Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 17

Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 17

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Page 1
1 B1 Now, shall I aid you with this, hmm?
1 T1 Chapter 17
2 B1 Eh?
3 B1 Ei ♪
3 SFX1 Shove
3 B2 Amph!?
Page 2
1 B1 Fuu…!?
1 SFX1 Gulp gulp gulp
1 B2A Good, just like that.
1 B2B Drink more, drink more.
2 B1 Wah- hey! What are you doing to Arge-san-desuno!?
2 B2 Don’t worry, don’t worry
3 B1 Don- All I see is that she’s in pain though!?
3 B2 Just because Arge-san is a vampire, doesn’t mean that she can intake that much of blood suddenly-desuno!!
4 B1 Don’t worry, I told you. Her body is just getting fuwafuwa* and pokapoka**, okay?
4 SFX1 Gulp gulp gulp
4 B2 I don’t think those conditions are good though!?
Page 3
2 BOX1 It’s burning…
2 SFX1 Gulp gulp gulp
2 SFX2 Shiver shiver
2 BOX2 It’s different from Felnoute-san or Chrome-san…
3 B1 Nn… Do it slowly, savor it fully until it courses throughout your body, hm?
3 B2 Chu.. Slrruuurrrpp
3 SFX1 Twitch twitch
3 SFX2 tremble tremble
3 B3 … Haah… Gulp…!!
4 SFX1 Twitch
4 SFX2 Slurp slurp slurp
Page 4
1 SFX1 Pat…
1 B1 Aha! Good girl ♪
1 SFX2 Twitch
1 B2A Nn!? Hhnn… Nnhh!
2 SFX1 Gulp gulp gulp
2 SFX2 Drool
2 B2B Gulp…
3 SFX1 P o p !
Page 5
1 B1 Fufu, you really are a good girl…
1 B2 Haa
1 B3 Haa
1 SFX1 Bliss
1 SFX2 Badump Badump Badump
2 BOX1 The blood that I have drank is coursing on my body, letting a feeling of euphoria in my mind.
2 B1 Tighten
2 SFX1 Badump Badump Badump
2 BOX2 The pain and itchy feeling boiling inside my stomach is condescending into one…
3 B1 Hmm, but this is not the end yet, yes?
3 T1 Huff… Huff..
3 B2 Fuue… Ahh?
4 B1 Blood Boost
Page 6
2 B1 Hiihh-
2 SFX1 Bbump Bbump Bbump
2 B2 Hyaaauuuu!?
Page 7
1 B1 Fumyuuuuuu…!!
2 BOX1 … Just… What is this…?
2 SFX1 tremble tremble
3 B1 Arge-san…!!
3 BOX1 I… Just what have I become?
Page 8
1 B1 … Mph!
2 SFX1 Glare
3 B1 Do not bully Arge-san please-desuno!!
3 B2 Bul-… Ahh, it may look that way, yes.
4 B1 Don’t worry, I am not bullying her.
4 B2 Iris-chan, your explanation is lacking too much.
Page 9
1 B1 You’re right. How about we talk about the reason behind Satsuki’s nosebleed. Turns out, it happened for every time she used recording magic, surprised?
