Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 9

Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki Chapter 9

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Athena13 TL
Sozai Saishuka 9
page 1
p1b1 My name is Kamishiro Takeru. I was dead at 28.
p1b2 Then for some reason, I was transported from the earth and was reborn into this planet Madeus.
p2b1a The main culprit who did this to me
p2b1b Gave me magic power, a strange bag, and my youth back.
p2b2 And now, I’m travelling around the world as a material collector…
p2 tag This Person.
p3b1 I gather all kinds of interesting things that I find during my journey and sell them
p3b2 And have a nice talk with people from this world.
p3b3 I even got a dragon cub to take care of now…
page 2
p1b1 Oh!! We’re out!!
p1b2 Pyui?
p2b1 Although it was only a day, it felt like such a long day…
p3b1 Pyu pyuii.
p3b2 Oh, my bad…
p3b3 It was way longer for you, right?
p3 sfx *Hahaha*
p4b1 *Grumble*
p4b2 Ugh, I’m hungry and thirsty now…
p5b1 Bii, Here’s water for you.
p5b2 Pyui?
page 3
p1b1 Whoa… You really like it, don’t you?
p1 sfx *Gulp* *Gulp*
p2b1 Pyui!
p2b2 You want me to drink too?
p3b1 *Gulp*
p3b2 *Gulp*
p3 ltr1 … Yep, this is very nice clear water.
p4b1 Let’s see, where should I go next from the entrance to the underground lake?
p4b2a If Im to go back to the forest again, then I would need to climb through the valley, but it’ll get dark and dangerous soon.
p4b2b Bii, we’re going to camp here for today, okay?
page 4
p1b1 Alright, it’s done!!
p1bx1 <Takeru Special Soup>

(2nd Time)

Just like the first time but with an extra carrot. I also added some milk to soften the taste.

p1bx2 <Takeru Special Steak>

Seasoned with herbs that I gathered along the way and spices from Gallop Inn.

p2b1a It’s pretty well made, if I may say so myself!
p2b1b Alright then, let’s dig in!!
p2b2 Yururu…
p2 sfx *Clap*
p3b1a Hm?
p3b1b Do you want it too?
p3b2 Pyuu Pyui!!
p3 sfx *Nod* *Nod*
p4b1 Ehh? Is that really alright? You won’t get a stomachache from eating human food, will you?
p4b2 Pyu Pyu Pyui Pyui!!
p4 sfx *Ehh*
page 5
p1b1a Here you go.
p1b1b Be careful, it’s still hot.
p1b2 Pyui!!
p2 sfx *Gulp*
p3b1 Pyui!!
p3b1 small letters (Hot!!)
p4b1 No need to be hasty, blow on it first just like this.
p4 sfx *Fuuh*
p5 sfx *Pyuuu* *Pyuuu*
p6 sfx *Gulp* *Gulp*
p7 sfx Piiii!!
p8b1a Oh, do you like it?
p8b1b Then how about this one?
p8b2 Pyuuii!
p9b1 Pyuii!!
p9b2 Whoa!! I told you to blow on it first, didn’t I?
page 6
p1b1 I’m glad that he liked it.
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1a After all, it wouldn’t be interesting if my partner could only drink water.
p2b1b So I’m glad that he can eat other foods too.
p2 sfx *Puff*
p3b1 Bii, aren’t you lonely being away from your parent?
p3b2 Pyui?
p5b1 ?
p5 sfx *Crawl* *Crawl*
p6b1 Pyuui.
page 7
p1 ltr1 Is he saying that it’s alright as long as he has me around?
p1 ltr2 Wh… What a cute boy…
p2 ltr1 B… But, it’s exactly because he’s cute that I have to raise him properly.
p3b1a I don’t know how fast ancient dragons can grow, but you’re still a little cub.
p3b1b So even if you’re stronger than me, you can’t do anything reckless, okay?
p3b2 Pyupyuuu.
p4b1 Oh?
p4b2 I somehow feel like I can understand what you’re trying to say…
p5b1a I’m happy that you want to help me,
p5b1b But it’s an adult’s job to protect small kids.
p5b2 Pyuui.
p6b1 Moreover, if anything happens to you, then Vol-san will be super angry with me.
p6b2 So it would be helpful if you understand that.
p6 sfx *Gyaaaazzzz!!!*
p7b1 …?
p7b2a Bii?
p7b2b Are you listening?
page 8
p1b1 There you go sleeping so comfortably…
p1 sfx Grrrrrr… brrrrrr…. (maybe like a cat purring).
p2b1 [Scan].
p2 ltr1 I’ll just use [scan] on him while he’s sleeping.
p2 ltr2 As someone who will raise him, I need to know his ability.
p3bx1 Black Noubi

Ancient Volcano Dragon

Name : Hidden (Black Noubi Voldias)

Current Rank : B Latent Rank : SS


Spirit Magic (Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, Light, Dark)


Spirit magic is a magic power attained by communicating with the spirit in the air and offering magic energy to it.


