Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 15

Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 15

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Page 1
P1 SFX1 flutter flutter
P2 B1 It’s raining sakura…
P2 B2 Although it is still not in full bloom, the ones in this place are as beautiful as usual.
P3 SFX1 Pomf
P4 SFX1 Tap
P4 B1 How’s this view, Arge-san?!
P4 B2 This is one of the most sought tourist spot in the Yotsuba Republic,
Page 2
P1 B1 This is Sakurazaka-desuwa!
P1 T1 Chapter 15
P2 B1 This is the place I wanted you to see before we go to the capital, Sakuranomiya-desuno!
P2 B2 Indeed, this is an amazing place…
P2 T1 I see!
P2 B1 Do not carelessly label this place with your nicknaming, I beg you
Page 3
Page 4
P1 B1 …This is nostalgic.
P1 BOX1 Back then…There was a time where I was prohibitted from going outside.
P1 T1 I didn’t even get the chance to look at any real cherry blossoms.
P1 BOX2 In the past, there was a person that let me see different flowers but…
P2 BOX1 That person didn’t have the chance to show me sakura petals…
P2 BOX2 She said that the sakura around our place was too small and fragile and, so, it was best left untouched
P3 BOX1 At least I hope that person is still able to live happily there.
P3 SFX1 slide
P4 B1 Ah…
P4 B2 Now, let’s go in. And in order not to get separated, let’s hold hands, Arge-san!
Page 5
P1 B1 Kuzuha-chan, do you have any business in this place?
P1 B2 Fufufu, you will know what it is, when you see it!
P1 B3 Hee, is that so?
P2 BOX1 If…Only this place was filled with humans, I would think that I just slipped into the past.
P2 B1 There are a lot of non-humans here…
P3 B1 Ah, since I didn’t learn the name of this place. I’ll have to think of a fitting and interesting name for it…
P3 SFX1 look around
P4 SFX1 Stare…
P4 T1 Gasp
Page 6
P1 B1 Originally, the republic boasted of having the most races living inside of it, but Sakurazaka is actually the one that helped make that come true.
P1 B2 Since it’s famous, a lot of people came here, which resulted in so many races being here as well…
P2 B1 Most people here are wearing japanese tra…Kimono, aren’t they?
P2 B2 I’ve even seen some of the stores selling kimonos.
P3 B1 This place keeps on reminding me more and more of the Edo period…
P3 B2 Edo…period?
P4 B1 Ah, nothing. I was mumbling to myself.
Page 7
P1 B1 “Sakura Garden”!
P1 B2 The most famous onsen inn in Sakurazaka!
P2 B1 Sakuraga’s Den?
P2 T1 Pout pout pout
P2 B2 “Sakura Garden”-desuno!
P4 B1 …I bet she’s really looking forward to the onsen, huh…?
P4 T1 I see…
P4 SFX1 Beaming smile
P5 B1 I wonder if they have a place for Behaki here…
P5 T1 Ufufufu
P5 B2 Yes, of course-desuwa! Come, follow me!
Page 8
P1 T1 Kuzuha-chan guiding me without any stopping
P1 T2 This shows that she must have come here not just once or twice…
P2 T1 But also with her deceased mother,
P2 T2 In order to not forget about her mother, she…
P2 T3 She brought me here to share her memories with me…
P3 SFX1 Tighten…
Page 9
P1 SFX1 stoned
P1 O.DOWN Lifeless
P2 B1B Uhm well, Kuzuha-chan. There’s always days like this, aren’t there?
P2 SFX1 stoned
P3 B1 Do forgive us. Since yesterday, our onsen has been acting up so we couldn’t possibly…
P3 T1 We could still provide you two with a room but…
P3 B2 Ah, yes.
P4 B1 Kuzuha-chan, if what you wanted was to wash your body clean, I could help you with my cleansing spell, right?