1 B2 Wa-wa-wa-what are you talking about!?
2 B1A Satsuki-chan is not a girl that will do that kind of un-womanly thing!
2 B1B This is just any normal nosebleed, okay!?
2 SFX1 Pout pout
2 B2 20 times is not what you can say normal, yes?
3 B1 Hmm, not like I can hold myself back from tea-… getting acquiantanced with cute girls though.
3 B2 Ha… Haaa….
4 B1 Nn, Arge, painful? Just wait a little bit longer for the boost to take effect, yes?
4 T1 Huff
4 B3 Haaa, haaa… Kuh, haaa…
4 T2 Huff
Page 10
1 B1 Have you calmed down?
1 B2 Haaahh… Haaa…
2 B1 Yesh, somehow…
2 B2 Yes, yes, that’s a nice expression
2 B3 You did good withstanding the effect of receiving even my blood boost.
3 B1 Blood… Boost?
3 B2 Come, there’s something you need to destroy first, yes?
4 B1A My blood can enhance the abilities of those who intakes them.
4 B1B Well, enough with the long talk, just try it.
Page 11
1 B1 Flow, return to normal!
Page 12
2 B1 Pretty…
Page 13
1 B1 Ooh, look at that. All the flowers are blooming even up to the villages
1 T1 Iris-chan, isn’t this too much of exaggeration?
1 B2 No, isn’t it because her power is already that strong from the beginning, yes?
1 T2 Peace
2 B1 Isn’t this fine? Seems interesting!
2 B2 I bet right now the village is in a big uproar…
3 B1A Since the mountain is in full bloom right at the time the hot spring is spouting forth a…
3 B1B Oops
Page 14
1 B1 Luckily I brought it with me! My special large umbrella ♪
1 SFX1 Boom boom boom
1 B2A Eh, wa… Satsuki-san…
1 B2B Just how are you able to take out that big umbrella from your cleavage…?
2 B1 Ah, I just took it from a special spatial magic called blood box that I can pull from anywhere.
2 T1 I just did it for the sake of fanservice, hmm?
2 B1 That’s disturbingly inappropriate-desuno!?
3 B1 In the meantime, let’s head back before we get soaked here. Let’s go, Arge.
3 B2 Ah, yes…
4 SFX1 slip
Page 15
1 SFX1 Grab!!
2 B1 A job well done, Arge-san!!
3 B1 … Thanks for your hard work.
6 BOX1A Somehow, all the tension in my body went loose
6 BOX1B Along with hearing the hot spring flows, my consciousness started getting hazy.
6 BOX2 Thank God there is someone that will help bringing me down back to the town…
Page 16
1 B1 … Nn
2 B1 Haaa…
2 SFX1 Comfy ♡
Page 17
1 B1 It’s bath time-desuno!!!
3 B1 Ahhh, the warm feeling is spreading all over the bodies, isn’t it-desuno?
3 B2 Ah, yes, it is as you said.
3 SFX1 Bssshhh
4 B1 That sure was cruel leaving me behind to enter the onsen first!
4 SFX1 Pout pout
4 B2 Were you not able to hold your excitement about entering the onsen-desuno?
5 B1 … Eh, that…
5 T1 Sigh…
Page 18
1 BOX1 Is because I was a boy, originally.
1 B1 Although this body is undeniably a girl, my heart is still a genuine boy.
1 SFX1 Plup
2 B1 That doesn’t mean I was looking at Kuzuha-chan and the other bodies lecherously or something, but…
2 BOX1 I still think of myself as a gentleman.
5 B1 Ara ara, what a lively fox I see here.
Page 19
1 B1 Ahh, my chest feels so light! As expected, an onsen is the best for getting rid of your tiredness
1 T1 And I mean literally light, if you know what I mean!!
1 B2 Haha… Uhh errmm… I guess?
2 B1 No, please I mean it. These two large mochis I’m stuck with is very troublesome sometimes, you know.
2 SFX1 Squishy Squishy
3 B2 … Is this the legendary girls talk?
4 B1 Speaking of which, no matter how I think about it, both Arge-chan and Kuzuha-chan are still very young, am I right?
4 T1 Isn’t it too dangerous to travel together alone…
4 B2 Aah, that… Some complicated things just happened and…
Page 20
1 B1 Hmmm… Well, I guess you’re right.
1 B2 Please pardon my impoliteness.
3 BOX1 There’s a magic… Flow?
4 B1 Satsuki-san… Are you invoking a magic right now?
4 B2 DOKI!!
5 B1 … Doki?
5 SFX1 flap flap
5 B2 Hahaha, what are you saying, of course I’m not using any magic, hmm?
6 B1 I was just focusing my eyes too much looking passionately at the fox girl that is happily playing around in the hot water, that’s all!
