Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 14

Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 14

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Page 1
P1 O.UP The comic book volume 1 & 2 as well as the light novel volume 1 – 6 is selling like pancakes!!
P3 SFX1 Throw
Page 2
P1 B1 Wah!!
P2 B1 Terrier-chan, what did you do that for?
P2 B2A I just threw a dagger that can explode after some time.
P2 B2B That was to draw those stupid border guards away from us.
Page 3
P2 B1 Hey, start moving, you are the guide, right?
P2 B2 Eh, ah, sure.
P3 B1 I don’t think I would mind if he takes the lead, though.
P3 BOX1 Seems like he is intending to leave this all to me.
P3 BOX2 To be honest, I still am not sure why he left me to lead even though he doesn’t approve of my way in the beginning.
P4 BOX1 First of all, their names are funny. And although they are suspicious people, I can’t seem to hate them.
P4 BOX2 From the first time we met, I never imagined they’d be a threat to me. And I still think so until now.
Page 4
P1 BOX1 Anyway, today I can’t help other than to look at them again. I changed my opinion about them a little bit.
P1 T1 Their pose is… Like this.
P1 BOX2 Their movements are quite good as a whole, the only thing unnecessary is their pose.
P2 BOX1 Especially, Terrier-chan. According to the information I received, he still has a lot of room for growth.
P2 B1A He doesn’t even need to rely on the magic rope I created.
P2 B1B I am sure he has something like a crisis sensing skill.
P3 B1 He is also very skilled at throwing knives.
P3 B2 Well, all of this speculation is from my blood reading, so it is very rough.
P4 B2 Right now… I can’t really see the other two, huh…
Page 5
P2 B1 Fwaaaa
P2 T1 Yawn…
P2 B2 Do I really have to do this?
P3 B1 Of course you have to!!
from left P3 SFX1 Rage Oomph Angry
P3 B2 We are a bandit group that makes little kids cry!!
P3 B3 We couldn’t stand being defeated by you like that!!
P4 BOX1 Even though we managed to get pass the mountain together… To think they asked for a revenge match with me…
P4 SFX1 Grrrooooowllll
P4 Woof Woof
P4 B1 Geez… They sure have a lot of spare time, don’t they?
P4 T1 Good Lord…
Page 6
P1 B1 Arge-san, what’s wrong with Misters Entertainers?
P1 B2 Ah, well… How to say this…
P3 B1 They just thought of some new actions and they asked me to help them train, you see.
P3 B2 Wow, so passionate…!
P4 B1 That is why, I want you to observe the practice real good, Kuzuha-chan. Understood…?
P4 SFX1 Yap yap yap yap yap yap
P4 T1 Okay, I got it-desuwa!
P6 B1 Let’s begin, slut!
P6 SFX1 Step step
Page 7
P1 B1 Geez, how many times I’ve said that I am not a slut…
P3 B1 So dangerous.
Page 8
P1 SFX1 Roll
Page 9
P2 B1 Wah!
P3 B1 Aaah!?
P3 B2 The clothes!?
Page 10
P1 SFX1 Thud!!
P3 SFX1 Woosh woosh
P4 B1 Clank
P4 B2 Clank
P4 B3 Clank
Page 11
P2 SFX1 Fsssshhh…
P3 B1 Wind, I beg thee!
Page 12
P1 B1 Dowagh!?
P2 B1 Take… This!!
P4 SFX1 Throw!!
Page 13
P1 SFX1 Woosh woosh woosh
P2 B1 … What a very good combination.
P2 SFX1 Run run run run
P2 B2 They have a solid balance of attack and support, preventing me from doing a decent counterattack…
P3 SFX1 Woosh!!
P4 SFX1 Splat!!
P5 SFX1 Drip…
Page 14
P1 B1A Blood Arms
P1 B1B 「Chain」
P2 B1 Uoohh!?
P3 SFX1 Drip… drip…
P3 B1A An extra order for you.
P3-P4 B1B You also got Dachs-chan, too.
P4 SFX1 Clink!!
P4 B2 Wha!?
P5 SFX1 Ke Clank!!
Page 15
P3 B1 Terrier-chan… He disappeared again, didn’t he?
P4 B1 Chihuahua-chan, can you tell me how Terrier-chan disappeared like that?
P4 B2 Hah!? Like hell I’d tell you that!!
P5 B1A That’s what I thought, too.
P5 B1B Hup.
P5 SFX1 Swing swing
P5 B2 Nhuuooo!!
Page 16
P1 B1 That’s another extra for you.
P1 SFX1 Thud!!
P1 B2 Uoooo-Ghk!?
P3 B1 … He’s gone?
P3 B2 His smell is still here. To be able to escape from my detection skill so expertly, could it be-
Page 17
P1 B1 ― From below the ground, I see.
P2 B1 ― Blood Arms 「Chain」
P3 SFX1 Swoosh!!
Page 18
P1 B1A Kh!!
P1 B1B Dig!!
P3 SFX1 Fsssshhh…
P4 BOX1 Just now…
P4 B1 That must be earth magic… I guess.
P5 T1 Terrier-chan is someone who, rather than using brute force, is quick-witted in thinking what the right action should be…
P5 B1 Although, I can already predict his pattern with this tactic.
Page 19
P1 B1 Mist: Disperse
P1 SFX1 Swiifff
P2 B1 I don’t really like to use this disperse skill but…