Blessing of the Ancient Dragon; Takeru Kamishiro’s Split Soul; Language Understanding; Limitless Evolution.

p4b1 Rank B right off the bat, huh…
p4 sfx *Silence*
p5 ltr1 I still don’t know for sure how to interpret this ranking system but…
p5 ltr2 Noubi is an ancient dragon cub so I’m sure he’s pretty strong…
page 9
p1 ltr1 But still… I know I did ask for a cute companion, but I never thought that it would be a dragon.
p1 ltr2 That God… Was this intentional?
p2 ltr1 Well…
p3 ltr1 Putting that aside…
p3 ltr2 This guy is indeed a cute partner, so I guess that’s fine too.
p4b1 Now then, I’ve put up my barrier too.
p5b1 And I’ve also set the fire stone to keep us safe.
p5 sfx *Burning*
p6b1 Since it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain at all, I think I can just sleep like this for tonight.
page 10
p2 ltr1 I only got a small amount of Mithril that I was looking for but…
p2 ltr2 It’s all good since I still got some.
p3 ltr1 I hope Jerome will forgive me for bringing only a small piece of Mithril.
p3 ltr2 I guess I’ll just make some excuse with all the iron and silver that I got here.
p4 ltr1
p4 ltr2 But how am I going to explain about Bii…
p5 ltr1 Maybe I can say something like I found an egg on my way and it hatched…
p5 ltr2 And since it started following me around, so I had no choice but to bring him with me.
page 11
p1 ltr1 Moreover, since black dragons exist in this world so I can just say that he’s a black dragon cub.
p1 ltr2 After all, I can’t explain well if I say something like he’s an ancient dragon cub.
p3bx1 Next day.
p3 ltr1 We woke up together as the sun was rising.
p4 ltr1 I made a simple breakfast and gave water to Bii to drink.
p5 ltr1 Then we easily climbed the cliff to get back to the forest.
p5 ltr2 I’ve decided that I’ll only use [Fly] when I really have to.
p6b1 Eh?
p6b2 Seriously??
page 12
p2b1 What in the world happened in one night?
p2b2 Pyui!
p3b1 Pyui!
p3b2a Oh? Are you going to fly?
p3b2b Don’t go too far, okay?
p4 ltr1 It seems that Bii was soo happy
p4 ltr2 Since this is the first time he’s seeing the outside world.
p5b1 Alright!
p5b2 While Bii is flying around, I’ll start gathering any C-rank materials that I can find.
page 13
p1b1 Hm?
p2b1 I’ve never seen this herb before.
p2b2 And this too.
p3b1 It seems that I can find some new things here now that the forest has changed.
p4b1 ?
p4 sfx *Pyuiii*
p5b1 Uhukkk!!
p5 sfx *Bam*
p6b1 What’s wrong? What happened?
p6b2 Pyuuuuuu…
page 14
p1 ltr1 I shouldnt ignore an animals instinct…
p1 ltr2 This means that something must have happened…
p2b1 [Search]!! Expand!!
p2b2 Target, aggressive monster!!
p3b1 Wha-
p3 sfx *Beep* *Beep* *Beep**Beep* *Beep* *Beep**Beep* *Beep*
p4b1a What the hell, they were all avoiding me yesterday as if I’m a dirty thing.
p4b1b Were they thinking of jumping on me while they’re still energetic in the morning?
p4b2 Ah, is it because I took some of Vol-san’s magic energy?
p5b1a Welp, I guess that’s fine too, I can get good experience in hunting monster with this.
p5b1b Moreover, I can also get some rare materials too.
p5b2 [Search], Expand, Target, parts of the monsters that contain D-rank material.
page 15
p1b1 Oh, I found some.
p1b2 And it’s quite a lot.
p1 ltr1 Current position.
p2b1 Pyui?
p2b2 Don’t worry, I’ll handle it somehow, just go hide and make sure to hold on to me.
p2 sfx *Pop out*
p3b1 Pyu!
p3b2a Ouch!
p3b2b Don’t stab me with your claws!!
p3 sfx *Stab*
p4b1 I did tell you to hold on to me, but please don’t use your claws, okay?
p4b2 Pyui pyui!!
p4 sfx *Flutter* *Flutter*
p5b1 Hm?
p5 sfx *Flap* *Flap*
p6b1 Whoa!! You got to be kidding me?!
p6 sfx *Flap* *Flap*
page 16
p1bx1 Rock Falcon

Rank C

A big, aggressive, carnivorous bird. Its fat is so sweet and delicious and its backbone can be processed to make a special seasoning.

