Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 5

Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 5

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Sozai Saishuka Ch 5


page 1

p2 sfx : *chirp*

p3b1 : Nn…

p3b2 : Hmmm?

p3 sfx : *chirp*

p4b1 : …

p5b1 : drea…

p6b1 : It wasn’t a dream at all!!


page 2

p1bx1 : And just when I thought that it was a dream…

p1bx2 : It turns out that it’s not!!

p1bx2 small letters : My feet are cold

p3b1 : [Heat]

p4 sfx : *boiling*

p5bx1 : This is one of the livelihood magic spells that I tried before I went to sleep

p5bx2 : It’s basically a kind of magic that assists daily activities

p6bx1a : Even though I can use magic to clean myself

p6bx1b : it still feels gross if I don’t actually wash my face and hands

p6bx2 : I plan on physically doing things I’m able to and not rely on magic too much

p6 sfx : *fuuh*

p7b1 : ?

p8bx1 : It’s normal for the villagers here to start their activities when the Saturn shaped sun rises…

p9b1 : I better get going, too

p9 sfx : *rumble*


page 3

p2b1 : Good morning

p2b2 : Oh my

p2b3: Morning, Takeru-san

p3b1a : You came right when I just finished the soup

p3b1b : Now please just sit right there and wait for a bit

p3b2 : Thank you very much

p7 letters : Are they other people who are staying here?

p8b1 : Sorry for the wait

p8 sfx : *rattle* *rattle*


page 4

p1b1 : I have a big serving for you!

p1b2 : Eh?

p1 sfx : *ta-da*

p2b1 : Isn’t this too much for breakfast?

p2b2 : You’re huge after all

p2b3 : So you eat a lot, right?

p2b4 : Well, I’ll eat, but…

p2 sfx : *hahaha*

p3b1 : No need to hold back, please eat as much as you like

p3b2 : If that so then… I’ll dig in

p4b1 : Oh

p4b2 : It smells delicious

p4 sfx : *puff* *puff*

p5 sfx : *chomp*

p6 sfx : *munch*


page 5

p1b1 : Good lord!

p1b2 : It tastes very good!!

p2b1 : I don’t know what meat this is but…

p2b2 : The meat’s juices and the sauce perfectly intertwine with each other. It’s so delish!!

p2 sfx : *chomp* *munch*

p3b1 : It’s so good that I ate too fast and now it got stuck in my throat!

p3 sfx : *pomf*

p3 small letters right ; Are you alright?

p3 small letters left : Eat slowly okay?

p4 letters : The soup! Now’s the time!*

*PRN: Yes, great idea. Time to choke on a soup bone.

p5 bubbles : *gulp*

p6b1 : Whoaa… this one is also delicious!

p6b2 : Although it tastes rather strong for soup, it’s just the way I like it. I can drink gallons of this soup!

p6 sfx : *ooh*

p7bx1 : Actually I was worried about how foods in this world would taste compared to Japan

p7bx2 : But it seems like I don’t need to worry!


page 6

p1b1 : That was delicious! Thanks for the food!

p1b2a : Oh my, you already finished?

p1b2b : It seems that you really enjoyed it

p2b1 : My husband made that breakfast, it was pretty good, wasn’t it?

p2b2 : It was superb!!

p2b3a : All the meats and the fresh vegetables were delicious

p2b3b : It’s such a luxury to be able to eat them for free!

p3b1 : I’m so happy that you say that!

p3b2 : By the way, Did you get all the ingredients from this village?

p3 sfx : *haha*

p4b1a : I bought the spices and the seasonings from the merchants in Belkaim

p4b1b : While all the meats, vegetables, and soy beans are from this village

p4b2 : I see

p5b1a : I was worried since I made the bentou so big

p5b1b : But it seems that it’s alright!

p5b2 : haha… thank you


page 7

p1b1 : By the way, I asked Jerome this morning

p1b2 : Are you really planning to go to the mountain west of here to look for the mithril ore?

p2b1 : Yes

p2b2 : I know that I just started staying here yesterday but I think I will be gone for the next 2-3 days

p3b1 : You should’ve told me yesterday, I could’ve made more bentou for you

p3b2 : Did you prepare your camping equipment?

p3b3 : Ah, don’t worry about that

p4b1 : I got everything I need yesterday from Jerome’s shop

p4 letters right : How about a large pan, a small pan, and a knife for 700 leib a set?

p4 letters left : And you can also get this healing potion for 1000 leib if you buy it now

p4b2 : Is that so… It’s all fine then

p4 sfx : *how about this!!*

p5b1 : The bentou alone won’t be enough after all, so I’ll add some meat and seasoning too

p5b2a : Eh?

p5b2b : Is that really okay?

p5 sfx : *stand*

p6b1 : It’s fine, you’re going to do a request from Jerome after all, this will help you a bit

p6b2 : Thank you very much for doing this for me whom you just met a few days ago


page 8

p1b1 : Please do tell me if there is anything that I can do for you

p1b2 : If you say so then…

p2b1 : Can you please pick up anything that seems edible and bring them here if you have the time?

