Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 16

Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 16

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Page 1
P1 T1 Chapter 16
P2 SFX1 Grooowl…
P3 B1 O-ohh…
P3 B2 To see a White Beast attacking people… How rare.
P3 B3 Wide breast?!
P3 B4 It’s White Beast-desuyo. Are you so sensitive that you hear things wrong?
Page 2
P1 B1 …Anyway, let’s try talking to it.
P2 B1 The two of you, please stand back a little—
P3 BOX1 …Is it injured?
P3 B1 …This is troublesome.
P4 B1 It’s still on high alert.
P4 T1 Let’s widen the language translation skill…
P5 B1 …—hear me?
P6 B1 Leave this mountain…
P6 B2 At once…
P6 SFX1 Menace
Page 3
P1 SFX1 Flare flare flare
P2 B1 What is the matter?
P2 B2A …I know what goals you people have in this mountain.
P2 B2B That is the reason I can’t let you do what you want.
P3 B1 Were you guys the ones who stopped the hot spring from flowing?
P4 B1A …I promise you, I will pull the blocks away someday.
P4 B1B Although, I didn’t notice it inconvenience you people.
P4 B2 That means you didn’t know that we came here to investigate the water stoppage?
Page 4
P1 B2 I have comrades who are injured.
P2 B1 Luckily, there’s a spring that has a healing property near here.
P2 B2 In order to save my brethrens, I stopped the water in order to increase the water at the source.
P3 B1 Please. Can you please not trespass this area for now?
P3 B2 Especially a vampire. Right now, I am sure my comrades will be furious seeing them.
P4 B1 Furious?
P4 B2 At vampires?
P4 B3 Really?
P5 B1 Yes… My brethren who’re in the spring…
P5 B2 Seeing that a vampire wrecked havoc on us…
Page 5
P1 BOX1 He isn’t talking about… Satsuki-san, right?
P1 B1 …If it’s like that, shall I heal you?
P1 T1 Although I don’t know the circumstances…
P1 B2 What?
P2 B1 I don’t know what I can do for your comrades, since I haven’t seen them, but I can heal you, you know?
P2 SFX1 Wobble…
P2 B2 I do not bel-…
P3 SFX1 Raise…
P4 B1 Pain, pain, fly away!
Page 6
P3 B1 How’s your body now?
P3 T1 If there’s still some wounds left, I’ll heal you again.
P3 SFX1 Gasp…
P6 B1 …It’s all healed.
P6 B2 Well, yes. Now, I leave the decision regarding your friends to you.
Page 7
P1 B1 …Why?
P3 B1 You can say… It’s all for my friend.
P5 SFX1 Sigh…
P5 B1 …I see.
Page 8
P1 B1 Are you alright, Arge-san?
P1 B2 Yup, at least for now the hostility is gone, I think.
P2 B1 A language translation skill, was it?
P2 T1 Moreover, one of higher level too.
P2 B2 Although I have it too, my skill still doesn’t let me understand the language of beasts and demons.
P3 B1 Well, I was trained for that.
P3 T1 The Japanese word for today is…
P3 BOX1 By my old gramps, that is.
P5 B1 Follo—No… Please, come with me.
Page 9
P2 B1 Seems that he will take us to the spring, let’s follow him.
P3 B1 Ah.
P4 B1 Speaking of which, what will happen to this road now?
P4 SFX1 Wrecked…
P4 B3 ……………I will…fix it later…
P5 B1 He sure has a lot of pride, huh? This monkey-san…
P5 T1 He reminds me a little bit of Behaki.
Inside circle P5 T2 Wut?!
Page 10
P2 B1 This is… Horrible.
P5 BOX1 …To attack the harmless White Beasts, that vampire sure is horrible.
P5 B1 It’s a spring of blood.
Page 11
P2 SFX1 Shock
P3 B1 Calm down.
P3 SFX1 Noisy noisy
P3 B2 This vampire is different…
P4 B1 What is going on here? Why are there so many injured in this place-desuno?
P4 SFX1 Noisy noisy
P4 B2 Some kind of tragedy or so I’ve heard.
P5 B1 Don’t worry, I can heal them all.
P5 B2 Are you sure you will be okay, Arge-chan? There are so many White beasts here that need healing though?
Page 12
P1 B1 Yeah, no problem at all.
P1 B2 Fumu…
P2 B1 If that is the case, I will try and look over the spring, okay?
P2 B2 I will leave this place to you two.
P4 SFX1 Startled
Page 13
P1 BOX1 …Let’s just do what I can, like always.
P1 B1 Pain, pain, fly away!
P2 BOX1 The usual pattern of speech.