It uses its sharp beak to nip on people’s eyes. So be careful with its quick movements.

p1 sfx *Roarrr*
p2b1 It’s huge…
p2 sfx Pyaaaaaa.
p3 ltr1 … But is it because I saw Vol-san before that it looks rather cute in my eyes?
p4 ltr1 Or to be more precise…
p5 ltr1 Isn’t this…
p6 ltr1 I can only look at it as flying food!!
p6b1 Pyu!?
p6b2 *Drool*
page 17
p1b1 I won’t do any needless killing.
p1b2 But it’s for the sake to keep on living, so let us hunt you!!
p1 sfx *Set up barrier*
p2b1 [Ice Needle], Execute!
p2 sfx *Bam*
p3b1 Although it’s okay to attack with fire, it’s just that I can’t let the meat and the forest get burnt after all.
p4b1 Come on then, tasty meat-chan.
p4b2 Giii!!
page 18
p1 sfx *Gyaaaa*
p2b1 It’s simple then if you come straight to me like that!!
p3b1 Take this!!
p3 sfx *Swoosh*
page 19
p1b1 Gya!!
p2b1a I did it!! I just got the meat!!
p2b1b Uh, I mean, it’s for our safety.
p2 sfx *Bomf*
p3b1 *kyupi*
page 20
p1b1a And then the next meat… I mean.
p1b1b The next monsters are here, 6 of them.
p1bx1 Serpent Wolf

Rank C

An aggressive, carnivorous wolf. It can attack by extending its snake-like tail. The skin on its tail is enveloped with paralysis poison, so be careful not to touch it.

p1 sfx *Grrrrrrr*
p2 sfx *Run*
p3b1 Next is close quarter combat huh…
p4b1 *[Quick], activate! **[Reduction], activate! Plus activate ***[Hard] on both my arms and legs!
TLN *Speed Augmentation

** Weight Reduction


page 21
p1 sfx *Swoosh*
p2b1a Whoa.
p2b1b I jumped higher than I thought I would.
p3b1 Eat this!!
p3 sfx *Bam*
page 22
p1 sfx *Bomf*
p2 sfx *Growl*
p3 sfx *Swish…*
p4b1 Hah!
p4 sfx *Bam*
page 23
p1b1 Hoh!!
p1 sfx *Bam*
p2b1 Hahaha, it’s great to have long legs!!
p2 sfx *Flail* *Flail*
p3b1a Uwaahh…
p3b1b That one is still charging in, even after seeing its friends get beaten.
p3 sfx *Charging*
p4b1 Just give it up already!!
p4 sfx *Bam*
p5b1 * Smack*
p5b2 * Bomf*
page 24
p2 sfx *Swallow*
p3b1 Fuuh…
p3 sfx *Gulp*
p4b1 With this, I just stored all the food that I just got…
p4 card ribbon Monster Carcass.
p4 card description Serpent Wolf X 6

Rock Falcon X 1

p5b1 Well, I’m happy with this, but… This is too much trouble!
p5b2 I can’t keep doing this until we get out of the forest!!
p5 sfx *Haah*
p6b1 But again…
p6b2 No sweet without sweat.
p6 sfx *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*
p7b1 Haah… I have no choice but to do this huh…
p7 sfx *Pull*
Page 25
P1b1 Hm? What are you doing, Bii?
P1b2 Are you thinking of getting out of this place by flying?
P1 sfx *Flap* *Flap*
P2b1 Pyuuiiiiii…
P3b1 OOhhh…
P3 sfx *Float*
P4b1 You got to be kidding me, you’re really strong, Bii.
P4 sfx *Flap* *Flap*
P5b1 Alright then, in that case…
P5b2 [Reduction]!!
P6 sfx *Swoosh*
Page 26
P1 sfx *Swooooosh*
P2b1 Wh…
P2b2 Whoaaaaaa!!!!
P2 sfx *Flapping hard*
P3b1 Bii!! You’re flying too high!!
P3b2 Pyui?
P3 sfx *Sparkle*