p2b2 : If it’s only that, then I can bring you as much as you want

p3b1a : Oh my, that sounds very reassuring

p3b1b : I won’t be taking the rent money while you’re gone so just get back safely okay?

p3b2 : I understand

p4b1 : I’ll be going then!!

p4 ribbon : Gallop Inn


page 10

p2b1 : Oh, I found some mushrooms

p3b1 : I also picked up some other things, *Okami-san will be happy with these

*TLN : Okami-san is a title for the owner of an inn or tavern

PRN: It’s also a great game! *plays with his wiimote*

p3 card :

Red Mushrooms & Elemental Mushrooms

– Red Mushrooms

X 50

– Elemental Mushrooms

X 53

p4b1 : That aside

p4b2 : I’ve walked quite far from the village now

p5b1 : But there’s simply nothing around here to the extent that it scares me

p6bx1 : This area including Tormi village is called the Berakia Great Forest

p6bx2 : There are only forests and grasslands as far as the eyes can see here

p6 letters top : Berakia Great Forest

p6 letter bottom : Tormi village


page 11

p1bx1 : If this was Japan, no matter how rural an area might be

p1bx2 : There would be power lines and even helicopters flying around

p2bx1 : That’s why there’s simply nothing around here

p2bx1 small letters : But it’s easy on the eyes though

p3bx1 : And also if we talk about “Search” in detail

p3b1 : Search, Expand!

p3bx2 : It turns out that if I use more power, then the range of the search will change

p4bx1 : If I put all my strength into search, then everything around me will shine

p4 sfx : *Paaaaa*

p5bx1 : I would be able to even see the worth of a single roadside stone

p5bx2 : Although I can’t sell it anyway

p5 diagram


Rank –

Just a simple stone


page 12

p1 letters : If I think of sellable materials then the marks will change accordingly

p2 letters right : If I think of material with ranks above C then all the marks will disappear

p2 letters left : That means that there is no material with rank above C lying around the roadside

p3bx1 : I’ve also discovered different kinds of livelihood magic

p3b1 : [Dry]

p4bx1 : First, I can create wind just like from a dryer with [Dry]

p4bx2 : I can use this magic after washing my hair

p4 sfx : *hyururu*

p5bx1 : If I put more power in, then I can create [wind] and even a [tornado]

p6bx1 : And at the end of the spectrum, I can even create a [cyclone]

p6bx2 : I was panicked as it started to look like a big disaster


page 13

p1bx1 : Next, I can also create [lighter]

p1 sfx : *snap*

p2bx1 : I can create a small fire like from a lighter by snapping my finger

p2 sfx : *sizzle*

p3bx2 : Which will evolve to [fire] and then to [flame]

p4bx1 : Then its strongest version is [Flamer]*
*PRN: Better have a good e-mail filter.

p4bx2 : This could also start a disaster

p5bx1 : The fact that livelihood magic can turn into offensive magic actually scares me

p5bx2 : But it might be a good idea to remember this for self defence


page 14

p1bx1 : Other than that

p1 top right card :


Focuses on surprise attack

The ability to completely

erase one’s presence

p1 top middle card :


Protects the caster

From various attacks

Shield changes depending

On the caster’s magical energy

p1 top left card :


Can create Ice

p1 bottom right card :


Can create a ball of light

To illuminate your surroundings

No matter where you are

p1 bottom middle card :


Erects barriers

That conceal one’s presence

And prevent anything from coming close

p1 bottom left card :


Call lightning strike from the sky

*TLN : The kanji are too blurry, sorry for any goof ups.

p1bx2 : I should be thankful for my gaming knowledge. Or so it seems…

p2bx1 : If I can do the basics, then it’s only a matter of application

p2b1 : [Heat]!

p2 sfx : *boiling*

p3bx1 : For example, If I heat water into vapour and then cool it with wind

p3b1 : [Wind]!

p3 sfx : *Swooosh*

p4bx1 : Then I can create a veil of mist that is perfect for hiding

p5bx1 : I’ll think about any other methods of application when they come to mind

p5bx2 : I suppose this will be enough self defense for now

p5 sfx : *scribble*

p6bx1 : I don’t want to use them if I can help it but I’m sure there will be times that I don’t have any other choice

p6 paper :


Dry -> Wind -> Tornado -> Cyclone

Lighter -> Fire -> Flame -> Flamer

-Light             -Shadow             -Barrier

-Shield           -Thunder            -Ice

Make water vapour

And cool it with wind to make mist


page 15

p1bx1 : That aside, I’m so happy to know that I can create fire or water out of nothingness

p2bx1 : I’m so happy that I started skipping like a fool before I realized it

p2 sfx : *ahaha*

p3bx1 : If someone sees me now, he will definitely think of me as a suspicious person

p3bx2 : But thanks to me skipping like a fool

p4bx1 : I found myself already in the White Tree Forest by evening

p4bx2 : I heard that normally it would take a full day to arrive here… how far exactly did my physical power go up…?


