Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 20

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 20

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— Page 1 —

Chapter 20
Start of Investigation

A cat deep in thought while watching over inanimate objects

— Page 2 —

First floor of the Spider Nest Dungeon

I remember this place~

It used to be super crowded here back when I was a beginner.

“We’ll be the first to clear this dungeon!” the adventures cried out excitedly at first…

but then so many of them lost their lives here.

many of them were parents with children back home.

— Page 3 —

Thanks to that whole ordeal, the orphans in Alessa increased tremendously…

which was what led me to open an orphanage.

Did you also work really hard to become strong?

of course.

I was really weak at the time, so I had to work my ass off.

but the people in the city helped me out a great deal.

It felt really awful at the time. But thinking back, it’s actually not all that bad.

that’s enough of your old tales…

— Page 4 —

There’s a monster…



Name: Trap Spider
Race: Demonic Insect

Chaaaarge “Dragon’s Roar”!!


— Page 5 —

Finish it, bro!


/ Double Spear!!

— Page 6 —

It’s our victory.


we didn’t even give it the chance to strike back.

/ that’s great~

They’re not that strong themselves

but the thread they spit out is definitely beyond their rank

you’ll be completely immobilized if you get caught by that.



their threads are weak to fire.

if that happens, we can just burn it off with a simple torch or a fire magic…

— Page 7 —

That’s valuable loot we’re talking about…

don’t go burning it all, that’s such a waste.


So we should avoid using fire as much as possible.

So yeah… be careful about that, Fran-san…

/ nod

Nh. Got it.

They think we’re pyromaniacs now?

— Page 8 —

2nd Floor

We ran into multiple enemies afterwards.

There appears to be a lot of insect-type monsters.

This dungeon may be called “Spider Nest” but it’s certainly lacking spiders.

3rd Floor

Fran also fought a few battles but we didn’t get any new skills.

4th Floor

— Page 9 —

Man, this feels too easy…

can this really be called a promotion test?

You won’t see any impressive monsters or traps in the first 4 floors.

but there’ll be a lot more Trap Spiders starting from the 5th floor.

Be careful as to not get surrounded by them.

I see, so the real dungeon starts on the 5th floor.

Note that the number of traps will also increase.

Stuff like poisonous gas, pitfalls, teleporter, and etc are really dangerous…

Especially teleporters as there have been cases where people were teleported into walls.

There are also irregular ones like Directional Dyslexia and Equipment Deactivation traps.

Teleporters and Equipment Deactivation traps?

Sounds like something straight out of a shitty game!

— Page 10 —

That’s why you shouldn’t let your guard down.

Enjoy this small break before we officially step into the 5th floor.

Are you wondering about the specifics of <Skills> <Arts> and <Techniques>?

Nh. I’ve been using them…

but I don’t know what they are exactly.

— Page 11 —

Oh my~

You’re relying on me already!


/ squirm


/ squirm
/ squirm

I’m so happy!

Both Fran and I know how to use these things…

But we don’t know how other adventurers use or remember theirs.

So I thought to ask when we have the chance.

so, <Skills> first.

<Skills> are from a <Class>…

It was said that the gods originally registered “Class” to be the root system for the “World”.

— Page 12 —

and when us humans trained in the corresponding class enough…

The world will grant our souls the ability to use a “God’s Craft”…

and that’s what <Skills> are.


so basically the gods uploaded their crafts to the world’s system. And the people who meet the requirements will be able to download it.

Some of the <Combat Technique> Skills were invented by an amazing person in the past…

Legend has it that the gods were very impressed by them and registered those skills to the world, but that rarely ever happens.
/ Ah, sorry… you’re not lost, are you?

Also, unique skills and extra skills are like monster skills.

those skills seem to be a blessing granted by the gods on a whim…

as such, we have no standardized way of defining them.

— Page 13 —

For the time being, you can just think of <Combat Arts>, <Combat Technique> and <Magic> are all part of the <Skills> system.

I understand, I think…

Let’s talk about <Combat Technique> next.

<Combat Techniques> are ultis the Gods of Combat and Military Arts have created to spend their mana.

Like my <Whip Technique> and the <Sword Technique> Nell said you can use…

That’s right~

Don’t forget <Combat Arts> like <Sword Arts> can level up as well.

Also, keep in mind that <Magic Control> and <Energy Control> are very important to have…

because skills like those can help you use your mana and strength more efficiently.

Well, we have both of them already.

— Page 14 —

<Mana Control> helps you release mana out of your body

and <Energy Control> helps you circulate mana within your body.

The way to train <Combat Technique> is…

usually to let your mana flow through the body and weapon while developing a full conceptualization of both.

When training or using something like <Combat Techniques> in actual combat, the moment a massive amount of mana flowing through your body converges and creates a balance…

you will feel as if you were suddenly struck by a divine oracle.

Do you know what I mean, Fran-chan?

I don’t get it.

Oh my.

Well, of course. Suddenly one day, we were just able to use 7 sword techniques…

— Page 15 —

/ Thanks for Rank-A’s Explanations.

…so it’s best to start learning early if you plan on becoming a master.
/ I can tell you more if you tell me what type you want to hear.

/ Ah!

It really is a lot more fun to learn when there’s a “Master”!

/ Elated

Wait, what is that supposed to mean?

After continuously using <Combat Techniques> and <Combat Arts> you should be able to use a higher grade skill, maybe…


Because there are still a lot of people who can only use 1 combat Technique…


Let’s talk about <Magic> next…

— Page 16 —

/ Amanda’s Lecture Continues

<Magic> comes in “Earth”, “Water”, “Fire” and “Wind”, these 4 basic elements.

And the upgraded version of each is “Ground”, “Ocean”, “Inferno” and “Storm”.