P2 SFX1 Noisy noisy noisy
P2 BOX2 However, that speech comes from my original world, where I no longer exist.
Page 14
P1 B1 It is truly strange. Your magic incantation.
P1 SFX1 Noisy noisy
P1 T1 Everyone is weirded out..
P1 B2 Is that really so, uh…
P2 B1 Beef-san.
P2 B2 Beef?!
P3 B1 Well, I don’t know your name. So… Yeah.
P3 T1 Will you tell me?
P3 T2 The Chief of the White beast.
P3 T3 B.E.E.F
P3 B2 …Fine…call me whatever you want.
P4 B1 Okay, Beef-san.
P4 B2 Arge-san.
P6 B1 Well, this situation is a bit strange-desuno.
P6 B2 What do you mean?
Page 15
P1 B1 Among this pack,
P1 B2 I can’t seem to find any females and children.
P2 B1 …Now that you mention it, there are no children, as far as I can see.
P2 B2 Are there no females at all?
P2 B3 Yeah, there are only male scents around this area.
P3 B1 Beef-san.
P4 B1 I can’t seem to find any females and children here…
P4 B2 Nn, ooh…
Page 16
P1 B1 Most of the females and children were taken.
P1 SFX1 Grit…
P1 B2 …We kept the remaining ones hidden in the deeper part of this mountain.
P2 B1 Is it the same vampire who took them?
P2 B2 Yes. She goes by the name “Elsie.”
P4 BOX1 Thank God I don’t know that name.
P4 T1 E-l-sie? It’s a very foreign and hard to remember name.
P4 B1 Although I don’t understand her intentions, let’s label her as a dangerous person since she reeks of trouble.
P5 B1 Kuzuha-chan, do you know a vampire by the of name Elsie?
P5 B2 No, not as far as I can remember.
Page 17
P1 T1 Elsie? A troublesome and dangerous person. I don’t know about her, but she is absolutely troublesome. <- New
P2 B1 Beef-san, do you know why this person Elsie came here?
P2 B2 Who knows.
P2 B3 One thing for certain is that, “females and children” were their main objectives.
P3 B1 After getting injured, we immediately went to the spring and tried to heal our wounds; only to see there was no spring. After that, I met—
P3 B2 Ahh, I already get it.
P4 BOX1 The other White Beasts also got impatient once our conversation mentioned this “Elsie” person.
P4 B1 What can I do? Although I can heal physical injuries, it’s not like I can heal their traumas…
P5 B1 As expected, it is best to leave heart traumas to the person itself in how they want it to heal.
Page 18
P1 B1 Arge-san, what did Beef-san say?
P1 B2 Well…
P2 B1 He said that there is a person that stopped the spring. That person also took their females and children.
P2 B2 Wh…What even!! How can you say that nonchalantly?!
P3 B1 Kuzuha-chan, please calm down.
P4 SFX1 Dejected…
P5 B1 Let’s go meet this person who stopped the spring.
P5 T1 Satsuki-san might have even met this person already.
P5 B2 …Yes…That is most likely-desuno…
Page 19
P1 B1 Hmmm
P1 T1 Pit Pat Splash
P1 B2 I don’t think I can do anything to help if the problem is like this.
P1 B3 Geez, Satsuki-chan, you troublemaker.
P2 B1 Uhh, Satsuki-san. Did you manage to cure the spring?
P2 B2 Oya, you two.
P3 B1 Turns out… This is harder than I thought.
P3 B2 The spring area is cursed, it seems.
P4 B1 Area?
P4 B2 I am referring to the place in this world with the same mana flow in one place.
Page 20
P1 B1 The area, dragon’s vein, spirit’s pathway, this thing has various wordings…
P1 B2 The flow around this area is very clear. That is why the water produced in this spring gained its attribute and has healing effects.
P1 B3 And now that flow is being halted by a curse.
P2 B1 …Can’t be helped.
P2 T1 Inhale…
P2 BOX1 If it’s a curse, then it’s my turn again.
P3 BOX1 Sigh, so troublesome…
P3 B1 Flow, return back –
Page 21
P1 SFX1 Shocked
P1 B1 Ow!
P2 SFX1 Numb….
P3 B1 … A curse… Is it…?
P4 BOX1 I assume that the person who cursed this place, also placed another curse to hit anyone who dared to break the curse as a retaliation.
P4 B1 Since I have maximum resistance to curses, it seems to only sting my hands a bit…
P5 B1 Arge-san?!
P5 B2 I’m okay. It’s just the curse is a little bit stronger than I thought.
