Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 17

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 17

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Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 17

Page 1

(promotional page)

Page 2

(blank page)

Page 3

(Title page)

Title: Finally, out of the forest

Page 4:

P1b1: Yes, yes

P2b1: The blue skies

P2b2: The refreshing grasslands

P3b1: I can finally say goodbye to the forest!!

P3sfx1: Uoooooh!

P4b1: To think that it took 1.5 months to get here…

P4b2: It was so long 🙁

Page 5:

P1b1: Right outside the forest is the Leonhart kingdom, right?

P2b1: …where are we now anyway

P3b1: Are there any towns, or at least a main road?

P3b2: We’ll run out of meat soon if we don’t get help in dismantling the carcasses

P3b3: Isn’t that a real problem!?

P4b1: A road, right? Let’s head there right away

P4b2: Ah. Food is really important, isn’t it?

P5b1: Hm

Page 6:

P1b1: What happened?

P2b1: Isn’t that a carriage?

P2b2: People!

P2b3: Seems that they are being attacked by robbers

P2b4: Robbers!?

P3b1: Fel! Could you please help them!?

P3b2: I’ll make tonight’s dinner a special one!

P4b1: Those words

P4b2: I won’t forget them!

Page 7:

P5b1: Cover your ears

Page 8:


P5b1: Is it a fight-?

P5b2: Sui is fighting too-

P5b3: Eh?

Page 9:

P1b1: In that case, that one and that one!

P1sfxtop: Imagery

P1sfxleft: Ouch

P1b2: I want you to make them drop their weapons!

P2b1: I understand!

P2sfx: Pyon

P5b1: Somehow, Sui’s Acid Shot has evolved

P5b2: It’s more like a water cannon, or a water beam…

P5sfx: Guwaaaa Gyaaaa

Page 10:

P1b1: All of you robbers

P1b2: If you take even one more step, I will bite you to death

P2b1: If you understand, throw away your weapons

P4b1: This bastard!

P4b2: How dare you show up here!

Page 11:

P1b1: This is bad!

P1b2: The barrier’s not up


P6sfx1: Uwaaaa Hiiiiiii Oeeee

Page 12:

P3b1: So… case closed?

P3b2: That person over there!!

Page 13:

P1b1: Thank you so much for saving us!

P1b2: Thanks to you, our people and goods are all safe!

P2b1: Please allow me to thank you…!

P3b1: Let me thank you too

P4b1: It was an attack of unprecedented scale
As a hired guard, it pains me to say this…

P4b2: Anyway, thank you for your assistance

Page 14:

P1sfx1: Deep bow

P1b1: Don’t worry about that, we just happened to pass by

P1b2: It’s good that no one was hurt

P2b1: So…

P2b2: That would be your familiar…?

P3b1: Eh? Ah, well

P4b1: It’s alright

P4b2: He will do you no harm

P4b3: They clearly look very relieved

Page 15:

P1b1: I apologize for my rudeness, even though you just saved us

P1b2: I hope you can understand – I’ve never seen such a huge familiar.

P1b3: A-ah, I see-

P2b1: Such a splendid familiar
it must be really strong

P2b2: Ah no, that’s not really..

P4b1: A great wolf… no…
It’s Fenrir, isn’t it

P4b2: Those rumors, could they be really true..

Page 16:

P1b1: I-
In any case

P1b2: Where are you all headed to? You are merchants, right?

P1sfx: Sure-kill Evasion Technique

P2b1: Ah yes, we are on the way back to Calerina

P2b2: Calerina?

P3b1: It’s a town about two days away from here

P4b1: It should be around here

P4b2: Thank goodness,
we made it into Leonhart kingdom


Counter-clockwise from top to left to bottom:

  • Eruman Kingdom
  • Classen Empire
  • Faenen Kingdom
  • We are here (the small dot)
  • Leonhart Kingdom

P5b1: To tell the truth, we just entered this kingdom
Will it be alright if we travel together with you to the city?

P5b2: Well of course! Having you with us will be most reassuring!

Page 17:

P1b1: My name is Lambert, I’m the owner of this merchant company.

P1b2: This is here is the adventurer party working as guards

P1b3:  My name is Rush, Phoenix’s party leader.
Nice to meet you.

