Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 7

Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 7

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Athena13 TL

Sozai Saishuka 7

The green lines are the dragon’s, I know next to nothing about old English or Shakespearean, so feel free to change them.

page 2

p1bx1 : Glowing golden eyes

p2bx1 : Huge white fangs

p3bx1 : And bulky jet black body

p3bx2 : That looks more like iron armour rather than scales

p4bx1 : The dragon looks a few times bigger compared to the tyrannosaurus rex that I saw in the museum

p4bx2a : The pressure that it emits numbs my whole body

p4bx2b : And makes my hair stand on end

p4  sfx : *Roar*

p5b1 : Hummmm

p5b2 : So thee can stand in mine own presence, I see

p6b1a : Hm?

p6b1b : What’s this? Telepathy?

p6b2a : It seems that he sends words straight to my brain, it feels weird…

p7bx1 : He looks angry, let’s sincerely say sorry then.

p7b1 : I didn’t know that this was your home and have intruded here without permission

p7 sfx : *Shine*

page 3

p1b1 : Therefore I offer you my sincerest apologies

p1 sfx : *Bow*

p2bx1a : I was 28 when I died…

p2bx1b : And I’ve lowered my head to all kinds of big people since I started working in the company but…

p2bx2 : I never thought that there would come a day when I lowered my head to a dragon…

p3b1 : thee art forsooth a man of dignity

p3b2 : fufufu

p4b1 : doth thy knoweth that this lake is a nest of an ancient dragon?

p4b2 : No!

p4b3 : I had no idea at all!!

page 4

p1b1a : Although I heard that this place was called The Ancient Dragon Forest once

p1b1b : But I thought that it was something from quite a few years ago

p1bx1 : It’s a bad habit of a salary man to start talking incessantly when facing someone in higher position than himself.

p1 sfx : Hahaha

p2b1 : What art thou?

p2b2 :  Thou?

p2b3 : …

p3b1a : Aah… “thou” means “you”, right?

p3b1b : My name is Kamishiro Takeru

p3b2 : And I’m a human

p3b3 : Hmmm… human…

p4b1 : I hath felt an enormous pool of magical power that suddenly appeared

p4b2 : And thus it woke me up

p5b1a: Enormous magic power, huh?

p5b1b : Hmmm… I wonder what could that be?

p5b2 : Art thee a nincompoop?

p6b1 : Nincompoop?

p6b2 :Nincompoop… That means stupid, right? Eehhhh…

page 5

p1b1 : It’s a not stupid thing to say that you don’t understand something that you don’t know

p1 sfx : *Fuuh*

p2b1 :Nuuu

p2 sfx : *Glare*

p3b1 : …I’m sorry for saying something cheeky

p3 sfx : *shrink*

p4b1 : But still, I don’t understand what I don’t understand

p4b2 : So what is this strong magical power that he was talking about..

p5b1 : Fufufu

p5 sfx : *Shaking*

p6 small bubbles on right end and left end : *Rattle*

p6b1 : Eh…?

p6b2  (black bubble) : Fuhahahah…

p6b3 : Shaking?

p6 sfx : *Rumbling*

p7 sfx : *Hahahahaha*

p8b1 : !?

page 6

p1b1 : *Crack*

p1-p3 sfx in white letters : Hahahaha

p2b1 : Whoa

p2 sfx : *Bam

p3b1 : Wait, wait!

p4b1 : No no no, please stop laughing!

p4b2 : Oh

p4 sfx : *Rumbling*

p5b1 : Mine apologies, Takeru

p5b2 : That is forsooth true, not understanding something is indeed not stupid

p6b1 : I… I’m sorry for my impertinence

p6b1 small letters : I thought I would get killed

p6 sfx : *Haah*

p7b1a : I doth not mind

p7b1b : As far as I can see, Thee art neither stupid nor a wanderer

p7b2 : Well, what can I say….

page 7

p1 letters : I’m sure he won’t understand even if I say that I was transported from Earth to Madeus

p1 sfx bottom left : Hmmm…

p2b1a : Well…

p2b1b : I was born through a special method

p2b2 : I see

p3b1 : I know not what thou art

p3b2 : But thee possess enough power to wake me up

p4b1a : Eh?

p4b1b : Is it that because this light was too bright?

p4b2 : I didst not mean that

p4 sfx : *Shiine*

p5b1 : What I meant to say is thy power rivals mine

p5b2 : Magic power?

page 8

p1b1 : Now that you mention it… I don’t easily get tired, at all

p1b2 : There must be more than that

p1b3 : And I can use magic too

p1b4 : …Art thee really human?

p1b5: More or less, yes…?

