Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 13

Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 13

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Page 1
P1 B1 Hn…! Faa… Fuaa… Fwahhh..
P1 T1 Chapter 13
P3 B1 I want to wear clothes…
Page 2
P1 B1 And so… I will return to my sleep once again.
P1 SFX1 Nuzzle nuzzle
P1 B2 Arge… You just woke up because of that sneeze, didn’t you…
P2 B1 Indeed.
P2 T1 Is there any problem with that?
P2 B2 Uhh… No, never mind.
P3 T1 Why did you ask then, weird…
P3 T2 Amazed.
P4 BOX1 Meeting up with Behaki was really a miracle. As long as we keep this pace, I think we can pass the mountains and reach the republic today.
P4 B1 I don’t think I can cross the border without wearing any clothes…
Page 3
P1 B1 Oh well, if you are hungry, tired or thirsty, just wake me up, okay?
P1 SFX1 Slumber…
P3 B1 Behakii, can you stop here for a while?
P3 B2 Sure…
P4 B1 There’s something nearby that’s approaching us.
P5 B1 A-r-ge-saaaaannnn!!
P5 SFX1 Rumble rumble
Page 4
P1 B1 Arge-san!!
P3 B1 Her damaged old clothes… not. That’s a new one.
P3 T1 Oooo…
P3 B2 Arge-san!!
P4 B1 Ah, yes. What is it?
P4 B2 Why didn’t you wait for me back there!?
P5 B2 Yes?
Page 5
P1 B1 Listen here, Arge-san.
P1 T1 Sigh…
P1 B2 Although I have said I will go for a bit back there… My mother’s body is still there, you know?
P2 B2 Well, of course it is.
P3 B1 If you knew, then normally you should’ve waited for me to come back, right-desuno!?
P3 B2 Because of that, I had to finish mourning for my mother quickly and run after you, you know!?
P4 B1 Why? Of couse I knew that you would return to that shed. But, I have finished my business there.
P4 B2 Since I don’t have anything left to do there, isn’t it obvious that I will resume my journey?
P5 B1 You… You don’t have any friends, do you?
P5 SFX1 Stareee…
Page 6
P1 B1 You’re right. I don’t even have one…
P1 T1 Now that you mentioned it…
P1 B2 See!? As I expected!!
P1 B3 Errr no… I can’t really accuse you of having no friends at all however…
P2 B1 My dear mother has indeed taught me it… Throughly-desuwa!!
P2 B2 The art of making new friends that is!!
P3 B1 And of course I have planned it perfectly-desuno!!
colored text P3 T1 Air friends!!
black text P3 SFX1 Points
P4 B1 With that, I hope we got along well from now on-desuwa
P5 B1 Since I will be with you from now on, Arge-san…
P5 B2 I have to started it with the ‘get along’ greeting first, as I’ve been taught-desuno.
Page 7
P1 B2 Why are you so insistent on this?
P1 B3 Kuzuha-chan… You still don’t know where I am going to, right?
P2 BOX1 According to what has transpired, our relationship should be over after that whole incident was wrapped up.
P2 BOX2 And then, she now still persistently want to go along with me… I really can’t understand her decision.
P3 B1 It’s not about where, you know?
P3 B2 Besides, the one who told me to live as I wanted was you, remember?
P4 B1 I guess… I did say that you should live freely…
P4 BOX1 It will be troublesome if I try to reject her either…
Page 8
P1 B1 Then, once again. As your number 1 friend, I hope we get along, okay, Arge-san!!
P1 B2 Uhh, yeah. Let’s get along.
P2 B1 Well, then. Let’s resume our journey, Behaki.
P2 B2 Understood.
P2 B3 Ah
P3 B1 Please wait a minute!!
P3 SFX1 Hold
P3 B2 Before that, wear some clothes, Arge-san!!
P4 B1 Clothes? Did you bring some with you?
P4 B2 Nope!!
