Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 46

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 46

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Panel Text
Page 1
Title Chapter 45: Combat Advisor
P1 b1 Wh-
P1 b2 What do you mean slave…
P1 sfx Menacing aura
P2 b1 As I thought,
P2 sfx Menacing aura
P3 b1 The shield hero really is a bad guy!?
P3 sfx Menacing aura
P3 text The devil’s smile!?
Page 2
P1 b1 Hiii
P2 b1 Hiiiiiiiiii
P2 sfx Dash
P3 b1 Capture her! Don’t let her leave alive!
P3 b2 Naofumi-sama!?
P3 sfx Hihihi
P4 b1 Kyaaaa
P4 sfx Slam
P4 b2 And you too, Firo. Stop it.
Page 3
P1 b1 Good grief. Please stop joking around.
P2 b1 Kiel-kun has suffered a lot as a slave.
P2 b2 Please consider other peoples condition before speaking.
P3 b1 Even if you say that, Rishia was the one who was the most afraid.
P3 b2 Hiii
P3 b3 That’s just how you’d normally react!
P4 b1 Joke? About being your slave?
P5 b1 Not really.
P5 b2 I really want both of you to be my slaves.
P5 b3 Hiiiiiiiiiiii
P5 b4 Sorry about before. Anyway, calm down and listen.
Page 4
P1 b1 I’ve got an ability that compensates the growth of slaves and monsters in my party.
P1 b2 It increases the effectiveness of leveling up.
P2 sfx Fwoosh
P2 b1 I’ve had your statuses appraised by a magician in the castle but,
P3 b1 Kiel, your level is too low.
P3 b2 As for Rishia, she’s got a good level and she’s got better status than Kiel but, that’s about it.
P4 b1 Even if we start training,
P4 b2 A good status base is favorable.
P4 b3 Is what I’m thinking.
Page 5
P1 b1 Rishia, you already have a high level, so hoping that your stats will increase by increasing your level is unrealistic.
P1 b2 But one possible way is to reset your level and start over again.
P1 b3 Reset!?
P2 b1 The next wave is near.
P2 b2 I want you guys to become combat ready as soon as possible. But,
P2 b3 This is just my proposal. What you want to do, you’ll decide for yourself.
P3 b1 Again.
P4 b1 So, I will become a slave again, huh.
Page 6
P1 b1 Iwatani-sama.
P2 b1 So this is where you were.
P3 b1 Your majesty.
P3 b2 And all of your party members too.
P4 b1 I was searching for you.
P4 b2 Can I have a bit of your time?
P4 b3 Sure, I don’t mind.
P5 b1 I’ll introduce her.
Page 7
P1 b1 This person is
P1 b2 Éclair Seaetto.
P1 b3 She’s among the top 5 swordsman in our country.
Page 8
P1 b1 So, she’s the swordsman
P1 b2 Who’ll be one of the instructors, huh?
P2 b1 It’s a pleasure to meet you, Shield hero.
P 3 b1 As I’m a swordsman, I am not able to guide you directly but,
P3 b2 for your comrades who I can, I plan to give it my best to guide them.
Page 9
P1 b1 Um…
P1 b2 Now,
P1 b3 Did you call yourself Seaetto?
P2 b1 I see.
P3 b1 So you guys are…
P4 sfx Woosh
Page 10
P1 b1 As someone who couldn’t protect my father’s territory,
P1 b2 You can hate me if you want.
P2 b1 So you are the duke’s……
P2 b2 Daughter!?
P3 b1 Please,
P3 b2 Please raise your head.
P3 b3 Oh. So, she’s the daughter of the duke where your village was that was lost during the wave…
P4 b1 So, that also makes you a survivor of the wave, doesn’t it?
P4 b2 Where were you up until now?
Page 11
P1 b1 As embarrassing as it is for me to say,
P1 b2 I was imprisoned.
P2 b1 She was charged for treason but,
P2 b2 In reality,
P3 b1 With further investigation, it was because she opposed the people who went to hunt slaves.
P4 b1 I realized my powerlessness during those days but,
p4 b2 I’ve received this heavy responsibility from her majesty.
P4 b3 I took on the request for the sake of my country and for the people in my domain.
Page 12
P1 b1 Éclair-san…
P2 b1 I see.
P2 b2 As a noble of this country, you seem to have quite a bit of a backbone.
P3 b1 Can we be certain of her skills?
P4 b1 Of course.
P4 b2 I can guarantee-
P4 b3 Please wait, your majesty.
Page 13
P1 b1 It’s understandable that the Shield hero is concerned.
P1 b2 I would like
P2 b1 To have a match with him.
Page 14
P1 b1 You can attack however you please.
P1 b2 If you think you can break past my defense, I’d like to see it.
P2 b1 Acknowledged.
P3 sfx Swoosh
P3 b1 Hah
P4 b1 You’re fast.
P5 b1 Much obliged.
