Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 14

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 14

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— Page 1 —

Chapter 14
Truth by Falsehood

A skill… for a lady’s etiquette♥

— Page 2 —

I’ve been looking forward to your return, Fran.

First, let me express my gratitude.

None of us has expected there to be a rank B monster in that dungeon.

Truthfully, it’s quite bothersome how you did not inform the others about the demon and went ahead by yourself.

However, had you not defeated the greater demon, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of casualties.

— Page 3 —

As such, I will not dig any deeper into this matter.


The guild master seems like he’s always on to something…

really sends a chill down my spine.

and also…

We’ll take over the greater demon’s corpse from here.

On behalf of the guild, I thank you for turning his corpse into us.

As broken as his body might be, we can still process it into high-rank materials…

Well, there’ll undoubtedly be a lot of complaints if you wanted to take it for yourself.

Well, then…

— Page 4 —

Let’s discuss about the mana crystal. What happened to it?

I knew he was going to ask this…!

The mana crystal from such a strong monster is very precious and heavily sought after…

In fact, countless countries would pay a hefty sum to obtain it.

Hence, causing people to ask questions like

“What happened to the mana crystal?” and “Why didn’t they hand it to the officials?”

Looks like we can’t get away with this by just staying silent…


It broke when I killed him…

and it disappeared…

— Page 5 —


nh, really.

Good job, Fran! That’s technically not lying!

This was never documented in any reports before…

haah… seeing as the spirits are not causing an uproar…

I guess you’re not lying after all…?

— Page 6 —

Nonsense!! That little girl is a liar!!





What? This brat doesn’t know who I am?

— Page 7 —

I’ll have you know my name is Auguste Alsand.

Alessa Knights’ Vice Captain!!

vice captain…

/ I wish he’d just drop dead

That’s right, Nell complained about how he refused to participate in the subjugation back then…

I have a unique skill called <<Truth by Falsehood>> that can see past your half truths…

Lying will not work on me.

This guy has a unique skill…!?

Ugh, what a pain…

Can you elaborate on how she’s lying…?

— Page 8 —

Of course.

She lied when she said the mana crystal vanished.

When in fact, she has it hidden somewhere!


That wasn’t a lie though?

I don’t have it, it really did disappear.

See, you lied again!!

Something’s strange…


— Page 9 —

Name: Auguste Alsand
Age: 29
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Condition: Normal

— Status —
Level: 30
HP: 108 MP: 99
STR: 52 AGI: 45

— Skills —
Acting: 1, Singing: 1, Riding: 1, Deception: 1, Courtroom Etiquette: 4, Sword Arts: 1, Arithmetic: 1, Socialization: 2, Poison Resistance: 1, Poison Knowledge: 2, Herbology: 2

— Unique Skill —
Truth by Falsehood: 5

— Titles —
Viscount, Alessa Knights’ Vice Captain

His level is pretty high, but his stats are disappointingly low…

<<Truth by Falsehood>>
Allows the user to see through others’ lies.
Causes the user’s own lies to be more difficult to discern, and even completely fooling the others into believing the lie.

I see…

Hahaaah. So that’s how it is.

A skill that’ll let you tell if the other party is lying while making your own lie appear to be genuine…

— Page 10 —

After letting the others know that he has this skill…

He can easily go around and convict others to his liking, whether the other party is lying or not.

What a scary skill to abuse…

Well then, Guild Master, please hand this girl over to us. Us knights will take over this matter from here.

She dares to lie without batting an eye to a noble like me…

We can’t let such a crooked criminal to do as she please, now can we?

/ haaah…

Well, let me just remind you…

She’s not an adventurer you can handle by yourselves…

she did solo a greater demon after all.

— Page 11 —

Then us knights will confiscate the mana crystal and materials obtained from the greater demon!

We’ll leave it at that!

Hey, hey, hey…

Your greed is showing…

You really think we’ll agree to that?

The materials she obtained from the subjugation are rightfully hers. Regardless of whether she possesses the mana crystal or not, she has already officially handed over the demon’s material to the guild.

Rather, you, who refused to participate in our goblin subjugation, have the least say in this matter, am I correct?

Good job, Guild Master!

/Nicely done♡

— Page 12 —

We did not be able to mobilize our knights because it was uncertain at the time whether it was a real threat or not.

