Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 41

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 41

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Page 1
p1 b1 Naofumi,
p1 b2 wasn’t it?
p2 b1 Looks like we meet again.
p3 b1 Yea.
p4 b1 If possible, I didn’t want to meet you again though.
Page 2-3
text 1 Another encounter with the strongest enemy!
title Chapter 41: Elixer of Life
Page 4
p1 text 1 What should I do?
p2 text 1 Last time I couldn’t do anything against her.
p2 text 2 It was hard with even against Raruk and Teris but now…
p3 b1 How should we face them!?
p3 b2 This time I won’t let you escape.
p4 b1 Let’s bring an end to this.
Page 5
p3 b1 What’s the damage? Can we still go on?
p4 b1 Only clear out monsters that will get in the way of rescuing our crew!
p4 b2 And don’t chase them too far.
p5 b1 Your highness! It’s not a good idea to stay in this place for too long…
p5 b2 If we receive that attack again, we will…
p5 b3 No.
Page 6
p1 b1 “The enemy” isn’t paying attention to us right not.
p1 b2 If we don’t attack them, they probably won’t do anything to us.
p2 b1 They really are underestimating us.
p3 b1 The only thing that we can currently do is
p4 b1 save as many lives as we can!!
p5 b1 Is anyone there!?
p5 b2 If yes, answer!
p6 b1 Okay. Let’s return at once.
p6 b2 Huh?
Page 7
p1 b1 What’s the matter?
p1 b2 I think I heard something…
p4 b1 Wha-
Page 8
p1 b1 Let’s return at once.
p2 b1 Got that!
Page 9
p1 b1 Raruk
p2 b1 You should step back.
p2 b2 I’ll take on the Shield Hero myself.
p2 b3 What!?
p2 b4 What are you saying, Miss!!
p3 b1 And here I was finally enjoying my battle with Naofumi!!
p4 b1 I thought that might have been the case.
p5 b1 As proof of that
Page 10
p1 b1 They are not giving it their all.
p2 b1 What do you mean?
p2 b2 When he gives it his all, the shield he uses is
p3 b1 much more
p3 b2 sinister than that.
Page 11
p1 text Tch.
p2 b1 I see!
p2 b2 To think that he had much more up his sleeve…
p2 b3 Well, that’s just as expected of him!!
p3 b1 It makes me want to battle him even more!!
p4 b1 Raruk
p5 b1 That’s precisely why I can’t leave him to you.
Page 12
p3 b1 Wai-
p3 b2 Miss.
p4 b1 Well then,
Page 13
p1 b1 Give it your all.
p2 b1 Give it my all?
Page 14
p1 b1 Don’t screw with me!!
Page 15
p3 b1 What happened?
p4 b1 Miss.
p4 b2 I don’t think Naofumi would go easy on us
Page 16
p1 b1 Are you sure about that?
p2 b1 Well, yeah.
p2 b3 I only realized it a little while ago though.
p3 b1 Before I realized it, I couldn’t use any of my skills. That’s when I knew.
p5 b1 Soul Eat
p5 text It’s the Soul Eater Shield’s counter effect.
Page 17
p1 text 1 It takes away the opponent’s SP or MP.
p1 text 2 And only heroes can use skills.
p2 text 1 And there’s that Elixr of Life which is used to recover SP. If a normal person uses it, it only raises their concentration.
p2 text 2 Which means, Raruk is really from another world.
p3 text 1 But more importatnly, why did that girl react that way?
p3 text 2 When she touched the shield, the counter activated.
p4 text And she ran away.
Page 18
p2 text 1 Why?
p2 b1 Miss.
p2 b2 Yes,
p2 b3 I understand.
p3 b1 I won’t
p3 b2 underestimate him any more.
Page 19
p1 b1 Here they come!
p2 b1 I’ve got a plan! Raphtalia!
p3 b1 Got it!
p4 b1 Have you brought that along with you?
p5 b1 Pyroxene Blizzard!!
Page 20
p3 b1 Formal Kata
Page 21
p1 b1 Reverse Style Hail Flower Storm!!
p2 b1 Meteor Shield!
Page 24
p1 b1 Shield Prison!!
p2 b1 Whaaa-!?
p3 b1 Raruk!
Page 25
p2 b1 Hyaa
p3 b1 Teris!
p4 b1 Let her go!
Page 26
p4 b1 That Sword-
Page 27
p2 b1 Zweite Aura!!
Page 28-29
Page 30
p3 b1 Glass-san!
p4 b1 Guh.
Page 31
p1 b1 I’m sorry.
p2 b1 Pyroxene Explosion!!
p3 b1 Raphtalia! Fiiro!
p4 b1 Are you alright?
Page 32
p1 b1 We’re all right, Master!
p2 b1 It did hit her but,…
p2 b2 I see.
p3 b1 Looks like it did quite a bit of damage on her.
p4 b1 Glass-san!
p4 b2 Not a problem.
Page 33
p1 b1 Compared to before, when I confronted him,
p1 b2 he has certainly become stronger.
p1 b3 I see.
p2 b1 He is the type of person that Raruk likes.
p3 b1 Sorry but it looks like this can’t be used again.
p4 text 1 “Soul Eat” takes SP or MP
p4 text 2 And that can slash the immaterial.
p5 text 1 I suspected her to be a spirit. She most likely is a spirit or a being close to a spirit.
Page 34
p1 text 1 Looks like it was a fortunate error.
p2 b1 We will
p2 b2 win this battle!!

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