Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 13

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 13

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— Page 1 —


Kuh… My…

mana… is…


— Page 2 —

Chapter 13
Demon Killer

— Page 3 —

Is he finally…

I’ve actually managed to…

get his… mana crystal…

but, my mana…

is also…
at the limit…

— Page 4 —


— Page 5 —





— Page 6 —


Master is deaaaad~~~



aaaaaaaah, mas… master…



— Page 7 —

Oho~♡ The manha crishtal was delishious…

/ Highly concentrated mana is completely out of this world~♡

/ oho…

What are you doing, Fran!

Don’t try to kill your master off like that!
/Who do you think your master is!

Let me explain! I absorbed the broken mana crystal and recovered all his mana!!

With a skill like <<Self Recovery>>, I’ll be able to heal back no matter how many pieces I’ve got shattered into.


Master you dummy…

— Page 8 —


No way, absolutely impossible!

How can a greater demon get killed by a little brat like you, gyoh…!?

There’s absolutely no way…

No, not yet… The Goblin Kingdom is safe and sound…

I can still summon some demons with the GoddessPoints I’ve just gyotten!!

— Page 9 —

One more time, Gyoh!!

If I can get a demon stronger than a greater demon, then victory will definitely be mine!!

I believe in my luck, gyoho!!


— Page 10 —

Hey, Dungeon Master…

It’s over.

— Page 11 —


Are you going to kill me, gyoho!?

Give it up, gyo!!

With this Sacrificial bracelet, I’ll revive even if you kill me!!

— Page 12 —


Thanks for your arm.

Now die.

— Page 13 —


He’s already dead…

What? What?

— Page 14 —

The dungeon came to a halt…?

Hey, are you alright!?


— Page 15 —

We’ve charged in the moment the door opened…

Whoa! A demon, what happened here…!?

Did you solo him!?

I’ve just <<Appraised>> this demon, this is a Level B monster…!

A really strong enemy.

I’m so glad you’re okay…

I was so worried!


Now that that’s out of the way…

— Page 16 —

Didn’t I tell you…

that it’s very dangerous to charge in by yourself…?

Looks like I need to make you review the “10 Golden Rules of an Adventurer” again… No, make that “100”…

Rule Number One!
Work harder than everyone else!

Rule Number Two!
Do not mistreat others!

Rule Number Three!
Never betray your companions!!

— Page 17 —

Donad kept scolding Fran without mercy…


Rule Number Four!
Be a good adventurer!!

Rule Number Five!
Do your quests with a smile!!

And he kept going even when Fran lost the soul in her eyes…

/ There it is, Donadrond’s famous scolding…

/ Poor kid…

/ Um… Does he even know that he’s unconsciously using his terrorize skill?

— Page 18 —

Fran and I both gained a lot of experience from conquering that dungeon.

Fran entered at level 12 and came out at level 25.

A single battle with a greater demon and she levelled up 8 levels.

And I’ve also absorbed a lot of mana crystals from the monsters and levelled up.

Not only did my stats go up, I’ve also gotten a lot of SelfEvo Points.

It was pretty messy, but all in all, we grew and gained a lot from that.

We still have a lot to learn and a lot of skills to level. Not to mention we need better pieces of equipment as well.

Hey, Fran.

I got a lot of SelfEvo Points now, how about let’s level up some skills…?

What skill do you want?

— Page 19 —



she still hasn’t recovered.

Master, you’re terrible.

Can’t believe you were only thinking about skills when I was being scolded.

ugh, she found out.

I’ll make something delicious for you when we get back.

— Page 20 —

savoury curry?

Yeah, curry.

I want a lot of meat as well.

I got it, I got it.

So what about the skills?

I want <<Sword Technique>> and <<Sword Arts>> first!

Aha, I knew it.

Then I’ll level them from 7 all the way to 10, okay?


<<Sword Technique>> has reached level 10. <<Master Sword Technique>> 1 has been unlocked.

<<Sword Arts>> has reached level 10. <<Master Sword Arts>> 1 has been unlocked.

<<Sword Technique>> and <<Sword Arts>> have reached level 10. <<Sword Attribute>> 1 has been unlocked.

Whoa! We’ve unlocked quite a bit of higher grade skills, it seems.

nh! I’m stronger now!

— Page 21 —


I’ve learned a lot of black and dark magic after absorbing the greater demon’s mana crystal…

of course, I’ve also got his extra skill, <<Skilltaker>>.

<<Skilltaker>> 1: 50% chance of obtaining a skill from a target. This skill will only work once for each target. Cooldown: 1 day.

/ Thanks for the description, Mr Announcer.

What a frightening extra skill this is…
/ I really want to use it

Hey, Fran. Should we level up <<Skilltaker>> as well?


Master will definitely put it to good use.

Then I’ll level it to 2 to see what happens.

Oh! The chance of success is higher now! Then I’ll max it!

<<Skilltaker>> 10: 100% chance of obtaining a skill from a target. This skill will only work once for each target. Cooldown: 18 days.

Oh boy! 100%!

I want to use it so badly!

But I can’t just use it on these friendly adventurers…

I wish there’ll be some bandits…

But I doubt they’ll show up…

/ because there’s a really strong looking guy among us…

— Page 23 —
Alessa Guild.

I’ve already received the report.

I’ve been waiting for your return, Fran.


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