Page 15
P1 b1 Well then,
P1 b2 A little more…
P1 sfx Grip
P2 sfx x5 Cling
Page 16
P1 sfx Swoosh
P2 sfx Snap
P3 sfx Stab
P4 b1 It’s my defeat.
P4 sfx Slide
P5 b1 Looks like my power doesn’t amount to anything in front of you.
P5 b2 Not really. This is just because of the divine protection of the shield.
Page 17
P1 b1 Amazing.
P1 b2 Yes. Éclair-san’s 10 hit combo was also amazing though
P1 b3 The shield hero was also amazing.
P2 b1 You could see those!?
P2 b2 Eh?
P3 b1 Ah.
P3 b2 No.
P3 b3 It took everything I had just to follow their movements…
P4 b1 Can I ask you something?
P5 b1 Can you add special effects to your current sword?
Page 18
P1 b1 Add special effects?
P1 b2 For example, adding magic to it?
P2 b1 I see.
P3 b1 Something like this?
P3 sfx Woosh
P4 b1 Owahhh. Awesome.
P5 b1 Can you use that magic sword to deal damage while ignoring defense altogether?
P5 b2 An attack like that doesn’t exist in my school… But, I’ve heard that such an attack exists.
Page 19
P1 b1 …Looks like I’m not fit
P1 b2 To be an instructor…
P2 b1 Not really.
P3 b1 Your strength is the real deal.
P3 b2 Let us learn through your skill and knowledge.
Page 20
P1 sfx Squeeze
P1 b1 I understand.
P2 b1 Iwatanai-sama, Can I have a moment?
P3 b1 What is it, your majesty?
P3 b2 It’s about the instructors.
P4 b1 I’ve gained acknowledgement from various people in their respective fields.
P4 text 1 Well then, everyone please show your abilities…
P4 b2 Just like Éclair, everybody can be trusted.
P5 b1 But the main thing is…
P5 b2 Ah.
P5 b3 I think I know what it is.
Page 21
P1 b1 The all-important other heroes are boycotting, right?
P2 b1 It hasn’t quite reached that level yet…
P3 b1 All of them are in the castle right now but,
P3 b2 We can’t really get to them as they move independently.
P4 b1 I’ll go and tell them to take part in it but,
P4 b2 first I want Iwatani-sama and co to receive guidance from them.
P5 b1 Frankly speaking, I don’t even want to meet them so this is also fine as it is.
P5 b2 You already know that we can’t go on like this…
Page 22
P1 b1 I’ve also invited the sage from the Phantasmagoric Peerless Style. (TL Note: If I find a better name, I’ll correct it later)
P1 b2 And he willingly accepted when he heard about you.
P2 b1 If it’s that person then, starting with Iwatani-sama,
P2 b2 And later the other heroes too, will be able to reach further heights under his guidance.
P2 b3 Is that school that amazing?
P2 b4 I never heard of it before…
P3 b1 It’s a phantom school that has also left its mark in legends.
P3 b2 That person has made a brilliant contribution in the great war in the past.
P4 b1 According to the schedule, that person will arrive sometime today.
P4 b2 I see.
Page 23
P1 b1 Haa
P1 b2 Haa
P2 b1 Haa
P3 b1 No…
P3 b2 No more
P3 b3 Me too~~~~~
P4 b1 Everyone is very fast~~
P5 b1 Eh? Is that so?
P5 b2 Firo is also fine~~
P5 sfx x2 Ha
Page 24
P1 b1 As expected,
P1 b2 of you who support the shield hero.
P1 b3 It’s taking my all just to keep up with you.
P1 b4 Both of you are very well trained.
P1 sfx x2 Haa
P2 b1 No,
P2 b2 We’re not really that…
P2 b3 Firo has also not been doing anything~~~
P2 b4 What!
P3 b1 Well, Firo is a philorial  after all.
P4 b1 That reminds me, I’ve also not done basic training.
P5 b1 Can we run together?
P5 b2 Of course.
Page 25
P1 sfx x2 Ha
P2 sfx x2 Ha
P3 sfx x3 Ha
P3 b1 This reminds me of club activities.
P4 sfx Strong
P5 b1 Shi-
P5 b2 Shield… Hero!
Page 26
P1 b1 Let’s…
P1 b2 Stop for now…
P2 b1 That’s odd. I don’t feel tired at all.
P2 b2 Yes, I also can keep going.
P3 b1 I’ve never been good at physical training…
P3 b2 Your levels also provide strength after all…
P3 sfx x2 Haa
P4 b1 If your status is high, your speed and durability also increases…
P4 b2 All of you won’t have any problem for swordsmanship training.
P5 b1 Both of them,
P5 b2 Particularly Kiel,
P5 b3 Would be better if you increased your levels a bit more…
Page 27
P1 b1
P2 b1 As expected.
P3 text 1 After coming to this world, this game-like ‘strength’ undermines the effort and training it would otherwise take to become strong.
