Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 22

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita Chapter 22

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— Page 1 —

Where the hell is this room!



is that monster…!?

— Page 2 —

/ Chapter 22

/ Demonic Wolf Summoning

— Page 3 —

I don’t have any weapon…

and master is not here either…

I wish there’s at least a dagger or knife around.


can’t use that without master here.

What else can I do…?

— Page 4 —

/ Poison Needle!!


…! A trap…!?

— Page 5 —

/ Poison Bomb!!


— Page 6 —

— Spider Status ———————–

Name: Trickster Spider

Species: Demonic Insect Lv13


Keen Hearing: 5, Regeneration: 3, Jump: 1, Poison Spray: 3, Bolas: 4, Trap Editing: 7, Trap Detection: 6, Trap Making: 6, Confusion Poison-Making, Confusion Fang, Shell Boost, Infrared Vision, Ultramoult, Paralysis Poison-Making, Paralysis Fang, Deadly Poison-Making, Deadly Poison Fang

Trap Spider’s highest evolution.

They imitate human organs and pray on them through the creation and modification of various traps.


The monster that can easily manipulate traps to their will…

a trickster spider…!?

I’m afraid so.

— Page 7 —

Don’t be silly. There’s no way they can evolve to that stage… right?


Unless someone intentionally made this happen…


What do you mean?

No, don’t worry about it.

In any case…

We shouldn’t be surprised to see a trickster spider here,

especially after witnessing the irregular appearance of trick spiders.


— Page 8 —

The people who were teleported away left all their weapons here…!

We better go find them…!


Let’s hurry…!

Let’s split up into 3 groups.

Eisel and I will form a team with “Dragon’s Roar”

Rigg can go with “Forest Eyes”

and Amanda will solo.


— Page 9 —

Be careful everyone!

Let’s go!

that’s easily said than done…

/ <Wind Magic>

/ Noise Collect!

— Page 10 —


Aahn! It’s so hard to hear anything inside a dungeon.

I won’t be able to hear Fran-chan over the sound of all these spiders…

/ All the crawling sounds are so damn loud…!

Looks like even the AoE magic that can pick up sounds through airflow can’t locate her.

All my detection skills are also completely useless here…

What other options do I have?

Since she was hit with the teleporter’s disarm

that means she can’t use any of our shared skills!

No weapons and no skills…

I’m afraid Fran’s stats are at rock bottom right now!

And if she were to be attacked by spiders in her current state…

/ goodbye… mas…te…r…

— Page 11 —

nooooo… noooo!!

I can’t even imagine such a terrible thing!!

Even though I told her to not worry right before it happened…

God, why am I so useless!!

// It’ll be fine!! Just hold on tight to me!

// We’ll manage as long as it doesn’t teleport us into a wall!

There’s gotta be a good skill for searching…

/ <Parallel Thought>

Think. C’mon THINK!

// I wonder if it summons servants out like familiars?

// Ugh, it’s not friendly on mana consumption it seems…

! That’s right…!

There was a summoning skill that I didn’t try yet…

It’d be great if the familiar I summon will be able to find her…!

But Amanda will definitely be on to me if I randomly cast a summoning skill…

/ Aaaah, not like this

/ Why am I so useless?

/ What can I dooooooo~

/ Maybe I should just destroy this entire dungeon!?

— Page 12 —

/ Ah, fuck it! Now is not that time for that!!

Fran’s in trouble!!

It’s all or nothing!!

Hyaaa- wait, how do I even summon…?

Available Summon: Wolf

/ Thanks, Announcer!

Wait, a wolf?

Hmm, I see.

Gray Wolf, Ruby Wolf, Thunder Wolf, etc…

There are wolves of many types, attribute, and ranks available.

All right, I choose you…!

— Page 13 —

A dark typed Onyx Wolf with the skill <Life Detection>!

I’ll pour all my mana into this just in case!!

Come on, be summoned, my familiar

and use your power to find Fran!!

eh… what?

/ Summon!!

/ Onyx Wolf!!

— Page 14 —

Go, Onyx Wolf!

Sniff Fran out and…





— Page 15 —


is it just my imagination…

or is this guy not listening to me at all!??


/ <Dark Magic>

/ Dark Spear!!



I knew it!!

— Page 16 —

Why is there an Onyx Wolf here!?

It suddenly appeared out of nowhere..!?

But why…

/ wait, it’s not attacking me though…

but I can’t just leave such a dangerous monster here.

