Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 11

Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 11

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Page 1 NOTE
P1 B1 Nopan… No, Kuzuha-chan, you can call me Arge.
P1 B2 I… I understand.
P1 O.LEFT The Manga Volume 2, will arrive at the bookshelves this Thursday, 12th of April!!
P2 B1 I want to apologize for the trouble I’ve created just now-desuwa
P2 B2 It’s fine
P3 B1A As long as you understand
Page 2 NOTE
P1 T1 Chapter 11
P2 B1 A stable…?
P2 SFX1 dazed…
P2 B2 I would very much like to offer something besides words as an apology but as you can see…
Page 3 NOTE
P4 B1 What a fairly desolated place this is…
P4 B2 I don’t think I have anything noteworthy that I can give you…
P5 B1 Well.
P5 B2 I certainly can see that…
P7 B1 Anyway, I don’t think I have anything that I want so…
P7 T1 Except for clothes
P7 B2 F-forgive my rudeness earlier-desuwa
Page 4 NOTE
P1 B1 It’s not like I can feed off a girl this small right?
P1 T1 If only she was an adult… Too bad she’s a little girl.
P2 BOX1 On a side note: Behaki’s condition
P2 T1 Different Assignment T/N: Left out, lol
P2 B1 I bet she is thinking something unnerving again…
P3 B1 The truth is, I came here because of an order from a certain person…
P3 B2 Normally, I would be able to give a more appropriate apology but…
P5 B1 My mother is cooperating with the lord of the village near here-desuno
P5 B2 Co-… Operating?
Page 5 NOTE
P1 B1A Yes. With that said, I want to help alleviate the lord’s and mother’s worries…
P1 B1B By patrolling around the village and destroying every monsters I stumble upon-desuwa
P1 T1 Lengthy…
P1 B2 And what is this lord’s doing?
P2 B1 I heard that he is involved in researching a secret weapon that could end the war with the empire. Meanwhile, the land that is used as the warzone between the empire and the kingdom with its rigidity and roughness poses no problem for beastkin like us. So then, my respectable mother, she is doing her job proudly as the ―
P2 SFX1 zzz…
P3 B1 Arge-san?
P3 SFX1 Jolt!
P3 B2 Ha – Yes! Please continue!
Page 6 NOTE
P1 BOX1 This girl is completely fooled, isn’t she…?
P1 B1 A respectable parent won’t… Treat their children this way, right?
P2 B1 Not like I have a problem with any of this though.
P2 T1 Since it’s troublesome…
P2 B2 … And that is why I did not bring anything with me while leaving the village.
P3 B1 Otherwise as long as it’s something I can do, then…
P3 B2 No no, your thoughts are already good enough to be accepted as an apology.
P6 B1 …. Ahh
Page 7 NOTE
P1 B1 Then…
Page 8 NOTE
P1 B1B Arge-san.
P1 B1C Argeee-saaaann
P2 B1A Nyiaaau…
P2 B1B Fyesh?
P2 B2 To think that your request was to let you “sleep on straw”…
P3 B1 It looks like it’s night already.
P3 SFX1 wiggle wiggle
P3 B2 It is night already. You sure did sleep well.
P4 B1 Ehehe, you are making me blush.
P4 SFX1 Ehehehe
P4 B2 I am not praising you though-desuwa!?
P6 B1 There’s a laughing sound although your facial expression didn’t change…?
P6 B2 It’s a specialty of vampires
P6 B3 I… Is that really true?
Besides B3 P6 T1 Amazing…
P6 B4 So naïve
Page 9 NOTE
Right bubble B1 Nnnーaaah
P1 B1 Arge-san, front!! Your front!!
P2 B1A Funya?
P1-P2 B1B Ah, please excuse me…
Page 10 NOTE
P1 B1 What abomination is this?
P1 T1 Rotten porridge?
P1 B2 Itadakimasu* *T/N: A prayer before eating
P2 B1 Arge-san?
P2 T1 The porridge is flying…
P2 SFX1 Suck suck
P2 B2 Hold on for a second…
P3 B1 … No wonder she looks so malnourished
P3 B2 I am 100% sure she eats this kind of food everyday…
P4 B1 I am not sure whether this can be counted as a proper meal for her though.
Page 11 NOTE
P1 B1A … Thanks for the food.
P1 B1B Did the lord provide this food?
P2 B1A Y- Yes. He gave it to me while Argen-san was sleeping.
P2 B1B Did… Did you eat it just now?
P3 B1 Of course. Vampires can eat from their hands you know.
Big Text P3 SFX1 EASY
Below it P3 T1 I can even eat from elbow or my feet too
Upper left P3 T2 Amazing…
P6 B1 And this is the gratitude for the food
Page 12 NOTE