page 16

p1b1 : Well… it’s good that I arrived faster but…

p2b1 : It seems that I arrived at a bad time

p2 sfx : *Gigigigi*

p3b1a : I expect that going into the forest during the night will be too dangerous

p3b1b : I’ll set up a camp before it gets dark

p4b1 : It seems that here’s a good place since they can’t see me here from the main road

p4 sfx : *drop*

p5b1 : Let’s make sure that this place is safe and set a barrier first

p6b1 : there

p6b2 : there

p6b3 : there

p6b4 : and there

p7b1 : Alright, activate barrier!


page 17

p2b1 : Yep yep, it looks perfect just like I imagined

p3b1 : Although… I’m a bit worried since the book says that magic stones are highly valuable

p3b2 : Is it really okay for me to use them just like this ?

p4b1 : Welp, next is my meal

p4 sfx : *plop*

p5b1 : First, put a pot onto a whole bunch of magic stones

p5 sfx : *clank*

p6b1 : And then put in water from the water bottle

p6 sfx : *slosh*


page 18

p1b1 : Yep, this is just like I imagined too

p1b2 : I made it by using magic stones while thinking of stones that produce heat

p1 sfx : *boil*

p2b1 : Then put in seasonings from Okami-san

p2b2 : And vegetables that I gathered today

p2 sfx : *splash*

p3b1 : And finally put in the meat

p3 sfx : *plop*

p4b1 : It’s finished!!

p4bx1 :

<Takeru special meat soup>

It has a strong kick of meatiness

If you put in vegetables

It tastes lighter and refreshing

p4bx2 :

<Gallop inn special Sandwich>

A satisfyingly big

And perfectly nutritious sandwich

The one eaten this morning

Was stuffed with ham

And freshly picked vegetables


page 19

p1b1 : I’ll start eating then

p2b1 : Let’s start with the soup

p3 sfx : *slurp*

p4b1 : The meaty broth tastes like super tasty consommé that I can’t stop slurping!!

p4b2 : The seasoning that I received from Okami-san tastes really good!

p4 sfx : *Oohhh!*

p5 letters : And then the meat!

p6b1 : *chomp*

p7b1 : Whooaaa!

p7b2 : The meat’s juices and the soup complement each other, this is just too good!!


page 20

p1b1 : The vegetables that I picked up along the way are so crisp, too!

p1b2 : They’re a perfect fit with the meats!!

p1 sfx : *crisp*

p2b1 : And then…

p2b2 : I’ll finish it with the Gallop Inn special sandwich

p3 letters right : It tastes awesome!

p3 letters middle : The ingredients are simple but that’s what makes it great!

p3 letters left : When I go back, I’ll ask for the recipe and hints on how to make such a delicious sandwich!

p4b1 : This is just the best!!

p4b2 : Alternate world’s are just the best!!


page 21

p1b1 : [Clean]

p2 sfx : *sparkle*

p3b1 : It feels so good that I don’t need to clean up after finishing my meal, this is the pinnacle of happiness!!

p4b1 : Moreover, [clean] also cleaned up my teeth too…

p4b2 : There’s no wonder why science is not advancing much here, magic is just too convenient!

p5b1 : With magic like this, people can live lazily!

p6b1 : I feel so lazy that I don’t feel like standing up at all


page 22

p1b1 : I’ll wake up early tomorrow, clean up, and then walk with my own two legs

p2b1 : I don’t want to get fat after all

p2b2 : I’ll do.. what…

p2b3 : I can do… by myself..

p3b1 : …

p5 sfx : *Gigigigi*


page 23

p1b1 : I thought it was because I arrived here in the evening that couldn’t see too far inside but it’s the same in the morning too

p1b2 : Am I really going to enter this forest… This forest is on the next level compared to *Fuji’s Sea of Tree

*TLN : Also known as Aokigahara forest

p1 sfx : *Kikiki*

p2b1 : According to the map, I just need to go straight east from here, then I will pop out inside a canyon

p2b2 : And I will be able to find mithril ore around that place

p2 letter top : White Tree Forest

p2 letter bottom : Berakia Great Forest

p3bx1a : For an area where you can mine a precious ore like mithril

p3bx1b : It’s usually maintained by a landlord or a country…

p3bx2 :But this area which is also called as [Ancient Dragon Forest] is an area filled with monsters

p3b1 : … Did that old man really go to such a dangerous place?

p4b1 : Even so…

p4b2 : Dragon huh… That’s just perfect…

p4 sfx : *smile*

p5b1a : If I were a rank A adventurer

p5b1b : Then at least I wouldn’t get surprise attacked

p5b2 : But there’s no way a material hunter can be that strong


page 24

p1bx1 : Mithril ore is a precious material

p1bx2 : Only those with enough knowledge and experience can find it

p2bx1 : Thus adventurers and material hunters tend to avoid this forest

p2bx2 : But it is a place where people can get rich quickly by risking their life

p3b1 : Now then…

p3b2 : Let’s go material hunting

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