Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 48

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 48

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Page Text
Page 1
P1 b1 The subjugation of mysterious monsters and,
P1 b2 Participation in the wave that will occur one week from now.
P2 b1 Achievement of these two conditions will lead to your freedom.
Page 2
Title Chapter 48: Familiar
Side text Naofumi, who accepted the task of subjugating mysterious monsters, will soon have a strange incident occur…!?
Large bottom text Aiya Kyu
upper text Original story: Aneko Yusagi
lower text Character design: Minami Seira
Page 3
P1 b1 Mysterious
P1 b2 Monsters?
P2 b1 What is it
P3 b1 Right now, it is something that is troubling every country…
P3 b2 The other day, it also appeared in our country…
P4 b1 There are many unclear parts because the testimonies form different countrys do not match up.
P4 b2 But it seems that,
P4 b3 Its distinctive feature is that a part of its body has a shell. And that it is forming a swarm that will come from the East.
Page 4
P1 b1 A swarm
P1 b2 Even though it is not part of the “wave”?
P1 b3 Yes. The reason for that is under investigation.
P1 b4 Either way, because these are occurring at the same time, it’s getting out of hand.
P2 b1 The case with the mystery monsters and the “wave”, both of these matters require to be handled with haste.
P2 b2 In addition to this, It is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your worth as heroes.
P3 b1 Please by all means, save our world,
P4 b1 Heroes.
Page 5
P1 b1 Got it!
P1 b2 Bring it on!!
P1 b3 After that, we’ll be free!!
P2 text Just you watch!
P4 text 1 From all the past experiences,
P4 text 2 There is no way that they’ll be able to do it.
Page 6
P1 text 1 Her Majesty may also be anticipating that as well…
P1 text 2 I have a bad feeling about this…
P3 b1 The training is on hold and you’ll be going out to hunt monsters instead?
P4 b1 Is it that thing from the other day?
P4 b2 Is the rumor really spreading that much?
P5 b1 Well, yeah. A lot of requests are also going to the adventurers too.
P5 b2 My business is thriving because of it.
Page 7
P1 b1 I thought that it was a case where small fries appear in large numbers which sometimes happens.
P1 b2 It sounds dangerous because the heroes are participating even with the “wave” coming soon.
P2 b1 Maybe that is the reason why everything at the castle feels busy…
P3 b1 Well, that’s why it’s earlier than planned but
P3 b2 Have they been completed?
P3 b3 Yea.
P4 b1 Ta-Da!!
Page 8
P1 b1 Wow! It’s white!!
P1 b2 It has become lighter than it used to be
P2 b1 And how has it become easier to handle?
P2 b2 I have removed the negative attributes, that’s how.
P3 b1 Without dropping its effectiveness? That’s a great skill you got, old man!
P3 b2 Isn’t it? Isn’t it?
P3 b3 Instead of not dropping the negative attributes, it has become better than before!
P4 b1 Have a look at this too!
P4 sfx Ta-dah
Page 9
P2 b1 How did it become like that?
P2 b2 Yay. It’s Fiiro.
P2 text It was a penguin costume before…
P3 b1 The other day, Firo came over with her friends, right?
P3 b2 Like I said, how?
P4 b1 But, this feels really comfortable, right?
P4 text Rishia-in
P4 b2 Hey, why did you put it on.
P5 b1 But, her status have risen, see?
P5 b2 What the hell……
Page 10
P1 b1 Well, that’s about it.
P1 b2 Okay.
P2 b1 Just look at them in high spirits.
P2 b2 Is it that boy’s first battle?
P3 b1 He looks just like how Raphtalia used to be.
P4 b1 Oi, Kiel! This is serious, we’re not playing around.
P4 b2 I know that!
P5 b1 I’ll kill a lot of monsters
P5 b2 And become big like Raphtalia-chan!!
Page 11
P1 b1 It will be good if he can get lots of experience out of this before the “wave”.
P1 b2 That’s right…
P3 b1 Are we almost done loading?
P3 b2 Where are Éclair and the others?
P3 b3 They went to the Pharmacy for the last of the supplies. They should be back any time now.
P4 b1 Okay. We’ll leave as soon as they return.
P4 b2 Is Kiel still inside the shop?
P4 b3 I’ll go call him!
