Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 49

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Chapter 49

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Panel Text
Page 1
P1 title Chapter 49: Outwit
P1 b1 There are corpses of monsters here too…
Under title Left Original story: Aneko Yusagi
Under title Right Character design: Minami Seira
P2 text On her Majesty’s request they came to investigate the mystery monsters but…!?
P2 B1 That’s why it’s so quiet here.
P3 b1 Éclair-san, let’s return to the village once.
P3 b2 Yeah.
P4 b1 This situation is quite eerie…
P4 sfx Snap
P4 sfx x2 Twitch
Page 2-3
P1 sfx x2 Snap
P3 sfx Snap
P3 text The monsters have come to life!?
Page 4
P1 sfx Unruru
P3 sfx Slowly
P3 b1 What?
P3 b2 Is this!?
Page 5
P4 b1 …I see
P4 b2 So it has already been taken care of.
P5 b1 What’s the damage?
P5 b2 Not much.
P6 b1 But, one of your companion has…
Page 6
P1 b1 Kiel!
P2 b1 You… You were reckless, huh?
P2 b2 No, I wasn’t.
P2 sfx Suddenly
P3 b1 Please don’t get angry at him.
P3 b2 Because of him, all of the villagers were safe.
P4 b1 Hehehehe
P4 b2     Geez
P5 b1 Show me your wounds.
P5 b2 It’s not a big deal.
P6 b1 Then, it’ll be that much faster to just heal it with magic.
Page 7
P1 sfx Glow
P2 b1 You really went wild, huh.
P3 b1 Hehe
P3 b2 You know, I defeated all of them!
P3 b3 Ah, I see.
P3 b4 Good work.
P5 text 1 These are all
P5 text 2 Monsters that Kiel can defeat.
P6 text 1 But that corpse that we saw at the plantation,
P6 text 2 Did the bats really defeat it…
Page 8
P1 b1 Hey, are we still continuing?
P2 b1 You’ve got too many wounds.
P2 b2 Come, turn around.
P2 b3 Okay.
P3 text 1 Even though the wounds are shallow, healing is taking…
Page 9
P2 b1 Wh-
P2 b2 What is this?
P3 b1 Firo!
P3 sfx Appear
P4 b1 It’s all right, Master.
Page 10
P1 sfx Stagger
P2 sfx Slash
P3 b1 See?
Page 11
P2 text -‘s Familiar (Yeti Type)
P2 b1 Yeti Type!?
P2 sfx Flash
P3 b1 The same as the bat, huh.
P4 b1 Naofumi-sama.
P4 b2 We should get rid of all the monter corpses around this area.
P4 b3 Why?
P5 b1 This came to life”.
P5 b2 From the other monsters’ corpse…
P5 b3 I’ve seen quite a few monster corpses around here.
P6 b1 Frankly speaking, it’s quite strange.
Page 12
P1 b1 The bats must have done something to the monsters around here.
P1 b2 At this rate, monsters like that will appear one after the…
P3 b1 Come, Kiel!
P3 sfx Bam
P4 b1 Naofumi-sama?
P4 b2 I’m borrowing a bed!
P5 b1 Wh-What!?
P5 b2 I’m continuing your treatment.
P5 b3 Lie on your belly!
Page 13
P1 b1 …! Kiel-kun, your back…
P1 b2 Someone! Bring some medicine! And forceps too!
P2 b1 What do you plan to do?
P2 b2 I’ll explain later. Hold down Kiel’s arms and legs.
P3 b1 It may hurt but endure it.
P3 sfx Pop
P4 sfx Sizzle
P4 b1 HGHHHH!?
Page 14
P2 sfx Rip
P2 b1 Kiel-kun…
P3 sfx x2 RIP
Page 15
P1 sfx x4 Hah
P1 b1 Good work enduring it.
P2 b1 Assemble everyone, please.
P3 b1 Damn…
P4 b1 This village must have some kind of fate with me
P4 b2 For these things to happen one after another…
Page 16
P1 b1 I think that this is probably something like an egg.
P2 b1 The Familiars implant these into monsters then weaken until death.
P3 b1 If anyone has ever been injured even once before, step forward.
P3 b2 Everyone else, please help in incinerating all the remaining corpses.
P4 b1 This has become quite a big deal…
P5 b1 It’ll probably be impossible for the people here to take care of all the corpses by themselves.
Page 17
P1 b1 If they appeared here then that means that the same must have happened in other places as well…
P2 b1 And these are stronger than normal monsters as well.
P2 b2 If they are not at sage-sama’s level then they must have done a class advancement to beat it.
