Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 47

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 47

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Panel Text
Page 1
Side text Distrust, Doubt, Jealousy,

Everybody in the world is my enemy.

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Page 2
P1 b1 What do you think?
P1 text Her Majesty’s secret unit, what could they be investigating… !?
P2 b1 We’ve received multiple reports on that matter.
P2 b2 An investigation will be needed.
P3 b1 I understand. Pass the information to the officials at the national border and every town.
P3 b2 Also, the adventurer’s guild too…
P3 b3 Your Majesty!
P4 b1 That person has arrived.
P4 b2 I see.
P5 b1 Keep this matter
P5 b1 Confidential, for the time being.
Page 3
P1 b1 Hey,
P1 b2 Old hag.
P1 sfx Grab
P2 b1 Cut it out.
P3 b1 Hoho
P3 b2 You’re quite rough, ain’t ya?
P3 b3 Says the person who’s sexually harassing others.
P4 b1 First of all, who’re you?
Page 4
P1 b1 Hoho
P2 b1 I had yet to introduce myself.
P3 sfx Touch
P3 b1 Then,
P4 sfx Shock
P4 b1 Tch
Page 5
P2 text 1 Even though she only touched me…
P2 sfx Shake
P2 text 2 This pain that pierces through me…
P3 text Is she perhaps…
P4 b1 Surprised, are ya?
P4 b2 This Old hag has got something too, right?
P4 b3 Saint-sama.
Page 6
Text The three heroes true strength is…?
Title Chapter 47: Phantasmagoric Peerless Style
Page 7
P1 b1 Saint-sama?
P2 b1 Is the shield hero?
P3 b1 Since you know me by that name,
P3 b2 That means you knew me when I was a peddler?
P4 b1 Ya don’t remember?
P4 b2 I don’t.
P5 b1 At least not an Old hag who can use an attack that deals damage proportional to defense.
P6 b1 You’re not making fun of me, are you?
P6 b2 Hoho.
Page 8
P1 b1 Well, that’s just expected.
P1 b2 At that time, Saint-sama did save a lot of people at various places.
P2 b1 I’m also one of them.
P3 b1 I didn’t think I would live to see tomorrow, and at that time, you gave me medicine.
P4 b1 I was saved by your miraculous actions.
Page 9
P1 b1 You can do something like that!?
P1 b2 It’s not a miracle, it’s due to an ability called ‘Higher Effectiveness of Medicine’.
P2 b1 For that medicine, I’ve already received compensation.
P2 b2 After all, I didn’t do that for charity.
P3 b1 So, that’s how it was.
P4 b1 You were already acquainted with her.
P5 b1 Your Majesty.
P5 b2 Thank you for coming.
Page 10
P1 b1 Let me introduce her formally.
P2 b1 She’s one of the people who has accepted the role of combat advisor,
P2 b2 The sage from Phantasmagoric Peerless Style.
P3 b1 This Old hag is…?
P3 b2 I don’t usually accept summons from the country but…
Page 11
P1 b1 My Phantasmagoric Peerless Style is a school for the weak.
P1 b2 It lets the weak fight against overwhelmingly strong opponents…
P2 b1 You said it was not for charity but,
P2 b2 You wouldn’t be called Saint-sama if it weren’t that you saved lives by being a peddler.
P3 b1 Lending a hand to those who need it.
P3 b2 No matter what form it takes, that deed itself is the principle of my school.
P4 b1 If I couldn’t add to the strength to that Saint-sama,
P4 b2 I can’t call myself a Phantasmagoric Peerless Style user.
Page 12
P1 b1 I’ve trained this body that has gone out of shape
P1 b2 And have come to visit you as soon as possible.
P2 b1 For the weak, huh.
P3 b1 Well, whatever the reason, if you’re willing to lend us your strength, that’s reassuring.
P3 b2 Not that I can learn those techniques since I use the shield anyway…
P3 b3 Not really.
P4 b1 My school deals with using “Ki*”.               *pronounced chee
P4 b2 The power of Ki can be received by every being equally.
Page 13
P1 b1 …“Ki”? Is it different from magic?
P1 b1 Magic is something that brings movement in the world’s order. You use it depending on your aptitude and knowledge. But,
P1 b3 “Ki” is something more primitive than that.