P4 B3 I am thinking of making it after measuring you!!
P5 B1 So she can sew clothes, this girl…
lower right P5 T1 Amazing…
left P5 T2 Hah Hah Hah
Page 9
P1 T1 Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah
P1 B1 Somehow… I have a feeling that she’s panting too much when we’re talking about measuring my body… Isn’t she?
P1 B2 … I will be around in the corner, then.
P2 B1 Alright.
P2 B2 I think I can finish this in around a day but… Is it okay?
P3 B1 No problem. Well, then, young ladies.
P3 SFX1 Walks away…
P3 B2 So gentlemanly, huh…
P4 B1 Well, then… I will start measuring you
P4 B2A Dear me, of course! I will fully enjoy myself while taking the measurements!!
P4 B2B Haah… Haah… Arge-san, your white skin is really beautiful…
P4 SFX1 Blissful… ♡
P4 B3 I am a vampire, after all.
P4 BOX1 Friends… Is it?
Page 10
P1 BOX1 That was something I have never tried to think about…
P1 B1 And now we just put this on your head…
P2 B1 And it’s a complete set!!
P2 BOX1 The first one to acknowledge me…
P3 B1 Did you do this all night?
P3 B2 Midway, I left the process to a clone so I have some sleep-desuwa
Page 11
P1 BOX1 Can a clone really do that… Normally?
P1 T1 Tsk…
P1 B1 If only that loli hag*  had told me about this ability beforehand…
P1 T2 Damn useless loli hag…
P1 B2 Arge-san?
P2 B1 Nothing. So, you made me a maid uniform, didn’t you?
P2 B2 Do you know about it-desuno!?
P3 B2 Well, somewhat.
P4 BOX1 Before reincarnating, In Kuon family estate, there existed several people wearing these kind of clothes as the caretakers of the house.
P4 BOX2 So, as for me, I am already used to these uniforms
P5 B1 … Unlike its appearance, it’s pretty easy to move in.
P5 B2 Haaa… Though I must say, I have made a msterpiece, indeed-desuwa…!!
Page 12
P1 B1 Is there any parts that feel uncomfortable?
P1 T1 I will fix it immediately!!
P1 B2 No need. This is perfect.
P2 B1 For now, please bear with that uniform for a while!!
P2 B2 When I find some time, I will make another set of clothes for you!!
P3 B1 That… Is something I have to say thanks to.
P3 B2 Okay, shall we eat breakfast now?
P4 B1 Uhhmm… Is dried meat okay with you?
P4 B2 Ah, I don’t need to eat. It’s alright.
P5 B1 We can resume the journey after you finished eating.
Skill: 2 line P5 T1 Blood Box Activates
Below T1 P5 T2 Leave any luggage to me
Left P5 SFX1 Splurt
P5 T3 My luggage is being swallowed!?
Page 13
P1 B1 … Then, you are trying to go to the republic, Arge-san?
P1 B2A Yes, and if possible…
P1 B2B I don’t want to attract attention
P2 B1 That is also why I am aiming to pass through the mountain. Wait… I think it’s should be…
P2 B2 After Maritat, it is indeed The Republic of Yotsuba
P3 B1 Mug cup?
P3 B2 Maritat. The name of the mountain.
P4 B1 Okay, let us go to the helmet then.
P4 B2 It’s Maritat-desuno.
P5 B1 Errr…
P5 B2 Maritat-desuno!!
Page 14
P1 B1 … Sorry to make you wait.
P1 T1 What are you doing…
P2 B1 Those clothes… Unexpectedly, it seems they suit you very well, doesn’t it?
P2 SFX1 Huff huff
P3 B1A Thanks for that, Behaki
P3 B1B Do you need something to eat or drink?
P3 B2 I’ll just go with the drinks. Thanks.
P4 B1 Umm… I have been thinking since yesterday, but is that really the name of mister horse there?
P4 SFX1 whisper…
P4 B2 Yes, I am the one who bestowed that name to him.
