Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 18

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 18

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— Page 1 —

Chapter 18
Mock Battle

Proof of being a Rank-D…!!

— Page 2 —

Are you serious, Fran?

/ Commencement of a fiery spark…!!

I’ll show you what happens…

when you make fun of Master.

Oh, a mock battle!

A great idea to get a handle on each other’s abilities.

/ Don’t get hurt guys…

— Page 3 —

Mama’s cheering for you! Fran-chan!

/ aha~♡

So you’re not going to stop this fight, huh…

Go get her, Bro! Teach that brat a lesson!

Hell yeah.

I’ll tear right through that brat like a paper mache…

there’s no way she’s a real Rank-D.

I did tell you that I’ll never forgive anyone who abuses their personal connections to get rank-ups…!

Didn’t I…!?

— Page 4 —

My soul’s screaming (dragon’s roar) right now!!

That’s right, bro!!

/ Damn right!!

We hear ya!!

What a turnoff, not a fan of bullying a bunch of kids…

Fran, set up a wind and earth magic field first…

in case we lure any monsters over with our battle…

Since nobody’s keeping watch right now.


— Page 5 —

<Wind Zone>!!

<Earth Zone>!!

Now we’ve got both the air and the ground covered. We’ll be able to detect enemies the moment they enter the zones.

What…!? There were two attributes…!?

That’s insane even for a swordmage…


What did you just do?

/ You’re not trying to cheat, are you!?

Keeping watch.

— Page 6 —


Well, whatever.

A sword, huh…

I’ve never lost a single scuffle with someone of the same rank with this spear of mine.

And that includes countless others who also used swords.

The difference between our combat prowess is night and day.

I’ll teach this leeching black cat a lesson…

by overwhelming her with my spear, maybe then she’ll realize how shameless she is.

— Page 7 —

Don’t come crying to me after you get hurt…

he moved his spear instantly…!!

Clad’s using his special move right off the bat!!

/ <Spear Technique>…

I’ll turn you into a beehive with my <spear technique>!

/ Double Spear!!

— Page 8 —

She evaded both my strikes…!?


was it a fluke?


You’re not getting away!!

/ <Spear Technique>
/ Power Swing!!

— Page 9 —

Damn you!!

How are you dodging everything!?

/ Double Spear!!

/ Double Spear!!

/ Double…


My turn.

— Page 10 —


This is the power…

Of this superduper sword!!

Admire it!!

/ Ooooh…

— Page 11 —

Hello, Fran…?

You defeated him without the sword, you know…


I was careless.

/ hilt bash.




/ Did Fran seriously just beat him by smacking him in the stomach with the hilt…?

Well, I suppose that’s to be expected. After all, Fran’s got a huge strength boost with my <Skill Sharing> skill…

/ wobble…

/ drag
/ drag…

He can’t complain about your rank anymore.


That mock battle was fun.

— Page 12 —


That was superb~ Looks like you didn’t even break a sweat!

How about having another mock battle with me!?

— Page 13 —

Mock battle with you…?

I’m not allowed to join any fights unless there’s an emergency, you know?

My shoulders are getting stiff and I’m so bored of doing nothing all day.


nh, okay.

but I have a condition…

— Page 14 —

You’ll stop stalking me if I win.

Wow, we’re adding stakes to this, I see!

All right!

Then if I win…

you’ll call me “Mama”.

— Page 15 —



is a battle I can’t lose.


Why do I feel like Fran just dug her own grave…

Whoa, whoa…

Looks like that little girl…

will be sparring against Amanda now…

/ wow…

— Page 16 —

Master, you don’t need to help.

I want to fight with my own strength…

and see how I fare against an A-rank.



do your best!


Are you ready, Fran-chan?

/ nod…

— Page 17 —

A whip…?

Name: Heavenly Dragon’s Magical Whiskers
ATK: 1030 MANA: 1800
Dura: 1000 Mana Conductivity: A
Weight Control, Length Control

Are you surprised?

This whip and I are old pals…

— Page 18 —

Here I come!

I’ll start off easy.


Not bad.

That’s right… it’s best to dodge her attacks!

— Page 19 —

her whip is different from normal weapons…
If she were to parry it with the sword, then it’ll just come right back around.

Or if Fran manages to dodge it, the whip will just tangle around the sword and can be easily pulled away by Amanda.

My Fran sure is amazing to make such quick judgements on the fly.

Good luck, Fran!

Then it’s time to kick it up a notch~♡


Clad, you’re finally up!!

Are you okay?

Damn, take a look at that…

— Page 20 —
— Page 21 —

I don’t detect any presence of mana from Amanda…

Because using <Whip Technique> or any kinds of <Magics> will use mana…

so I’m afraid she’s just using the normal <Whip Arts> against Fran right now…

But my Fran is very perceptive.

it seems like she’s already used to the whip’s attack patterns.


— Page 22 —

The whip’s coming back…!


That was close…

you almost got me with your sword.

Looks like I have to get a little serious~

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