P2 b1 Let me see…
P3 b1 Your Majesty,
P3 b2 I’d like to be given this statue, is it alright?
P4 b1 Yes, it’s okay…
P4 b2 Much obliged.
Page 14
P1 b1 Well then…
P2 sfx Pierce
P3 sfx Smash
P4 b1 This is “Ki”.
Page 15
P1 b1 Did you not get it?
P1 b2 Just now it crumbled not because of a blow but-
P1 b3 Stop right there. There’s no way we would understand!!
P1 b4 Owaa.
P1 b5 That’s amazing.
P3 sfx Crumble
P4 b1 That’s it!!!
P4 b2 Fue
P5 b1 This girl really has the quality!!
P5 b2 Fueeeee
Page 16
P1 b1 Rishia, can you use “Ki”!?
P1 b2 N-No,
P1 b3 Not one bit…
P2 b1 That one before was brittle…
P3 b1 I have decided.
P4 b1 The next successor of Phantasmagoric Peerless Style
P4 b2 Will be this lass.
P5 b1 Then, without any further delays…!.
P5 b2 Fuee
P5 b3 The hell is wrong with this Old hag.
Page 17
P1 b1 Your Majesty.
P2 b1 About that matter…
P3 b1 And another thing.
P4 b1 What did you just say?
P5 b1 Iwatani-sama, can you accompany me?
P6 b1 There seems to be a problem……
Page 18
P1 b1 Raphtalia!
P1 sfx Dash
P1 b2 Naofumi-sama.
P2 b1 What happened?
P2 b2 Well,
P3 b1 The other heroes gathered together by chance and
P3 b2 Éclair brought up the thing about training. and then…
P4 b1 And then…
P5 b1 Are you not calm right now,
P5 b2 Éclair?
P6 b1 Your Majesty!
Page 19
P1 b1 Please overlook this matter.
P2 b1 While I may still be inexperienced, I’m still a knight.
P2 b2 As such, I cannot allow an insult to go unchallenged.
P3 b1 It’s not an insult.
P4 b1 I merely suggested that instead of training for this cheap mimicry,
P5 b1 There are better things to do.
Page 20
P1 b1 Especially if we were taught by someone with a lower level, right?
P2 b1 Again, huh?
P2 b2 Yes.
P4 b1 I understand.
P5 b1 I’ll consider it if it’s a sparring match.
P6 b1 I’m honored.
P7 b1 Hmph.
Page 21
P1 b1 Using magic or skills is not allowed.
P1 b2 The first person to attack the vitals will be the winner.
P2 b1 Naofumi-sama, this match will be probably won by…
P2 b2 Yeah.
P3 b1 The problem will be what happens after that.
P4 b1 Begin!!
P4 sfx Dash
Page 22
P1 sfx Swoosh
P2 b1 My win!
P4 sfx Klang
Page 23
P1 sfx Spin
Page 24
P1 sfx Fast motion
P2 sfx Stop
P3 b1 What?
P4 b1 Over in a flash, huh……
P5 b1 ……It can’t be?
Page 25
P1 b1 You’re more bark than bite, aren’t you?
P2 b1 More-
P3 b1 Once more.
P3 sfx Whoosh
P4 b1 Amaki-sama!
P4 b2 I don’t mind, Your Majesty.
P4 sfx Footsteps
P5 b1 This is a rare chance. I’ll use it as a chance for training.
P5 b2 Until he tires out-
P6 sfx Cling cling
Page 26
P1 b1 Air Strike Bash
P1 sfx Bam
P2 sfx Slam
P2 b1 Guh
P3 sfx Startle
P4 b1 Oi!
P4 b2 Didn’t she say that skills aren’t allowed!!
P4 b3 Ren!!
Page 27
P1 b1 Amaki-sama.
P2 sfx Startle
P6 sfx Snap
Page 28
P1 b1 How was it?
P1 b2 Éclair’s swordsmanship?
P2 b1 I-
P3 b3 I approve.
P4 b1 Then, what about training?
P4 b2 I’ll take it, I’ll take it okay
P5 b1 What about the two of you?
P5 b2 Well,
P5 b3 Okay…
P6 b1 That’s good.
P6 sfx Smile
Page 29
P1 b1 Well then, since everyone is gathered here,
P1 b2 Let’s go over the curriculum.
P2 b1 All of the other instructors are over there.
P2 b2 And please bring all of your party members too.