P4 B2 How about we start by eating all the delicious food here and…
Page 10
P3 B1 …-ned.
P5 B1 How…
P5 SFX1 twitch
P5 B2 Could…
P5 SFX2 twitch
P6 B2 Wah!?
P7 B1 After finally having a friend that was willing to come to this place…
P7 SFX1 Burning up
P7 B2 Even though it wasn’t in her plans to come, at all!?
Page 11
P1 B1 Even mother said, “When you finally get your first friend, bring them here-desunoyo!
P1 B2 After that, impress them with this place and gain a lot of favor with them” is what she always taught me-desunoyo!!
P3 B1 That…Isn’t that meaning kind of dangerous?
P3 T1 My bad!
P3 T2 Kuzuha’s Mom
P3 SFX1 Angry! Angry!
P3 BOX1 More like, what’s with this mother. To teach things like gaining favor to a child so small…
P4 B1 So Kuzuha-chan was taught that way, huh…?
P4 BOX1 At first, I thought she intended on bringing me here to help her relish her memories of her mother and to be able to rest at her favorite place, however…
Page 12
P1 BOX1 Turns out, she really only had a hidden agenda on bringing me here.
P1 SFX1 Rampaging
P1 B1 For now, Kuzuha-chan, calm down a bit, won’tcha?
P1 SFX2 Angry! Angry!
P1 B2 I don’t think I can in this situation!!
P2 B1 Even though I was really excited to be here-desunoyo!?
P2 B2 Even though I wanted to go to the onsen naked with Arge-san!!
P3 B1 Casually talking and flirting with her like two best friends!
P3 B2 Yes! After onsen, casually drinking coffee milk after the bath together!!
P3 B3 Ah, I prefer fruit’s milk, thank you.
P4 B1 Come on, the other customers are looking at us now.
P4 T1 Gasp…
P4 SFX1 Murmur murmur
P5 B1 I-I am so embarassed…
P5 SFX1 Shy shy shy
P5 SFX2 Fwip fwip
P5 B2 She might be enjoying this more than she thought…
Page 13
P1 B1A Fufufu
P1 B1B You two look really close
P1 B2 Ara…To see my kind in this place, how rare…
Page 14
P1 B1 …To see a daywalker even…
P1 SFX1 fwip…
P2 B2 How very rare…
P3 BOX1 Kind?
P3 BOX2 Is she the same as me? A vampire?
P4 B1 Are you the same as me then?
P4 B2 No no, Satsuki-chan can only withstand sunlight for a little time only, a failure of a daywalker Satsuki-chan is.
P5 B1 If not because of this umbrella,
P5 B2 Satsuki-chan won’t, can’t, go out at all…
P6 B1A More,
P6 B1B Im-
P6 B1C Por-
P6 B1D Tant-
P6 B1E Ly!!
P6 SFX1 Boing
P6 B2A You two are really adorable…Haa! Can’t stand it, dear me…
P6 B2B A western loli vampire coupled with an eastern loli werefox is practically full of fluffiness, geez!!
Page 15
P1 B1A I feel blessed being able to meet with you two! Would you please come with Onee-san here for a bit!!
P1 B1B I will not accept any refusal!!
P1 B2 Fuu, wai-
P1 B3 Wh-what is with this lady-desuno!!
P1 SFX1 Pomf
P2 B1A Ara, I almost forgot, I haven’t introduced myself, have I?
P2 B1B Satsuki Ichinose
P2 B2 That is Satsuki-chan’s full name
P3 B1 Okay, now that you know my name
P3 SFX1 Pull
P3 B2 It’s high time for Satsuki-chan’s new friends to accompany me!!
P4 B1A Let us partake in a dango party!
P4 B1B Right this moment!
P4 SFX1 Dash dash dash
P4 B2 Yay, free food!