P6 BOX1 This vampire called Elsie…
P6 T1 O–hohohoho
P6 BOX2 Her figure keeps ringing as troublesome…
Page 22
P1 BOX1 In any case, with just now, the spring should be back to its nor—
P1 T1 Bulb blub blub
P1 SFX1 Stare……..
P1 B1 …..Hm?
P2 B1 Oh my, it looks like… There are several other curses placed unto this place.
P3 B1 Can you sense it, Satsuki-san?
P3 B2 When I tried to dispel it, I can somehow sense several others too but—
P4 B1 I don’t know what kind of curse the other was,
P4 B2 but curses have different patterns to dispel them.
P5 B1 I wonder why would she go to this length…
Page 23
P1 B1 Geez, just who is the stupid one to put the curses here?
P1 T1 It’s so over the top, it’s troubling me big time.
P1 B2 The only thing I heard was that the name is “Elsie,” a vampire, from Beef-san.
P3 B1 Aaahh…
P3 T1 Sigh…
P3 B2 Do you know her?
P3 B3 Rather than knowing her, it’s more like, I’ve heard about her during my journey.
P4 B1 The Order of the People has attached quite a hefty sum to capture this “Elsie” person.
P4 B2 The bundle of people?
P4 T1 I don’t know if I’d like the sum to be people though…
P4 B3 It’s the Order of the People… To make it simple, it’s like an organization that strives to keep the people safe.
P5 BOX1 And for those kind of people to mark her… Means she really is bad news, huh?
P5 B1 She is definitely a troublesome person…
P5 B2 Let us hope we won’t meet her at all…
Page 24
P1 SFX1 Sigh…
P6 B1 Arge-san, aren’t you pushing yourself too much…?
P6 B2 …Flow, return back—
Page 25
P3 B1 It still didn’t change…
P3 SFX1 Empty… Empty…
P3 BOX1 …To think the curse can withstand my full power…
P4 BOX1 Meaning she has high level magic, just like me…
P4 B1 Seems like I have taken too much time. Just let me try a little bit more.
P5 BOX1 If this doesn’t work one more time, then no matter how—
P5 B1 Stop there, Arge-chan.
Page 26
P3 B1 For now, how about we take a quick break?
P5 B1 Uhh, by resting, what could you…
P5 T1 Don’t tell me…
P5 B2 Well, I can see some impatience from you, so…
Page 27
P1 B1 Impatience?
P1 B2A Although I must admit that friends are important, that doesn’t mean you should do it as fast as possible.
P1 B2B Please relax for awhile.
P4 B1 My, see? You’re making that kind of difficult expression again.
P4 B2 Relax more.
P5 B1 Is that really so…?
P5 B2 That’s right, that’s why let’s rest up a bit.
Page 28
P1 T1 …With that?
P1 T2 A reincarnated vampire wants to nap in a coffin.
P1 T3 Cover
P1 SFX1 Glooooommmmm…
P2 B1 Pan-paka-pan!!
P2 B2 It is time for the coffin’s reveal—!!
P4 SFX1 Tap…
Page 29
P1 B1 Nn…
P1 B2 I appreciate it, Satsuki.
P2 B1 Satsuki, who might these children be?
P2 B2A This is Arge-chan!
P2 B2B And the kitsune over there is Kuzuha-chan!
Page 30
P1 B1 Fuunn, is that so? No matter, I believe people introduced by Satsuki are by no means bad people.
P1 B2 My, I can certainly guarantee it!!
P2 B1 Yes, even the Garden of Lily* too…!!
P2 T1 Bliss…
P2 B2 Is that so? I feel sad not being able to see it.
P3 B1 So? Where is this?
P3 B2 I assume this is not inside an inn’s room.
P4 B1 The hot spring lost its water so we all came to the source to check on it.
P4 B2 Fuun, and did you fix it?
P5 B1 Yes, somehow, we are almost this close to fixing the problem with Arge-chan’s magic!
P5 B2 Understood.
P5 B3 Eh, umm…
Page 31
P1 B1 …So, are you a being* living inside… That coffin?
P1 B2 Indeed, although I am more of a vampire than a human*.
P1 B3 No, you should not focus on that part, right?
P2 B1 This girl here is Iris-chan and she has been resting inside the coffin… The Crosshair, for some time.
P2 B2 Iris Ichinose is my name. Glad to be acquainted.
P3 B1 She is important family.
P3 B2 Iris-san, eh…
P3 T1 Wonder how old?
Page 32
P2 SFX1 Slide…
P3 B1 I understand… So, it’s because of that vampire’s whining again, isn’t it?
P3 B2 Eh?
P4 SFX1 Bite…
P5 B1 Well, then.
P5 B2 Shall I help you on this occasion?
P5 O.DOWN To be continued on late Sep. Issue!