p1b6 : …

p2b1 That aside, it matters not what thou art

p3b1 : Although I hast hath lived for a few thousand years but this is the first time I meet someone like thee

p3b2 : A few thousand years…?

p4b1 : Excuse me but… By any chance, are you the ancient dragon?

p4b2 : Me?

p5b1 : Well…I was indeed called like that in the past

p5b2 : Seriously?!

p5 sfx : *Oooooh*

page 9

p1b1a : As expected of a legendary creature!!

p1b1b : There’s this air of reverence and divinity coming from you!!

p2b1 : Humph is that so? fufufu

p2bx1 : Welp, that doesn’t seem to be 100% true, though

p2 sfx : *Smile*

p3b1a : I’ve seen an elf before but…

p3b1b : This is the first time I’ve met another race!

p3b2 : And, not to mention, that I’ve always been wanting to meet a dragon!!

p3b3 : That is to be expected

p4b1a : Thy magic power is way too strong

p4b1b : Therefore, I believe all low class creatures will not even try to come close

p4b2 : Eh?

p5b1 : What do you mean by low class creatures?

p5b2 : Those gents art creatures with low intelligence

p5b3 : … So that would mean common monsters and animals, right?

p5b4 : Indeed

p6b1 : So my magic power is so strong that monsters won’t even come close, huh…?

p6b2 : Well… At least now I know that it wasn’t because of my smell but I don’t know what to feel about it…

page 10

p1b1 : Too strong magic power shall only becometh poison

p1b2 : Thee might not notice this but this lake hast been basking in mine own magical energy for years

p1b3 : Therefore this place possesses a high concentration of magical energy

p2b1a : Is it because of that high concentration of magical energy

p2b1b : That this underground lake was created?

p2b2 : Indeed

p2b3 : But too strong magic power shall only becometh poison

p3b1 : Thus it shalt kill me one day

p3b2 : Eh

p4b1 : But not need to worry since it shalt not kill thee

p4b2 : Since thy body is  a high concentration of crystallized magical energy

p5b1 : Uhmmm… Mr. Ancient Dragon, may I ask you a question?

p5b2 : ….

p5b3 : Mine own nameth is Voldias

p6b1 : Vo…Vorudewhat…

p6b2 : May I call you Vol-san instead?

p6b3 : …As you wish

page 11

p1b1 : You said that monsters and animals won’t come close to me due to my too strong magical power, right?

p1b2 : Indeed

p2 letters right : Actually I want to work as a material collector where I collect raw materials and then sell them

p2 letters left : Because of that, there will be a time when I need to gather materials and meats from monsters too

p3b1a : And so it would be troublesome for me if all the monsters run away from me

p3b1b : What should I do?

p3b2 : …

p4b1 : I cannot grant thee thy wish

p4b2 : I thought so too…

p5 letters right : It would be great if there’s a way to suppress my overflowing magical power but…

p5 letters left : It will cause some troubles too if I am to reduce my magical power

p6 letters : Moreover, there’s no way I can suppress something that I am not in control of

p7b1 : Sir Takeru…

p7b2 : ?

page 12

p1b1 : Wouldst thee mind lending me thy power?

p1b2 : Excuse me?

p2b1 : With thy raw strength

p2b2 : Thee should be able to awaken mine own children

p3bx1 : Vol-san said that words while looking down with a sad face

p3bx2 : And then he started telling me his story

p4bx1a : The Black God Voldias was one of the 4 Gods that looked over the world

p4bx1b : He has the duty to create and protect the world, and also to uphold peace in this world

p4bx2a : But then a few hundred years ago, the flow of magical energy that surrounds the world suddenly changed

p4bx2b : And so the magical energy in this lake became stagnant

page 13

p1bx1a : Because of that, Voldias’ children who were supposed to watch over the next era can’t wake up from their eggs

p1bx1b : While on the other hand, Voldias’ too powerful magical energy is also eating his body from the inside

p1bx2a : It seems that too concentrated magical energy is also a bad thing

p1bx2b : but putting that aside, Vol-san is a real God!!!

p2bx1 : And then there is me, I who have a huge amount of magical power

p2bx2 : Came out of nowhere without knowing anything

p3bx1 : And if I pour in my raw magical power which hasn’t turned into poison yet into Voldias’ eggs, it might be able to let the eggs hatch

p3bx2 : Thus it will give birth for the next generation of powerful dragons

p4bx1 : And then I who will have lost some of my magical power

p4bx2 : Can recover by taking the magical energy inside this cave

page 14

p1b1 : Is it really okay for me to absorb the magical energy that has become poison even for Vol-san?

p1b2 : What art thee talking about?