P2b1: Alright, let’s get going!

Page 18:

P3b1: Hey, do you think that it’s true?

P5b1: You know, what the leader said that it might be Fenrir

P5b2: But there are other rumors saying that it’s a great wolf, right?

P5b3: Your whispering is way too loud

Page 19:

P1b1: You heard it from your good friend, the guild staff right?

P1b2: Yeah, Sandra-chan

P1b3: What was it that she said again?

P1b4: Ah, right

P2b1: You know that the guild uses teleportation magic tools to send letters, right?

P2b2: A lot of information flows through there, and the issue seems to be quite complicated

P2b3: Teleportation magic tools!?

P3b1: And so, Sandra’s guild branch was saying that it’s really a Great Wolf

P3b2: That’s what they’re saying, yeah

P3b3: But the leader was so insistent, right?
To not go against it if we don’t want to die…

P3b4: Whichever it is, it’s got nothing to do with me…

Page 20:

P1b1: …word spreads quickly, doesn’t it
I thought there was nothing like telephones in this world
To have something like a teleportation magic tool
The adventurer’s guild is quite scary

P2b1: But what I’m most worried about would be Feru

P3b1: As a summoned person
It’ll be troublesome if my skills, like the Item Box and the Internet Supermarket, gets known by people
But there seems to be many people who want to capture the legendary beast Feru

P4b1: With the hope of standing out less while being with Feru

P4b2: We aimed to go to a country where there’s relatively less discrimination between men and beastmen

Page 21:

P1b1: It’ll be great if we can avoid troublesome incidents this time round

P3b1: Oi, you haven’t forgotten your promise from this afternoon, right??

P3b2: Ok ok I understand

P4b1: They wouldn’t really notice us if we’re here

P5b1: So, what would you like to eat?

P5b2: Sui wants to eat karaage

P5b3: Ah that’s a great idea! Karaage is delicious

Page 22:

P1b1: Karaage, is it?

P1b2: I didn’t get that much karaage last time,
It’s revenge time then!

P2b1: We’re really close to town, so let’s just use up all our meat

P3b1: Since I promised to make it an extravagant meal

P3b2: Let’s add more seasoning to it

P5b1: And fry it!

Page 23:

P1title: Karaage of various meats (Soy sauce ・Salt)

P1b1: It’s done!


P3b1: It’s the same karaage, but the salt flavor really comes out!!

P3b2: Delivious!

P3b3: Ah, you can tell the difference, that’s great

Page 24:

P1b1: And Feru…

P1b2: Seems to really like it too

P2b1: Alright, it’s time to fry some more!

P3b1: What’s this?

P5b1: Something smells really good

P5b2: You’re right

P6sfx: What’s this
What’s this

Page 25:

P1b1: And now, the second round’s ready!!

P1b2: Feru, Sui…

P2b1: UWA

P3b1: Mukouda-san

P3b2: Is that…

P4b1: Ah, if you wish… Please try some..

P4arrows: Smells good
I want to try
Looks tasty

P4sfx: Pressure—

Page 26:

P2b1: Is this meat!? It’s hot inside!

P2b2: Delish!!

P2b3: It’s really tasty!

P2b4: It is, isn’t it…

P4b1: Excuse me, leave a bit for me please

P4sfx: Tasteeeyy

P5b1: Hey…

P7b1: There was none left

Page 27:

P1b1: Thanks for the meal!!

P1b2: It was so good I couldn’t stop myself!

P1b3: That’s good to hear…

P2b1: As thanks for that

P2b2: Leave the night watch to us. You should have a good night’s sleep

P3b1: A night watch.. That’s how it’s normally done, isn’t it

P3b2: I see.. I’ll take you up on your offer then

P4b1: And now

P5b1: I was thinking of handing you guys over to the city knights,
but if you do anything strange, I’ll cut you on the spot.

Page 28:

P1b1: This bastard, you have the gall to…

P1b2: Excuse me..

P2b1: We will be sleeping soon

P3b1: Since we get waken up quite easily

P3b2: If there’s anything, we’ll come and help you, Rush-san, and will make sure that we chop you up really finely