P5 b1 Ehehe~~
P5 b2 Been a long time since we went out on a carriage~~
Page 12
P1 b1 Ohhhhhhhh boy…
P2 sfx Rustle
P3 b1 You…
P3 b2 Are the one that possesses the holy shield, right?
Page 13
P1 b1 Who’re you?
P2 b1 I’ve come to request something of you.
P3 b1 Please defeat me.
Page 14
P1 b1 Huh?
P2 b1 At this rate, I won’t be able to fulfill my role.
P2 sfx Rustle rustle
P3 b1 Hey, don’t continue talking to yourself.
P3 b2 Answer my questions-
P4 sfx Shine
Page 15
P2 b1 Please.
P2 b2 If not, meaningless sacrifices will be made
P3 b1 From now on as well
P3 sfx Rustle rustle
Page 16
P1 b1 Naofumi-sama.
P3 b1 Éclair-san and the others have returned.
P4 b1 Just now that person……
P4 b2 What?
Page 17
P1 b1 … Was there someone here?
P3 text What was that…?
P3 sfx Rattle rattle
P4 b1 The other heroes have gone somewhere else?
P4 b2 Yes.
P4 b3 It seems that they’re splitting into groups.
P4 sfx x2 Rattle
P5 b1 Even though they’re appearing in such a large scale, what the monsters look like is still unknown
P5 sfx Rattle
Page 18
P2 b1 Naofumi-sana?
P3 b1 Ahh…
P3 b2 What could be its real form…
P4 b1 Wouldn’t sage-sama be able to find out its true form with only a single look?
P4 b2 Can’t say for certain.
P5 b1 Waa!
P5 sfx Rattle
P6 b1 Amazing. It’s my first time at a place like this!
P6 sfx Rattle
Page 19
P1 b1 Naofumi-sama, this is…
P1 b2 Yeah…
P2 b1 It’s in the same state that it was when we were here before…
P3 b1 Umm… then this place is…
P3 b2 So this is the place Shield-dono saved from vegetation…
Page 20
P1 b1 I thought that it had lost its mutation and become a normal tree…
P2 b1 Is it possible that the monsters became like that because of this?
P2 b2 Geh…
P3 b1 Let’s just pretend that we didn’t see this?
P3 b2 Naofumi-sama!?
P3 sfx Rustle
P3 b3 Ugahhh~~~
P5 b1 Hey! How many times do we have to tell you!?
P5 b2 Do not enter this part of the forest with a carriage?
Page 21
P1 b1 Ah
P2 b1 Saint-sama!!
P3 b1 Well, well.
P3 b2 If it isn’t the Saint-sama! Welcome back!
P4 b1 Saint-sama!!
P4 b2 Saint-sama!!
Page 22
P1 b1 Well then,
P1 b2 Please have these!
P1 b3 It’s our local specialty.
P2 b1 Yay!!
P3 b1 It’s because of Saint-sama that this village was saved from drought and even managed to escape complete poverty.
P3 b2 Everybody is thankful.
P4 b1 These trees are all descendents from the seed that Saint-dono left behind and that we have raised with care.
P4 b2 Ah…
P4 b3 So these aren’t mutants
Page 23
P1 b1 Because the whole village is like this,
P1 b2 Adventurers sometimes damage the trees without knowing.
P2 b1 You seem healthy.
P2 b2 Healthy enough to cause trouble.
P2 b3 Even today, he went to the plantation alone…
P3 b1 Because we haven’t been able to harvest them properly these days, have we?
P3 b2 Even though they’re bearing this much fruit
P3 b3 I told you that the monsters might appear at any moment. For goodness’ sake…!
P5 b1 About thoes monsters,
P5 b2 Would you mind telling us more details about them?
Page 24
P1 b1 This is the monster corpse that we picked up.
P2 b1 Hmm… I haven’t seen this kind of monster before…
P3 b1 If the distinctive feature is a shell…
P3 sfx Turn
P3 b2 This monster does have it…
P4 b1 Have you reported this to the castle?
P4 b2 Yes, we have reported it.
P5 b1 It appears out of nowhere…
P5 b2 And comes in large numbers. We can’t do anything…
Page 25
P1 b1 It gives me shivers to think of what would have happened if not for the adventurers.
P2 b1 Can I have this corpse?
P2 b2 Eh?
P2 b3 Yes, please.
P4 sfx Rumbllllle
P5 text -‘s familiar (Bat type) shield’s condition has been unlocked.
