Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 15

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 15

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Title: Chapter 15 Unexpected discovery deep in the forest

P1O1: Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi


P1B1b: It stinks.

P2B1: Huh?
P2B2: Me?

P3B1: Well I want to clean myself as well,

P3B2: but I’ve been traveling through this forest for over a month.

P4B1: The best I can do is wipe down. Don’t complain.

P5B1: No, not you.


P1B1: Don’t you smell that?

P2B1: What, you’re not going to tell me it’s another monster are…

P4B1: T-This smell!

P4B2: It’s likely from upstream.

P5B1: I’m gonna to go check it out.

P5B2: What?

P6B1: If I’m right…

P6B2: This just might be…


P2B1: A hot spring!

P3B1a: I thought it smelled like sulfur

P3B1b: If it ain’t a hot spring!


P1B1: There’s no mistaking it.

P1O1: Natural Hot Spring

P2B1: Let’s take a dip.

P2B2: Going to play in water?

P2B3: Yep.

P4B1: Ahh

P4B2: This is bliss


P1B1: Master

P1B2: Hot water is fun.

P2B1: Uncle Feru won’t play?

P3B1a: No.

P3B1b: Why would I want to use a hot spring.

P3B2: It reeks. I can barely stand being this close.


P1B1: You should come in Feru, it’ll refresh you.

P2B1: Even without a bath, my grooming is enough.

P3B1: Ah, maybe,

P3B2: You’re afraid of the water aren-

P4B1: Aren’t you headed to the Eastern country? Should you be relaxing like this?

P4B2a: Just gimme a bit longer

P4B2b: You don’t get opportunities like this often.


P1B1: Ahh, that’s much better.

P1B2: Was fun!

P2B1: Feels like both my body and soul were revitalized.

P3B1: We Japanese need our baths.

P3B2a: The net market sells beer but it doesn’t sell bathtubs

P3B2b: I’m hoping they have bathing culture in this world.

P4B1: This place sure has nice scenery.

P4B2: Truly a hole in the wall.

P5O1: If only if it wasn’t a den for Orthros.


P1B1: Master, Sui wants to play like that again

P1B2: Hm? Sure, let’s see…

P1B3: If there are any kiddy pools sold we probably could.

P2B1a: Hey

P2B1b: come over here a bit

P3B1: What’s up?

P4B1: When we arrived I was curious about this strange light.

P4B2: A rather rare find.


P1B1: A healing mushroom

P2B1: Healing?

P3B1: It’s a quite rare mushroom that has healing properties.

P3B2: It’s been a while since even I’ve seen one.

P4B1a: It’s an ingredient for medicine but even if you eat it raw it has fairly potent effects.

P4B1b: Deep wounds and broken bones will heal quickly.

P4B2a: The recovery you felt from the hot springs

P4B2b: might be because this mushroom grows around here.


P1B1a: Woah

P1B1b: You’re right

P1B2: Lots are growing around here.

P2B1: If it’s got healing properties might as well snag a few.

P3B1: Master

P3B2a: Mushrooms looks tasty

P3B2b: can Sui eat them?

P4B1: Sure, but only a few.

P4B2: Yay


P1B1: Got quite a few

P1B2: Should be fine if anything happens now.

P2B1: Can never have enough of stuff like this after…?

P3B1: Sui!?

P4B1: What’s wrong Sui, are you okay!?

P4B2: Dunno


P2B1: I-

P2B2: It stopped…*

P3B1: H-Hey, you ok?

P4B1: Yes, Sui fine.

P4B2a: Sui

P4B2b: Great!

P5B1: I’m still worried even if you say that

P5B2: What was that light

P5B3: Identify

P6O1: Skill Acid Bullet Recovery Medicine Creation

*PRN: He pressed B didn’t he…


P1B1: Feru, what’s this recovery medicine creation thing?

P2B1: Probably because they just ate all those healing mushrooms.

P3B1: Long ago I saw a slime that ate nothing but metals evolve into a metal slime.

P3B2: It gained a hardening skill as well

P3B3: So it’s probably the same thing.

P4B1: So evolution changes depending on what they eat?

P5B1: Also since recovery medicine can be created by their skill that means we won’t need to buy it…


P1B1: You did good Sui!

P1B2: Yay

P2B2: Sui is good boy?

P3B1: Really good boy! You’re the best boy Sui!

P4B1: Yay yay!

P4B2a: Sui

P4B2b: Is good boy!

P5B1: I know this is sudden, but can you use that recovery medicine skill you just learned?

P5B2: Will try


P2B1: Ah

P3B1a: Master!

P3B1b: Sui did it!

P3B2: Really!?

P4B1a: Yeah

P4B1b: Here

P4B2: Waah!?

P5O1: A container

P5O2: A container


P1B1: Woah… so this is recovery medicine.

P2O1: Sniff

P2B1: No smell

P3B1: Identify says…

P3B2: Sui Special High Grade Potion

P4B1: A high grade potion, the heck. Sui tell me what this does.

P4B2: Medicine that cures lots of hurt

P4B3: Lots of… can you make other medicine?

P4B4: Yeah

P5B1: Sui makes medicine that cures some of hurt

P5B2: and medicine that cures little of hurt!


P1O1: I see

P2B1: Well, need to use it to see how effective it is.

P2B2: I’ve lived a long life

P3B1: But seeing a slime that can produce recovery medicine is a first.

P3B2: You did wonder if they were a unique creature.

P3B3: Yes, it is evident that they are,

P4B1a: But for a slime Sui’s intelligence is also high

P4B1b: they could be a special kind of unique creatue.


P1B1: Master

P1B2: Right, right.

P2B1: Ahh so cute, soothes my soul.

P3B1: Seeing Sui it’s hard to imagine slimes as small fries.

P3B2: Cause Sui’s strong, can heal and above all that they’re cute too.

P4B1: Ehehe

P5B1: For now, could you fill this up with the medicine you just made?

P5B2: Sure!


P1B1a: Unless something crazy happens, we shouldn’t have to worry about dying.

P1B1b: Now we’ve got nothing to fear

P1B2: By the way

P2B1a: I haven’t seen you perform prayers to Ninlil recently

P2B1b: Have you been properly making offerings?

P2O1: Once a week

P2B2: Ah

P3B1: Whoops, completely forgot about it

P3O1: Scratch scratch

P3O2: Uh oh

P4B1: You ungrateful swine! Hurry the hell up!

P4B2: You’re late, human*!

*PRN: Literally human from another world