Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 42

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 42

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Page 2
p1 b1 Ready explosive barrels!
p1 b2 Ready!!
p2 b1 Release!
Page 3
p4 b1 Port monsters eliminated!!
Page 4
p1 b1 Head straight for the fissure!!
p2 b1 We cannot afford to cross our fingers
p2 b2 and wait for them any longer.
p3 b1 Prepare incantation!!
p4 b1 We’ll begin attacking the fissure!
Page 5
title Chapter 42: Rukor’s Explosive Barrel
side text A shocking conclusion to the battle of rivalry between Naofumi’s group and Glass’s group…!?
Page 6
p1 b1 Looks like I don’t have any other choice but to admit it.
p2 b1 If our paths ever cross again,
p2 b2 I’m sure he’ll have become even stronger.
p3 b1 And for that reason, there won’t be a next time.
Page 7
p3 text The attacks have grown weak after all…
p3 b1 OK! Raphtalia!
p3 b2 Firo!!
Page 8
p1 b1 Don’t let this chance go away!!
Page 9
p2 b1 You don’t have your Magic Sword anymore?
p3 b1 You’re the one who broke it just now
p3 b2 but,
p4 b1 that sword is not the only weapon.
page 10
p2 b1 Erste Shield!
p3 b1 Change Shield!!
Page 11
p1 b1 Soul Eater Shileld!
p2 b1 Wha-
Page 12
p3 b1 Raruk
p3 b2 Ah! Complain later!
p4 b1 Are you alright, Miss?
p5 b2 x 3 Hah
Page 13
p1 b1 Alright!
p2 b1 Let’s keep it up!
p3 b1 As expected of you, Naofumi…
p4 b1 I don’t even have the leisure to go easy on you…
Page 14
p1 b1 I’ll also use my trump card!
Page 15
p1 b1 Item Drop!?
p3 b1 Careful
p3 text What is he planning?
p4 b1 Theris
p5 b1 Use these on her.
Page 16
p1 text Damn!
p1 b1 He plans to let her recover!!
p2 b1 Stop her!!
p3 b1 Use all of it.
p3 b2 I wanted to save them but…
p4 b1 What use are
p4 b2 items if they’re not used when needed!
Page 19
p1 text It was just for a moment.
p2 text Reflexively my body stiffened
p3 text because of this chill.
Page 21
p2 b1 Cancel incantation!
p2 b2 Cancel incantation!
p3 b1 Wha-
p4 b1 What in the world is this!?
Page 22
p1 b1 The ocean has been split into two!?
p2 b1 The heroes,
p3 b1 Are they okay!?
p5 b1 I found them! They’re okay.
p6 b1 But,,
Page 23
p2 b1 Naofumi-
Page 24
p4 b1 Naofumi-sama!!
Page 25
p2 b1 This is amazing…
p4 b1 Raruk
p5 b1 What is that item…
Page 26
p1 b1 those potions can only recover SP, but
p2 b1 it has an immense power up effect on you.
p3 b1 I see. Even I’m amazed at my strength…
Page 27
p3 b1 With this,
p4 b1 both of us can fight with all we’ve got.
Page 28
p1 b1 That shield…
p3 b1 The situation doesn’t look very promising…
p4 b1 Something…
p6 text Isn’t there something that can be done!?
Page 29
p1 text 1 Rather than recover, to think that she’d become stronger,
p1 text 2 that’s clearly cheating!?
p2 text 1 It’s a miracle that we’re holding on
p2 text 2 but at this rate…
p3 text 1 Should I use
p3 text 2 that?
p4 text If only
p5 text If only there was an opening…
Page 30
p4 b1 A barrel?
Page 31
p1 b1 The thing that I can do is…
p2 b1 Please receive this!
p3 b1 Iwatani-sama!! (TL Note: In case you’ve forgotten, the MC’s name is Iwatani Naofumi)
Page 32
p4 sfx dizzy
p4 b1 Wh-!?
Page 33 (TL Note: In case you’ve forgotten, Raruk is extremaly weak to this fruit and faints after eating just one. Refer to ch 36)
p1 b1 What is…
p1 b2 this?
p1 b3 Poison?
p2 b1 This-
p2 b2 This feels like…
p3 b1 Lucol’s fruit!!
p4 b1 Th-
p4 b2 This is bad.
p4 b3 Miss
p5 b1 To think that it could be used in this way…
Page 34
p1 b1 Above all, it’s good to know that you have felt the taste of alcohol.
p2 b1 Savor it.
p3 b1 For this is the end-
Page 35
p1 b1 Please stop!!
p1 b2 Raphtalia!?
p2 b1 Please don’t use that shield!!!
Page 36
p3 b1 Raruk-
p4 b1 Let go, Raphtalia!!
Page 37
p1 b1 Now is the chance to…
p2 b1 I can still… go on… Even if both of us fall…
p3 b1 I know. I know that, Miss.
p3 b2 But,
p4 b1 Time’s up.
Page 39
p2 b1 Dammit!
p3 b1 I was so close too…
p4 b1 Even though I could have defeated her…
Page 40
Page 41
p2 b1 Naofumi-sama
p3 b1 You saved me there, Rapthalia
p5 b1 And
p6 b1 Your majesty.
p7 b1 I’m glad that you’re alright.
p7 b2 But,
p7 b3 Please give your appreciation to that thing yourself.
Page 42
p1 b1 That thing?
p1 b2 Yes.
p2 b1 The one who gallantly clinged to the lucol-filled Explosive Barrel…
p3 b1 that thing.
p3 b2 Fueeeeeeeeee…
p4 b1 Who is that?

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