P5 sfx Light
Page 26
P1 b1 Familiar…
P1 b2 What?
P1 b3 I don’t know who or what it belongs to, but it is a familiar…
P2 b1 Something is using that and,
P2 b2 Attacking multiple places with it…?
P3 b1 Familiar with a shell…
P4 b1 Uuuh~~~~
P4 b2 Nothing will happen if we just stand around like this…
P5 b1 Let’s split up and begin patrolling.
P5 b2 If something catches your attention, make sure to report it.
P6 b1 Kiel.
P6 b2 Yes!
Page 27
P1 b1 You’ll keep watch here.
P2 b1 Ehhhhhhhhh!?
P2 b2 We won’t know what will happen, after all.
P3 b1 I prommise that I won’t get in the way…!
P3 b2 No.
P4 b1 Kiel-kun, you protect the villagers here,
P4 b2 okay?
P6 b1 Okay!
Page 28
P1 b1 Okay,
P1 b2 Then let’s move out in pairs.
P1 b3 Yes? (TL: I don’t know why this is a question)
P3 b1 Even still, I don’t know the boundary between the forest and the plantation…
P4 b1 I think this is the plantation!
P4 b2 Oi!
P4 b3 Don’t start eating as you please!!
P4 sfx x3 Munch Munch Munch
P5 b1 Master, let’s search for something in another area~~
P5 b2 What are you saying, we just got here…
Page 29
P1 b1 This place doesn’t have any monsters present!
P1 sfx Munch
P2 b1 You sure?
P2 b2 Yessssss~~~
P3 b1 That reminds me, the plantation is not that damaged…
P5 b1 What is this…
Page 30
P1 b1 This doesn’t look like a familiar…
P1 b2 A monster in this area?
P2 b1 This has a lot of small cuts.
P2 b2 Do the familiars also attack normal monsters?
P3 b1 What a waste leaving all this behind.
P3 sfx Drool
P3 b2 Oi.
P3 b3 Don’t even think about eating this.
P4 b1 I see.
P4 b2 So,
P5 b1 They did not attack to prey on it…
P6 sfx Rustle
Page 31
P1 b1 Shadow!
P1 sfx Rustle
P2 b1 What’s the matter?
P2 b2 It was her majesty’s command to share information regularly.
P3 b1 While also monitoring the heroes.
P3 b2 Mostly the other three heroes though.
P4 b1 I see. So they’re familiars.
P5 b1 That’s a big clue.
P5 b2 …One more thing,
P6 b1 I met a strange person.
Page 32
P1 b1 Strange?
P1 b2 When I was about to leave town, they told me
P1 b3 “Defeat me”
P2 b1 “Otherwise I can’t fulfill my duty.”
P3 b1 They told me whatever they wanted to and then disappeared…
P3 b2 Is it related to this matter?
P3 b3 Don’t know.
P4 b1 Don’t know but,
P4 b2 It bothers me.
P5 b1 I will report this too.
Page 33
P1 b1 That about sums it up.
P1 b2 We just arrived here after all.
P2 b1 What about you? Any new information?
P3 b1 Does Sheild-dono not know anything more than that?
P4 b1 What did you just say?
P4 b2 I’m not doubting you Shield-dono.
P5 b1 It is just that the other heroes seem to be hiding something…
P6 b1 Do you have any idea what it could be?
P6 b2 Those guys…
Page 34
P1 sfx Twitch
P2 b1 What’s the matter, Fii-
P3 b1 Ro
P3 sfx Pull
P4 sfx Dash
P5 b1 Master, I heard a scream!
P5 b2 It came from the village’s direction!!
Page 35
P1 sfx Flap flap flap
P2 sfx Gya
P3 b1 Hurry and get inside the buildings!!
P4 b1 It’s alright. They’ll take care of it…
Page 36
P1 sfx Shatter
P2 sfx Slash
P3 b1 This
P4 b1 Damn
P4 sfx Swish
Page 37
P1 b1 Bat
P1 sfx Splash
P2 sfx x2 Fu
P3 b1 Are you alright!?
P4 b1 You-
P4 b2 Are you alright?
P4 b3 I’m fine, I’m fine.
P5 b1 An injury this small
Page 38
P1 b1 Is not a big deal.
P2 sfx Rip
P3 sfx x2 Rip
P4 sfx Rip
Side text A change in the monster attacked by the familiars!? What will happen to Kiel who received a simular  injury……