P3 b1 Starting
P3 b2 Right now?
P3 b3 Yes.
P4 b1 The program will keep you busy.
P5 b1 After all,
P5 b2 There are many things that you have to learn.
Page 30
P1 b1 Until the next wave,
P1 b2 Let’s do everything we can…!
P2 sfx Dead
P3 b1 Why does this… feel so nostalgic…
P3 b2 This is just like school…
P3 b3 Even after coming to another world…
P4 b1 ……These guys are all worn out…
Page 31
P1 b1 Do they really have higher levels than Éclair?
P1 sfx Tap tap tap
P2 b1 Naofumi-sama!
P2 b2 Raphtalia!
P3 b1 …Don’t you have magic training after this? With Rishia…
P3 b2 Yes! Is Rishia-san here?
P4 b1 Right now Itsuki is here so I’m making her have lunch elsewhere.
P4 b2 Ah~~~~~
P4 b3 I understand.
P5 b1 I’ll be going there then.
P5 b2 Ah, Wait,
P5 b3 Raphtalia!
P6 b1 You had sword training with Éclair just now, right?
P6 b2 Are you alright? Have you
Page 32
P1 b1 Yes! I had lunch with Éclair-san just now!
P1 sfx Tap tap tap
P1 b2 That’s not what I mean…
P2 b1 Hmm?
P2 sfx Thump thump thump
P3 b1 Master, I’m hungry!!
P4 b1 I’m back.
P4 b2 Welcome back.
P4 b3 Did Kiel’s level go up?
Page 33
P1 b1 Maybe!
P1 b2 During the walk, I ran over many monsters after all!
P1 b3 Well, you’ll be doing that for the time being.
P2 sfx Hah
P3 b1 Everything
P3 b2 Looks very hectic right now.
P4 text Perhaps, I’m also tired?
P5 b1 Medicine for recovering from fatigue?
Page 34
P1 b1 A nutrient?
P1 b2 Well, that will also work but…
P2 b1 I’m not looking for something like magic that heals you…
P2 b2 But something that restores your vitality…
P3 b1 You should not rely on medicine for those kind of things.
P3 b2 A good night’s sleep is the best medicine.
P3 b3 Well, that’s true as well but,
P4 b1 Here.
P4 sfx Knock
P5 b1 And this is?
P5 b2 Try drinking it, it’s on the house.
P6 b1 It’s nothing dangerous.
P6 sfx Whaat
Page 35
P1 sfx Gulp
P2 b1 How is it?
P2 b2 It tastes like a sports drink
P2 b3 Doesn’t look like it provides any benefits tough…
P3 b1 As expected, huh.
P3 sfx Retort
P3 b3 Hey
P4 b1 This is Spirit Healing Water.
P4 b2 According to the recipe, this is supposed to restore vitality.
P5 b1 Supposed?
P5 b2 I also drank this and didn’t see any difference in my status.
P6 b1 It’s a byproduct from producing another medicine.
P6 b2 And I’ve got a stockpile of this.
Page 36
P1 b1 What will you do?
P2 sfx Crack crack
P3 sfx Crack
P4 b1 That’s it!
P4 sfx Startle
P5 b1 Fue
P5 sfx Dizzy
P5 b2 Next one.
P5 b3 My disciple, Rishia.
Page 37
P1 b1 This is it.
P1 sfx Hawa
P2 b1 Destroy it like I showed you before.
P3 b1 Muuu~~~
P4 b1 Take this~~~~~!
P4 sfx Bam
P5 sfx Twist
P6 b1 Fueeeee~~~~~~~
P6 b2 Not good. You’re not concentrating at all.
Page 38
P1 b1 Remember that feeling!! You’ve succeeded once already…
P1 b2 Fuee~~~
P2 b1 Still at it, huh.
P2 b2 Saint-sama.
P3 b1 Sorry about this, Old hag. Making you teach Rishia separately.
P3 b2 Not a problem.
P4 b1 That feeling “Ki” thing.
P4 b2 I also did it but I can’t grasp it.
P5 b1 “Ki” permeates your body and provides something like vitality.
P5 b2 If you can control “Ki”, you can even block the defense ignoring attack.
P6 b1 Fue?
Page 39
P1 b1 Fuwaa~~
P1 b2 This water is amazing.