P5 B1 Arge-san, you… Well, that is… No, never mind me.
P5 SFX1 Sigh…
Page 15
P1 B1 Kuzuha-chan, you should sit on Behaki.
P1 B2 I will be the one to walk.
P2 B1 No…
P2 SFX1 Fsshh…
P3 B1 If that is the case, then it’s all okay!!
P4 B1 How’s this? With this form, we can both ride on Behaki, right?
P4 T1 Oooh…!!
Page 16
P1 B1 Behaki, with this, us two can ride behind your back, is it alright?
P1 B2 Even without asking, that was my intention from the start.
P2 B1 I will sleep after this, so I leave the rest to you.
P2 B2 You are going to sleep on Mister Horse!?
P3 B1 That’s right. For vampires, if they don’t sleep regularly on horseback, their energy will…
P3 B2 Arge… Don’t you delude this girl’s head now…
P4 B1 See, even Behaki said so.
P4 B2 I denied it, though!?
P5 B1 If even Mister Horse says so, then I am sure it’s true-desuwa!!
P5 B2 Don’t believe it, girl!!
P5 B3 Ah, this is interesting.
Page 17
P1 SFX1 Rustle
P3 B1 Arge-san, please be careful with where you step, okay?
P3 B2 Thank you, Kuzuha-chan
P4 B1 Are you alright going through here, Behaki-san?
P4 B2 Are you okay, Behakii?
P4 B3 I am still okay if it’s only this steep.
P5 B1 He’s okay, he said.
P5 B2 That is good, then… But, still…
Page 18
P2 B1 It’s starting to get dark…
P2 B2 You’re right. If it’s possible, I want us to get off this slope before night…
P3 BOX1 The reason we’re short on time is undeniably because of me.
P3 T1 I underestimated the mountain…
P3 B1 Sorry. This was all because I walk so slow…
P4 B1 Please don’t say that.
P4 B2A Nn, but…
P4 B2B Kyah
P4 SFX1 Slip!!
P4 B3 … Careful. It’s dangerous here
Page 19
P1 B1 Thank you for that, Kuzuha-chan…
P3 B1 … I smell humans.
P4 B1 The direction is… Right in front. They are going straight on our path…
P4 B2 What to do, Arge?
P5 B1A Let’s see… Behaki, leave your equipment to me and act like a normal horse.
P5 B1B Kuzuha-chan, go and hide our luggages somewhere unseen and transform into your fox form.
P5 B2 I’ll track their movements in my own way.
P6 B1 Let’s go our separate ways for a while.
P6 B2 … With some distance between us, they won’t think or find something strange, I hope.
Page 20
P1 B1 Understood.
P1 B2 I understand!!
P3 SFX1 Syuushh!!!
Page 21
P3 B1 Fuu…!!
P3 SFX1 clatter
P3 B2 That was a close one…
P4 BOX1 I have learnt a little bit on how to handle a sword
P4 BOX2 As a child from the Kuon family, that was something that had to be learnt.
Page 22
P1 B1 Funyaa!!
P1 SFX1 Slide
P2 B1 Arge-san!?
P2 B2 I’m alright. More importantly,
P3 B1 … This blade was thrown with the purpose of hitting our legs…
P3 B2A This means this thing was thrown by someone who has precision and is familiar with these kinds of terrain
P3 B2B Also, this throwing is not by any simple physical reinforcement. It’s also being assisted by an accelerating skill…
P4 SFX1 Heavy Rustling
Page 23
P1 B1 I am the Chain Sickle Chihuahua!
P1 B2 I am the Bombastic Dachshund!!
P1 B3 I am the Knife Throwing Terrier
P1 B4 Together, we are the Terrier Bandits!!!
P4 B1 You’re the entertainers from back then…!!
P4 T1 It’s been a while…
P4 B2 Who’re your entertainers, biiiitchh!!
Page 24
P1 B1 Akh!!
