2 : …

p3b1 : I understand

p3b2 : *squeeze*

p3b3 : Thank you very much!

p4b1 : I’m Takeru, I’ll be in your care!

p4b2 : I’m Ellie!

p4 sfx : *tap* *tap*


page 21

p1 letters : It’s not like I particularly love small girls but… Yep, small girls are cute.

p2b1 : Now then…

p2b2 : I got some good information.

p3b1 : I can clean my body using magic…

p3b2 : Maybe I can do it if I think about it a bit just like when I used search magic

p4b1 : Hmmm…

p4b2 : Cleaning ones body right…?

p4b3a : Purify…

p4b3b : That sounds more like purging abnormalities.

p5b1 : How about wash…

p5b2 : To clean…cleanse…

p6 letters : Cleanse!

p6 sfx : *hah*


page 22

p2b1 : Oh… oh… ohh…

p3b1 : Ooohhhaaaa

p4b1 😕

p4 letters : Aaaahhhhnnn


page 23

p1b1 : Whoa…

p1 small bubbles : haah

p1 sfx : *sparkle*

p2b1 : My hair and body are all silky clean…

p2 sfx : *boing*

p3b1 : This is very convenient!

p4b1 : But, what can I say…

p4b2 : This magic is indeed very convenient and wonderful, I can use this to keep me clean for now but…

p4b3 : For someone like me who loves a long dip in a bath…

p4 sfx : *tremble*

p5b1 : This is just too unsatisfying!

p5bx1 : And so he swears to get in a bath one day for sure.

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