Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 18

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 18

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Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 18

Page 1:

Title(top): Chapter 18 Arriving in the city of Calerina

P1b1: Welcome to the city of Calerina

Page 2:

P1b1: This is quite a big city

P1b2: It definitely is
It is the fifth largest city in the Leonhart Kingdom

P2b1: My family has been merchants in this city for generations

P3b1: I was born and raised here, and I really love this city!

P4b1: Generations, isn’t it… May I know what trade does your family engage in now?

P4b2: That would be leather goods
This coat I’m wearing is the creation of our craftsmen!

Page 3:

P1b1: From Red Boas to Black Serpents,
We procure all kinds of leathers

P2b1: If it’s alright with you, would you like to visit our store?

P2b2: That would be great!

P3b1: Handing over the robbers

P3sfx1: Great work catching them!

P3sfx2: Bastards we’ll remember thiiiis

P3sfx3: ka-ching

P4b1: We’ll be submitting our report to the guild now

P4b2: What will you do, Mukouda-san?

P5b1: We’ll be leaving now

P5b2: We need to start dismantling the beasts that Feru captured

P5b3: I see

Page 4:

P1b1: This card

P1b2: It seems that its registration information has been erased

P2b1: Eh?

P3b1: Mukouda-san is Rank G, right?

P3b2: Were you not able to complete the minimum number of requests in the past month?

P4b1: 1.5 months of forest life

Page 5:

P1b1: Actually, a lot of things happened, so…

P1b2: Don’t worry, these things happen sometimes

P2b1: Normally a new adventurer takes on many requests
To quickly get promoted to F-rank
The request time limit increases to 3 months, too

P2top left: F Rank

P2 bottom right: Request complete

P3b1: Another reason is that F-rank requests also have higher rewards and experience

P3b2: What..? This kind of thing exists?
Nobody from the guild told me about this…

P4b1: It will be 5 silver coins for the re-registration
We’ll be able to reuse your current guild card

P5b1: Ah, since the previous registration, I have gained another familiar…

P5b2: I’ll record that down. May I know what familiar it is?

Page 6:

P1b1: It’s this guy!

P2b1: Sl-

P2b2: A slime…?

P3b1: My slime is a special one!

P3b2: It’s really strong!

P4b1: Ah…

P4sfx: Pulling away…

P5sfx1: Hahaha that guy brought a slime


Page 7:

P1b1: Shop Counter

P2b1: Mukouda-san

P3b1: Rush-san, and the others, too!

P3b2: Doing some shopping?

P4b1: Yes, I am

P4b2: Actually, we have a little something to ask of you

P5b1: Everyone’s been wanting to see the kinds of monsters your familiar has caught

P5b2: Is it alright if we join in and see them?

P6b1: Ah well, if it’s them, it’s ok I guess

P6b2: That’s fine with me

P6sfx: Alright!

Page 8:

P2sfx: A huge pile

P2b1: Then a Rock Bird…

P2b2: Unbelievable…

P2b3: These taste great like free-range chicken

P2b4: Free.. range?

P3b1: And then…

P4note: *Chimaera

P5b1: That would be all

P5b2: These will be forever sealed in storage

Page 9:

P1b1: I’ve never seen this many magic beasts all at once..

P1b2: It’s my first time seeing a Red Serpent…

P1b3: I don’t think swords can penetrate these scales…

P2b1: Being trusted with such high-class materials really psyches me up!

P2b2: Leaving this to others would be a total shame

P2b3: Others?

P2b4: You mean there are other places that does dismantling other than the Adventurer’s Guild?

P2b5: There sure are

P3b1: Unlicensed dismantlers would either overcharge you or do the job poorly
A butcher can prepare meat cuts really well, but would have difficulty with other materials

P4b1: As for me, I would never waste both meat and materials!

P4b2: I’m number one when it comes to dismantling!