p2b1 : If it be true mine own magical energy hast becometh poison to thee

p2b2 : Then thee wouldst has’t died when thee took thy first step inside this cavern

p3b1 : Is that really true?!!!

p3b2 : But even so, thee hath walked here unburdened by it

p4b1 : Well… I don’t mind if it’s really safe for the both of us

p4b2 : Thee shalt not get killed over this

p5b1 : But there’s one more thing

p5b2a : There’s a reason as to why I entered this cave

p5b2b : I’m actually looking for mithril ore

p5b2a small letters : Something like this

p6b1 : Doth not worry

p6b2 : I can provideth thee that

p6 sfx : *Dip…*

page 15

p2 sfx : *Plop* *plop*

p3b1 : Another shaking?

p3b2 : Whoa

p3 sfx : *Rumbling*

p5 sfx : *Rumbling*

p6b1 : Is…

p6b2 : Isn’t this!?

p6 sfx : *Rumbling*

page 16

p1b1 : Whoa…

p1 sfx : *Sparkling*

p2b1a : This…

p2b1b : Is amazing but…

p2b2 : It somehow feels a bit different than what I imagined…

p2 diagram :

  Mithril Magic Ore

  Rank SS

  It is the highest quality among all kinds of mithril ores

  It’s a magic ore of high purity level that was soaked in high concentration of magical energy

  for years

  It possesses outstanding durability and ability to absorb magical energy



  It almost never comes up in the marketplace. Swords that are made from this ore are called a

  magic sword and categorized as a [Divine Weapon]

  Divine Weapons are weapons that were not made by humans and house the power of God

p3b1 : Thee may  take as much as thee wanteth

p3b2 : You’re way too generous?!

p4b1a : If I bring this much mithril, it will definitely cause the market to crash

p4b1b : Do you have other mithril ore that I can safely bring into human society?

p4b2a : I see…

p4b2b : Thou art not a greedy person, indeed

p5b1 : Well… Actually I do want to take all of them…

p5b2 : But I just don’t want to get caught up in any trouble

page 17

p1 letters right : It has a different level of radiance compared to normal mithril…

p1 letters left : I don’t want to go back with my current findings so I might just take some…

p2b1 : I will take some then

p2b2 : Of course

p2b3 :  And then… About your children… where is this egg that won’t hatch?

p3b1 : Art thee going to doth mine own requesteth?

p3b2a : You’ve already shown me this amazing thing, after all

p3b2b : Let’s leave whether it’ll work or not for later and just try it out for now

p4b1 : Thee hast mine own deepest gratitude

p5 sfx : *Swish*

p6 sfx : *Shine*

p7 sfx : *Shaking*

page 18

p1 sfx : *Swoosh*

p2b1 : Ohh

p2b2 : So big

p2 sfx : *Floating*

p3 sfx : *Floating*

p4b1 : I got it!

p4 sfx : *Bam*

p5b1 : I can hear a faint sound of a beating heart but… it’s so cold

p5 sfx : *Thump* *Thump*

p6 letters right : Eggs that close to hatching are supposed to be warm

p6 letters left : But this egg looks rather more like a fossil or a clump of stones…

page 19

p1b1 : Vol-san, what should I do next with this?

p1b2 : Pour thy magical energy into it

p2b1 : How?

p2b2 : It’s as if thee tryeth to grant this shining light

p3 letters : Give light huh…?

p4 letters right : Hmmm… Pour in magical power… And give light

p4 letters middle : That’s just way too vague that I don’t know what to do

p4 letters left : I’ll just try to warm it for now

p5 letters right : Which in this case

p5b1 : Heat!!

page 20

p2b1 : No matter whether it’s an egg or whatever, all things that contain souls are warm

p3b1 : So I’ll warm it up for now,  basically, if it keeps sleeping then I just need to wake it up!!

p4b1 : What’s this? since I started using heat

p5b1 : It feels like as if my body is being sucked into this egg…

p6b1 : This is bad…

page 21

p1b1 : Oh crap…

p1b2 : This is really bad!

p2b1 : It’s sucking my body without holding back…

p3b1 : Vol-san, you’re laughing too hard!

p5b1 : It’s shaking so bad!!

page 22

top right bubble : My body… keeps being sucked in… without any pause… or pain…

middle right bubble : At this rate… My body… will cease… to exist

bottom right bubble : It hasn’t… even been… a month… since I came here…

bottom middle bubble : I still…Want to see… all  kind of things….

top left bubble : That God… you better remember this!!!

middle left bubble : Even if I am… To be consumed… by this… thing…

bottom left bubble : I’ll… freaking curse you… to death!!!

page 23

sfx : *flicker*

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