P3 b1 It will probably be better if I return to the castle at once…
P4 b1 I will teleport to the castle and meet her Majesty and then return.
P4 b2 Everyone, help the villagers here.
Page 18
P1 b1 Rishia!
P1 b2 Ye-
P1 b3 Yess
P1 sfx Startle
P2 b1 You seem like you want to say something…
P2 b2 Fu-Fueeeee
P3 b1 Th-This monster…
P3 b2 I-I think
P3 b3 I’ve seen it somewhere before…
P4 b1 What!?
P4 b2 Fu-Fueeeeeee
P5 b1 You saw it in a book or something!?
P5 b2 A s-story, I think…
Page 19
P1 b1    Okay then,
P1 b2 Rishia, you come with me. There may be some clues in the castle’s library.
P2 b1 Now then,
P3 b1 No-
P3 b2 No way!!
P3 b3 I want to fight with everyone too!!
P4 b1 You can’t fight with the way you are right now. Just come quietly to the castle’s medical room.
P4 b2 I said I’m fine!
P5 b1 I’m completely-
P5 sfx Sudden movement
Page 20
P1 sfx Fall
P2 b1 Wh-
P2 b1 Huh?
P2 sfx Worn out
P3 b1 You were about to be cultivated so, no surprise there.
P4 b1 Kiel-kun,
P4 b2 Please…
P5 b1 Kiel.
Page 21
P1 b1 Because of you, we now know how scary the bats are.
P1 b2 If we had realized it later,
P1 b3 I don’t know what kind of disaster it would have become.
P2 b1 Good work.
P3 b1 That’s why I want you to focus on getting better for now.
Page 22
P1 b1 Okay.
P1 b2 Got it.
Page 23
P1 b1 Your Majesty.
P2 b1 Were they caught!?
P3 b1 Ah-
P3 b2 No.
P4 b1 The shield-hero wants to see you.
P5 b1
P5 b2 Ah.
P5 b3 Iwatani-sama…
Page 24
P1 b1 The other heroes have disappeared!?
P2 b1 They fled from the country.
P2 b2 There were reports that they forcefully broke through the border.
P3 b1 Even abandoning their job
P3 b2 !?
P3 b3 Where are those guys…
P4 b1 Don’t you know what is happening there!?
P5 b1 According to the soldiers stationed there,
Page 25
P1 b1 “We haven’t broke our promise with Her Majesty.”
P1 b2 “We are only going there to resolve this situation…”
P1 b3 Is what they said…
P2 b1 What?
P2 b2 Looks like the three heroes are all heading towards the same place.
P3 b1 On their way, they rode Fitorial* and flying dragons and advanced without resting… *PRnote: not the Philorial Queen Fitoria
P3 b2 So that they even shook off the shadows…
P4 b1 Those guys…
P4 b2 Do they know the reason behind this matter…!?
Page 26
P1 b1 It’s my blunder.
P1 b2 The conditions that I’d given them
P1 b3 Has changed their hearts
P2 text 1 Outwit others and gain the achievement for yourself and maintain your status as a hero.
P2 text 2 Is it to outwit her Majesty and me?
P3 text 1 Isn’t that what they’ve always been doing!
P3 b1 It would be all right if they were able to resolve the problem by themselves but…
P4 b1 If something were to happen to them…
P5 b1 In this situation where even chasing them is impossible, I couldn’t even send help to them…
Page 27
P1 b1 Even though there are only 4 days until the wave here in the country of Melromarc!
P2 text 1 I can only use Teleport to go to places I’ve been to before.
P2 text 2 If the wave occurs, I’ll just get teleported there but…
P4 b1 Your Majesty! I know I only arrived but I’ve got a plan.
P4 b2 I’ll return to the village again.
P5 b1 Rishia will stay here and search for the story that she remembers.
P5 b2 I-I understand.
Page 28
P1 b1 Iwatani-sama, what do you plan to do?
P1 b2 I want to contact them.
P1 b3 If it’s them, they may be able to do something.
P2 b1 If it’s Queen Fitoria!
P6 b1 Ah.
P6 b2 Fitoria??
P6 b3 Did you connect!?
Page 29
P1 b1 The heroes have gone somewhere East.
P1 b2 I want you to take us there.
P2 b1 There is that carriage that you used before, right?
P2 b2 With that-
P4 b1 Oi, Fitoria. Are you listening!?
P5 b1 ……Master
P6 b1 She says it’s impossible.
Page 30
P1 b1 If possible I want to help but,
P2 b1 If the four heroes’ relationship is this bad then…
P3 b1 She says,
P3 b2 Just give up…
P3 text What is the meaning behind what Fitoria said…?