Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 45

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 45

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Panel text
Page 1
P1 b1 And with that,
P1 b2 This is Rishia, whom I’ll be working to the bone from today onwards.
P2 text Work her to the bone…
P3 text A new member joins Naofumi’s party!
P3 b1 I-
P3 b2 I look forward to working with you…
P3 sfx x2 Shudder
P4 b1 Please be at ease, Rishia-san.
P4 b2 Naofumi-sama isn’t that bad of a person.
P4 text But he does have a bad-mouth…
P4 b3 Oi.
P5 b1 U-Um… I have a request…
Page 2-3
P1 b1 Please let me wear a character costume!!
P1 text Rishia, requests for a character costume!!
Title Chapter 45: A new member
Page 4
P1 b1 Why?
P1 b2 When I was kicked out of Itsuki-sama’s party, they took back the costume.
P2 b1 I thought that you wore the costume because they forced you to wear it.
P2 b2 Yes, that’s correct.
P2 b3 That’s all you have to say…
P3 b1 I really liked it!
P3 b2 Because they didn’t find out even if I was feeling down!
P4 b1 This
P4 b2 Looks like it will be worth it working her to the bone…
Page 5
P2 b1 Our destination has been set.
P3 b1 Since the island is still recovering, leveling-up on this island is over.
P3 b2 We’ll head back to the castle.
P4 sfx x2 Looks around
P5 b1 Itsuki is on another ship, he’s not here.
P6 b1 I’ll tell you now, Rishia.
Page 6
P1 b1 You’re prohibited from meeting with Itsuki. Don’t even think of stalking him.
P1 b2 What!?
P2 b1 I think Itsuki is also getting desperate right now. I don’t think anything good will come of you meeting him?
P2 b2 That…
P3 b1 Do-
P3 b2 Don’t speak bad of Itsuki-sama… please…
P4 b1 You’d cover him even after all that happened?
Page 7
P1 b1 So he’s really important to you, Rishia-san…
P1 sfx Squeeze
P2 b1 He’ll come to understand you someday.
P3 b1 Let’s work hard together.
P4 b1 You too, Raphtilia-san?
Page 8
P1 sfx Suddenly
P2 b1 Firo too! Firo too!!
P3 b1 Goodness, Firo…
P4 text What is it? This strange feeling of alienation…
P5 text Well, if they understand each other then, it’s alright…
Page 9
P1 b1 Welcome back!
P1 b2 Mother!
P1 b3 And, Firo-chan and everyone too!!
P2 b1 Mel-chan!!
P2 b2 Did anything happen during my absence, Melty?
P3 b1 No,
P3 b2 Everything went smoothly.
P3 b3 Very well.
P4 b1 Mother, on your command, I’ve put together a list of candidates who seem promising.
P5 b1 Those who’ve sided with the Church of Three Heroes and were thrown in jail or were demoted have been excluded.
Page 10
P1 b1 Is there anyone promising?
P1 b2 It will depend on the negotiation but, I’ll do what I can.
P2 b1 We have two and a half weeks until the next wave at Melmark.
P2 b2 We have to do everything we can until then, otherwise we can’t put anything we’ve learnt from the last wave to use.
P3 b1 If you have any other requests, I’ll do my best to support it.
P4 b1 Then, …
Page 11
P1 b1 Oh…
P2 b1 This really is big…
P2 b2 As expected of the country’s storehouse…
P3 b1 What kind of stuff is in here?
P3 b2 Here is the list but,
P3 b3 It may be faster if you specify what kind of material you are looking for.
Page 12
P1 b1 I’ll have a look around then.
P1 b2 Is it alright if I absorb the items?
P1 b3 Yes.
P1 b4 Feel free to use your ‘Weapon Copy’ thing too.
P2 b1 If you want, creating new items is also possible at the blacksmith.
P3 b1 If that’s the case,
P4 b1 I’ve just the place where I’m a patron.
P5 b1 ‘Sup!
P5 b2 Shield-bro.
Page 13
P1 b1 I was thinking that it was about time you got back.
P1 b2 How was it? Did you level up on the island?
P2 b1 It was worth it.
P2 b2 After all, our levels increased by more than 30 in a few days.
P3 b1 More than 30!?
P4 b1 Haaaa. You did something unreasonable, didn’t you?
P4 b2 Not really?
Page 14
P1 b1 Even if leveling-up is easier there, I’ve never heard of leveling-up that fast after class advancement.
P1 b2 Even if you receive some sort of stimulation over a long time, after 25 levels, you’ll die of overwork!
P2 b1 I…
P2 b2 Didn’t know about that…
P2 text The shield does have an ability where it compensates something for slaves and monsters…
P3 b1 Is it because of the divine protection of the legendary weapons?
P3 b2 Maybe.
P4 b1 Let’s leave it at that Bro. More importantly.
P4 b2 Yea,
P4 b3 I know.
Page 15
P1 b1 Prepare for us the most powerful weapons and armors that’ll fit us.
P1 b2 The country will cover the bills.
P2 b1 Good grief.
P2 b2 Look at how far you’ve risen, Bro.
P3 b1 You’ve got quite a lot of rare items here!
P3 b2 Part of that are spoils from the island, and some are from the castle’s storehouse.
P3 b3 If you need more, I can prepare it.
P4 b1 Okay, got it.