If we sent our knights so freely, then we’ll be no different from a bunch of lowly adventurers acting as plebeians scrounging at the smallest chance of obtaining wealth.

Please do not belittle or ridicule the adventurers.

The adventurers put their lives on the line in this subjugation for everyone else!

In fact, we should be suspicious of you!

There’s no reason Captain Ulus would decline us unless you had a play in this?

of.. of course not…!

— Page 13 —

Who do you think are you…

Are you picking a fight with my knight’s order…
and my father Count Olmes?

I would avoid such a confrontation if it was possible…

For some reason, I feel like we got caught up in the power struggle between high ranking nobles and well-established organizations…

— Page 14 —

Nh, I got it.

Then I’ll split this with you two.



Goblin Horn

— Page 15 —

Are you taking me for a fool!?

Get your shitty goblin horn trash away from me!!

Hey, Fran!

Don’t you think that was a bit too much!?



— Page 16 —

Can I… kill him?

/ She was serious…!!


You were serious…

— Page 17 —

/ Fran’s seriously pissed…!!?

Wait, wait!!

Calm down, Fran!

If you kill a noble in the guild master’s office…

your name will definitely go down in Alessa’s history…

and not in the good way…

Oh right…!

Since this guy is just some asshole, then let’s try using that on him!!

— Page 18 —

Let’s activate it at the same time.

What are you trying to do now?


— Page 19 —

The best, or should I say most fiendish, part of this skill…

is the fact that the others will not be able to…

feel the flow of mana and the effect, nor see it at all.

Master has successfully taken the unique skill <<Truth by Falsehood>>.

Fran has successfully taken the skill <<Courtroom Etiquette>> 4.

We got ’em!


— Page 20 —

Do you think I’m lying if I said…

I am already 100 years old?

What’s with you suddenly…

It’s obviously a…



Answer me.

— Page 21 —

Sh-Shut up!

Wh… why!?


I’m not… feeling well today, so I’m heading back!

But mark my words! I’ll definitely be back!

— Page 22 —


Sorry about that.

That guy’s really annoying, he even bought his position purely with money…

Although level 30 is a fairly high level…

that guy always just used his own knights and hired mercenaries to fill the numbers…

he probably used his own party to reach level 30.

I doubt he did any training either so everything about him is just for show.

So he’s just boosted, huh?

I guess there are times when levels don’t matter as well.

— Page 23 —

As useless as he may be, his father is still Count Olmes, part of the noble family that governs this city.

So there’s not much we can do about him either.

He may be on to you now, so be careful…

Nh, no problem.

Well, that’s all I have to say, thank you.

Oh right, be sure to drop by the front counter to rank up when you head out.

all the paperwork is already finished.

I’m Rank E now?

No, we’ve decided to let you skip directly to D.

After all, you’ve single-handedly taken down a rank B monster that was capable of destroying our entire city.

I originally wanted to rank you up to C or even higher, but having someone rank up that fast in such a small timeframe will lead to complaints from the other subdivisions.

nh, got it.

— Page 24 —

Don’t forget to pick up your rewards as well, we’ve even provided you with a bonus.

I’m happy to hear that.

Was she… always like that…?

— Page 25 —

Try not to use a skill we’ve stolen that often, it’ll arouse unwanted suspicion.

But I’ve always wanted to do that…


I was originally afraid that she’ll only mature physically and not mentally…

but it looks like she’s still got quite the girly character, I guess?

Congratulations on reaching Rank D, Fran-chan!

Here’s your reward♡

— Page 26 —

Nh, thank you, Nell.

Congrats, Missy! You’re already rank D!

Did you really defeat the demon!?

You were awesome!

I saw you fly!

— Page 27 —


The name’s Ellebent.

Hit me up if you’re gathering mates for your party!

You saved me during that battle.

I’ll treat you to some juice.

To close! All of you are getting too close~

/ This better not be alcohol


We’ve even got a bonus, can’t just let the others treat you…

they were your companions after all.


— Page 28 —

Today is on me.

Drink as much as you like, everyone.

/ We’ve got a bigshot over here
/ Kahahaha

You sure are loaded*, Missy!!

TL Note: She thought he meant she’s fat

Am not.

/ wahahaha…

— Page 29 —


If she listened to me back then and ran away…

then the lights in this city would probably not be on right now…

You really are amazing, Fran…

— Page 30 —



is so savoury…


— Page 31 —


I guess I better prepare that curry!

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