Page 10:

P1b1: Alright

P1b2: There it goes

P2b1: Amazing…

P2b2: A Red Serpent’s a really high quality ingredient, y’know
It’s so rare that commoners like us never have the chance to taste ‘em

P3b1: The Black Serpent was already so delicious
Totally looking forward to eating these

P4b1: …Mukouda-san, if I may know
The meal that you served us last time, what meat was it made of?

P4b2: Eh? Let’s see..

P4sfx(Mukouda): The karaage, right

Page 11:

P1b1: I did use quite a few types

P1b2: There was the Black Serpent, the Cockatrice

P2b1: The Rockbird,

P2b2: And the Giant Deer…

P3b1: Sorry-
We apologize!!

Page 12:

P1b1: Eh?
Wait a moment, please raise your heads!

P1b2: W-what’s the matter?

P2b1: It didn’t even cross our minds

P2b2: We had no idea they were such high-class ingredients!

P3b1: And we gobbled them all like that…!

P4b1: Things I wasn’t even sure I would get to taste in this lifetime…

P4b2: And they were all super tasty…

P4b3: Oy!

P5b1: Anyway

Page 13:

P1b1: We’re really sorry, if there’s any way we could compensate you

P1b2: No, it’s alright, it was Feru who caught them anyway

P2b1: And look, we still have mountains of them!

P4b1: Be it as it may, my name is rather known in this city

P4b2: If you need anything, please do find me

P5b1: There’s no idiot in this city who would dare go against leader!

P5b2: That’s really reassuring!

Page 14:

P1b1: Although we’re leaving the city soon for an escort mission

P1b2: If there’s anything you need, just let the Guild know about it

P1b3: Sandra-chan, wait for me!!

P3sfx: Today’s inn “The Gryphon Nest”

P5b1: So on the matter of tonight’s dinner

P5b2: Just hurry up

Page 15:

P1b1: Sorry, this will take some time

P1b2: Whaaaat!?

P2b1: If we marinade it for a little while, the flavors will be stronger and better

P3b1: Pour plain yogurt into a plastic bag

P4b1: Pour in
Grated garlic
Grated ginger
Salt, pepper
Curry powder
And mix well.

Page 16:

P1b1: Cut the Rockbird meat to a good size

P1b2: Make fork holes on the meat, and throw it into the bag

P2b1: Knead well

P3b1: At let it rest for about 30 minutes

P4b1: Meanwhile, boil some broccoli

P4b2: Just meat is fine you know

P4b3: I like it, so it’s going in!

P5b1: Fry the meat until both sides are well-browned

Page 17:

P1b1: And it’s done!

P1b2: Tandori Rockbird

P2b1: Uwaa~~~~

P2b2: Such a nice aroma~~~~

Page 18:

P1b1: Munch

P2b1: Aaah, as expected, it’s so tasty!

P2b2: It’s a peculiar flavor, but it’s good

P2b3: Sui also likes!

P3b1: It’s good,

P4b2: It really makes me want to eat curry…

Page 19:

P1b1: I think I should make curry next!
With thickly-cut meat…

P1sfxup: Using two types of roux

P2b1: Feru and Sui are ok with spicy foods, it seems

P3b1: Master, seconds—

P3b2: Me too

P3b3: Yes, yes

Page 20:

P1b1: Finally a human lifestyle!

P2b1: Ceiling, check!

P3b1: Floor, check!

P4b1: Bed, che-

P5b1: That’s hard…

Page 21:

P2b1: Now, what should I do after this

P2b2: To make sure we have enough meat, I can’t leave the guild
Seems that I have to work on my rank first somehow

P3b1: A month’s too short to travel anywhere

P3b2(down): Deregistered ❤

P3b3: If I rank up once, the time limit is extended to 3 months

P4b1: For now, let’s aim to rank up in this city

Page 22:

P1b1: I made friends with Lambert-san and Rush-san too

P1b2: If push comes to shove I can ask them for help

P2b1: Tomorrow should I go to the guild to get a request?

P2b2: Baby steps, I guess

P3b1: I mean

P3b2: It’s not like I wanted to be an adventurer