Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 10

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 10

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+Page 1

Attracted by the smell of fish, a new demon appears.

+Page 2

That was so unfortunate… who would’ve thought they would fool me like that.

And those guys from the Guild didn’t even say anything.

I thought they were nice people like “Iron Will”, so I let my guard down.

Oh jeez.

I guess it’s not just the royals or nobles of the higher class, there’s also scumbags amongst the adventurers too, huh.

For now, our destination will be either Elman or Leonhart.

How can we know which way to go if you’re just spouting out names like that?

Let me see.

+Page 3

They’re all in the East since they’re all Eastern coastal countries.

Ah, the East Ocean.

That place is the territory of those Sea Serpents or Krakens if I remember correctly.

I can even imagine how good their meat will be.

Are they considered seafood too….?


Talking about food makes me kinda hungry again.

We’ll reach those countries much faster if we cross through this forest.

And there’s also a lake somewhere during our route.


+Page 4

Don’t you think crossing this forest is a little too dangerous?

What if we encounter some dangerous demons!?

Stop being such a scaredy-cat…..



That’s way too faaaast!

It’s almost lunchtime, we must get to the lake quickly.


+Page 5

Gah, thank god I can finally make it here safely….

I’ll get you some fish.

…..Do whatever you want, I’ll just lie here and rest for a bit.

But how do you plan to catch fish? We don’t even have a fishing rod…..

There’s more effective ways to catch fish than fishing rods, you know….

+Page 6

This is too many.


+Page 7

Now we use a simple wind spell and you can take any kind of fish you like.

That’s somewhat convenient, I guess….

Don’t tell me they’re all dead….?

I only used enough power to paralyze them for a while.

They’ll be back to normal soon after.

*violet salmon

……These guys surely have had a bad day.

Whoa, it’s so big!

*king salmon

How about these?

They have a unique kind of spicy flavor.

+Page 8

*Poisonous fish

Oi, what are you doing!?

That spicy flavor you mentioned is poison, you know.


You have Goddess’s protection, so you’re not worrying about any kind of poison, but I do….

What if those poisonous fish got mixed up with the other ingredients, huh!?

The other fish are already enough to make a good meal! So just let it go!


I guess you’re right….

+Page 9

I’ll go and prepare a fire.

Why don’t you give me a hand?



Oh, and this too.

Hey, how about those meats too?

Not a chance.



+Page 10

Let’s start with this one.

*violet salmon

First, we split the under belly and take out all the organs.

Since I don’t know which part of it is edible.

Then we wash it with water.

Put it on a stick.

Spread some salt on it.

+Page 11

Now it’s time to handle this king salmon.

Getting rid of its head, fins and organs.

Slicing down half of its body vertically.

Then we move on to the other half.


There’s still a lot of meat left on the bone, huh…..

+Page 12

Before we wrap it in aluminum paper, we’ll have to put in some extra ingredients first.


Salt        pepper

King salmon’s meat.


And a little light sake.

A spoon of butter.

+Page 13

Now we spray some pepper and salt on the slices, shake them gently, then leave it that way.

Wipe out the extra water.

Then we put it into the flour.

Hey, the food over here is done.

Yeah, I think they’re ready.

+Page 14

Salted grilled violet salmon.

King salmon Meunière.

Grilled king salmon in wrapping paper.

Finally, a little bit of vinegar on the wrapping fish.

+Page 15

The skin is crunchy and tasty.


For today, we’ll also have this…..

+Page 16

Here it it!

A can of beer!


So good!

The aluminum paper will make their meat tender and soft.

And the Meunière also gets rid of the smell, it suits with the Tartar sauce perfectly.

I’m so good at cooking…..

+Page 17


Give me another one.

That white sauce that you put on the fish is really good.

Oh, you’re talking about the Tartar sauce, that thing is very tasty.

But let’s try the aluminum wrapped salmon first.

Even without any extra sauce, this is still extremely delicious.

Let’s eat all the fish in this lake.

Give me a break….

+Page 18

Fel needs 3 futons to fit his body.

It takes a lot of time preparing his resting place.

*that thing looks cozy

*I want one too

This should do it.




What was that!?

+Page 19

A slime?

What about the barrier!?

I’ve already created one.

I guess it had been in here before we even made the barrier.

Then what’s the use of a barrier if there’s already a monster inside it?

There’s no reason to make a fuss with such weaklings like that one….

Hey, I’m weak too, remember?

That tiny slime can do you no harm.

So worrying about that thing is simply pointless.


+Page 20

As long as it doesn’t attack me…..

It’s so soft and bouncy….

It’s just like jelly.

+Page 21

So adorable.

Let’s see some of your stats.

[Name] ….

[Age] 3 days

[Race] Baby Slime

[Lv] 1

[Strength] 1

[Magic] 1

[Attack] 1

[Defense] 2

[Agility] 2

[Skill] …..

….It’s so weak.

It was born just 3 days ago… those things out there will crush it in an instant….

At least I’ll give you some food, then.

Why? You can just give him some rocks, if that matters to you.

Is it an omnivore?

+Page 22

Then maybe this will suit you?

*trash from another world

Even though it’s garbage, I don’t know where to get rid of them, so…..

How about that?

+Page 23

Whoa, that’s so cool!


Such a large pile of trash just…..

+Page 24

They’re completely gone…..

Great job!

You did nice work there.


What’s the matter? Did you understand what I said?


+Page 25

For a demon, you’re pretty friendly, you know.


That thing.

Just became your companion.

Wait what? I didn’t even make a contract yet!?

It’s fine as long as that slime agrees to follow you.

The contract has already been made.

Take a look at your stats.

+Page 26

[Beast companions] Fenrir, Baby Slime

*There’s another one….

Then hurry up and give it a name.


Oh, right.

You’re a slime, so…..


From now on, your name will be Sui!

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