Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 12

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 12

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— Page 1 —

Deepest Area of the Goblin Dungeon

Darkness Spear!!

Darkness Blaster!

— Page 2 —


How long can you run for?

Chapter 12
Trump Card

— Page 3 —

Please lend me your strength, master!!


How can you say something like that!? Now what am I supposed to do!!



A greater demon’s power cannot be underestimated…

— Page 4 —

The difference between our stats is like night and day…

He can unleash attacks one after the other without even breaking a sweat…

not to mention our attacks do no damage to him.

He’s gotta have a weak spot somewhere!!

Man, seeing her squirm around down there is pissing me off…

I’ll just collapse this entire hall and drown them along with it!!

Black Bomb!!

— Page 5 —
Darkness Volteccer!!

He’s attacking the ceiling!?

— Page 6 —


The room… is breaking apart…

Don’t do something so crazy, gyoooh!

That guy’s gone crazy…!

He’s indiscriminately launching attacks randomly!


No, that’s not it…

He’s actually still actively limiting the number of attacks near the dungeon master…

— Page 7 —

Even though he’s always saying how he wants to kill him?

/Shut it, you rotten pea. Don’t make me kill you.

Even though the dungeon master’s orders have no effect…?

So why…?

Is he a tsundere?


No, that can’t be with that personality of his. There’s gotta be a reason behind everything…

What was it again…? I remember Donadrond saying something about it before…

c’mon, remember…

Fire Arrow!!

— Page 8 —



What happens once the dungeon master is defeated?

— Page 9 —


Once the dungeon master dies, the entire dungeon will go into the state of hibernation causing everything inside the dungeon to come to a halt.

And the core, on the other hand, breaking that is equivalent to killing all the summoned monster in that dungeon, I think…

But remember, Missy! Don’t charge ahead by yourself no matter how strong you are!



Focus only on the dungeon master!!

All the summoned monsters in this dungeon, including that greater demon, will be dead after we kill the dungeon master!


Now that you mention it, it does sound like I’ve heard that somewhere before.

Poor Donad…

— Page 10 —

Fire Arrow!
Fire Javelin!!
Fire Arrow!!
Fire Blast!!


She knows how to instacast!?

Gyyoooh, protect me!!

Dammit, you fucking useless dungeon master!! Don’t you have any self-defence skills!?

— Page 11 —

I have this sacrificial bracelet that lets me revive once if I die!!

What’s the point of having that when you’re so shit! You’ll easily be killed a thousand times over even if you have a thousand of those!!


That demon blocked our surprise attack on the dungeon master…

we’ve lost the upper hand…

Our mana will run out if this goes on…

Name: Greater Demon
HP: 1654/1900

His Magic Barrier skill is blocking most of the magic damage we’re inflicting on him.

Now is our only chance to escape, if we missed this then…

— Page 12 —

Fran, I’m sure you can already tell that we can’t defeat him by doing what we’ve been doing…!!

/Fire Arrow!

So how about let’s bet it all on a single move…!?

/Flare Blast


How about it?

/Fire Javelin!


— Page 13 —

/Fire Blast!
/Fire Arrow!!

/Fire Javelin
/Fire Arrow!!

We’ll keep attacking the Dungeon Master nonstop with magic while looking for an opening.

At that moment, you’ll hurl me out using wind magic!

Then correct my trajectory with magic into the perfect arc!!

Allowing me to zoom right past the demon and hit the dungeon master!!

— Page 14 —

/Working together in this life or death battle..!!

It saddens me, but I know there’s no way I can defeat the greater demon in my current state…

That’s why…

I’m counting on you, Master!!


leave it to me!!

— Page 15 —

<<Wind Magic>>

Sonic Shooter!!

— Page 16 —

You threw away your sword!?

Have you gone mad!?


— Page 17 —

Goooooo masteeeer!!

Fire Arrow!!
Fire Arrow!!

I’ll just follow this arc and curve right into the dungeon master!!

Then it’ll be our victory!!

Oh? So that’s what you’re planning…!!

— Page 18 —

Not on my watch!

/Darkness Blaster!!


— Page 19 —

How naive!!

You think you can get past me with something like that?


always been…

— Page 20 —

waiting for this EXACT moment!!

Ultimate Move!


— Page 21 —


The sword curved…!?

I’ve always been wanting to use this ultimate move, but have been leaving it as my trump card.

Hahaha!! Now I’ll be able to go right through your chest and break that mana crystal!!

Eat my killing blow!!


— Page 22 —

That was close…!!

What the hell is with this sword…!?

No way, he stopped me!?


You greater demon…

— Page 23 —

I still didn’t thank you for what you’ve done to Fran earlier. I have to thank you with all my heart for cutting off her cute hand like that…


The sword spoke…

With all my mana all at once…!!

/Full Charge!!

It’s called an eye for an eye.

So sit still and…

— Page 24 —

Become Fran’s experience!!

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