Page 16
P1 SFX1 rowdy rowdy
P2 B1 To imagine that you couple have gotten the chance to visit the famous onsen here,
P2 B2 only to end up not being able to get in the onsen because it was broken…
P3 B1 No, we aren’t exactly a couple…
P3 T1 Although, I am indeed wearing a maid clothes but…
P3 SFX1 munch munch munch
P3 B2 Ahh, is that so?
P4 B1 Yes, this girl is uuh…
P4 B2 My friend, yes. My friend.
Page 17
P2 B1 Is that so? Either way, I’m happy for you two.
P2 B2 …More like, this would suit you two better.
P3 B1A Anyway, it really is a pity,
P3 B1B The onsen here is to die for.
P3 B2 You’re right. It really is a pity.
P3 B3 Fhats forrect! Even fough I waz sho exchaited to kam fere!!
P4 B1 Kuzuha-chan, slow down and finish your food first before talking.
P4 T1 You spilt the food all over your mouth now…
P4 SFX1 wipe wipe wipe
P5 SFX1 Blissful
Page 18
P1 B1 Good…A western loli vampire wiping the mouth of an eastern loli werefox gently…What a wonderful moment.
P1 B2 Ahh…But, after this I bet they will indulge further. The loli werefox will start to gasp and moan with the loli vampire replying “Geez, you really can’t do anything without me anymore, can you?” as befitting as the uniform she wore.
P1 SFX1 Drool
P1 B3 Excuse me, you started talking in gibberish, though…
P3 B1 Kuzuha-chan, even if you stuffed yourself full again, I won’t do it, okay?
P4 B1 The dango in this place is very delicious, isn’t it?
P4 SFX1 depressed…
P4 B2A To find a store that offers dango and services at this level,
P4 B2B I don’t think there are any others across all of Sakurazaka.
Page 19
P1 B1 Ah, indeed. This was quite delicious.
P3 B1 And…So bounciful.
P3 BOX1 That last one was obviously for her body part.
P3 BOX2 The insignia on her left breast can be considered the same as the one on my stomach — a vampire’s sign.
P4 BOX1 Also,
P4 B1 A western style…Coffin?
P5 B1 Well, I’m sure that since Sakurazaka is famous for it’s onsen throughout the lands,
P5 B2 I think it should be around 3 days before it will be fixed
Page 20
P1 B1 Is…That really what you believe it will be?
P1 B2A Yes,
P1 B2B It is unheard of that this place’s onsen should err. So, I’m sure that the error comes from the water source nearby.
P2 B1 Your deduction…Is rational. Alright, Kuzuha-chan, would you be alright if we waited and lived here until the problem was solved?
P2 B2 Is it really okay?
P3 B1 I wasn’t in a hurry, originally, right?
P3 B2 What a good friend, indeed.
P5 BOX1 The me in the past, the friendless me, would have not known a single thing about how to obtain or maintain a friend. Hearing someone say that I’m a good friend seems strangely unfamiliar.
P5 T1 How pitiful am I…?
P5 B1 Ah, this is green tea.
P6 B1 Well then, should we go?
P6 B2 Go? Are you going to take us somewhere?
Page 21
P1 B1 Although I said we could wait around for three days, it would only make me feel restless not being able to do anything.
P1 B2 So I’m thinking if it wouldn’t be possible for us to solve the problem, then…
P2 B1 Can people like us even fix the problem?
P2 B2 The probability of us being able to fix the problem or not is still an uncertainty.
P3 B1 With that said, this Satsuki-chan will now go and try to handle the problem. Just wait here for the good results!
P3 T1 Sigh…My energy was all refilled…
P3 B2 Thank you so much.
P4 B1 Excuse me, Satsuki-san, I have something to ask…
P4 B2 Ara ara, what is it?
P5 B1 That…The main source for the onsen water…Could I possibly tag along with you?
P5 B2 Will that be a issue?
Page 22
P1 B1 Hmmm…Since it’s a water problem, I don’t think there will be any real threats so…
P1 B2 Why not?
