Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 44

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 44

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Page 1
P1 b1 Hey, Masterrrrr.
P1 b2 Can I go swim in the ocean for a bit?
P2 b1 What?
P4 b1 You want to swim at night?
P4 b2 Yup
P4 b3 It’s okay, right?
P5 b1 It doesn’t have to be right now, right?
P6 b1 After all, we’ll be staying on this island for a while.
Page 2
Title False Accusation, a second time
Side text An event which brings back the worst memories from the past!?
Page 3
P1 b1 No matter how you look at it, the ships are heavily damaged.
P1 b2 Also, the boss from the last wave was gigantic and they’re asking for help.
P1 b3 Right now, it’s just being postponed though.
P2 b1 Unless we reach far enough from this island, I can’t use my Porter* skill. (TL Note: *teleport skill)
P2 b2 Well, it can’t be helped.
P2 b3 As expected, we can’t escape from the wave unscathed…
P3 b1 Soooooooooo,
P3 b2 Is it okay if I go for a swim?
P3 b3 Like I said,
P3 b4 Do it tomorrow.
P4 b1 You just went inside the hot spring, didn’t you!!
P4 text You want to go to sleep after getting wet!?
P4 b2 But~~~~~~
P5 b1 Naofumi-sama,
P5 b2 Look there.
P5 b3 Hm?
Page 4
P1 b1 It’s the Spear Hero and
P1 b2 The Bow Hero’s…
P2 b1 Looks like it.
P2 b2 But, it’s quite a rare combination we got there.
P2 b3 Do you think they’re going for a swim?
P2 b4 Not a chance.
P3 b1 He’s hitting on her…
P3 b2 Probably.
P5 b1 Motoyasu!
P5 sfx Startle
Page 5
P1 b1 Cut it out.
P2 b1 At this point, I know that you don’t have any honor
P2 b2 But that doesn’t mean you can…
P3 b1 Naofumi!!
P4 b1 You came at a good time!
P4 b2 Please look after her!
P4 b3 What!?
P5 b1 Hey, clean up your mess yourself.
P5 b2 You probably forced her to…
P5 b3 What!?
P5 b4 I haven’t done anything to her. I’m not you!!
Page 6
P1 b1 Th-
P1 b2 That was not what I was sayin’
P2 b1 Anyways,
P2 b2 Now it’s in your hands!
P2 b3 H-Hey!
P3 b1 That damn…
P4 b1 It’s not…
P4 b2 The Spear Hero’s fault.
P5 b1 Please don’t worry about me!
P6 b1 Even if you say that…
Page 7
P1 b1 It’s the truth.
P1 b2 The Spear Hero was only concerned for  me…
P1 b3 I-
P1 b4 I was only crying by myself…
P2 b1 Is it because of what happened this afternoon? Did Itsuki get mad at you after that?
P2 b2 If that’s the case…
P3 b1 Please-
P4 b1 Please,
P4 b2 Don’t worry about me.
Page 8
P1 b1 I can’t
P1 b2 Get it off of my mind.
P4 b1 Just after returning from that, is that the first thing you say?
P4 b1 side text Probably by now…
P4 b2 Even though Firo hasn’t got to swim yet.
P4 b3 Guh
P4 b4 Isn’t it on your all’s mind?
P5 b1 Well,
P5 b2 It is but,
P5 b3 How should I put it…
Page 9
P1 b1 Even if we forced her to say it,
P1 b2 It feels as if we’ll only hurt her that way…
P3 b1 Something must be wrong with me.
P4 b1 As Raphtilia said before, I shouldn’t get too involved in these sort of situations.
P4 b2 I know that but,…
P5 text 1 I probably worry about her because
P5 text 2 We’re alike.
P5 sfx Hahaha
P5 b1 That damn Itsuki, he’s laughing nonchalantly.
P5 b2 Am I overthinking things?
Page 10
P1 text 1 If there’s no problem, that’s fine.
P2 b1 Rishia?
P4 b1 Hey.
P4 b2 Wait.
P5 sfx Dash
P6 text As expected…
P6 sfx Annoyed
Page 11
P1 text At this rate, I won’t feel at ease.
P2 b1 Speak up.
P2 b2 Everything you know.