P3 text 2 That’s why the other heroes don’t want to train. —– But,
P4 b1 Éclair, I think your status is lower than mine.
P4 b2 But before, you got a strike on me.
P4 b3 Meaning that that was possible because of your training.
P5 b1 Yes, I agree.
Page 28
P1 b1 For example,
P1 b2 How you hold your sword and your stance,
P2 b1 There are many schools that exist, but all serve a different purpose.
P3 b1 And with repetition and experience,
P4 b1 It becomes possible to bring out one’s true strength!
Page 29
P1 sfx Clang
P2 b1 Fu
P2 b2 Fueeee
P3 b1 Raphtalia,
P3 b2 Go easy on her.
P3 b3 N-No.
P4 b1 That was not my intention…
P5 b1 Raphtalia has good muscles.
P5 b2 Even though I’d only taught her a little…
Page 30
P1 b1 Are you alright?
P1 b2 Y-
P1 b3 Yes.
P3 b1 Hey, how does Rishia look to you?
P3 b2 Does she look like she can master the sword?
P3 b3 Rishia, huh?
P4 b1 I cannot know for certain yet but,
P4 b2 Right now, rather than her status and ability
P5 b1 I’m more worried about her mental state.
Page 31
P1 b1 As for Firo,
P3 b1 Take this-
P3 sfx Throw
Page 32
P1 sfx Bam
P2 b1 What should I say… She’s surpassed swordsmanship…
P2 side of b1 Amazing…
P2 handwriting x2 Hooray!
P2 sfx x2 Jump
P2 b2 She’s just playing around. Feel free to scold her.
P3 b1 But Firo hasn’t studied about magic yet she could use it from the start.
P3 b2 A beast’s intuition? She’s already surpassed that though…
P4 b1 She probably doesn’t require any training as we do…
Page 33
P1 b1 Growl
P3 b1 This tastes good after training!
P3 sfx Chomp
P3 b2 Don’t make me laugh…
P4 b1 I
P4 b2 I didn’t know that Raphtalia-chan was so good with the sword…
P5 b1 Yes,
P5 b2 After all, I didn’t even hold one when I was in the village…
Page 34
P1 b1 I cannot convey it properly but,
P2 b1 I’m Naofumi-sama’s sword.
P3 b1 Since the day I swore that,
P3 b2 I feel like I’ve become a swordsman
Page 35
P1 b1 I…
P2 b1 What could I have become for Itsuki-sama…
P3 b1 Even if you don’t know now, you can figure it out from now onwards.
P4 b1 Looks like the magicians at the castle will cooperate and teach us about magic.
P4 b2 Magic, huh! I’m quite good at studying.
P5 b1 …I
Page 36
P1 b1 I’ll become a slave first.
P2 b1 Is that okay with you?
P2 b2 Of course not.
P2 b3 …Even if it’s not for real, I don’t want to.
P3 b1 But,
P3 b2 Because I’m weak…
P4 b1 First, I should catch up…
P4 sfx Squeeze
P5 b1 Kiel-kun…
Page 37
P1 b1 And after that, I’ll protect you!
P1 sfx Slam
P2 b1 Next time I’ll be the one to protect you, Raphtalia-chan.
P3 b1 And everyone at the village too…
P3 b2 Keil-kun…
P4 sfx Smile
Page 38
P1 b1 Nice resolve.
P2 sfx Fading
P3 b1 It disappeared!?
P3 b2 Eh? Is it alright this way?
P4 b1 That slave crest is high level after all.
P4 b2 That reminds me, Bitch’s crest wasn’t visible other than when it was used.
P5 b1 It’s the same one.
Page 39
P1 b1 Rishia, are you going to leave your level as it is?
P1 b2 Yes.
P1 b3 The wave is close and I believe that it would be better that way…
P2 b1 And if I were to start from scratch,
P2 b2 I feel it would be better after I found which direction I want to move in…
P3 b1 You’re good with magic, aren’t you?
P3 b2 Isn’t it alright if you specialize there?
P4 b1 That
P4 b2 Is correct but…
Page 40
P1 b1 After thinking for some time,
P1 b2 Maybe that isn’t so…
P2 b1 What?
P2 b2 Ah Ummmmm. I don’t have one, a special magic.
P3 b1 I can use every type of magic but…
P3 b2 I don’t think I can use it any better than normal…
P4 b1 Wait,
P4 b2 Did you say every type?
P4 b3 Ye-Yes, both attack and support magic…
Page 41
P1 b1 Isn’t that amazing in its own way?
P1 b2 From what I heard, you can’t normally do that.
P1 b3 Fue!?
P2 b1 That’s right!!
P3 sfx Twitch
P3 sfx 2 Shudder
P3 b1 Fuuue!
Page 42
P1 b1 You only see this kind of talent that this girl possesses once every hundred years.
P1 sfx x2 Grope
P1 text Who is this old woman!?
P2 b1 Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!