P2 B1 Thank you so much.
P2 B2 Arge-san, let’s go!!
P2 B3 Eh?
P4 B1 …Ah, fine.
P4 B2A …don’t have a choice.
P4 B2B Let’s just think this trip is for the sake of me being able to enjoy the fuzzy and comfy feeling of finally dipping into the famous onsen…
P5 B1 Okay, just leave all the payments to me!!
P5 B2 She took it from there…
Page 23
P2 B1 …This is terrible.
P3 B1 “Sakura Garden” draws their onsen water from the mountain.
P4 B1 With that said, they’ll pull the water using magic by creating a path along the way to their place. And I don’t think the pathway got damaged at all, only that there is no water running through it.
P6 B1 Which means, the problem lies at the top of the mountain.
Page 24
P1 B1 Well, if the problem lay in this created path, with enough people and some time, it would have been repaired quickly.
P1 B2 Yes, and there are more monsters near the top so less people would have gone to check those places so…
P2 B1 Let us go, you two!!
P2 B2 The location is the mountain top!!
P3 B1 The onsen is waiting for us to save them!!
P3 B2 …She really is energetic for a daywalker…
P4 B1 Oh geez, you really are a vampire that can walk leisurely in sunlight aren’t you?
P4 T1 Satsuki-chan is very surprised
P4 B2 I agree with you that it is very rare.
P5 B1 More than a rarity, I don’t think there is any existence that is more powerful than her-desuyo!
P5 B2 Not even demons or elves could beat her capabilities, at all.
Page 25
P1 BOX1 Now that’s she said it, I remember Felnoute-san never talked about this.
P1 B1 Meanwhile, Satsuki-san, are you really not able to walk openly without that umbrella?
P2 B1 I did…not say that I can’t walk in daylight at all but,
P2 B2 You’re correct. To be safe, I always walk with this umbrella during the day.
P3 B1 Being prepared for half a day is better than dying on one day, right?
P3 B2 …How about if you were to wear something would cover more of your skin…?
P4 B1 No, I can’t really do it that way…
Page 26
P1 B1 Oh, geez, this is really troublesome indeed
P1 B2 These two big piles of watermelons here!
P1 SFX1 Boing boing
P2 B2 …S-so big…
P3 B1 Not really, I don’t have any fond memories of having bosoms these big, you two.
P3 B2 Although if we are talking about other’s bosoms then I am all in for that.
P3 B3 I don’t think that’s really what you should be doing…
P4 SFX1 Gasp
Page 27
P1 B1 Ara, don’t be sad! I also love small breasts, I really do!!
P1 B2 Moreso, it’s better to be flat! Flat is justice, and it boosts your cuteness so much too!!
P1 B3 Let’s leave them behind…
Page 28
P2 B1 …What’s the meaning of this?
P2 B2 Fumu, as expected, the problem is not that troublesome, is it?
P3 B1 This was created with earth magic, indeed.
P3 T1 Water source
P3 B2 The way its blocked the path of the water source perfectly without going out of the pathway at all…
Page 29
P1 B1 It is indeed what you said but…Isn’t the water level also a little inadequate?
P1 SFX1 drip drip
P1 B2 I don’t feel any difference in it at all, although, probably because of the rock.
P2 B1 How about if we climb up a little bit more?
P2 B2 Sure, let us go a little bit higher.
P4 B2 Arge-san, what’s the matter?
P5 B1 Sorry, could you two please wait a minute.
P5 BOX1 The smell of water…?
P5 BOX2 Not just that…There’s also…
Page 30
P1 BOX1 The smell of blood…
P1 B1 And…Lots of it?
P3 B1 ?…Crouch!!
P3 B2 Kyah!?
P3 B3 Uhya-tto!?
Page 31
P2 SFX1 heavy rustling
Page 32
P2 SFX1 Grroowwll…
P2 BOX1 To be continued in the Aug. Issue