P2 B1 You… After I look at you more carefully… You’re the slut back…!!
P2 B2 Ah, so you did realize who I am. But, I’m sorry, I am not a slut.
P2 O.LEFT See Chapter 1
P2 B3 And we are no entertainers either, dangit!!
P3 B1 Umm, Arge-san. Are you acquintanced with these people?
P5 B1 Kuzuha-chan, they are a travelling performers.
P5 B2 Wow, performers!
P5 B3 I’ve just said that we are not, dangit!!
Page 25
P1 B1 No matter how you hide it, those acts are clearly a performance, you know
P1 B2 Which means… They are professionals!!
P1 B3 WRONG!! We are a group of bandits… BANDITS!!
P2 B1 That’s what they said.
P2 B2 What dedication to play such a role…
P2 B3 How did the story become like that now!!
P3 B1 With that setting, they once took me in as a helper in their acts with some guests before
P3 SFX1 Sigh…
P3 B2 To even include amateur to help in their acts… As expected of Professionals, Arge-san!!
P3 B3 Could you cut it out, you sluuuuuuttt!!
Page 26
P1 B1 Ha?
P2 B1A Did you call me a slut again? Listen here. Can you people mind your manners when you’re giving someone a nickname?
P2 B1B You Adorable Performing Puppies.
P2 SFX1 Pout pout
P2 B2 Right back at your damn face!!
P3 B1 Oh whatever. Anyway, what makes you three come around this part?
P3 B2 Hmph
P4 B1 We did some flashy acts in the kingdom
P4 B2 So now we are wanted throughout the kingdom.
P5 B1 Haa, I see.
P5 B2 … They are not just 3 muscle-brained idiots, it seems…
Page 27
P1 B1 You really are veteran entertainers…
P1 T1 Amazing…
P1 B2 You really don’t listen to what I said, huh!? I’ma kill you!!
P2 B1 Cheh… It will be a hassle if we got found by the kingdom’s border patrols around here.
P2 T1 I don’t want to handle that…
P2 B2 You are right
P3 BOX1 With the addition of the Terrier Bandits,
P3 BOX2 We compromised and agreed that we have the same goal, to pass through the kingdom’s border without brewing any trouble.
P4 B1 For now, let us try not to make any big noise until we arrived at the border.
P4 B2 … What you said.
P5 B1 Always be wary of your back now.
P5 B2 … Move out, people!
Page 28
P1 B1 Okay, Boss!
P1 B2 Aye aye, Boss!
P1 B3 Understood, Boss-san!
P1 SFX1 cozy cozy
P2 B1 Oiii!! What the hell you guys getting all cozy together, huh!?
P3 B1 Now, now. Can you please tell me first where we are going next, Terrier-chan?
P3 B2 Fine. First, we have to reach the end of…
P4 B1 It feels like it will be interesting if we follow them.
P5 BOX1 From the looks of it, these 3 people are familiar with mountaineous terrain.
P5 BOX2 Meanwhile, I am not familiar at all with this terrain… I suck at this.
Page 29
P1 B1 Isn’t it fine? It’s not like we are a burden
P1 B2 Burden!! It weighs on our minds a lot, dangit!!
P2 B1 To think that they don’t even react a little bit when they’re travelling with cute girls like us… As expected,
P2 SFX1 whisper whisper
P2 T1 That’s why males are…
P2 B2 What are you whispering to her now, bitch!? Another lie!?
P3 B1 Wow… You three really looked like you were angry at Arge-san-desuwa…
P3 T1 What passionate acting…
P3 B2 We are really angry, dangit!!
P4 B1A Now, now. Since we are going to be together for a while, let’s all calm down and be friends. How about it?
P4 B1B My name is Argento the Vampire, nice to meet you, Entertainer-san!
P4 B2 Why are you suddenly offering a handshake with that kind of ridiculous face!?