P4 b1 What’s your problem,
P4 b2 Naofumi?
P4 b3 Can’t you see, you’re being a nuisance.
Page 12
P1 b1 Let them be.
P1 b2 More importantly, about yesterday.
P2 b1 Even if you leave it to me,
P2 b2 It’s problematic if I don’t know what you left for me.
P3 b1 I understand.
P3 b2 But, the rest of it, I leave it to you.
P5 text It’s rare for him to make this sort of face…
Page 13
P1 b1 You see, I, I’m not good with girls who are in that sort of situation…
P1 b2 That’s why, I’ll leave it to you.
P2 b1 Not good?
P2 text Weren’t you okay with anyone as long as they were girls?
P3 b1 At first, I was worried why she was crying.
P3 b2 I tried to speak to her even though I was a bit annoying…
P4 b1 And she began to speak to me bit by bit.
P5 b1 Rishia-san, there’s something that I’d like to ask you.
Page 14
P1 b1 It’s about this…
P2 b1 Fue?
P3 b1 This is your precious…
P3 b2 What happened to it?
P3 b3 You ask me?
P4 b1 Well…, Umm…
P5 b1 Itsuki-sama?
Page 15
P1 sfx Startle
P1 b1 Rishia-san!
P2 b1 Don’t you have anything else you want to say to me?
P3 b1 O-
P3 b2 It-
P4 b1 It is unfortunate…
P4 b2 Very much.
Page 16
P1 sfx Slam
P2 b1 I-
P2 b2 Itsuki-sama!?
P2 b3 What’s the matter!!
P3 b1 You still don’t understand,
P3 b2 Rishia?
P4 b1 Itsuki-sama is very angry right now.
Page 17
P1 b1 If you hadn’t lied
P1 b2 And obediently admitted your mistakes,…
P2 b1 Li-
P2 b2 Lied!?
P3 b1 That’s right.
P4 b1 That you were the one who broke the bracelet.
P5 b1 Fu-
P5 b2 Fue!?
Page 18
P1 b1 If-If I had said that,
P1 b2 That would have been a lie.
P1 b3 I-
P1 b4 I don’t know anything.
P2 b1 You still say that.
P3 b1 Everybody here has seen that you were the one who did that.
Page 19
P1 b1 You know,
P1 b2 Don’t be flustered and hide the fact.
P2 b1 That’s right.
P3 b1 Even if it was caused by your clumsiness, that was…
P4 b1 Rishia-san.
P4 b2 Itsuki-sama, I-
P5 b1 It really is a shame.
P5 b2 But from today onwards, I want you to leave from the party.
Page 20
P1 b1 Farewell.
P1 sfx Plop
Page 21
P1 b1 Itsukiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
P3 b1 What’s the matter, Naofumi-san?
P4 b1 Itsuki,
P4 b2 You bastard-
Page 22
P1 b1 So, you were unable to forgive Rishia because she played an active role in the last wave, huh?
P1 b2 What!?
P2 b1 Did she say that!?
P3 b1 Rishia said nothing.
P3 b2 You see,
P3 b3 You’ve lost your complexion.
P4 b1 So, it hit the mark?
Page 23
P1 b1 What is your problem!?
P1 b2 Did you come to ridicule me!?
P1 b3 You don’t get it, do you?
P2 b1 I’m very angry with you all right now.
P3 b1 That’s all there’s to it.
P4 b1 After Rishia explained the situation to Motoyasu,
P4 b2 She vehemently tried to defend you.
Page 24
P1 b1 That Itsuki is not wrong.
P1 b2 And not to blame Itsuki for this problem.
P2 b1 That it’s her fault for being untrustworthy.
P3 b1 Looks like Motoyasu came to this world after dying due to jealousy of other girls.
P3 b2 That’s why he is uncomfortable with girls who are abnormally earnest to a single person.
P4 b1 That’s why I’m simply angry.
P5 b1 Apologize to Rishia!!
Page 25
P2 b1 I listened silently to what you had to say but,
P3 b1 You want to say that we lied!?
P3 b2 On what basis-
P4 b1 Her Majesty employs a secret unit.
P5 b1 Those guys are similar to Ninjas.
P5 b2 They tell every single minor event in detail to Her Majesty.