6 SFX1 Flip flap flap
6 B2A Yes, that’ it!
6 B2B Satsuki-chan will never do anything that low after all…
6 B3 … Let’s just pretend she didn’t accidentally blurt out her real motives.
Page 21
2 B1 Kyah..!?
2 SFX1 Slimey
2 B2 … Arge…
3 B1 Soooo cuteeee…
3 SFX1 Stick
3 B2 Uu… Please don’t surprise me like that.
4 B1 Ah, forgive me. I suddenly wanted to tease you, that’s all. Forgive me?
4 SFX1 Teehee
4 B2 W-well, it’s not like I was angry or anything…
Page 22
1 B1 Haa… The warmth sure feels refreshing
1 B2 Satsuki sure likes the onsen
2 B1 Yesh, since old times.
2 B2 Hnn? Old times… If I may, how long ago was it?
3 B1A Now, since when was it I wonder?
3 B1B Ah… Arge-chan, Kuzuha-chan.
3 SFX1 Splish splash splash
3 B2 Yes, what’s the matter?
3 B3 Yes, what is it Satsuki-san-desuno?
4 B1 The two of you… Have you decided where you will be going next?
6 B1A … For the time being, I am planning to stay here for a more couple days and then leave for the capital after that.
6 B1B Will that be fine, Kuzuha-chan?
6 B2 Yup, no problem at all!
Page 23
1 B1 If that’s so… How you about come along with us then?
2 B1 Eh?
2 B2 It’s just that both of us are also planning to go to the capital, see?
2 B3 And that’s why if we have the same destination then why not go together… Isn’t that we thought of, Iris-chan?
3 B1 This is the first time you mentioned it, yes? But that is one brilliant proposal.
3 B2 And in my case, I will follow along wherever Arge-san wants to do-desuwa!!
4 B1 Of course that includes how many companions she wanted to bring to-desuno!
4 B2 … I understand.
5 B1 Then, Satsuki-san, Iris-san, please treat the two us well?
5 B2 Sure, I’ll be glad to.
5 B3 Yes, us too.
Page 24
3 BOX1 After we solved the hotspring incident, all four of us ended up spending a few more days in “Sakura Garden”.
3 BOX2 We got appreciated by the Lord for resolving the case with the white beasts.
4 BOX1A And we also received free treatment and hospitality from “Sakura Garden” as their benefactors that…
4 BOX1B I started thinking that if I kept on living here will not be a problem, but…
4 B1 Good morning to you, Behaki
4 B2 Ohh, Arge? How rare for you to be up this early.
Page 25
1 B1 You’re right. Usually I would still be sleeping at this time.
1 B2 … And that clothes?
1 B3 New clothes of course.
3 B1 Thanks a lot for all the hard work you’ve done helping me, Behaki.
3 B2 Mu… What’s with the sudden appreciation?
5 B1A Well, it’s for bringing us here.
5 B1B To the outside of the kingdom, just like our initial promise.
5 B2 Hah, that’s it? I don’t really need to be thanked for that. Rather than that, the promise you mean…
5 B3 Yes, thank you very much. I hope you well from now on.
Page 26
2 B1 … I don’t quite understand what’s your intention here.
2 B2A Originally, didn’t you say that you will carry us until we got through the kingdom?
3 B2B Now, you are free of our promise, Behaki.
6 B1A At least let me gui…
6 B1B Funyaa!?
7 B1 What are you doing biting me suddenly, geez
7 B2 No, that one was because you started it first.
8 B1 … Me?
8 SFX1 Hmph
8 BOX1 Is he… Angry? At me?
Page 27
1 B1 Ehh-uhh… Are you still hungry right now? Not enough food given to you?
1 B2 WRONG!!
3 B1 Arge… You are really as dense as a rock, huh…
5 B1 Arge, tell me. Am I being a hindrance to you?
5 B2 How can you think of that? Me being able to come here is all thanks to you.
6 B1 If that’s really what you feel, then bring me along with your journey from now on.
8 B1 Eh? But, the promise…
8 B2 Gee, I understand all the promise thing you’re trying to uphold.
8 B3 … That’s why, let us make a new one.
Page 28
1 B1A Right now, the reason why I am mad at you. Until you find it out, I will be tagging along,
2 B1B Get it?
3 BOX1 There’s no excuse to refuse but…
3 B1 Doesn’t that mean he will come with me forever?
4 B1 Well then, where will our next destination be?
4 B2 Ah… We are thinking of using a carriage to the capital after Satsuki-san and Iris-san finished their preparation.
4 B3 I get it. Then, allow me the chance to pull on the carriage.
6 BOX1 Even though I still remember he said “I won’t let anyone sit atop me as a riding steed” the first time we met.
6 B1 Okay then… That means, please keep on treating us well, Behaki.
6 B2 Aa, just leave it to me. I’ll bring you anywhere you want to go.
Page 29
3 B1 Arge-neesan…
3 B2 Is she alright, I wonder-ssu…
4 BOX1 Although I don’t know her exact location, I can somehow sense Arge-neesan’s direction…
4 SFX1 Step…
4 B1 … Hey,
5 B1 Bring out that vampire
5 B2 It’s useless if you’re tryring to stall for time, you know…?
Page 30
2 B1 … Can I help you?
2 B2 Isn’t it obvious, you doofus. I have some business with a vampire who is staying around here.
2 B4 Eh…
2 B6 Ahhh?
3 B1 Argento! I mean Argento the Vampire!!!
3 T1 Remember her name at least, you idiot!!
3 B2 Eh?
3 T2 Vampire
3 B3 Eh.. Ahh! Now I get it, you want to meet with Arge-neesan?
4 B1 If it’s her… She’s no longer here.
4 B2 Not like she is an original inhabitant of this forest though.
5 B1 Keh… Then hurry and spit out where she is headed to.
6 B1 Ahh…
Page 31
2 B1 That person said something about the kingdom, and that person’s location.. Should be in that direction.
2 B2 The kingdom? Why would she go to that kind of…?
2 B3 That, I don’t know. But one thing for certain is that I can see that she has an important objective going there when she left.
3 BOX1 Arge-neesan’s general direction… This is a first time for me. Lying that is.
3 B1 Objective… Fuuun, I get it now.
3 B2A That means…
3 B2B It will be fine if I procure more drugs there… Right?
3 T1 Smirk
4 B1 … You sure you are not lying?
4 B2
That person is not a person from this forest, why should I lie to protect her?
5 B1 Heee…
5 B2 If that’s so, I’ll let you get away for now, cow-san.
Page 32
2 B1 …. Mooohhh…
2 SFX1 Slump
2 B2 I… My whole body still trembling because of that female…
3 B1 I have to get stronger still, moo!!
3 BOX1 This is all in order to protect the forest!
3 BOX2 And if it’s reachable, I wish I can use my power to help Arge-neesan!
4 BOX1 To become a shield to protect her,
4 BOX2 With that in mind, let’s believe and train till we meet again…
4 O.DOWN To be continued on the next issue!