P4 T1 Serious Introduction for a Vampire
P5 B1 And my name is Kuzuha-desuwa. It will be nice if we can get along for now,  Mr.Entertainer.
P5 B2 We are not entertainers, dangit!!
Page 30
P1 B1A … The sun has gone out completely now.
P1 B1B Let’s rest around here for the night.
P1 B2 Understood
P1 B3 But, still… What the hell are you?
P2 B1 Just a normal vampire passing by.
P2 B2 Vampire… Don’t tell me, you were born in Antares?
P3 B1 Fanta… Sy?
P3 B2 Antares!! The old ruins near where we met the first time!!
P4 B1 So it’s called Antares…
P4 T1 That place…
P5 B1A That place was once the location for a large scale war.
P5 B1B It was the perfect environment for vampires to be born.
P5 B2 Since vampires are born from higly concentrated places with magical powers and lingering feelings
Page 31
P1 B1 Hee…
P1 BOX1 The origin of vampires… Turns out it was different than what I’ve read about.
P1 T1 Terrier-chan is a very knowledgable person, unexpectedly…
P3 B1 Good morning to you-desuno.
P5 B1 Ah, Good morning to you, Arge-san!
P5 B2 Ah…
P6 B1 So you are a clone. Good morning to you, Kuroha-chan
P6 T1 Kuzuha-chan clone => Kuroha-chan!*
P6 B2 Kuroha-chan!?
Page 32
P1 SFX1 Rustle rustle
P3 BOX1 They are bringing quite… A lot of things, eh?
P3 B1 Terrier-chan, what is that thing?
P3 T1 It looks like it can hold quite a lot…
P3 B2 Hm? Before we escaped, we stole from some rich nobles in the capital and…
P4 B1 It’s called the ‘Pocket of Daiku’
P4 B2 It can store an unbeliavable amount of things inside it.
P5 B1 Haa, I see now.
P5 BOX1 With this, I have seen 3 artifacts ever since I got into this world.
Page 33
P1 BOX1 Child of the Blurry Dead Sound
P1 T1 Probably cursed…
P1 BOX1 Court of the Imperials
P1 T1 Remote controlled
P1 BOX1 And now the one in front of me, Pocket of Daiku.
P1 T1 For storage only?
P2 BOX1 And I also thought that the sword Oswald-kun gave to me is also an artifact.
P2 B1 I haven’t seen its special functionality though…
P3 B1 Although, this thing can’t hold anything bigger than a mouth can hold.
P3 T1 Living things are a no-no
P3 B2 Ah, is that so?
P4 B1 That is also an artifact, right? Geez, just where did you get that from anyway…
P4 B2 You can notice it, Terrier-chan?
Page 34
P1 B1 Somewhat. I mean, that sword is…
P1 B2 Boss, we’ve finished the preparation!!
P2 B1 Good, move out, people!!
P2 B2 Ah…
P5 B1 … Halt, all of you.
P5 SFX1 Stop…
P6 B1 Terrier-chan, is this…
P6 B2 Ah, there’s a presence. Seems like we were found out.
P6 B3 … The three of you, please wait here for a moment.
Page 35
P1 B1 Let there be darkness
P1 SFX1 Slump…
P2 BOX1 This is the result of using a level 1 spell of dark magic.
P2 B1 Am I the only one who can see…? This is my first time using this…
P3 B1 Blood arms “Rope”
P3 SFX1 Swing…
P4 B1 Arge-san… What is…
P4 B2 Everyone, please hold unto that rope I just gave you
Page 37
P1 B1 I will pull along slowly, so just follow the…
P1 B2 Hey
P2 B1 Wait.
P2 SFX1 Stareee…
P3 B1 … Could you possibly… Can you see me?
P3 B2 Somewhat.
P4 O.DOWN The continuation will be in July Issue
P5 B1 As expected of an entertainer…
P5 T1 So amazing…
P5 B2 I am not an entertainer, goddammit!!!
P5 T2 Boss, that’s not the…

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