P2 B2 I can’t really complain about it in this situation.
P3 T1 Every time I turn into mist, I feel like losing my perception a little bit.
P3 T2 In addition, I can’t sleep while in the mist form. Hence, troublesome.
P4 T1 Strangely, with this mist form, I can sense more things that my physical body can’t reach.
P4 T2 This means that as long I focus myself to sense the movement inside the ground, I can-
Page 20
P1 SFX1 Bulge
P2 Jolt!
P5 B1 ― Too slow
Page 21
P2 SFX1 Clakakaclank!
P3 B1 Blood Arms 「Chain」
P3 SFX1 Woossh!
Page 22
P1 SFX1 Sigh
P1 B1A Geez
P1-P2 B1B What a very flashy ending that was, indeed. I expect no less from professionals.
フ ヤレヤレ P2 T1 Sigh, good Lord
Left T1 P2 T2 Let’s go, Kuzuha-chan.
Below B1B P2 T3 What an amazing performance.
P2 SFX1 Rage!!
P2 B2 We are not performers!!!
P3 SFX1 ―mers!
P4 SFX1 ―ers…
Page 23
P2 SFX1 Splat!!
P3 B1 Wah!?
P3 SFX1 Ta-ta-thud!!
P3 B2 It’s gone…!!
P4 B1 Probably because she is sleeping…
P4 B2 Boss, truly sorry…
P5 B1 Don’t mind it. Nothing happened when we’re still stuck there anyway.
P5 B2 More importantly, you guys… Anyone hurt?
Page 24
P1 B1 I’m perfectly fine, Boss!!
P1 B2 Me, too!!
P1 B3 I see, then let’s go.
P2 B1 Damn… That slut went over the hill in healing us…
P2 T1 There is no bruise at all…
P3 B1 Just what the hell is she…
P3 B2 You think I’d know!?
P3 B3 I never heard of a vampire that strong yet looking stupid at the same time until now.
P4 B1 You are right. We must have heard about her before if that’s the case.
P5 B1 Plus, how the heck she has that thing…
P5 B2 That thing? Are you referring to her power…?
Page 25
P1 B1 “Suiren of Mirage”
P1 BOX1 Once upon an era, there was a blacksmith who had lost his partner. In a craze, he created two sword sisters-
P1 BOX2 These two swords resemble each other perfectly following his passion and insight of longing for his lost partner.
P2 BOX1 One of the swords was kept in the empire.
P2 B1 Meanwhile, the other one was never found by anyone and only exists in the historical notes until now. To think that the other one would be in the possession of that slut…
P3 BOX1 I can appraise tools so that slut can’t hide anything from me but…
P3 B1 Like hell I will tell her the worth of that sword…
P4 B1 Wearing strange getups… On top of that, just playing with us when we asked for a duel… Next time… Until next time…
P4 SFX1 Tighten…
P4 B2 I will not let anyone sully the name of Terrier’s Bandit…!!
Page 26
P1 B1 Let’s go, you lot!!
P1 B2 Roger! Boss!!
P2 BOX1A I have no idea if we will meet that slut again.
P2 BOX1B But, if fate let’s us meet again, that time… That time, I will make sure to make her regret calling us performers!!
Page 27
P2 B1 … Nya?
P2 SFX1 Flap flap
P3 B1 Ah, you did a job well done.
P3 T1 You mean the clothes right?
P3 SFX1 Jump jump jump
P3 B2 It’s nothing much if it is your desire!! Now, hurry up and wear it, please!!
Page 28
P1 B1 Thank you for the clothes, Kuzuha-chan.
P2 B1 I will make another set for you fast!!
P2 B2 You don’t really need to make so much… I still can wear the ones with a few tears on it..
P3 B1 No can do-desuwa!! A healthy spirit is one who also wears good clothes, don’t you know!?
P3 T1 Ehen!
P3 B2 That’s a first…
P4 B1 Oh well, shall we resume our journey?
P4 B2 Ah, please wait a minute.
P5 B1 Arge-san… Is it urgent for you to go to the Republic?
P5 B2 No, I guess. Not really in a hurry.
Page 29
P1 B1 I want to take a detour to a nearby city but…
P1 B2 Uhmm… Is it okay?
P3 BOX1 She somehow looks perplexed…?
P3 B1 I am sure she has something important to do.
P4 BOX1 … I don’t think it’s bad to enjoy this whole otherworldly different scenery, I guess.
P4 B1 Alright.
P5 B1 Well, can you please guide us there?
P5 B2 Yes!! Just leave the guiding to me!!
Page 30
P1 B1 I will guide you now, let’s go, Arge-san!!
P1 SFX1 Poof!
P1 B2 Yup, I leave it to you, Behaki
P2 B1 We’re going now?
P2 B2 Yeah. I’ll leave it to you a little bit longer.
P3 B1 What kind of city you are going to direct us to?
P3 B2 You can just relax and sleep peacefully for the night, since we’ll arrive there tomorrow!
P3 BOX1 To be continued in the Late July Issue
P4 BOX1 What kind of city we are going now, I wonder?
P4 BOX2 It would be great if there will be someone who will pamper me lots…

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