We already have the 4 basics…

and even learned the upgraded <Inferno Magic>.

When it comes to learning magic…

the most important thing is to take your own natural talents into consideration.

Everyone should have an element they’re born for.

— Page 17 —

As for training, let’s see…

For <Water Magic>, just surround yourself with water every day, drink water, be in water, basically soak the water’s image into your body and spirit.

You’ll have mastered water magic if you can become one with water even in your dreams…

something like that.

but in the end, if you’re not a water guy then it’ll be pointless no matter what you do.

Another one is…

Right, I’ve heard you can bury yourself in earth or stones for <Earth Magic>…

Some have even gone as far as to eat dirt for 3 meals a day.

Okay, that’s going too far.
/ A sword can’t even eat food in the first place…

What about Wind?

Eh, Wind? Well, wind is boring, you know.

— Page 18 —

I want to know!

Well, you can train <Wind Magic> by~

bathing in the wind…

Wrap yourself in the strong breeze and feel its touch all over your… bare skin… naked…
/ cough

Eh! Naked?

/ Cough

/ Hah!

— Page 19 —

I see. I’ll strip naked and become one with the wind.

/ I got it…


You’ll definitely catch the eyes of criminals, so make sure to do it in a place where no one else is looking…
/ That was just an example, anyways!!

Right… there’s also complex magic! It’s a magic with multiple elements.

It’s possible to combine two elements for a whole new element.


Hm, let’s see. An example would be Water + Earth = Wood…

The Guild Master and Phreon both use this type of magic.

Wood Elves seems to be born with this element…

so they don’t need to raise their water and earth levels to learn wood magic.

— Page 20 —

Water + Wind = Frost
Water + Fire = Life
Wind + Fire = Thunder
Wind + Earth = Dust
Earth + Fire = Molten…

Ooh, Thunder is scary…

It’s very rare for people to use more than 2 elements if their species doesn’t have that innate talent.

You’ve used Fire and Earth, and I think I saw you use Wind as well…

because you know Wind and Fire, then you should be able to learn Thunder Magic.


But you possess 3 elements, that’s a very amazing ability.

I’ve tried training fire before, but I just couldn’t understand it.

But unlike fire, I was able to get a handle on Wind pretty easily.

— Page 21 —

Uh-oh, so using 2 elements is rare…
/ Ugh, so we were standing out…

Apart from the 4 elements, <Light Magic> and <Dark Magic> are common among monsters.

But even fewer people know these than complex magic.

I wonder what would happen if someone used all 4 elements at once…

<Purification Magic> and <Illusion Magic> are two skills that stems from the Light category.

While <Poison magic> and <Spectre Magic> belongs to the Dark category.

So are <Poison Magic> and <Spectre Magic> users bad guys?

That’s not always the case, but people do normally associate them with evil.

But in the end, a skill is still only a skill.

— Page 22 —

I’m acquainted with a <Spectre Magic> user…

That guy is really shady, always laughing and going fuhahahaha

/ Fuhahahaha

and it certainly makes it very easy to cause a misunderstanding…

but that person is definitely not a bad guy, okay? Just super shady.

Someone who is deemed shady by Amanda…

Who could that be…
/ Who can be even shadier than Amanda?

There are other special cases as well…

<Recovery Magic>, <Auxiliary Magic>, <Summon Magic>, <Contract Magic>, <Space-Time Magic>, <Moonlight Magic>, <Spirit Magic>, <Blacksmith Magic>, just to name a few.

— Page 23 —

So <Recovery Magic>, <Auxiliary Magic> and <Summon Magic> exists as well, huh…

Guild Master and Phreon can use <Spirit Magic>…

And Old Man Gallus uses <Smithing Magic>.

So many…

/ 1…2…3…
/ …many many more…
/ …a hundred…

Well~ You don’t need to remember all of them~

All I know is that…

there are so many more magics out there in the world.

And some magics can only be used by monsters.


— Page 24 —

Monsters use magic every day, even for their daily activities…

so it’s no surprise they have a lot of mana and are really good at it.

And they don’t even need the previously mentioned Control skills.

Because monsters are born with that talent.

As such, a lot of monsters can use complex and light/dark magics.

I see, so some of the skills I’ve been absorbing should be super rare to normal humans…

Well, let’s end it here for now.

— Page 25 —

I’ll tell you whatever you want to hear, Fran-chan.

So ask me whenever there’s something you’re curious about.

nh, thank you.

This is hard…

I want to learn Thunder…

and go bzzzt bzzzzt…

— Page 26 —

… no, no. It’d be too suspicious for you to use it right after being taught…

so later…


When’s later…?

I want it now!

Please, master, come on…

I want to bzzzt bzzzt!

bzzzzz bzzzzzt~

…I can’t?

/ It’s hard to say no if she’s begging like that…

— Page 27 —

Ah, fine! You can learn it!

But don’t use it until we get back!



I still have 47 Self-Evo Points remaining…

<Fire Magic> is already maxed so I’ll just max <Wind Magic>…

/ excited, excited ♡

/ Beep…
<Wind Magic> has reached level 10. “Wind Mage” title has been received. <Storm Magic> 1 is now available.

/ Beep…
<Fire Magic> and <Wind Magic> both reached level 10. <Lighting Magic> 1 is now available.

Oh, I learned ’em!

/ Haha!

Now I’ll just set <Skill Sharing> to share those skills.

Yay! I can go bzzt bzzzt now!

/ Dun Dun Dun Duuun~♪

— Page 28 —

I should have waited until we got back…

<Thunder Magic> stun…

Listen, Fran!!

/ (Telekinesis)

— Page 29 —

…all right.

Now that we’re fully rested. It’s time to start exploring the 5th floor.

Keep your guards up and let’s go!

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