P1 sfx Light up
P1 b3 My body is warming up from inside!
P2 b1 What? I don’t think it warms you though…
P2 b2 Hmm?
P3 b1 This is it! My disciple, Rishia!!
P3 sfx Serious
P4 b1 Concentrate as if trying to hold the energy inside!!
P4 b2 Fu-
P4 b3 Fueee!?
P5 b1 What? Huh?
P5 b2 How do you hold it!?
P5 b3 That’s it. Just be.
P6 b1 Try to strike that as you are!!
Page 40
P1 b1 Fueeeee
P1 sfx Bam
P2 sfx Crack
P3 b1 How was it, my disciple, Rishia!
P4 b1 …Umm
P4 b2 The warm feeling has gone away, and now i feel cold……
Page 41
P1 b1 I see… Looks like you, my disciple, cannot hold on to “Ki” yet…
P2 b1 “Medicine to restore vitality”…
P2 b2 So, it meant “Ki”?
P3 b1 That’s amazing. Even though I felt nothing when I drank it…
P3 b2 Not so, Saint-sama is the same.
P3 b3 You just didn’t realize it.
P4 b1 Originally, to gain the perception of “Ki”, you would have to seclude yourself in the mountains.
P5 b1 I see.
P5 b2 But because of our tight schedule, we can’t afford to stay secluded in the mountains.
P5 b3 So it is.
P6 b1 The first step is to invest time and learn it little… by little
Page 42
P1 b1 Iyaa~~~~. I’m tired of thisss~~~~~~
P1 sfx Aaaaaan
P2 b1 Take this!
P2 sfx Smack
P2 b2 Ouch
P3 b1 You can’t stop meditating right now.
P3 b2 Why, Old hag!
P3 b3 Are you saying there’s any meaning to this!?
P4 b1 I’m not a monk, okay!?
P4 b2 This is what martial artists do, isn’t it!?
P5 b1 You could say that the concept of “Ki” is central to Phantasmagoric Peerless Style.
P5 b2 No shortcuts exist other than training and disposition.
Page 43
P1 b1 The first step is to invest time and learn to perceive “Ki”.
P2 b1 Even if you say to invest time, how much time does it take?
P2 b2 That’s right. We’re not free.
P3 b1 After all, we don’t know if this item is even working…
P4 b1 At the very least, 1 month.
P5 b1 It depends on the person, so, it may take a few months, or a year or ten years…
P5 b2 You might not even grasp the concept if you’re not enveloped by the vitality of the mountain…
Page 44
P2 b1 Don’t mess with us.
P3 b1 We don’t have all time in the world.
P3 b2 That’s right! We won’t make it in time for the next wave for certain.
P3 b3 We’re leaving, everyone!
P4 b1 Oi! Everyone!
P4 sfx Gets up
P4 b2 You should also stop, Naofumi. You think this will be of any use?
P5 b1 If you don’t begin now, you’ll never learn it.
P5 b2 We don’t need it.
Page 45
P1 sfx Bam
P1 b1 Look.
P2 b1 One strike with a skill is enough!
P3 b1 If it’s that much, even I can!
P3 sfx Bam
P4 b1 Piece of cake.
P4 sfx Slash
P5 b1 You guys…
Page 46
P1 b1 That’s enough!
P2 b1 Every single time, you’re just being a burden. Are you aware of that!?
P2 b2 We’ve reached the limits using the old methods. That’s why we’re testing a new one!
P3 b1 Try putting effort-
P4 b1 Effort?
P5 b1 We’ve been chosen
P5 b2 And become heroes, haven’t we?
Page 47
P1 b1 If you say that we’re weak then,
P1 b2 The stronger person should just save the world!
P2 b1 We’re going back!
P3 sfx In droves
P4 b1 Naofumi-sama
Page 48
P1 text 1 We might have already reached our limits.
P1 text 2 Unless these guys go through hell and experience it firsthand,
P2 text They will never-
P4 b1 Fine.
P5 b1 I understand your discontent.
P5 b2 If you say that you cannot adhere to my country’s policies then, it’s a shame, but this is it.
Page 49
P1 b1 You’ll no longer receive assistance from my country and become free.
P1 b2 It will be better if you go to another country on your own decision.
P2 b1 But,
P3 b1 There are some conditions.
P3 text What are the conditions that Her Majesty has for the three heroes!?