P4 b2 Considering that both of you lasses are fine as it is,
Page 16
P1 b1 Is that a new party member wearing a costume or something?
P1 b2 What weapon is your specialty?
P2 b1 I-
P2 b2 I use the sword…
P2 sfx Forcefully
P2 b3 Old man, can you look at her and choose one for her?
P3 b1 I don’t mind… but, she’ll have to remove that first.
P3 b2 Rishia?
P3 b3 Fu-
P3 b4 Fueeeeee
P4 b1 You said yourself that you’re good at magic, didn’t you?
P4 b2 If possible, I’d like you to cover the rear.
P4 b3 Fue
P5 b1 I-I’ll do both of it!!
P5 b2 Got it. But first, let him have a look.
Page 17
P1 b1 I see.
P2 b1 From the looks of it, a Rapier would be a good choice.
P2 b2 If you want to support from the rear, a weapon with magical divine protection would be desirable.
P3 b1 You can also use a bow or a spear but…
P3 b2 Because you’d need strength to use those, I can’t recommend them.
P3 b3 No-
P4 b1 Not the bow.
P5 b1 Because it’s the same as Itsuki’s?
P6 b1 N-No.
P6 b2 Because I’ll probably hit all of you instead…
Page 18
P1 b1 Ah.
P1 b2 Well, that…
P2 b1 Anyways, I’ll leave it to you.
P2 b2 Old man.
P2 b3 Okay! Leave it to me!
P3 b1 Fue
P3 sfx x2 Feeling down
P4 b1 I finally got the costume and yet
P4 b2 It was taken again…
P4 b3 Don’t make it sound like I did a bad thing!
P4 b4 It was just taken for enhancement.
P5 b1 That old man is very skilled so,
P5 b2 It’ll surely become a very magnificent piece of equipment.
P5 b3 Fue
Page 19
P1 b1 A magnificent
P1 b2 Cos-tu-me!!
P1 b3 Oi.
P1 b4 What’s important isn’t the looks, okay!
P2 b1 You.
P2 b2 Do you even want to become stronger!?
P2 b3 Fue
P3 b1 Found you.
P3 sfx Step
Page 20
P1 b1 Raphtilia-chan!!
P1 b2 Thank God, you’re alright!
P2 b1 Keil-kun!?
Page 21
P1 b1 You’re Raphtilia’s childhood friend…
P2 b1 Shield Hero!
P3 b1 I heard about you.
P4 b1 You made Raphtilia a slave
P4 b2 And have her fight against her will, don’t you!?
P5 sfx Taken back
Page 22
P1 b1 It’s not against my will.
P1 sfx Pick up
P2 b1 Well, I do put her in danger though.
P2 b2 I thought so.
P2 b3 Naofumi-sama, please don’t complicate things.
P3 b1 Looks like the shield hero hasn’t changed.
P4 b1 Hello. It’s been a long time.
P4 sfx Smile
Page 23
P1 b1 From here onwards, I’ll also fight in the wave!
P2 b1 You say you’ll also fight…
P3 b1 After parting ways with everyone,
P3 b2 he’s been like this ever since.
P4 b1 The wave happened in that island, didn’t it?
P4 b2 You were put in danger again, weren’t you? Raphtilia-chan?
Page 24
P1 b1 If you’re fighting then, I’ll also-
P2 b1 I won’t allow it.
P2 b2 Saying that you want to fight so lightheartedly.
P3 b1 Why!
P4 b1 Because,
P4 b2 Keil, you’re weaker than-
P5 sfx Shudder
Page 25
P1 b1 Raphtilia
P1 sfx Startle
P3 sfx Smile
P4 b1 You,
P4 b2 Do you want to become stronger under me?
P5 b1 Naofumi-sama!!
P5 b2 Calm down, Raphtilia.
Page 26
P1 b1 His feeling is the same as yours, Raphtilia.
P2 sfx Stare
P2 b1 Also, it’s not a bad thing to try to get stronger.
P3 b1 Keil-kun…
P5 b1 Or, you don’t want to be under me because I put Raphtilia at risk?
P5 b2 Naofumi-sama…
Page 27
P1 b1 It’s okay!
P1 b2 I’ll become stronger and protect Raphtilia-chan… and everyone too!!
P2 b1 That settles it then.
P3 sfx Smile
P5 sfx Squeeze
Page 28
P1 b1 First,
P1 b2 Let’s introduce ourselves.
P2 b1 I-
P2 b2 I’m Rishia Ivyred!     TL Note: If I come up with a better translation for her surname, I’ll replace it in future releases.
P3 b1 I’m
P3 b2 Keil!!
P4 b1 My turn!
P4 b2 Firo is Firo.
P4 b3 I’m Raphtilia. I look forward to working with you.
P5 b1 It’s your turn next, Naofumi-sama.
P5 b2 I should too?
P5 b3 Of course!
P5 sfx x3 Impatient
Page 29
P1 b1 My turn.
P1 b2 I- wa
P2 b1 My goal
P2 b2 Is to become the strongest!!
P3 b1 I-
P4 b1 I’ll also
P4 b2 Become
P5 b1 The strongest!!!
Page 30
P1 b1 Good mindset.
P1 b2 Well then,
P2 text Shocked by the unexpected proposal!?
P2 b1 Both of you, become my slaves!
P3 b1 Wh-?