Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 15

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 15

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— Page 1 —



what are they saying…?

What’s that in the middle…?

Huh? That’s…

/ Who are these beautiful girls surrounding master…!?

— Page 2 —

A sword…!?

Chapter 15
Blue Cats are… Enemies!

/This scene is…!?




Curry when we get back! Are you listening?

Ha? Ah…

What happened? A dream? Do swords even dream?

— Page 3 —

It’s getting late.

We’re almost there.

It’s been about a week since the Goblin Subjugation.

We’re still here at Alessa and we can’t leave until Old Man Gallus finish making the equipment for Fran.

So in the meantime, we’ve taken a few quests around the area.

Today, we’ve subjugated a fish-like monster in a poisonous lake that very few people can get close to.

but it was easypeasy once I used <Dimensional Storage> to suck up all the poisonous water.

— Page 4 —

As broken as this <Dimensional Storage> being used in this way is, I can’t deny the fact that it sure is convenient!

/ The poisonous swamp dried up…

I wonder what’s the storage’s capacity, could it be infinite?


Once Fran had a bite of the curry, she instantly became addicted.

— Page 5 —

I apologize for only knowing how to cook simple meals for other guys…

So savoury♪

So delicious♪

but I’m glad she likes it…

/ I’ll make a sweeter one for her next time…

I can’t help but wonder about that dream I had earlier though…


— Page 6 —

Big haul again today?

He’s the Gatekeeper.

/ hahahaha

/ This big…
/ No. Even bigger…

We’ve become familiar with the guard here…

Because we’ve been going in and out a lot doing quests…

Oh right!

You need to be careful.

Do you know Viscount Alsand?

One of his subordinate is turning the place upside down for you.

— Page 7 —

All-ham sandwich?

/ drool…

Hey hey hey…

/ whisper

If I recall…

The knight we’ve met back at the guild master’s office was called Auguste Alsand.


Ooho…? Did you completely forget about him?

/ um…
It appears that Viscount Alsand…

recently got into a feud with another noble and ended up making a fool of himself…

this caused his father Olmes to be furious.

— Page 8 —

We don’t know what he’ll do in his current mental condition.

I heard you had a little quarrel with him…

so be careful, you never know what he’ll do.

Nh. Got it.

Thank you.

He made a fool of himself…?

Is it because we stole <Truth by Falsehood> and <Courtroom Etiquette> from him?

— Page 9 —

Keep your head straight.

Someone’s following us.


We can easily lose them…

But that wouldn’t solve the problem.

Two people…

If that’s the case…

— Page 10 —

We’ll lure them to an isolated place…

and take care of them as fast as possible.

What do you want…?


They’re here.

— Page 11 —

You’ve cursed me, didn’t you…!?

You filthy beastman!

A zombie!?

Wait, that’s Auguste…

I couldn’t even tell without <Appraisal>.

It’s all because of you that my life is over!!

Take responsibility for what you’ve done!

— Page 12 —

Who are you?

Wha…!? Did I get the wrong beastman…?

Nh. I don’t think we’ve met before.

What what? Is she feigning ignorance…?

No, I think she actually can’t remember him…

Did I mistake you for someone else? Really?

Well, I guess it’s fine if she can successfully fool him and make him go away…



Is that.. so…


— Page 13 —

No!! I know that sword!!

It’s definitely you!!

He found out after all.

Unforgivable!! Come, Gyuran!

Hah, Just a little black cat brat…

Leave her to me.

Us Blue Cats know how to deal with them the best.

— Page 14 —

Strip her completely naked and sell her into slavery.

A Blue Cat…!

Blue cat…?

— Page 15 —


Gyuran the thousand slasher is a well-renowned hero in Luze!

A little brat like you will be insta-killed!

What’s wrong, Fran?

What about a blue cat?

Blue cats… are enemies!

— Page 16 —

A few hundred years ago, they deceived us and because of that, us black cats, have fallen to our current state!

Afterwards, they captured us and sold us off to the slave traders.

Even when travelling with my parents…

a lot of blue cats would sneak up on us trying to harm us!

They are a bunch of bad guys…!

