Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 11

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 11

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+Page 1

This is the Gods’ Realm.

Where no mortals’ hand can ever reach.

A place where only Gods live.


The mortal who even formed a contract with Fenrir, a divine being that belongs to me – Goddess Ninrir…

Is that him…?

+Page 2

A Goddess who loves to taste sweets from other worlds.

+Page 3

While I was checking on my pet, I realized that Fenrir had made a contract with a human…

Wait what?!

Wait… Are those the Anpan buns I saw in my dreams?!

And he has so many!

And they were eating some kind of food from another world that looked extremely tasty!


The only thing I know is that it’s some kind of sweet.

Meanwhile the kind of sweets in this world are limited to only dried fruits and honey.

I’m sooooo sick of that stuff……

+Page 4

Ever since I used my holy power to take a peek at them, I’ve gotten so into it.


I wish I could have a taste of it right now…

No no no, I won’t be forgiven if I get involved into those kind of things.

And it’ll set a bad example among the other Gods and Goddesses.

But Anpan…


This is so unfair.

I want to eat more sweets!

+Page 5

Wait a minute.

That guy is Fenrir’s master now.


*Religion – Followers

*Subjective divine beast

So just like Fenrir, my religion will be normal to him, right?

Then transfering food as an offering will be normal too, right?


I have a plan.

I have to be careful not to get noticed by the other Gods.

+Page 6

Hey Sui!

Feeling alright? Are you scared?

This is a demon that I’ve just recently formed a contract with.

Despite being born just a few days ago, still being a baby slime, he’s amazing.

+Page 7

He can devour all indecomposable trash from other worlds.

And can even clean all of my kitchen ware.

At first, he digested several plates by accident, but…



After being trained properly, he can now do all the dishes skillfully.

He seemed to understand what I said.

I saved a ton of cleaning water thanks to him.

*A few swipes and then we’re done.

Sui is such a good boy…


+Page 8

His level has been increasing a lot since we first met…

*3 days ago: Lv.1 -> current time: Lv.8

Just like when they ate my dishes.

Is food from other worlds really that effective…?

Do other things have these kinds of effects too?

Even if they do, how can I even check?

*I can’t eat these…

+Page 9

Right now is kinda dangerous, so why don’t you wait a little more?

Well, it’s not a bad thing if your level keeps increasing like this either.

So keep on growing, buddy…

+Page 10

Fel…? Why are you up so early?

You’re awake, huh?

There’s something important I want to tell you.

Come over here and have a seat.

+Page 11

What’s all this about?

Do you have a stomachache?

No, just listen up.

Last night, Wind Goddess Ninrir-sama gave me a prophecy.

+Page 12

A prophecy?

Is that also a kind of protection?


They sometimes appear in my dreams.

You said you wanted to earn a God’s protection, right?

Well, everyone wants that, but…

This time, your wish can be granted.

The Goddess’s generosity has bestowed her protection upon you.


+Page 13

Is this true!?

I’m being protected by a Goddess!?

But there’s a condition.

You will have to offer a kind of sweet from another world to the Goddess once a week.

…that’s all.

Of all things…why did she choose sweets?

+Page 14

In exchange, you will be granted her divine protection.

A Goddess’s Protection [small].


It means that any abnormal status that isn’t lethal enough to kill you right away, will be disabled immediately.

And your magic activation ability has been enhanced considerably.

Just don’t forget to prepare your offering once a week.

Did you really have to emphasize on the sweets that much?

What exactly does Goddess-sama want with me??

+Page 15

You need to at least show a little appreciation to the Goddess’s generosity, you know…

Got it.

So, since I’m technically her follower now, then worship and prayers are needed, right?

And what about the altar? Is there any specific form of prayer or ceremony?

Anything can be an altar.

For example.

It’s fine for you to use that rock over there as an altar.

+Page 16

And any form of prayers counts.

As long as you stay honest and pure.

I see…

Then I guess I should get ready.

What do I do first?


Let’s put this cardboard box here.

Oh I almost forgot.

She wants the first offering to be Anpan, Jampan and Creampan buns.

Why does this prophecy sound like she’s ordering food….?

+Page 17

Sweets from another world (Anpan, Jampan, Creampan, a box of milk coffee)

I guess this is enough for an offering.

Oh holy Wind Goddess Ninrir-sama, hear my prayers.

I even added milk coffee, just so you know…

Please grant me your protection….


+Page 18

Did she receive them?

*[Buff] Goddess Ninrir’s protection [small].

Yup, it’s done.


Thank you so much, Goddess-sama.

+Page 19

All this sweet offering is making me kinda hungry.

*I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

Hmm? You’re not the only one’s getting hungry, you know.

Of course, let me think of something.

I saw some delicious stuffs while I was buying those offerings.

+Page 20

*Dorayaki and green tea.


This is so relaxing.

+Page 21

Just like those buns I ate before.

But these things taste sweeter.

Their layers are soft.

And there are also some black beans in the core.

The only disadvantage is that it’s way too small.

These black beans are called Anko.

Depending on the layers, their tastes can be completely different.

*Manjuu and Daifuku….

Huh? There are other flavors too?!

+Page 22

Hurry up and give me some more!

We’ve had enough already, let’s wait for next time!

Oh, that’s right. It’s Sui’s first time eating sweets, right?

What do you think?

He seems to enjoy it a lot.


+Page 23

What the heck!! They’re eating Dorayaki!!!?

While I was busy with these Anpans, they’re already eating a new kind of sweet…!?


No way, I’m all out of Anpan…!!?

There’s only Creampan and Jampan left…

My precious sweets from another world.

There’s only one for each kind, so I have to save them…

+Page 24

This, and that too!

Sweets from another world.

How can they be so goooooood?!!!

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