P1 B1 Are… Are you sure? Really??
P1 B2 Yes, absolutely. Dig in.
P2 B2 T-thank you very much!
P6 B1 Is this your daily routine, Kuzuha-chan?
P6 B2 What do you mean?
P7 B1 Just like today, without your mother, eating all alone…
P7 B2 Do you feel sad?
Page 13 NOTE
P1 B1 … Esteemed mother is doing her duty with dignity-desuwa
P1 B2 I don’t want to be labelled as a crybaby.
P2 B1 That is… But aren’t you feeling lonely?
P2 B2 A little bit… I have not met her for a couple of months now…
P4 BOX1 The last legacy left for her, hmm?
P5 B1 Excuse me, Kuzuha-chan. I want to go out for a bit.
P5 B2 Eh? Where are you going at a time like this?
Page 14 NOTE
P1 B1 I want to feel the wind for a moment, since my stomach is full.
P2 BOX1 This is only my whim… Yup.
P3 SFX1 Flap
Page 15 NOTE
P2 B1 … A beast’s smell?
P2 B2 A smell that is similar, yet different from Kuzuha-chan…
P4 SFX1 Flap
P5 SFX1 Flew in
Page 16 NOTE
Top right SFX1 Float…
P1 B1 No guards at all? How easy…
P2 B1 Fumu…
P3 B1 From the underground…?
P4 SFX1 Flutter
Page 17 NOTE
P1 B1 I’m being called…?
P2 SFX1 Slide…
Page 18 NOTE
Page 19 NOTE
P1 B1 Ah…
P4 B1 … Good Evening.
P5 BOX1A It was clear the moment I saw it.
P5 BOX1B That this person’s life is already long gone.
P5 BOX2 But, her body did not reek from the smell of cadaver. But instead, the usual sweet smell of a beast and a female.
Page 20 NOTE
P1 BOX1 Not only does she show no signs of being dead, her face looks like she was just sleeping…
P1 SFX1 Blink
P2 SFX1 Glow…
P3 B1 This is…
P3 B2 The light from the activation of magic?
P4 SFX1 Glow…
Page 21 NOTE
P2 B1 You are…?
P2 B2B In case a being that isn’t human makes it here.
P3 B2 The “record” I have left behind will be played-desuwa…
P4 B1 I came here following the invitation from this place’s Lord.
P4 B2 He said he needed help in researching a magic to stop the war but…
P5 B1 I was tricked… Still, I bear no grudge against him any longer.
P5 B2 My only regret is not being able to see the world I dreamt of with my own eyes.
Page 22 NOTE
P1 B1 In hopes that my child’s life will be better… I remained here waiting for the right moment.
P1 B2 So… Before her life exhausted, she left a magical video here?
P2 B1 But as expected…
P3 B1 I am still worried about my child, Kuzuha.
P3 SFX1 Tighten…
P3 B2 Since she is so pure…
P4 BOX1 This woman didn’t leave Kuzuha behind without any care.
P4 BOX2 It ‘s just that, they are both too pure and naïve for being tricked by an evil person.
P4 BOX3 This woman in front of me, was just a caring and loving mother-
Page 23 NOTE
P1 B1 Such purity… Ah, I have pictures, do you want to see them? This is the picture when she was just born… And this is… Kyaaa, she’s so cute I could diee ♡
Lower Right P1 T1 Parent
Upper P1 SFX1 Merry merry
Lower Middle P1 T2 Stupid
P1 B2 What the hell are you doing even after you’re dead?
P2 B1 And here, look! Isn’t she the cutest?? Ah, Look at this picture too…! Ah, let me bring out the album
P2 T1 This and, that, please look! Look!!
P2 B2 I wonder… Is she really dead?
P3 B1 … Jokes aside
P4 B1 I haven’t talked about my daughter for such a long time that I got off-tracked.
P4 B2 To those who see this recording, I beg of you to hear on my dearest wish-desuwa
Page 24 NOTE
P1 B1 Regarding my daughter… Please help her live in this world.
P1 B2 I beg you… I am leaving her to you.
P3 SFX1 Fade…
P4 B1 Ah…
Page 25 NOTE
P1 B1 She really is a stupid one…
P2 BOX1 If she really treasured her daughter, she should have prepared a farewell talk for her.
P2 BOX2 Well, I bet she leave a message for Kuzuha because of how precious she is to her…
P3 B1 I am not listening to your request.
P3 B2 More like, why should I even be doing that, it’s too troublesome.
P4 B1 … What I will do now is just a whim.
P4 SFX1 Klink klank
P5 SFX1 Fall…
Page 26 NOTE
P2 B1 Let’s return to Kuzuha-chan’s small abode…
P2 B2 Shall we…?
P3 SFX1 Step
P3-P4 B1A What could a guest be…
P4 B1B Doing here this late at night, huh…
P4 O.DOWN To be continued in the April Issue!

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