I’ll have to exterminate it…

Oh no! Amanda is gonna screw my plan over!


This is my familiar! I just summoned it!

— Page 17 —



Who is it!?

I don’t have time to explain! You just gotta trust me…

This is all for Fran’s sake!

I need its power to search for Fran, so please don’t kill it yet…!


Ok. Fine…

Huh, she’s unexpectedly understanding…

— Page 18 —


what the hell is this guy doing…!?

Damn it!

Onyx Wolf is currently in the berserk state due to an excessive mana intake.


A result of inserting more than the recommended amount during the summoning ritual.

Its heart, in other words, the mana crystal within the onyx wolf is unable to withstand the abundance of mana and is causing the mana within its body to run amok.

This phenomenon caused it to recognize its “Master” as an existence who causes pain and suffering.

That’s messed up, man.

Are you in pain…?

I’m really sorry for what I’ve done…

— Page 19 —

Um, are you doing okay?

You said you summoned it just now, right?

Eh? Yeah…

Did you give it a name yet?

A name?

I won’t go into the details, but…

Occasionally Gods will grant a name to monsters and items.

And that’s why there are these “Named Monster” and “Named Item” imbued with special powers around the world.

— Page 20 —

So to imitate this process

Summoners often give a name to their summoned monsters and spirits to strengthen their bond.

A name, hmm…

Is that true, Announcer?

Yes. “Naming” is very effective.

I’ll also give you a name then…

It’s hard to come up with a name on the spot so don’t hold a grudge against me.

Hey, your name will be…

Wolfy… no, w-woll…

— Page 21 —

Got it!

All right! Onyx wolf, you will henceforth be named…



You mustn’t be a beast who only knows of rampage and violence!!

You are a familiar born from my mana…

for Fran’s sake.

A jet black demonic wolf known as “Urushi”!

Hey, listen…

— Page 22 —

/ Listen to me!!






— Page 23 —

Situation Report.

Optimization of mana circulation through “Naming”…

was successful.

Currently updating the mana crystal with the surplus of mana…

Complete. All abilities and stats have sharply increased.

All conditions have been satisfied.

“Urushi” is evolving.

Wait, evolving?

It’s huge!!

— Page 24 —

——————————– Wolf Plate ——————————–

Name: Urushi (Darkness Wolf)

Species: Demonic Wolf Lv1

HP: 451     MP: 670 STR: 216    AGI: 310


Darkness Resistance: 8, Darkness Magic: 1, Keen Smell: 10, Stealth: 7, Fang Combat Technique: 5, Fang Combat Arts: 5, Shadow Cloak: 10, Shadowmeld: 5, Multi-Jump: 8, Threaten: 4, Alert: 6, Presence Concealment: 6, Regeneration: 5, Deadly Poison Magic: 1, Burst: 5, Covert Action: 6, Spectre Magic: 5, Life Detection: 7, Mental Resistance: 6, Poison Magic: 10, Echolocation: 7, Roar: 8, Nightflage: 10, Dark Magic: 10, Night Vision, Poison Fang, Passive HP Regeneration, Passive MP Regeneration, Poison Immunity, Transformation, Magic Control

Unique Skill: Prey Absorption

Titles: Sword’s Servant, Wolf God’s Servant

Evolved form of wolf type monsters.

This darkness type wolf is inferior to that of the other monsters of the same rank. However, it posses a myriad of different skills and boasts exceptional magic capabilities. With various cloaking skills, it excels at lurking in the shadows and staying hidden, making it very difficult to be detected. This is a very rare monster and is seldom seen. Threat Level: C.

Mana Crystal Location: Heart.


Darkness Wolf…

All I did was give it a name and now it looks completely different from before…

Fran also lost her name when she became a slave

so I guess names possess a special and magical meaning in this world.


Can you understand me?

— Page 25 —


Oo-ok… Urushi!

Here, smell me and find my wielder, Fran!

/ It sure feels a lot more like a dog than anything…



Go!! Urushi!


Wa-wait, that’s the entrance. You can’t get through that…

/ You’re way too big…

— Page 26 —


That was a skill that lets you dive and move anywhere in the shadows!

Which was also used by the greater demon we fought before!

Wait, where are you going!?

Oh! Sorry, Amanda! Don’t worry!

The darkness wolf is listening to me now!

— Page 27 —

/ I’m coming! Fran!