I see, so they are just a wretched species.

I’ll mark the blue cats down as Fran’s arch nemeses.

kuku… I have the ability to see if my opponent is weaker than me…!

And you are no match for me.

— Page 17 —

Are you scared?

I’m scaring you, aren’t I…? Kuku.

It must be your innate fear kicking in. Due to how badly we’ve fucked you guys over in the past.

Just forget about resisting, and accept your fate and live as a slave for the rest of your life…

It’s always with the slaves…

I see, she lived as a slave for a long time…

and it’s not that easy to heal the damage inflicted on her heart…

It’s okay, Fran.

— Page 18 —

You are not a slave anymore.

And you will not become a slave either!

I will never allow that to happen!

you are Fran, a black cat adventurer aiming to evolve!!

You are even stronger now than the time when you were crossing swords with the greater demon, right?

Your level may be lower…

but you will never lose to a guy like him!!

You have my word…!

— Page 19 —

Nh. You’re… right!

Thank you, Master…!

Oh? Whatcha gonna do with that sword you don’t deserve?

You wanna fight back?

Sure, come at me.

— Page 20 —

Magic Sword of Illusive Pyroxene…!!

Magic Sword of Illusive Pyroxene
ATK: 650 MP: 200
Dura: 600 Mana Conductivity: B

Hyahahahaiiiih, Slice her apart!


That sword is even stronger than the sword that greater demon was using!

Be careful!


kuku! I’ll slice off all your limbs!

I know a guy that’s into that kind of slaves!!

— Page 21 —

How many?


How many black cats have you sold?

Heeh… about 20 I guess?

There were 4 that tried to resist so I killed them.

— Page 22 —

Thank goodness.

Now I can kill you without hesitation.

— Page 23 —


Not as good as master, but it’s still a good sword.

I’ll be taking it.

<<Dimensional Storage>>!!

my-my-my swooord!? No, my arm disappeared…!?

I can’t store living things inside…

But it’s fine once I cut it off.

That’s how it is.

— Page 24 —

It was the same when we sucked up all the water back at the swamp.

After we drained the swamp, it was only a field of fishes splashing around.

but all the dead fishes were stored inside the storage.

Apparently, we can even store dead goblin bodies as well.

You said you wanted to cut off my limbs?


Stay away…

Nh, I got it.

Your equipment looks expensive. I want.


<Dimensional Storage>>
<Dimensional Storage>>
<Dimensional Storage>>

— Page 25 —

What the hell is with this Thousand Slasher? Fran completely overpowered him!

How can this be? My <Strength Perception> didn’t work on you?

How come it didn’t have a response on you…

<Strength Perception>…

a skill that allows the user to tell if a target’s level is lower than the user…

equates to the conclusion that no response = weaker, huh.

Just another weakling with a boosted level.


Help me…

His tale of being a hero is probably also made up.

It’s over…


— Page 26 —

Wait, Fran! Even if he’s a bad guy, he’s still a beastman like you, right?

Don’t you think killing him is a bit…
/ He’s not a monster after all…


I want to free the black cats from being oppressed.

That’s why I wanted to evolve.

It’s to show others that even us black cats can do it if we tried.

I want to let all the other black cats that are still alive know as well.

But if I leave someone like him alive…

then there’ll be even fewer black cats than there already is.

And it’ll all be too late by then…

— Page 27 —

So I will prevent that at all cost even if I have to dirty my hands.

It’s true, this isn’t a place that values life.

I shouldn’t push the sense of value from back in my original world onto her…

Because my role is…

— Page 28 —

I got it.

But use me when you want to end a life.

is that okay?


This may only be to appease my sense of self-satisfaction…

At the very least, I want to help her bear a little of the…

burden and responsibility on her shoulders…


— Page 30 —

<<Dimensional Storage>>…



He Vanished!!

You tore Gyuran apart…

and made him disappear!!

What do we do with the zombie? Kill him?

Well, he’s not a zombie per se…

— Page 30 —

Phew… Looks like I made it in time…!

Please do not kill him, Fran-san!

What is that?

This voice, it’s the guild master!?

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