Page 26
P1 b1 Even the fact that the one who broke the bracelet
P1 b2 Is among us here right now.
P2 b1 Of course, her Majesty won’t come to reprimand you about that.
P2 b2 But it just means that we’re usually being monitored.
P3 b1 So that she can use our weakness against us at any time!
P5 b1 I understand.
P5 b2 I’ll tell you the truth.
Page 27
P1 b1 Itsuki-sama!?
P2 b1 This is all for Rishia-san’s sake.
P3 b1 Truth is, I knew about this.
P3 b2 That everyone was talking between themselves and decided that they would carry on this evil deed.
P4 b1 Doesn’t it make you feel how much they care for their comrades?
P5 b1 Rishia-san is not suited for combat.
P5 b2 That she’d be better off living off at her hometown.
Page 28
P1 b1 They only gave her a chance to understand that fact by herself.
P1 b2 I-
P1 b3 Itsuki-sama!!
P2 b1 Yes,
P2 b2 That’s right! That’s exactly why!
P2 text That’s not why.
P3 text 1 You only wanted Rishia to be expelled from the party.
P3 text 2 Even if Rishia came and talked things over, they don’t even intend to listen to her.
P4 text 1 And in the last wave, when her actions were acknowledged instead of her master, Itsuki’s,
P4 text 2 From extra baggage, she became a nuisance.
Page 29
P1 b1 So that’s your justice, huh!
P2 b1 Just to dismiss a single person,
P2 b2 You went as far as to falsely accuse her!!
P3 b1 You say, Rishia is not suited for combat!?
P3 b2 Says the useless guy who doesn’t have the mettle to even get hurt!!
Page 30
P1 b1 Please stop it.
P3 b1 Rishia!
P4 b1 Please don’t
P4 b2 Speak ill of Itsuki-sama…
P5 b1 Itsuki-sama
Page 31
P1 b1 Was I
P1 b2 A hinderance?
P2 b1 I-
P2 b2 Am I not needed?
P3 b1 Could I not be of use,
P3 b2 Of even a tiny bit to you, Itsuki-sama?
P5 b1 A weak person like you could not go on.
Page 32
P1 sfx Drop
P2 sfx Drop
P2 b1 I understand.
P2 sfx 2 Drop
P3 b1 Rishia!
P4 b1 Wait!
P4 b2 Rishia!!
Page 33
P1 b1 I’m sorry, Itsuki-sama.
P2 b1 I’m sorry,
P3 b1 For being weak…
P4 b1 That girl-
P5 b1 She’s trying to do such a cliché thing!!
Page 34
P1 b1 This is not the time to be saying this.
P1 b2 Rishia!!
P4 b1 Rishia!!
Page 35
P3 b1 Firo!!
P4 b1 This lady, she sucks at swimming.
P4 b2 She was about to drown.
P4 b3 Good job, Firo.
P4 b4 I’ll reward you later!
P5 b1 Trying to commit suicide just because you were set aside by that kind of guy…
P5 sfx Cough cough
Page 36
P1 b1 Ple-
P1 b2 Please let me die.
P2 b1 After being cast away from Itsuki-sama,
P2 b2 A weak person
P2 b3 Such as me…
P3 b1 Are you fine with that?
P3 b2 Don’t you want to triumph over him?
P3 text Ah, damn.
P4 b1 Don’t you want Itsuki to say “I need you”!?
Page 37
P1 text 1 I see her in me.
P1 text 2 The old me who was accused on a false charge and scorned because I was weak!
P2 b1 Who the hell decided that you’ll remain weak forever?
P2 b2 Don’t you think that there are many more things that are more suited for you?
P3 b1 This time I stopped you because I’m nosy.
P3 b2 But if you say that you still want to die, I won’t stop you.
Page 38
P1 b1 Come to me!
P1 b2 I’ll make you stronger!
P3 b1 I-
P3 b2 I’m-
Page 39
P1 b1 I’m in love with Itsuki-sama…
P1 sfx Drop
P2 b1 That won’t change…
P3 b1 That’s fine.
P3 b2 Just think about yourself.
P4 b1 You can decide what you want to do yourself.
Page 40
P2 b1 I’ll
P2 b2 Be in your care!
P2 side text A new member joins Naofumi’s party!!