Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 12

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 12

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Page 1

Chapter 12


Feru-san’s Food Camp ~Preparation Chapter~


Page 2

Stone Bullet!


Alright, it hit!


Page 3

This is good, I’ve improved quite a bit


Recently I’ve been practicing earth magic, which I apparently have aptitude for


At first nothing but sand-like things came out


But thanks to Ninlil-sama’s Goddess Protection (small), it has improved quite well


But even though I say that, I can’t really create anything but a small stone


Sui, you are already level 13 aren’t you


I wonder, if you become stronger, will you evolve?


Anyway, for a normal person like me, there’s nothing to do but practice!


Let’s do this!


Page 4


[Completely exhausted]


I’m so tired..


Even though it’s just practice, it’s super exhausting using up so much magic power


In times like this…


[Looking left and right]


It’s so sweet!


[Sweets – ]


This combination of sweet and bitter is just exquisite!


What, you also want some? You know what you like, don’t you?



Page 5


Come to think of it, isn’t Fel late?


There’s something I want to check out


[I’ll be back by the evening]


..that’s what he said before running off


I’m back


Oh, speaking of the devil




Page 6


While I wasn’t here, did you eat something?


Ugh… He knows…


Magic training tired me out, so I ate some sweets.




I also ran all the way here, so I’m tired. Give me some chocolate, or whatever that was


How can you be tired.. Aren’t you some legendary beast that can blow away a whole country?


Must be because I have been running with you on my back everyday


Since I’m tired I’m not moving anymore today


Th-this guy..


Okay, okay. I understand


[click click]


Page 7


Ohh this rich sweetness!


This is quite good!


Alright, alright..




My chi-…




My child




I am Ninlil, the Goddess of Wind




Are you able to hear my voice?


Ah, yes, loud and clear!


This is my oracle to you.


Is an oracle supposed to be this direct!?


Listen well, child


Page 8


Quickly prepare an offering of chocolate or whatever that was




Ah, and it will be wonderful if you could also offer some dorayaki as well




What kind of request was that


Page 9


It’s only been a couple days since I last presented my offering


Weren’t you the one who told me to do it once a week?




B-be quiet!


Enjoying good things is important for a Goddess you know!




[Let’s see, where is the chocolate]


Your real intentions are totally leaking out..


What happened to the previous offerings?


[click click]


I already finished eating those a long time ago!


Well, figures..




Page 10


Good job!



Where did she learn that phrase..


An offering, was it?


A zealous one, aren’t you?


Rather than zealousness, it was more of a request..


If you’re done with your prayers, let us depart


Quickly hop on, let’s go


[push push]


What, don’t rush me like that


Why do we have to hurry?


Err, no particular reason!


[surprised sound effect]


Anyway, how is your earth magic?


Did your practice bear fruit?


Page 11


Ah, as before, I was only able to shoot out a small stone


But the power and speed has increased from last time


It’s really true that the Goddess Protection helps in magic invocation!



Maybe it’s true that all I need to do is to bring him there..


Did you say something just now?


No, nothing at all


Page 12






And we’ve arrived


Page 13


By dungeon, you mean THAT dungeon!? Why is it in a forest like this?




It’s a new dungeon, it just recently appeared.


Sometimes, around the corpse of a powerful magical beast, mana naturally gathers, forming a dungeon


If the conditions are right, dungeons can appear anywhere


So, are we going on a trip into the dungeon?


It’s not a trip.


When you were into an actual fight, you could use fire magic quite well, didn’t you?

We’re going in there to practice your earth magic








It was so scary last time!


It’s not impossible.


I’ve taken a look inside, and there weren’t any especially strong monsters


[hm, hm]




What’s not strong for you might be too much for me, you know –


Page 14


Alright, let’s go




No, I’m not going!


I’m already practicing my earth magic enough!




If your method works as well as you say, I won’t say a thing


But at the rate you’re going now, there’s no telling how long it will take


The earth magic you are practicing now technically has no limit on the number of stones you can throw


That you can only shoot one pebble is simply unbelievable


Page 15




You understand, right?


Between us, I’m the expert in magic after all.


If there’s nothing else, let’s quickly fight some monsters


..I understand


If we’re going into the dungeon no matter what


Preparation is essential.


I will be relying on you, Internet Supermarket-san



Page 16


A feast from another world


Filling one’s stomach before battle, eh?


That’s one reason for this, but..


It appears eating dishes made in another world


Can make us stronger




I don’t really know why, but these dishes can temporarily increase our status


Page 17


Look, didn’t you eat some other-world dishes before?


At that time, you mentioned something about your vitality overflowing


It turns out your status really did increase


I was surprised, too


[Physical Strength]

[Magic Power]

[Attack Power]




So that’s what it was,


By eating dishes from the other-world, we can strengthen ourselves before entering the dungeon


Yes, you’re right


I call this the Internet Supermarket Food Status Increasing Strategy!


Anyway, I decided to buy a lot of different dishes because I couldn’t tell the effect of each dish without proper appraisal


But there’s way too much for me to finish alone


I’ll eat a bit of each type, can Fel and Sui help to finish the rest?


Sure, of course




Page 18


Here you go [mapo toufu]


Alright next [gyoza]


And non-food items go to Sui




It seems that even non-foods item can help you level up


But only Sui can eat them


It’s a leveling-up buffet for Sui, then


I really don’t understand the principles behind it, though


Lastly, dessert




I can’t eat anymore


Page 19


Alright the results are:


(The five square brackets are as follows, they are the same for all three of them, and in the same order)

[Physical Strength]

[Magic Power]

[Attack Power]




Sui level +3, stats + 20%

Mukouda +20%

Fel + 30%


As you said, our status really did increase


It wasn’t just my feelings, it seems


It’ll be great if it could have increased a little more, though


With this, the dungeon should be a piece of cake for you!


It’s a huge problem for me, though…


Page 20


Even if I say I’m against this, I will be forced to enter anyway, so


[A short sword bought at the town]


I made up my mind


Let’s go!


Ouch, my stomach hurts

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