Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 19

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 19

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— Page 1 —

Amanda, an overwhelmingly strong opponent……!

Chapter 19

— Page 2 —

I’ll get a little serious now~


/ glow…

That’s the flow of mana…!!

Be careful, Fran!!

— Page 3 —

<Whip Technique>
Mizuchi’s Wrath!!


So this technique allows her to use mana to control the whip’s movements with her hands!!

It’s as if it’s alive and chasing after its prey!

— Page 4 —

Fran-chan. You really are amazing…!

That was my 1-hit-KO move.

It’s been so long since someone dodged it on their first try!

But Fran wasn’t able to completely dodge that attack.

Good thing Amanda is not using her full power…

otherwise a single strike would have been fatal.

We’ll be at a disadvantage if we drag out the battle.

Nh, got it.

— Page 5 —

<Wind Magic>
Wind Foot!!

This is a magic that buffs mobility.

Get this over with fast!


/ throb

<Parallel Thought>!!

Fran is using <Parallel Thought> to chaincast magic!?

Even though you’ll get a headache from doing that…

Good job, Fran! Do your best!

It’s been fun, Fran-chan!


— Page 6 —

This is the end!

Mizuchi’s Wrath!!

Right there, dodge it…




— Paeg 7 —

Wind Magic
<Air Burst>!!

Fran forcefully accelerated herself forward using a blast of compressed air!?

Is she trying to counter Amanda’s attack…!?

The whip won’t be able to retract back in time.

Which means Amanda is defenceless…!


— Page 8 —

Wind Magic
<Wind Shield>!!

Dammit! Got deflected!!


— Page 9 —

We’ve been waiting for a chance to use Inferno Magic…!

<Flare Blast>!!

This was the spell cast with <Parallel Thought>!

Excellent, Fran!

At this distance, it should be able to damage even if the opponent is a rank A…

…actually, wasn’t that a bit too much!?

— Page 10 —


She wouldn’t die from something like that, right?

Are you still alive!?

phew, wow…

<Spirit’s Affection>!!

I wasn’t expecting that…

wait, what!?

No damage!?

It’s not… over yet


— Page 11 —

Ghh… not yet…

Fran!! Healing…

Oh no, Fran-chaaaaaaan!

Forgive me~ I got a little carried away!

Aren’t those superior potions!?
/ We couldn’t even buy those…

— Page 12 —

I’m sorry, Fran-chan.

I was going to let you hit me with that attack…

but my unique skill <Spirit’s Affection> activated by itself.

<Spirit’s Affection>: Activates automatically to completely block a single attack over a certain power level. Cooldown of 24 hours.

Grrh…! So you had such a strong unique skill…

Rigg, put out the fire with your water magic.

Everyone else as well, please help extinguish the flames…!


By the way, it’s a bad idea to use fire magic in a place with a lot of trees.

We’ll have to apologize to everyone later.
/ Sorry for having to clean up our mess…

— Page 13 —

But that was certainly amazing, Fran.

You forced Amanda to become serious when she was just playing around.

/ fast asleep…

Amanda had to pull out her <Whip Technique>, <Wind Magic>, and that unique skill just to fend you off.

/ Can’t beat her. At least for now…

That was definitely a serious blow to her…!

— Page 14 —



My adorable Fran…

For your future as a black cat…

you’ve been doing your best…





— Page 15 —

Are you awake…?



— Page 16 —

You’ve been unconscious for 2 hours.


It’s okay, rest a little more…

Cruz and the rest will keep watch.

So it’s all right.


Your wounds might have healed, but your mental fatigue still remains.

Because you are a child…

you should act spoiled at times and leave the rest to the adults.

— Page 17 —

Amanda, you’re too strong.

I lost…

It was a close match.

But I fainted.

So I lost.


you’re very honest~

still remember our promise?


Tha’s right…

/ You’ll call me “mama”.


— Page 18 —






Fran really wants to keep her promise…

but she just can’t bring herself to say it.

/ Aa… aahn…

/ nhaaa~…

— Page 19 —


It’s okay. I was just teasing you.

I know…

you already have someone you call “mother”.

— Page 20 —

You don’t have to think of me as an equal to your mother.

You may not be able to trust me right away…

But I want you to know that I’m on your side.

So I’ll be here for you if you need me.

— Page 21 —

what a pleasant fragrance…

I’ve checked it over with <Truth by Falsehood>.

There’s not a single lie in what Amanda’s said to Fran.

So this is the person with the “Guardian of Children” title…

I’m a little jealous.

— Page 22 —

I’m sorry…

/ bow…

for using fire magic in the forest.


none of us expected the mock battle to be that intense…

so we’re all at fault there.

— Page 23 —

Also, thank you for taking my place to keep watch.

Don’t worry about it.

Nh… you’re hurt?


Watching your battle got my blood pumping…

so afterwards, I also asked Amanda-sama for a little spar…

but unlike you, I couldn’t keep up with her at all.

She’s just as strong as the rumours make her out to be.

Anyways, we’ll be counting on you for today’s dungeon investigation.

Nh, got it.

— Page 24 —

As you know, this Spider Nest dungeon is under the jurisdiction of the Alessa Guild.

So the entrance…
can only be opened by guild executives and adventurers with permission.

— Page 25 —

Now, let’s go!

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